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4.9/5 Customer Reviews

Reviews from real slim customers

solid white dress shirt for men in slim fitslim-classic-white-dress-shirt-angled-collar-closeup

Took me almost a decade

These shirts fit perfectly and have a killer cut through the torso. I bought a blue one for work, wore it just once and bought the same shirt in white for my wedding - and didn’t even think twice. It took me ten years (and a lot of wasted money) to find a shirt that fits me this well. – Tommy K

Navy Textured Patterned Dress Shirt | The PebbleNavy Textured Patterned Dress Shirt | The Pebble

Great Slim Fit for Fit Slim Guys

Wonderful shirt overall. The color is crisp and bold, the pattern is clearly well-made and the fit is phenomenal. Being a slim guy with broad shoulders often means that the only shirts that will ever truly fit me are those that I take to get tailored. Unfortunately, I don't often have that luxury. I saw an ad for nimblemade on Instagram and immediately clicked on it to check it out. One of the best decisions I've ever made. This was my first purchase and I am blown away at the quality of the material, the precision of the cut, and the comfort of the fit. This shirt fits well from my neck to my waist to my wrists, which is incredible to me. I have a thick neck due to sports so my one complaint buying slim fit shirts is always the neck; this shirt is far and away the exception. My wrists are generally a little undersized compared to the rest of my arm but this shirt seems to have figured that out a long time ago, it gives my shoulders/biceps room to move around while still hugging my wrist for a clean-cut look. Finally, the waist tucks beautifully into my pants without ever lifting up, even if I raise my arms fully over my head; an issue I tend to encounter with tailored shirts. I fully recommend this shirt and will definitely be buying from nimblemade again in the future. Easy 5 stars. – Elias G

solid white dress shirt for men in slim fit by nimble madeWhite Collar Speckled Dress Shirt | The Blue Skies

Great Fit and Comfortable

I am usually pretty critical when it comes to professional wear but the quality and feel of it blew my mind. I classify myself in the average and medium build. All the other brands of professional wear was either too long on the sleeves, or too wide. The sleeves with nimble was just the right length. I did not fit into height and weight categories as I am shorter than the ratios marked, the top still fit very nicely. Overall, I am very pleased with the material and fit. Would definitely recommend! – Benjamin K

light blue dress shirt for men in slim fit by nimble madeslim-light-blue-dress-shirt-angled-collar-closeup

Only dress shirts I'll be buying from now on

The search is over. Gone are the days of searching through big department stores for a dress shirt that I'd eventually have to settle on, only to roll up the sleeves or leave untucked just to feel comfortable in. Nimble Made lets us know we don't have to sacrifice quality for a fit that feels more like you. – Aaron S


Actually fits

This is the only company I've found that makes shirts that fit me. I'm 6'2", 180lbs with a 32" waist. Every other brand of dress shirt I've tried is either too short or way too big in the waist. I used their sizing guide, ordered the N4, and it fits perfectly. Highly recommend nimble made products. – Jerry S

light blue dress shirt for men in slim fit by nimble madeslim-light-blue-dress-shirt-angled-collar-closeup

5'8 120 lbs perfect for N1 size

The fit is incredibly on point. Thank you for creating the perfect dress shirt. I was in the market for better fitting dress shirts so I went on the site to give it a try. The fit came out perfect, the sleeves are just the right length and there is no extra fabric sticking out when I tuck in my shirt. It feels great to support an Asian American small business being Asian American myself! – Andrew P

Striped Blue Dress Shirt | The Grand Canalslim-light-blue-striped-dress-shirt-angled-collar-closeup

Just about a perfect fit! Finally someone gets it.

I'm just over 5'6 and 133lbs. Every dress shirt I've tried on has low armholes and sleeves that are too short. I have a 15" neck and need 31" sleeves, and these Nimble Made shirts fit me almost perfectly. I've searched and tried on dress shirts from literally almost everywhere, and I can honestly say that I think this is the only company that makes shirts that actually fit properly. They are a little pricey, but the quality of the materials is very good. You also have to keep in mind that you get free shipping AND free return shipping for these prices. This is an outstanding policy. Keep up the great work! – Robert L


N2 - Dark Navy Blue Textured Dress Shirt | The Constellation

I am shocked... for a non-tailored shirt they nailed it!

My build:

- Height: 5'7"

- Weight: 140 - 145 lbs

- Waist: 26"

- Build: Athletic, lean/muscular


- Price point and quality.

- Arm length is great even at my height.

- Fitting through the chest and shoulders are ideal.

