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Actually Slim Dress Shirts

Quality that Fits

Ready off-the-rack. Never tailor again.

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Actually Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Say goodbye to excess fabric, baggy arms, and tailoring fees. We created our own unique, actually-slim sizing for dress shirts. That means fitted sleeves at the proper length, a snug chest & back, and a perfect shirt length.

Guaranteed Fit

Sizes based on height & weight with free shipping, exchanges & returns and complimentary fit advice

Value for Value

We don't charge a premium for the right fit. A meaningful mission and good quality doesn't have to mean expensive products

Asian American Representation

We strive to create more dialogue for representation & inclusion by redefining sizing standards in fashion

"These Asian American entrepreneurs started a fashion brand with $5,000 to fill a gap in the fashion world."
"Nimble Made founders wanted to bring to life a true slim-fit cut to dress shirts."
"An affordable, actually slim dress shirt clothing brand. A slim fit that lives up to its name."
"Nimble Made strives to bring representation and size inclusivity in fashion through these actually slim fit dress shirts."
"They don't just want to bring more dialogue to the fashion industry but to the Asian American community as well."

Customers love our fit

I bought one for work and another for my wedding. It took me ten years (and a lot of wasted money) to find a shirt that fits me this well.

Tommy K, Size N3

I am 5'8 and 120 pounds. The fit came out perfect, the sleeves are just the right length and there is no extra fabric sticking out. It feels great to support an Asian American small business being Asian American myself! - Andrew

Andrew P, Size N1

These shirts are go-to gifts for my sons. I don't have to get the sleeves tailored anymore and my sons feel much more confident wearing them!

Charlene C, New Jersey

Fitted for the Best #nimblemade