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A size inclusive brand, founded by Asian American entrepreneurs, striving for diversity and representation in fashion.

"I just wanted shirts that fit."

Finding a good fit is very personal. Working in finance, I had to wear a dress shirt every day—but as a slimmer Taiwanese-American, it was always hard to find a dress shirt that fit my body well. I could never express myself in a proper and professional way. 

The industry sizes clothing based off the "average" American man to appeal to the mass market. Through these sizing standards, clothing often become average themselves in fit, quality, and design. I created Nimble Made to bring more representation and inclusion in sizing standards, starting with a slim fit that actually fits.

- Wesley


My dad said, "American shirts don't fit me."

After finally convincing my dad to go shopping for new clothes with me, he'd say right off the bat, "American dress shirts don't fit me."

My slimmer, Asian American friends often had the same issue. They couldn't find a good quality, dress shirt that fit without paying a premium, tailoring their shirts, or shopping in the Junior's section. There are brands solely dedicated to women's petite clothing... where were they for slimmer, AAPI men? With Nimble Made, I want to drive awareness of Asian culture through the lens of thoughtfully crafted goods.

- Tanya 

What's Next?

Stay tuned for new releases, content, and updates on our journey on Instagram. You can also reach us by messaging us on our Live chat!