Use & Care

Whether this is your first or you’re already a seasoned wearer, the use and care of a dress shirt are different from any ol’ t-shirt you have in the closet. When it comes to dress shirts, you’re probably wondering how to wash dress shirts, how to iron dress shirts, how to wash dress shirts without ironing, how often to wash dress shirts, etc. Here’s a step by step guide with our recommendations:

When your dress shirt arrives:

1. Recycle the box, tissue paper and clips

2. Unfold the dress shirt and try it on. What you should feel is a trimmed back/shoulders, chest, shirt & sleeve length from usual dress shirts. More information on the feel and fit here.

3. Note our metal collar stays are included in the collars to give it a reinforced structure (Don't forget to remove these when washing!)

4. Steam or iron for its first debut. Check out our tips on ironing and steaming dress shirts

5. Match it with your favorite pair of pants, our accessories, and head to work or an event!

After your first wear:

1. Use detergent to spot treat any dirt or stains, especially on the inside of the collar

2. Remove the metal collar stays – it’s easy to lose these in the wash so we highly recommend to remove them before they go in the washer. Check out our guide to shirt collar stays

3. Wash on cold, or dry clean, but our dress shirts are 100% machine washable!

4. Hang dry while straightening out immediate any wrinkles from the wash – this will reduce the amount of steam needed later on

5. Steam for best results

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