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Best Dress Shirt for Weddings

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Best Dress Shirt for Weddings

So, the “big day” is quickly approaching, and you want to look your very best. Many guys are happy with whatever dress shirt they can find. But you want to make sure you’re wearing the best dress shirt for weddings on your big day.

After all, this is an event that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. You just don’t want to remember it for all the wrong reasons by not getting the right dress shirt. So to help you with this, I’ve detailed the essentials that you need to be aware of in order to choose the best dress shirt for your wedding. 

Dress Shirts Fit for a Wedding

Believe it or not, there are several factors to consider when picking out a dress shirt. Since we’re talking about dress shirts for weddings, we need to shift our perspective just a tad to align with such a unique and formal event.

Basically, what flies at a dinner party may not work in the wedding setting. So with that, let me show the areas you need to focus on so you can nail the perfect look on your wedding day.

Thickness of Fabric

When choosing a dress shirt for your wedding, it is important to consider its opacity. Thinner fabrics, such as poplin or broadcloth, are more transparent than thicker twills and pinpoints. What’s more, a thinner dress shirt can look darker than intended if you have a darker skin tone. 

A tight dress shirt will especially draw attention to your skin tone around your chest if you aren’t wearing a shirt underneath. Of course, you can always solve this problem by wearing a white T-shirt under your dress shirt. 

Shirt Length

If you’re planning on keeping your shirt tucked in throughout the entirety of your wedding, longer dress shirts are ideal. This is because longer styles tend to stay tucked in without getting bunched up. Moreover, they flatten toward the bottom portion of the front of the shirt (just above your belt).

For starters, this is very useful when taking wedding photos, as you needn’t worry about constantly checking and re-checking your shirt to make sure it looks presentable. 

Secondly, you’re likely to be rather active on your wedding day, so it helps to have a shirt that stays in place and doesn’t bunch up as you socialize, dance, and otherwise move around. 

Color of Fabric

When the bride is wearing a white or ivory dress, a white dress shirt is usually going to be your best bet. However, if the bride or bridesmaid wears an off-white color other than ivory, then a white shirt isn’t going to cut it. 

Shirt Pattern

Here’s another facet of dress shirts that often gets overlooked, especially on wedding days. While it’s true that only a limited portion of your dress shirt will be visible in pictures, the right pattern can help you better match your lucky lady’s wedding dress. 

While it only needs to be subtle, that’s usually all it takes to make a difference. If you’re at all concerned with contrasting patterns, stick with a simple yet tasteful broadcloth dress shirt. You can’t go wrong with this style, and you won’t have to worry about detracting attention from your bride’s wedding dress.

Collar Style

Whether it is a tux or a suit that you’re wearing on your wedding day, I recommend a good old-fashioned English semi-spread collar. It’s one that you can easily combine with either a bow tie or a tie. 

Additionally, it is a versatile and safe choice for all body types. If you’re aiming for a more modern look, however, a cutaway is a good collar option. Just bear in mind that this style can limit your choices of ties and bow ties. 


No, no, and no. A pocket is considered a major faux pas when it comes to wedding dress shirts. In fact, there is almost no scenario in which you will wish you had a pocket on your dress shirt. 

Furthermore, having a pocket will automatically render your dress shirt less formal, thereby making you look more casual rather than special. Therefore, ixnay on the ocket-pay.


Cuffs often depend to a certain extent on the form of the activity. If you are getting married and your bride’s father is footing the bill for an extravagant event, consider some stylish French cuffs. Otherwise, some adjustable rounded cuffs will do just fine.

Best Dress Shirt for Weddings

Now it’s time to examine the best dress shirts for weddings. We’ve narrowed down our choices to the most popular options that men choose for their big day. As you’ll see in our selections below, you have many different styles to consider. 

What you ultimately choose is of course up to you. But if you’re aiming for a specific look and feel, you’ll want to pay close attention to the following options.

1. The Crescent White Dress Shirt

slim white dress shirt flatlay photo

The Crescent is our best white dress shirt to date. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s also the most popular choice for weddings. What’s more, this pure white dress shirt is one of our best-selling products thanks to its light material.

This makes it very suitable for layering your clothing in the summer. As such, it’s ideal if you have a wedding planned in the warmer months of the year. There’s no need to suffer through sweltering weather on one of the most important days of your life, after all.

Not only that, but if you can stay as cool as possible on your big day, you’re more likely to have an enjoyable experience. It stands to reason given the high level of comfort afforded by the Crescent that its name comes from the classic story of the moon and Chang'e.

This is a dress shirt that both inspires and is inspired by the tradition of mooncakes and lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival. And since white is perfectly suited for weddings, you and your bride-to-be will match well when you choose the Crescent as your wedding dress shirt.


