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Mens' Spring Fashion Essentials & Trends 2023

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As the clouds subside and the chill of winter wind passes, you know that spring is on the rise. Some men like to break out the fall clothing to make it through to the summer, but the next thing you know you’re melting under your wool sweater by the end of the day. Spring, like fall, are transitional seasons and we think it’s important to have a versatile wardrobe to get you through!

The fall sweaters will come in handy for those bipolar days of cold mornings and hot afternoons. We decided to list out all the spring items you should have in your wardrobe that will also last you many spring’s to come. From the light-weight fabrics you need to the accompanying accessories, we’ve got the ultimate spring clothing guide to help you assemble the most versatile closet ever! Read more about wardrobe essentials in our article on things every man should own.

Spring Style Essentials For Your Closet

Light-weight cotton or unlined blazers

Along with professional settings, spring also brings formal occasions such as weddings and banquets. You don’t want to be sweating bullets under your only heavy duty jacket or blazer, meaning by the time reception comes around, you can’t take your jacket off for fear of the sweat stains under your armpits on your dress shirt. 

unlined blazer navy blue mens outfits spring

One way to combat this, is to have a cotton and/or unlined blazer in your closet. One of neutral tones like gray or navy blue can make it even more versatile to go with any button down that you may have. Just be aware that unlined blazers tend to wrinkle easily, so keep an iron at home. Spruce it up with a pocket square and you have a breathable yet appropriate outfit.  

Classic style sunglasses

Everyone should have a pair of sunglasses that fit and accentuate the frame of your face. Not only does it add to your outfits, but it also protects your eyes from the sun which won’t get any easier considering climate change. We aren’t talking about ten dollar sunglasses that you can grab from a department store rack. Consider investing in quality shades that are manufactured to block UV light from going through the lens. 

mens sunglasses class style spring

We also suggest getting another pair that embodies a different frame as well as lens color. Having two types of sunglasses can seriously help with changing the vibe of your outfit. We understand that some people like having a particular kind of frame for their face and that is totally fine! That’s why we suggest shaking up the lens color, so you can mix up your outfits even more. Buy your sunglasses at a specialized store where the store associates can help you find the frames that best accentuate your face. This way you can be absolutely sure that you are getting the right sunglasses for you.  

Spring pocket squares

We understand that not every man sees the attributes that a simple pocket square can bring to a blazer look. Pocket squares have the ability to bring another color or pattern to a neutral toned blazer, immediately sprucing or bringing your outfit together. Since spring is the season of new beginnings, we suggest trying something new, if you haven’t tried owning a pocket square before. 

pocket square accessory

If you do own a pocket square of a basic color, then maybe try a pocket square of a pastel or floral printed pattern. Those colors directly symbolize spring and the freshness of the environment around you. After all, April showers bring May flowers, making it one of the most beautiful times of the year. Not only will you have a simple accessory to change up your outfits, you’ll also have something to go with the season.   

Ankle boots

Boots are great shoes for men to wear, and not only during the winter and fall times. You can get away with wearing boots in spring, as long as they're simple and clean. You don’t want to be lugging around in something heavy duty causing you more grief then protection from the elements. Chelsea boots are a great shoe to own that you can wear with light-weight pants and short-sleeved shirts. They’re known for being simple and classy. Plus, depending on the material you purchase them in, they can be waterproof from those spring showers.  

Keep your chelsea boot a lighter color or leather, to keep in tune with Spring’s light slate of colors. For example, a tan color or chestnut brown can still be neutral enough to make you comfortable and go with any other spring clothing you’ve incorporated into your closet. Lighter and brighter is the way to go when filling up your closet with spring attire.  

If you’re feeling exploratory then try switching up the textures. A suede chelsea boot can still work whilst bringing something new to the table. For those who don’t know, suede is the leather flesh side up bringing a velvety nap and texture. Also consider trying bolder colors like blue, if you’re feeling extra experimental. Blue suede boots are super cool, and can be a bold point to add to any neutral outfits that could use a little more oomph. After all, spring is about transformation and it’s a perfect season to try new things! 

chelsea boots spring style

Chambray and other patterned shirts

Chambray is a great fabric to have in your closet to help you get through the hot months of the year. It gives you the look of denim without having you suffer the textures and heat trapping abilities of denim.

