Summer Wedding Outfits for Men | Various Dress Codes and Popular Looks

Summer Wedding Outfits for Men | Various Dress Codes and Popular Looks

What should you wear while attending a summer wedding?

Choosing the right outfit for a wedding can be challenging, especially if the couple has not come up with a preferred dress code. It becomes even more challenging choosing the right outfit for a summertime wedding when the temperatures are high.  

The temperatures may not be ideal for donning a heavy cotton shirt or a dark three-piece suit. A lightweight tailored suit for men may be the first option that comes to mind when you think of an outfit for a summer wedding. While the option is also appropriate, there are other limitless options that you can explore and pull that perfect look. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Summer Wedding Outfit 

When looking for an outfit for a summer wedding, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. The high temperatures during summer may push you to go for a more laid-back look. However, even with the raised temperatures, summertime weddings still have some degree of formality. 

Furthermore, even if the wedding is casual wedding attire or resort casual attire, it is best to avoid casual clothes such as flip-flops and jeans to ensure you are appropriately dressed. If you are in doubt about the dressing, maybe you are not sure about the formal vs semi-formal, it won't hurt to ask the couple for clarification. 

When looking for an outfit for a summer wedding, you should consider some factors to ensure you get it right. These include the venue, location, and dress code. 

If you are attending a beach wedding, wear an outfit with breathable fabrics. You can also choose other accessories such as boat shoes or flat sandals to make you comfortable under the hot weather. 

The venue of the wedding can include a garden party, etc. You should also take into account whether it is a daytime event or an evening party. All these factors will inform your choice of outfit and ensure you have dressed appropriately. 

What Does a Dress Code Mean?                                                      

Before choosing your summer wedding attire, you must consider the dress code guidelines given on the invitation card. The dress code should act as a guide, informing you about an appropriate outfit and which one is not. 

The following are some of the likely dress codes you are likely to come across:


Black Tie 

You can categorize dress codes into formal, semi-formal, and casual wear. The black-tie dress code refers to the most formal type of dress code. If you get a wedding invitation with a black-tie dress code, you must follow it strictly. 

A black-tie optional dress code for men includes wearing a tuxedo or a dinner jacket. Although you can pair the tuxedo outfit with a regular tie, most men will pair it with a bowtie. (Here are guides on how to tie a bowtie and different ways to tie a tie.) You should complete the look with a pair of elegant shoes. The black-tie dress code doesn't give a leeway to exercise your personal preference. 

The black-tie dress code requires ladies to wear a floor-length gown, but they can choose any color. This rule is changing with time, and ladies can now don shorter hemlines. 

It is not common to find this type of dress code in a summer wedding. However, if you do, ensure you don't get it wrong on the outfit. 


Formal Dress Code (Black Tie Optional)  

A formal dress code is a type of black-tie code. If you get an invitation to a wedding with a formal dress code, it means that the hosts will be in the black-tie dress code. However, they are courteous enough to know that you may not be willing to don a black-tie outfit. 

However, you should still be cautious about which outfit you don. It will be best to play it safe and go for a dinner suit. If a diner suit is not an option, you can go for a typical two-piece suit with a tie. It will be best if the suit is dark and as close to a dinner suit as possible. If you are a groomsman, you may wish to learn how to pin on a boutonniere

We have a few color combination guides such as how to pair black suit with brown shoes, blue suit with brown shoes, and grey suit with brown shoes


Summer Smart  

With a summer smart dress code, you are not required to don a dark wool suit. The dress code is popular during summer when the temperatures are up as it offers the guests more freedom to choose various materials and colors. 

Additionally, the code involves tailoring in pastel, light, and neutral shades. Instead of a wool suit, you should opt for a seersucker suit or linen material to help you remain elegant and cool throughout the event. 

You can complete the look with a pair of loafers of complementary shades. 


