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Men's Professional Dress Shirts


Professional Dress Shirts for Work

Want to be the best-dressed guy in the office? Our professional dress shirts make it easy. With innovative designs based on unique inspirations, we have great business casual options for anyone fashionable. Our shirts are made to hug your torso in a comfortable, but form-fitting fashion to make sure you look clean and sharp all day. "Dress to impress" has never been easier whether you're wearing our non-iron dress shirts, spread collar dress shirts, or want something a little more bold such as our pink dress shirts.


What color dress shirts are professional?

There are many color dress shirts that are professional, but the classics are solid white dress shirts or solid blue dress shirts. However, it also depends on the dress code and where you are. For most business casual dress codes almost any color will work if put together in good taste. You can also wear a variety of patterns in a more casual setting. However, if you are working in a more traditional industry like finance or law, you'll want to stick to the classic of white and blue solids or other lighter colors in general.

Should you wear a T shirt under a dress shirt?

Wearing a t-shirt or undershirt with a dress shirt really comes down to personal preference. Some people enjoy having a layer between their dress shirt and body. One of the most popular reasons is for additional warmth, particularly in areas with colder weathers like Chicago or New York. Another popular reason is to preserve the dress shirt longer, common for people who sweat a lot as wearing a t-shirt under a dress shirt can help protect the dress shirt and keep it cleaner and stain-free.