Chambray is light-weight, comfortable, and versatile. This type of fabric is definitely for those that love the look of denim and wish they could wear the same look and style, but as a shirt. If you’ve ever worn a chambray shirt then you’ll know how comfortable and surprisingly dressy it can make you look and feel.

blue chambray shirt

 It usually comes in different hues of blue to emulate that denim style, but you can also find it in different colors. We’ve seen chambray in grey, off white, black, brown, tan, red, and olive green.  You can pair a chambray shirt with pants or slacks for an easy and breathable outfit.

Then, upgrade it to something dressier by adding a blazer, and you have a completely different outfit. Similarly, dress shirts in fun patterns are a stylish way to introduce some personality into your wardrobe and the workplace, especially as everyone’s moods are getting lighter with the weather. Take a look at Nimble’s collection of dress shirts to see how you can add more dimension into your wardrobe. 

A slim wallet

Sometimes having a thick wallet filled with gift cards, cash, and ID’s are inevitable when it comes to being an adult. Spring is a great time to go through your wallet and make the hard decision of what’s essential to keep with you and what can be left at home. During the winter, it was easier to hide that thick wallet in your coats and jackets, but with spring comes hotter weather and you very well can’t hide that thick wallet in the back pocket of your pants or shorts. 

Having a slim wallet can not only help to fit into your back pocket, but also help to declutter your mind. The less mess you have on your person and your life, can only benefit you in the long run. Subconsciously, it gives you peace of mind and you’re able to find all of your cards and identification in a timely manner. It also helps to have something simple for continuously traveling, making sure that your essentials are all in one tidy place.   

brown slim wallet


A cardigan

Not as thick as a sweater, but still able to protect you from chilly weather, a cardigan is a great piece to add to your spring wardrobe. Any type of cardigan will work perfectly for this reason. If you have a wooly, cable knit cardigan from fall, then it will work just fine. The point is to have something simple that can protect you from the elements while also giving your outfit a cozy and clean vibe.  

If you’re concerned about it being too thick then you can opt for a cotton cardigan that is thinner which will give you a more spring accentuated look. There are thin cardigans that you can find virtually anywhere that are made with thin, breathable cotton. We all know that spring has those cold mornings and hot days, so having a cardigan to help get you through it, is a great plan B to have.  

A nice messenger bag

brown leather messenger bag

If you’re someone who cares about having the optimal amount of practical items. Especially for possibly short notice situations. Then, having a messenger bag can be a great way to lug your stuff back and forth whilst adding maturity and style to your outfit, even if it’s just for the moment. We think it’s important to have a consistent level of quality and care among your clothing and accessories. 

So, be sure to get a bag that has reliable durability. Quality messenger bags will be able to handle any amount of items. Also, something with a canvas finish gives it waterproof ability to make it through that spring rain. Nothing is worse than a drenched bag filled with your moist belongings. For those concerned with the style, a bag with leather accents and handles can help distinguish it from the typical group of bags, adding a level of maturity and manliness as well.  


Yes, T-shirts are essential to any person's closet. Yet, V-necks help to add a classier and fresh vibe to a casual outfit, making it perfect for spring. Finding quality V-necks isn’t terribly difficult, and they are also offered in many colors. The possibilities are literally endless in the amount of outfits you can make with a small collection of V-necks, proving that you don’t need all sorts of clothes to have a well-rounded wardrobe. 

blue vneck mens

The shape and crispness of these types of shirts make them more mature choices than a casual T-shirt, and the shape of the neckline also helps to keep you a bit cooler in hotter months. The shape of the V-necks just has a way of accentuating your collarbone and providing a new perspective on the frame of your chest. Plus, quality V-necks are extremely soft and breathable, feeling great on your skin. All it takes is a little step forward to researching a good T-shirt brand, like Nimble, to ensure that you purchase a set of quality shirts. Check out our collection of basic t-shirts to add a bit of style and versatility into your wardrobe. 

