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20 Best Dress Shirts for Slim Guys | Top Brands

The Best Dress Shirts for Slim Guys

Finding the perfect dress shirt is hard for all of us. Taking the risk to buy clothes specifically designed for skinny guys online is especially difficult. Worry no more, we are here to help you by giving you a quick look at the best dress shirts around… specifically designed for slim guys. 

We reviewed 20 choices but summarized our top 3 below. We have in-depth reviews of all 20 products further down.

Our Top 3 Brands:

# Brand Rating Comments

[Overall Favorite] Nimble Made

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4.7 / 5
  • Actually Slim
  • Multiple Unique Styles
  • Extremely High Quality

Banana Republic


4.2 / 5
  • Good Quality
  • Lots of Classics


Daily Grind Bonobos Dress Shirt   

4.1 / 5
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Not Really Slim

We reviewed the best brands with written reviews further down.

  1. Nimble Made
  2. Banana Republic
  3. Bonobos
  4. Everlane
  5. J. Crew
  6. Top Man
  7. Lands End
  8. Calvin Klein
  9. Frank & Oak
  10. Uniqlo
  11. Gap
  12. Tie Bar
  13. Brooks Brothers
  14. Nordstroms
  15. Mark Anthony
  16. Saks Fifth
  17. Tommy Hilfiger 
  18. Woodies 
  19. Club Monaco
  20. Men's Wearhouse

Here are the top 20 brands for men’s skinny shirts.

As promised, here are our reviews of each brand/product in more detail. 

1. Nimble Made

Style: The Waterbend 

the waterbend

Nimble Made is a specialty brand offering premium dress shirts that have an actually slim fit. Their line of shirts are designed with the trimmer man in mind, featuring trimmed shoulders & back measurements, fitted sleeves, and the proper sleeve lengths. Traditional neck and sleeve measurements are archaic and the unique Nimble Fit uses your height & weight to determine the optimal size making it an easy #1 pick for not just this list, but many as one of the best slim fitting dress shirts brands.

You no longer have to worry about dress shirts that feel like a tent, or ones so stiff you end up leaving it hanging in the closet. You will love the breathable and comfortable fabric that moves with you instead of fighting against you.

The prices of their various shirts vary, but all are quite affordable. While some competitors top out at $120, you can get Nimble Shirts for half to a third as much.


2.Banana Republic

Style: Grant – Slim Fit, Non-Iron

banana republic dress shirt the grant

Banana Republic has been a staple in quality clothing for some time and they definitely do not shy away from providing the trendiest clothing styles at affordable prices. Their Grant style features their slimmest cut with a flexible wrinkle-resistant fabric, so you don’t have to pull out that iron. Available in several sizes including tall shirts for taller skinny guys.


Style: Daily Grind – Wrinkle Free

Daily Grind Bonobos Dress Shirt

Bonobos may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of dress shirts, but don’t make the mistake of writing them off. While they do offer quality men's clothing of all types, their Daily Grind dress shirts are a great choice for men that find many department store dress shirts too roomy to give them the look they want. As an added bonus, these dress shirts are wrinkle-free.

4. Everlane

Style: Air Oxford

Everlane light blue dress shirt

Everlane is a provider of clothing designed for the younger professional. They offer several styles of dress shirts in a wide range of colors. The Air Oxford shirt is one of our favorite new selections made of 100% cotton. This shirt is perfect for going from work to leisure and any occasions in between

5. J. Crew 

Style: Ludlow Slim Fit

jcrew ludlow navy blue dress shirt

A list of men’s clothing would not be complete without something from J. Crew. Their Ludlow Slim Fit dress shirt for men has been redesigned and crafted with a combination of breathable cotton and durable elastane for an easy machine-washable shirt that will resist wrinkling. This shirt can also be monogrammed so makes a great gift for any professional guy on the slim side.


Style: Skinny Woven

topman skinny woven black

When the designers at Topman decide to make a slim fit dress shirt, they take their job seriously. This Skinny Woven shirt would be considered an extra slim fit, so for you guys with a bit more meat on your bones, you may want to consider going up a size. The shirt features a poly-cotton blend that is machine washable, with higher armholes for a more tailored fit.

7. Lands End

Style: Supima No Iron Oxford

lands end supima white

The softness of the Supima Dress Shirt is sure to surprise you. Made of 100% US grown cotton, this white dress shirt with a slim fit is designed to be worn either tucked or untucked, depending on your personal style. This shirt also features a no-iron touch that allows for up to 30 washes before you have to worry about breaking out the iron.

If you're looking specifically for a white dress shirt take a look at our favorite picks.

8. Calvin Klein

Style: X – Stretch

Calvin Klein X Stretch

Everyone knows the name Calvin Klein, but they make much more than their familiar line of undergarments. This X, stretch dress shirt is made of cotton with just a touch of spandex for comfort and flexibility. This shirt is great for guys who run a little hot under the collar thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric.


9. Frank & Oak

Style: Andover – Stretch

Frank Oak white stretchy

Classic and simple elegance can be found in this smart cut slim fit dress shirt from Frank & Oak. This is one of the best tall shirts for skinny guys made 1.5” in the tail and 1.75” more in the sleeves. A great dress shirt for pairing with a suit jacket or blazer all for under $100.