Not really a con but the mid section right above your hips will need to be taken in for me. I would highly recommend this companies products! PS. I also purchased a passport cover/wallet. Beautiful genuine soft leather. Glad I snagged one before they sold out! - Samuel S


Very good and almost there

I may not be an older Asian man, but I am 6-1, 172 and finding an off-the-rack shirt that comes close to fitting is a pain. So I came here. Positives: The shirt is definitely slim fit. I bought a No. 4. It's a smidge away from being too tight for my taste. I may try a 5 next. But, it fits well, covers my long arms and feels good. I look sharp in it. It's a grand improvement over what is usually labeled slim fit. Negatives: Care. This, essentially, is a dry-clean only shirt because you can't dry it at home and it's a tough iron afterward. I understand (or assume) this is directly related to maintaining the fit and avoiding shrinkage. An increase in variety would also be a step forward, but I understand the business has to grow first. Overall: Really good. The price point is right on the edge of good value. It's a good shirt and you'll notice the difference. – Todd D


Perfect fit/Excellent Quality/Superior Material

If you are tired of having a dress shirt that wont fit you or too big this is the place to purchase them from. It is designed to fit people who dont have their dress shirt size in shopping malls or centers. Price is reasonable. Quality is great does not wrinkle that easily. Trust my words give them a try you wont regret. I purchase the two items below using N2 size: the pink dress shirt and the No. 10 blue dress shirt.

This is a beautiful shirt made in high quality. Very nice soft pink color. I bought the N2 which hugs the body very well without feeling constricted. I will be sure to order more in the near future. Now I don't need to get tailor made shirts anymore. – Kevin Y

solid white dress shirt for men in slim fit by nimble madeWhite Collar Speckled Dress Shirt | The Blue Skies

Fits perfectly!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this shirt fit me. I got the N2 size according to their calculator and before the shirt arrived, I thought I might need to get some additional tailoring for my wedding, but it was just right as ordered. The fabric feels high quality and the whole experience was awesome. Thanks Nimble Made! – Randy L

Dark Blue Textured Dress Shirt | The AzureDark Blue Textured Dress Shirt | The Azure

Great fit, Stylish and Comfortable

Dress shirts should be simple and so many brands get it all wrong. There’s really only three things to look for when buying a dress shirt. The fit, the look and the feel. Nimble Made really outdid themselves here, using high quality, comfortable materials combined with smart tailoring to create dress shirts I wake up and look forward wearing everyday. Well done, Tanya and Wesley! – Wells L



Ordered two shirts out of curiosity and hopes that I would finally have some shirts that fit without having to be tailored. Tried them on and was pleasantly surprised! They fit perfectly and are super comfortable. Proud to be able to support an Asian American business while getting quality shirts that fit! Thank you!! – Junhee K

light blue dress shirt for men in slim fit by nimble madeslim-light-blue-dress-shirt-angled-collar-closeup

Look no further

I found this website through and article I found online and wanted to give it a try. I was tired of buying name brand dress shirts to only have them tailored because it was too long and too big. To my surprised when they arrived the fit was dead on. I was amazed how the fit and finished was spot on. There was no need to tailor as the fit was amazing. I recommened this to all my friends and coworker. Great product and will be a long time customer. – Sueng

Purple Textured Patterned Dress Shirt | The EdoPurple Textured Patterned Dress Shirt | The Edo

Actually Slim!!!!

Picked up this shirt as it has a really unique look. Was happily surprised at the nice box it came in, and was really happy with the fit. The shirt perfectly hugs my body and looks really solid with a tie. I wore a blazer around it, but was really comfortable taking the blazer off and wearing the shirt tucked in as there was no excess cloth above the waistband as there usually is with other dress shirts. - Alan L

solid white dress shirt for men in slim fitslim-classic-white-dress-shirt-angled-collar-closeup

The fit is SPOT ON

I’m 5’10” 160lbs originally ordered N2 and exchanged for the N3. the fit is SPOT ON! I couldn’t be more excited to have finally found a brand that makes a shirt that fits my body type. My wife will be really happy about it as well in that she won’t have to hear me complain about dress shirts not fitting 😜.  Again, thank you and Nimble Made for making the process a breeze!! – Stephen H


Keep up the great work!

I am 5 ft. 6 in. and weigh 120 lbs. I heard Nimble Made from an article I saw either on linkedin or facebook. It peaked my interest because the dress shirts I would buy from either Mens Warehouse or other department stores would always look baggy on me. I ordered 2 shirts using the recommended size calculator on the site. They are now my absolute favorite dress shirts! – Joshua M

solid white dress shirt for men in slim fitslim-classic-white-dress-shirt-angled-collar-closeup

Exchange was seamless and worked out!

Wow, you guys continue to impress! It’s a close call, but the N2 is definitely the better fit for me. It’s so awesome that the difference in size between N1 and N2 is so small – usually there is a huge jump in measurements between, say, S and M. You’ve got a loyal customer here! – Rob


Perfect for working in the US

I am a Taiwanese immigrant working in the US and always had a struggle. That struggle was I could never find a good fitting shirt to wear to work. Every shirt I had the sleeves were either too long, or the neck was not a good fit, which made me feel uncomfortable. I found nimblemade online and they were able to solve this struggle. im really thankful for this product. – Weijin K