An insulated vest

These are perfect for those temperamental days where it’s chilly enough to put a sweater over a dress shirt, but once you do, you find yourself sweating profusely. Insulated vests keep your core and chest warm, giving your arms freedom of movement and the cool air. This makes them perfect clothing, not only for winter, but for spring and fall as well! 

If you’re confused as to style it, no worries. Most insulated vests come in block colors that make it easy to find and pair with jeans, pants, and t-shirts. Plus, they can be extremely comfy and less bulky than you imagined. You can even style them with shorts, if you’d prefer, giving you a conflicting vibe, but suited more suited to your internal temperature. If it’s a hot day, you can spend it with the insulated vest open, allowing air to circulate. Then, when the temperature drops you can button it back up and find suitable warmth and protection from the chill. This makes it an all day kind of clothing item that you don’t need to take off during the day.

 Also, if you’d like some extra cover from the cold, you can even wear a long-sleeved shirt. Either way, insulated vests offer you a specified type of protection from the chill as well as being fun and trendy. 

insulated vest mens spring

Short-sleeve button downs

Believe it or not, button up shirts are different from button down shirts. The key differences lie in the manufacturing and the way these shirts are designed. For example, button downs feature buttons on the collar, and button ups don’t. This is because button downs are more casual and are made with breathable fabric. Button ups are for more professional looks and are manufactured with tightly woven fabric giving a crisp and clean look. 

Since it’s spring, we suggest wearing short-sleeve button downs to go with your casual looks. Though they are the more casual option compared to the button up, they can still spruce up your outfit making it look more put together and dressy. Also given the breathable fabric, and the short-sleeve options, this makes it extremely useful to get through spring as the days turn into summer.  

Light trouser and spring pants 

We’re talking cotton slacks, lighter washed denim, and stretchy twill khakis. Having a couple types of these pants in a slim-fit style helps to add a formality to your casual look. You need pants that are manufactured with breathable fabrics. Given the warmer weather, the less heat trapped in your pants the better. 

We understand that professional situations are unavoidable and you need to dress appropriately for work. The good news is that it doesn’t mean you have to swelter and sweat under the weather. Plus, choosing pants with a slim-fit style makes it easier to roll the ankles to show off any swell socks or to let your ankles breathe. Either way, looking professional and becoming overheated doesn’t have to be synonymous anymore.    

Socks with personality

personality socks blue

Rolling your pants up is not only a great way to keep cool, but show off any socks you have underneath. Fun socks are a nice way to show off some personality and color when it comes to your outfit. This is intended for more professional outfits, but you can also show it off with more casual formal outfits. 

These extra additions to your underwear drawer are just to ensure that you have something bold and fun, but in a subtle way. Any fun sock is a great way to spruce up a neutral toned outfit. The splash of color or design is also a fun way to let anybody have a little insight into your personality. 


These are great shoes that offer comfortability, breathable soles, and a casual formal look about them. Given the various neutral colors they can come in such as brown, black, and grey, means they can be paired with any outfit you have to wear. Not only that, but to even further the options available, you can wear loafers sockless or with very low-cut socks. Plus, it’s another way to show off some fun patterned socks to bring all those neutral colors together. Whether it’s for a hot day or a cooler day, loafers have the ability to be utilized for both!

Fresh scent cologne

mens cologne bottle

Akin to the changing wind of the seasons, spring is a great time to change it up and that can mean changing up your scent as well. Something that can match the freshness of the season rather than the muskiness of winter. When it comes to adapting your cologne for the season think of it as opposites. You want warmer scents for cooler weather and cooler scents for warmer weather. 

For example, in winter you can smell of dry wood with peppery notes and for spring, linen scents and even light florals can help bring your spring looks together. Be sure to invest in a bottle of quality cologne. Cheap cologne tends to be weak scented and not last for very long. This causes people to overuse, making them smell overwhelming. Which is the opposite of what you want when it comes to using cologne. 

