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Men's Slim Fit Flannel Shirts & Gingham Pattern Shirts

With their fresh, soft feel, trim cut, and timeless style, our men's slim fit flannel shirts and gingham shirts are the perfect shirt choice for both the fall and winter seasons. Our slim fit flannel shirts are available in different fabric thickness options so you can be just as comfortable during that in-between fall weather days as you are warm in winter. And since this collection offers numerous colors and design patterns, you can also enjoy a versatile array of matching options such as slim fit t-shirts and v-necks. To combine distinctive style with a flawless fit, shop our entire selection of gingham dress shirts and slim fit flannel shirts for men below - and pair your purchase with our comfortable dress socks.

Men's Flannel Shirts

You asked for them and we delivered. You can finally get flannel shirts from your favorite brand, Nimble Made. You may end up being mistaken for a lumberjack, but no worries - you can swing an ax (or do any other job) all day in our checkered flannel shirts for men.


Our button down shirts are warm enough to wear in a cool breeze, but if it gets any colder they'll work under any sports jacket or vest if you need extra warmth. You can also keep your flannels buttoned up, fully open with a t-shirt underneath to show the world. You can even tie it around your waist for a casual outing, or wear it tucked in if you want a more formal, put-together look. We highly recommend pairing our flannel shirts with a nice pair of jeans for a classic look that'll keep you looking sharp.


With our flannel shirts, you'll stay stylish and can create a number of outfits with them. Our new flannel button down casual dress shirts come in several distinct colors - we bet you'll find a color scheme you like. In case you can't, don't worry - we're constantly doing more R&D at Nimble Made to release more colors and patterns for all of our products.


What are flannel shirts good for?

Flannel shirts are good for a number of reasons:

1. They are the perfect addition to your closet for the fall season. As the weather transitions from summer to winter and hot to cold, flannels provide some warmth with their long sleeves and a variety of patterns to your wardrobe. They also won't get too warm since they come in a variety of different thickness in fabrics and are lighter than jackets or sweaters.

2. They are extremely soft and comfortable. With our 100% cotton fabrics, these flannel shirts are made to last and looking great year round.

3. Our flannels are durable and not easily torn or faded. Say goodbye to fast fashion and invest in shirts that last longer. High quality flannel shirts feel good and look good, maintaining its color, quality, and softness throughout the wash cycles.

4. Plaid is an unique pattern to have in your closet. Having a flannel shirt with a plaid pattern will diversity your outfits throughout the year. Having a flannel is a great way to change up the patterns on the shirts you wear.

Why are flannels so popular?
Flannels are very popular for a few different reasons.
One of them is that they can be worn by both men and women, and are gender neutral in design (though shirt structure will vary slightly).

Another reason is the unique pattern and aesthetics. Flannels are very different from other types of shirts and have their own distinct look. Not only because of the plaid, but the fibrous material often associated with flannels also provide nice, wool-like texture.

How long do flannel shirts last?
Quality flannels if treated well can last up to a decade, or about 10 years depending on the fabric blend and construction of the shirt.

Is flannel good for hot weather?
Flannel isn't great for hot weather given its long sleeve. Even though flannels can be relatively thin, they can still get quite warm. Of course, it differs for each person but flannels are not ideal for hot summers or warm, humid weather unless you're wearing a tshirt under and wearing the flannel as an outer layer.