Casual Dress

casual dress attire for weddings

This type of dress code is not common. If you see it on your wedding invitation card, it means you can go with any outfit that you consider fancy. However, even with the freedom, it is best to ensure you get it right on your relaxed attire so that you don't go overboard. For instance, it may not be the best idea to come dressed in a t-shirt and flip-flops, regardless of how hot it is. 

Instead, you can consider wearing smart trousers or chinos and pair them with an oxford shirt, minimal weather trainers, or desert boots. Here's a guide on how to wear a dress shirt with jeans.


Smart Casual 

A smart casual dress code offers you a lot of freedom on what you can wear to the summer wedding. For instance, if you want to keep cool, you can do away with the jacket. 

Alternatively, you can choose to wear separates to help you hide the sweat patches while not donning a full suit. 

You don't need to put on derbies, leather Oxfords, or monk straps when it comes to shoes. Instead, you are free to wear loafers, canvas construction, or suede to complete the look. 


Cocktail Attire

A cocktail attire refers to a type of tailoring with a twist. For instance, you can don a patterned two-piece suit but swap the shirt for a printed tee or a plain white shirt. 

Separates are also acceptable for cocktail attire as well as a suit. The simple rule is that no two items of the attire should be fighting each other for attention. 


Popular Summer Wedding Looks

As mentioned earlier, dressing up for a summer wedding can be a challenge. However, it shouldn't stress you up as some classic outfits work all the time. These combinations are perfect picks, especially if you don't feel like experimenting. 


Breathable Two-Piece Suit 

two piece suit for men

Probably you already have a two-piece suit in your wardrobe, but you need to be careful with the material. If it has a wool material construction, it is likely to be warmer than a linen or cotton blend suit. 

In terms of the colors of the two-piece suit, it will be best to go for a navy, mid-to-light gray, or beige. It is best to avoid black as it will make you very hot and can be considered a little morbid. A light blue or white oxford shirt is a safe option to pair with your outfit. Here is a guide on men wearing white to a wedding.

You can also use a few accessories and avoid pairing your tie with your pocket square, but you are free to add a bit of personality. Your shoes should be elegant and classy. You can go for a Derby shoe or a monk-strap to help you maintain an elegant look while not looking very formal. 


Linen Suit  

A wool or cotton suit may not be the best option during summer as it will make you hot and uncomfortable. Thus, you require material that will help you to remain cool and refreshed. 

A linen suit is an excellent fabric choice that you can wear throughout the day, from the church function to the evening party. 

The linen material will help you to remain sweat-free and also feel fresh. You can go for a navy suit if you don't want to experiment much. You can pair it with a white shirt and a pair of black monk-strap shoes. 

If you want to experiment with the colors, you can go for a sand shade or beige, the classic color for a linen suit. You can match the classic linen suit with a light blue or white shirt and a pair of brown leather loafers. 


Summer Separates   

If you are still searching for a classic summer wedding outfit, you can never go wrong with a summer separates attire. The combination will work for you throughout the year. 

You can go for a dark shade on your trousers and a lighter hue for winter jackets. The vice versa is true during summer. 

There is no strict rule regarding matching your separates with shoes. However, smart silhouettes are an excellent option most of the time. 


Popular Materials for a Summer Wedding Outfit

A wedding is a unique event that requires you to dress sharp, even if it is a casual wedding. But it will not be the best idea to have a sharp look, but you feel uncomfortable due to heat, and you feel sweaty. 

It can also be embarrassing when you are dabbing yourself using a napkin several times while hoping that the other guests don't notice. 

How can you avoid these challenges?

The answer lies in picking the suitable material for the season. Ensure you choose a fabric that will help you to keep cool and refreshed.

So, which are the best materials for a summer wedding outfit?



Seersucker is a popular warm-weather fabric as it is cool and light, making it an excellent option for a summer wedding. 

The seersucker material mostly comes as a checked or striped pattern, an excellent option for semi-formal weddings. 



A denim shirt is a popular fashion trend that you can pair with casual tailoring or suit separates. The challenge is that the denim material is not the most breathable when it is hot. This makes it challenging to go for denim material while choosing the right material for a summer wedding. 

