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How Size N3 Fits

Photos by @igjustin

The N3 sits in the middle of our sizes and best fits those in the 155 - 170 lb weight range and around 5' 8" or taller

Ray, MD (Model in Image)

• Height: 5' 9"

• Weight: 163 lb

• Dress shirt: The Lotus | Light Blue Floral Dress Shirt

Still not sure? The N3 fits a range:

• Neck: 15.5 - 16.25"

• Sleeve: 33 - 34"

• Chest: 37.5 - 39.5"

Our models are all ordinary guys who have found a better slim fit with us. We work with people of color to showcase our diverse friends & customers.

Actually Slim

Height and weight for a more proportional fit. Never tailor again.

Quality that Lasts

Long-staple cotton with metal collar stays. Machine washable & easy-iron.

Hassle-free Returns

Prepaid labels for an exchange or a full refund if you aren't satisfied.

More of this Size

Michael, NY

Height: 5' 11" •  Weight: 160 lb

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Photos by Brandon Lee

Jeremy, CA

Height: 5' 9" •  Weight: 160 lb

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Photos by Jeremy Sry

Andrew, CA

Height: 5' 11" •  Weight: 163 lb

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Photos by Jayne Chong

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 163 lb

"Definitely an investment item! Fit is key and Nimble Made gets it right with ease, no hassles or measuring needed. I get a fit, quality dress shirt and support small business!" – Ray, MD

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 160 lb

"Long lasting and comfortable. After a few hours in this shirt, SERIOUSLY one of the best fitting & feeling shirts I've ever worn!" - Bryant, Singapore

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 163 lb

 "Finding a good fitting dress shirt without needing a tailor is extremely difficult. Most dress shirts from recognized retailers end up having extra fabric around the waist with longer sleeves and so I constantly find myself adjusting my dress shirts whenever I wear them. A good fitting shirt off the rack like what NimbleMade has designed inspires confidence as I no longer need to worry about re-adjusting my shirt to align to my body." - Andrew, Canada