Here are some useful tips about using cologne:

  • Do not spray on your wrists. This is just a way to sample scents in a department store, but for actual application it will not be effective. 
  • Be careful not to overuse the cologne! As previously stated, you don’t want to become an overwhelming amalgam of scent. 
  • Take caution when spraying it around your neck. If you’re going on a date, you don’t want your partner to take a mouthful of cologne when going in for a hug. 
  • Don’t spray it in the air and then walk through it. It’s truly just a waste of cologne. 
  • Lastly, you want to spray it once on your chest or consider spraying it on your back! That way the smell can emanate from your shoulders, but not be as overwhelming as your neck can be.  

Men’s Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Fashion

Don’t mix your patterns

Just because patterns shouldn’t be mixed together too often, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any in your closet. In fact, it’s important to have patterns in your closet, given that they add variability to your wardrobe. There are patterns that can be utilized for the different seasons, as for spring, lighter colored patterns that feature more florals or pastels are perfect for this particular season. 

The general rule of thumb that comes with wearing patterns is that one is usually enough. Don’t get us wrong, there are patterns that can be meshed well and turn a casual look into a bold statement, but for my guys out there just trying to achieve an all around reliable wardrobe, a few patterned shirts or flannels can be enough to last you. Just be sure to match your patterned shirt or flannel with a base and complementing color. Whether that’s through your pants or an undershirt, it will help ground your look overall. 

Do have neutral tones in your closet

neutral colors hanging

Speaking of colors that ground your look, utilizing neutral tones in your closet are imperative, even more so than patterns. In case you’re not sure, neutral tones are base colors that can go with literally anything. We’re talking about brown, grey, black, and white as well as all the shades in between. It’s important to have pants, shoes, socks, some dress shirts, and button downs and coats in these shades. 

This is all to ensure that your wardrobe can achieve all possible situations with ease. An all around wardrobe means less frantic trips to the department store when you don’t have the pieces you need. Also, having neutral tones in your closet, means more outfits. Mixing and matching will be exceptionally easy and with your different outfit combinations, the possibilities can literally be endless.   

Don’t mistake “loose” for the wrong size

Now, when the weather becomes warmer, our natural inclination is to wear less clothing, and clothing that doesn’t stick to our skin. This is, of course, perfectly fine, but opting for looser clothing doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear clothing that is too big for you. Yes, comfortability is key, but you can be comfortable and also not look like you’re swimming in your shirts or bottoms. 

Wearing the right fit and size makes all the difference when it comes to your appearance. You want to be sure to buy clothes that make you feel good and frame your body nicely. Of course, this also goes for clothing that is sized too tight for you. You don’t want to have a second skin that hugs your body so much so that everyone can make out the contours of your pectorals. To achieve a right fit, go to the store and experiment with different sizes with different clothes to ensure that with each piece you’re getting a comfortable and flattering fit. You might be surprised at what you find out!  

man sitting with well fitting clothes

Do dress for the occasion and the season

You don’t need to have every type of clothing under the sun to have an all around wardrobe. There are definitely set outfits you can have for different situations that can double for work or other special occasions. Let’s go through some of them! 

For example, if you have a beach wedding to attend, you can have a cotton and linen suit in your closet ready to go. It’s a casual and dressy type of outfit that can double for other get-to-togethers with family or friends. If you have spring formal weddings to attend, a simple gray suit with pastel accents can be perfect for any formal spring occasion. Switching up the accents to go with the season can turn that spring suit into an all year round one.   


Men’s spring fashion can encompass many types of clothing and accessories. Every single item on this list is meant to further your combinations of outfits as well as broaden your selections in your wardrobe. There’s plenty of things you can do to emulate the season of spring through your clothes. With brighter and lighter colors and fabrics that are breathable, linen, and cotton based, you can have a wardrobe that is specialized towards the season. Also, most of your spring clothes will be able to help you through the summer just like your fall clothes can help you with the transition from winter into spring. 

Remember to have fun and experiment! Sometimes fashion doesn’t have any rules, because the bottom line is what you want to express and feel. If that doesn’t extend beyond comfortability, that is okay too! When it comes to casual outfits, it’s all about feeling comfortable and secure. With spring comes transformation, and that can mean many things. Take your time and never compromise on being yourself!