  • Collar Stays: Engraved metal stays included
  • Cuff: Adjustable 2-Button cuffs (rounded)
  • Collar: Features English semi-spread
  • Material: Cotton (100%)
  • Pattern: Broadcloth
  • Body Fit: Slim
  • Style: White

2. Nordstrom Smartcare Pinpoint Dress Shirt

nordstrom pinpoint dress shirt

Nordstrom's Smartcare Pinpoint dress shirts are comfortable and stylish, and are great value for money. Even better, it can be machine washed. You just want to make sure to dry it at a low temperature and hang it up immediately after you finish up with washing. 

In addition to the classic white, this dress shirt is also available in a variety of colors. You can choose from both standard blue and light blue, as well as color options that are more suitable for warm climates and seasons. 

However, no matter what color you choose, the single button cuffs and button round neck make this one an ideal wedding dress shirt for most men.

Moreover, it is considered a regular fit, and the Nordstrom traditional version provides plenty of space for the waist, shoulders, and chest. In addition, it has loose armholes and full sleeves that taper from the wrist.

Indeed, the button collar and round single-button cuffs add luster to this classic mid-weight formal shirt cut from Smartcare cotton. As such, it is not easy to wrinkle. The slight luster makes this handsome everyday style unique and perfect for weddings.


  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low
  • By Nordstrom Men's Shop; imported
  • Men's Furnishings
  • Split back yoke
  • Raised placket
  • Chest pocket
  • 100% cotton
  • Curved hem

3. The New Year Pink Dress Shirt 

slim pink dress shirt

This lively slim pink shirt is another essential formal shirt from Nimble Made that can add variety to the various white and blue shirts in your closet. What’s more, it can be worn on any occasion, especially weddings. 

If you’re looking to inject some color into your wedding, the New Year is an excellent choice. And because of its stunning color, you’ll have no trouble matching with your bride if she’s sporting pink, as well.

Inspired by the Lunar New Year and the red envelopes that come from it, you can expect both fortune and luck on your big day when you wear this highly fashionable dress shirt. Its subtle yet eye-catching pink does wonders for even subdued wedding attire.

As such, you’re sure to turn heads and stand out in your wedding pictures. 


  • Care Instructions: Machine washable and hang dry. Easy-iron and steam. Dry clean friendly
  • Collar Stays: Metal engraved stays included
  • Cuff: 2-Button adjustable rounded cuffs
  • Collar: Franklin semi-spread collar
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Pattern: Jacquard 
  • Body Fit: Slim fit
  • Style: Pink

4. Emporio Armani Dress Shirt

emporio armani dress shirt

The Emporio Armani dress shirt may be considered a splurge, but you will think that it is definitely worth the investment. That’s because this dress shirt is made in Italy and sports both a pointed collar and barreled button cuffs. Even better, its high-quality cotton construction ensures that it will last for many years as long as you give it the proper care. 

Remember, although this shirt is machine washable, it is best to dry clean it, as its fibers are not wrinkle-free. This may prove to be a point of contention if you want to make sure that you look presentable throughout the entirety of your wedding day.

That said, the multi-color check pattern design can be easily matched with most suits or jackets, and it looks great with a solid color tie. The size ranges from 15 to 18, so you should have no trouble finding the right fit for your big day.

Aside from the potential wrinkling issue, this is a fine dress shirt for weddings and should serve you well on your big day.

5. Everlane Linen Standard Fit Shirt

white linen shirt

Everlane's linen shirts are a great choice for summer. Compared with standard cotton or synthetic fiber, its material is more breathable and feels lighter. Compared with most formal shirts, it also has a more casual and relaxed appearance. 

There are many styles and colors to choose from, from solid colors (such as white and black) to stripes and pinstripe designs. Please note that most (though not all) styles are in sizes that range from XS to XXL. As such, you will have no problem finding the right size for your big day.

And lastly, this formal shirt is also machine washable. Its colors retain well after washing, too, so you can look forward to the Everlane Linen Standard standing the test of time.

Wrap Up

Whether it’s your wedding or one that you’re attending, it’s a very special day that deserves very special attention in choosing your dress shirt. I’ve given you the groundwork for picking out the best dress shirt for weddings — now it’s up to you to find the right one for the event. 

Just remember that if you have any reservations about which style (collar, pattern, etc.) to wear, traditional white broadcloth is your best friend. This simple yet suitable dress shirt style goes with just about anything, and you won’t have to worry about clashing with your bride.



1. Which shirt is best for wedding?

According to the etiquette expert, pink or creamy shirts are also acceptable. In a less traditional setting, such as a park or meadow, you may also choose a different color shirt. A light blue or violet shirt, for instance, would be appropriate.

2. What color shirt does the groom wear?

Standard groom attire includes a black tuxedo and a clean white shirt. However, the suiting and color possibilities are virtually limitless these days. Consider alternate colors, suit pieces, and other approaches outside the standard black and white. If you must wear a suit, opt for the three-piece.

3. What shirt should a groom wear?

Your shirt's waist, neck, and shoulders should all be comfortable. For a formal look, it should be half to a quarter inch longer than the sleeve of your jacket. If you are wearing a waistcoat, the front should match the front of your jacket and the bottom should overlap slightly with the waistline of your pants.