Instead of the denim material, you can opt for chambray which is lighter than denim. The material helps you to maintain the same look as denim but is a more breathable option. 



A linen suit is the best option for a summer wedding if you wear it right. You should ensure the suit is a perfect fit and match it with the right type and color of the shirt. Plus, ensure you maintain a lower number of accessories so that you don't overdo it. 

You can wear the suit with a chambray shirt, a pocket square, and a pair of loafers to achieve a classy look. The linen material is an excellent option for a summer wedding as it is light and breathable. It helps you to remain cool and fresh throughout the day.  


How to Pick Your Summer Wedding Guest Attire

If you are unsure about the outfit to pick for a wedding, you are not alone, as it can be confusing for many people. When it comes to wedding fashion, there are various rules that you can consider to ensure you end up with the most appropriate attire. 

The following are some of the rules you can use to pick your wedding attire:


Do Not Wear White 

Most of the time, the white color is reserved for the bride. Thus, it would help to avoid an all-white attire unless directed by the couple in the invitation card. Sometimes, the couple can request a white color dress code to match a particular theme. You must confirm with the wedding invite if the couple wants a white color theme. 

Can men wear white to a wedding? Men are free to wear a white dress shirt under a suit jacket or a tuxedo. It is also appropriate to don a jumpsuit or a dress with a hint of white, provided it is not the primary color. Here's our favorite dress shirts for a wedding.

It is also advisable to avoid overly casual outfits such as flip-flops, t-shirts, sneakers, and jeans.


The Venue Can Act as a Guide 

If you are unsure what outfit to don to a wedding, the venue can act as a guide. For instance, if you attend a garden party wedding, your outfit will differ from the outfit for attending an evening party. If you are attending a wedding at a religious facility, you should ensure you remove any hats, and your shoulders should be covered. 

The venue can also guide you on the type of shoes to wear to the wedding. For instance, you may not wear a kitten heel if you attend a garden wedding as you may risk sinking in the ground. A pump heel is also an excellent option for an indoor wedding. 

It will be best to research the location of the wedding to find out the most appropriate outfit for the wedding. You can check the wedding websites or social media pages to understand the outfit appropriate for a particular wedding. If it is a beach wedding, it means you do away with the formal clothes and choose appropriate beach clothes.  


Get the Right Accessories for the Outfit 

accessories dress socks tie dress shoes

Clothes are just one element of your outfit. You can enhance your dress or suit outfit with the right accessories. You should get the right dress for the wedding, but you also need to compliment the outfit. 

The same applies to men's wedding outfits. You can complement your suit or tuxedo outfit with an elegant belt, watch, a colorful pocket square, or a printed tie.

A suspender is also a perfect choice of an accessory. If you are working on a tight budget, your outfit choice can help you enhance an attire that you already have in your wardrobe. 


Consider the Season

When looking for a wedding outfit, you must consider the season. For instance, a linen suit is more appropriate than a wool material suit if it is a summertime wedding. A summer wedding will also ask for lighter colors. 


What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

White-Collar Speckled Dress Shirt | The Blue Skies

If you are in the market for a dress shirt to match your outfit for a summer wedding, The Blue Skies white-collar speckled dress shirt is an excellent option. It has a thick and soft material to enhance your comfort. It is a perfect pick if you want a white dress shirt that is more opaque. 

The cotton material makes it comfortable even with the high summer temperatures. The light contrast interior color enhances the look, and it comes with two-button adjustable rounded cuffs that help to accessorize your look. 

It is a slim fit that you can machine wash and hang to dry. You can also stream and iron dry the dress shirt. 



Choosing the proper attire for a summer wedding can be tricky. You need to maintain an elegant look and at the same time feel comfortable in the hot temperatures. Thus, you need to be cautious of the colors you choose and the material of your outfit to ensure you remain cool and refreshed all day. Plus, ensure your outfit is not overly casual. Refer to our guide on men's spring fashion for more style tips and advice.

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