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Men's Slim Fit Casual Dress Shirts

Men's casual dress shirts should still look crisp, and with truly slim fit casual dress shirts from Nimble Made, you can be sure you're achieving exactly that. Our supremely soft casual dress shirts for men deliver a more relaxed look that's versatile enough for nearly any event. And with their uniquely trim cut, you can be confident that you can look casual and classy at the same time. With many colors, designs, fits, and fabrics to choose from, explore our entire collection of casual dress shirts below, along with our slim fit flannel shirts and slim fit t-shirts.


Men's Casual Dress Shirts, the Perfect Fit for Any Occasion

You Were Made to Wear Slim Fit Casual Dress Shirts

If you've struggled to find shirts that fit properly, it's time to try Nimble Made slim fit casual dress shirts. Our mission is to design shirts that don't balloon at the waist or bunch around the shoulders. Much like our business dress shirts, these casual dress shirts for men look like they were made for you – because they were.

Nimble Made used quality fabric and exquisite detailing to create a line of casual dress shirts in various colors and styles to match your personal taste. Our assortment includes casual shirts in solid colors and patterns.

The Difference Is in the Details

From collar to cuff, attention to detail is evident in every stitch. Our slim fit casual dress shirts enjoy these features that set them apart from all the rest:

  • Reinforced Collar
  • Trimmed Back & Shoulders
  • Fitted Sleeves
  • Perfect Shirt Length
  • Trimmed Chest
  • Proper Sleeve Length

Frequently Asked Questions About Men's Casual Dress Shirts

What Materials Are Casual Dress Shirts Made Of?

Most of our casual dress shirts are 100% cotton. Oftentimes, the material is more breathable with less sheen. Casual shirts also tend to have a lower thread count, making them lighter.

What Style Defines Men's Casual Dress Shirts?

Casual shirts come in different styles such as oxford, flannel, chambray and more. Many casual dress shirts have short sleeves, which are best worn during the summer, at outdoor functions or during relaxed indoor events. Another feature of casual dress shirts for men is a less structured collar that makes them suitable for informal occasions.

Can Dress Shirts Be Worn Casually?

Dress shirts can definitely be worn casually, especially those in non-traditional colors such as pink. You can transform men's dress shirts into a more informal look by rolling up the sleeves and unbuttoning the top buttons. Untucked dress shirts are also considered informal and a dead giveaway when a dress shirt is meant for casual wear.

Find Your Fit in Men's Casual Dress Shirts From Nimble Made

In all likelihood, your casual dress shirts get a lot more wear than your formal dress shirts, so getting the right fit is key. Nimble Made has slim fit casual dress shirts that will take your look from just okay to just amazing. Find the men's casual dress shirts that reflect your personal style and get ready to enjoy a fabulous fit.