10. Uniqlo Slim-Fit

Style: Easy Care Slim Fit

Uniqlo Easy Care Slim Fit

Just because you have to go for an affordable option does not mean you need to sacrifice style and comfort. Not only is this Easy Care Slim Fit dress shirt well made, but it is extremely affordable. And with Uniqlo, you can usually get a discount when you buy two or more. Uniqlo has reasonable good quality as a cheap dress shirt.

Uniqlo is an Asian brand, making it great for shorter guys as well. They're featured in our list of best dress shirts for short guys.

11. Gap

Style: Zero Wrinkle

Gap Zero Wrinkle

Gotta love the Gap, makers of trendy clothing for decades. Well just because you are trendy, doesn’t mean you do not produce quality clothing. This slim fit dress shirt is made to be wrinkle-free and can be worn in or out for the perfect personalized style. The slim fit is tailored through the chest and shoulders and will hit at or near the hips for most skinny guys.

12. Tie Bar

Style: Mini Houndstooth Non-Iron

Tie Bar Non-Iron

Tie Bar’s Mini Houndstooth dress shirt is a non-iron shirt made of super soft 100% cotton. Whether you need to go to the boardroom or just out on a nice date, this shirt is sure to please. The longer hem means you do not have to worry about the shirt coming untucked, no matter what you put it through.


13. Brooks Brothers

Style: Regent

Brook's Brothers Regent Top 3 shirts

Brooks Brothers are known to make their own rules and that is evident in their line of Regent dress shirts. Regent is the Brooks Brothers term that closely translates to slim-fit. This shirt is made of Supima cotton to provide all-day comfort while remaining wrinkle-free and can even be machine washed.

14. Tommy Hilfiger

Style: No-Iron

Tommy Hilfiger Pink

Tommy Hilfiger is a great designer with specific requirements that translate well into all of their garments. Don’t let the price fool you, this shirt is made of 100% Imported Cotton for comfort and durability. This shirt is closer to a slim athletic fit, then traditional slim fit, so check sizes closely.

15. Nordstrom Men’s Shop

Style: Smartcare Trim-Fit

Nordstrom Smartcare Trimfit

Nordstrom only allows the best of the best in their Men’s Shop. This dress shirt, for example, is made with a Smartcare finish to provide wrinkle-free maintenance in a high-quality point collar slim dress shirt. Made of 100% cotton, you can also machine wash and tumble dry this dress shirt.

16. Marc Anthony

Style: Non-Iron Stretch

Man Wearing Gray Marc Anthony Non Iron

Marc Anthony brings together style, comfort, and durability in this slim fit dress shirt made of cotton and spandex. Not only does the fabric resist wrinkles while you are wearing it, but the easy machine-washable fabric can also even be tumble dried, saving you on expensive trips to the dry cleaner.

17. Saks Fifth Avenue

Style: Theory Dover Sword

Black dress shirt from Saks 5th

We had to make sure that you had at least one higher-end option, and that is this Theory Dover Sword dress shirt from Saks Fifth Avenue. For the man who wants to show off a bit, this dry-clean-only dress shirt features a cotton twill. This is a great shirt if you need to make a statement, but the higher cost moved it down the list for us.


18. Woodies – Custom Shirts at Department-Store Prices

Top 3 Woodies Oxford Easy Care

Style: Oxford Easy Care

Have you ever wanted a custom-tailored shirt, but had no idea how to get one? Now you can get a custom made shirt at a department store price thanks to the Woodies. Their shirts are customizable, allowing you to select the collar, cuff, and whether you want to add a pocket. While it may not be a truly personally custom-made shirt, it is pretty close. They are awesome as tall, slim-fit dress shirts.

19. Club Monaco

Style: Slim Band Poplin

Profile view of man wearing club monaco shirt

We hesitated to add a band collared shirt to the mix but just couldn’t help it with this amazing and stylish shirt from Club Monaco. This slim-cut dress shirt is made from 100% cotton, so the shirt will move well and breathe. And the easy care of being machine washable is a great bonus. We realize the band collar may not be for everyone, but if it is, then this would be a fantastic choice.

20. Men’s Wearhouse

Style: Esquire Non-Iron

Mens Wearhouse non iron light purple shirt

Our final dress shirt option for the skinny guys comes from Men’s Warehouse, a long-standing staple in the business dress arena. Not only is the Esquire shirt a great looking dress shirt made of stretch cotton, but for those worried about the risk of buying clothes for skinny guys online; problem solved. With Men’s Warehouse, you can reserve what you like and go try it on at the store. A unique blend of traditional shopping and online convenience.





Nimble Made

The Waterbend

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Banana Republic 

Grant – Slim-Fit, Non-Iron

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Daily Grind – Wrinkle Free

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Slim-Fit Poplin

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J. Crew 

Ludlow Slim Fit

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Skinny Woven

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Lands End

No Iron Oxford

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Calvin Klein

X - Stretch

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Frank & Oak

Andover - Stretch

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Uniqlo Slim-Fit

Easy Care Slim Fit

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Zero Wrinkle

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Tie Bar

Mini Houndstooth

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Brooks Brothers


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Tommy Hilfiger


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Nordstrom Men’s Shop

Smartcare Trim-Fit

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Marc Anthony 

Non-Iron Stretch

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Saks Fifth Avenue

Theory Dover Sword

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Oxford Easy Care CUSTOM

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Club Monaco


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Men’s Wearhouse

Esquire Non-Iron

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Wrap Up

We hope you have found the dress shirt for you or a slim guy in your life that is just perfect for your unique needs.