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Summer Style Guide | Mens' Clothes for Hot Humid Weather

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Dressing for hot and humid weather is a tricky game. You want to feel comfortable in the blistering heat, but also keep your style. I wish we could just walk out in a tank top, shorts, and flip flops all the time, but it is not acceptable for every occasion. In this article we will go over some of the best summer clothes. We give you a couple of example outfit ideas to help you look good while staying cool. 

Right when you step out of the cool AC, you feel the sun beaming down on you and the moisture in the air. You constantly smell yourself to check if you stink or have any pit stains. It can be difficult to find an outfit that works inside and outside. Wearing the wrong clothes will make you miserable and smelly. 

How can they expect guys to wear a suit and stay cool? Here we lay out some of the best tips to help you stay cool, while still looking sharp. There are some fabrics, and types of clothing that are more suited for hot and humid weather. This season you can stay cool and sweat free with some of these outfit ideas, ideal for the sweltering heat. 

Best Summer Fabrics

mens summer cotton fabrics

For hot, humid weather we want a lightweight fabric that can let your skin breathe. It can be difficult to find because we want pieces that are thin, that can also last. It is tricky to find a thin material that also hides your pit stains. Have you ever checked the bathroom mirror and noticed the dreaded patch of moisture showing on your shirt? Don’t worry we have all been there, flapping our arms widely, trying to air dry the wet patch. With loosely woven fabrics, the air is able to flow through more easily. 

Some of the most ideal summer fabrics include lightweight linen, cotton or even wool. Even if you are looking for formal clothes, there are some options made from these materials. You can stay looking smart, while still staying cool. Linen is a natural fiber that reminds everyone of those carefree vacation days. Linen is very strong and durable, with a natural textured appearance. Linen can also be semi opaque, so be careful if you choose to wear this to the office. Try to find one that is slightly thicker, while still being breathable. Linen has natural moisture-wicking properties so you do not have to worry about sweat stains. It is perfect for summer weather. One drawback is that linen is easily wrinkled. To prevent this you can spray the material with a little bit of water and smooth it out with your hands. 

The right type of cotton is also ideal for summer weather. Cotton comes in many different weights and weaves. Lighter-weight cotton is more optimal for warmer weather. Cotton is a great material since it is soft and breathable. You can find a wide variety of different styles and colors to fit your needs. Lightweight cotton is woven more loosely to allow the heat to escape your body. If you are worried about the wrinkles, you can always look for something that has a cotton blend. This helps with the breathability while staying wrinkle-free. We find that lightweight cotton makes for great comfortable t-shirts that also soak up the sweat. If you are sweating a lot, stay away from lighter colors. Since cotton does soak up the moisture, some stains could show. Overall cotton is a great, comfortable choice. 

When you think wool, you probably think of thick wool blankets that are perfect for winter. However, lightweight wools are actually perfect for summer weather. There are many different types of wool and we found that featherweight or tropical weight wool is the best for hot, humid weather. These types of wool have a looser weave than winter wool and allows air to move freely through. Summer wool can be a great option for suit jackets that keep you warm in the blasting AC, while still keeping you cool outside. Make sure to look for one with minimal lining and padding, so it does not counter the effect of the breathable wool. 

humid weather mens clothes

Other great options for summer fabrics include Rayon, which is a man-made fabric. It is made out of cotton wood pulp and other fibers. Rayon consists of thinner fibers, which allows for air to move through more freely. Chambray, which is an imitation denim, is also a great lightweight option. It has the look of denim but is breathable and lighter. This can be a great option if denim is a big part of your wardrobe. 


Best Summer Colors

Choosing the right color for the weather can also be a bit tricky. Darker colors absorb the heat from the sun, and could make you feel miserable. Wearing all light colors also can be risky because they show sweat more easily. 

summer style guide bright colors

In general, lighter colors go with the summer aesthetic better. If you normally wear darker colors, try to incorporate some lighter or neutral colors into your wardrobe. Neutrals and whites are a great base since they can help to keep you cool. Some great summer colors include light shades of blue and grey as well as tan or khaki. They help to reflect the light and make you cooler. Light colored shoes also add a great pop to your outfit. 

Along with the dark colors and lighter neutral colors, summer is also a great time to try new things. Brighter pops of color help you stand out and look like you put a lot of thought in your outfit. If you are just starting to add more color in your wardrobe, we recommend small details here and there. We love brightly-colored stitching, small shoe details, or even a vibrant accessory. These help you feel more comfortable with incorporating more color into your style. 

If you enjoy wearing brighter colors, try a bolder jacket or chinos to really play in with the summer theme. After being cooped up all year, this season is a great time to start experimenting and trying something new. It can be hard to get out of the rut of wearing neutral colors. Summer is always associated with a more carefree ambiance, so do not be afraid to be bold. 


Best Fit

The fit of your outfit also changes depending on the weather. Since it is really hot and humid, we suggest looking for looser pieces so we can avoid them sticking to your back. It also helps air flow more freely to help with sweat stains. 

mens best fit summer humid weather

For summer a good rule of thumb is to keep your more casual items more fitted and your more formal items looser. This is because more more casual pieces like joggers, athletic shorts or tank tops, a looser fit can look more sloppy. It is not bad to wear whatever you want and feel comfortable; however, it is suitable for all occasions. If you want to wear more casual pieces we recommend a slightly more fitted option that can still look clean and out together. For more formal pieces, you can choose something with a bit looser fit. Formal wear is usually heavier and made from thicker material. You want to make sure that your skin can still breathe through it. Suit jackets or outwear can still look sharp and formal, even if they do fit slightly looser. 


Summer Essentials


mens white tshirt

When choosing a summer shirt be sure to find something made with a lighter, looser woven material. Even plain tees can be dressed up, so be sure to find one made from a good quality material. We suggest something neutral such as grey or light blue to add a bit of color while still being able to match with other garments. Take a look at Nimble’s collection of basic t-shirts for a great fit that can be dressed up or down. 

Polos or button-ups can also be a great choice. They come in a variety of different materials and patterns. Polos can be made from thicker material so be sure to find one that is thinner and more breathable. Button ups are a great way to add a carefree element to your outfit. Throw a linen button up over a plain t-shirt and feel like you are walking along the beach in Cabo. Button ups that have a bolder pattern can also be great for summer. Even though they are called Hawaiian shirts, a more muted pattern can work for family or casual work events. 

Make sure you have one of these best work shirts for hot weather in your closet.



Shorts are great for summer weather, but they are not suitable for every occasion. If paired right, shorts are a great option for events that are in between formal and casual. We recommend ones that are slightly above the kneecap. Black is always a great option, but do not be afraid to branch out into lighter colors as well. We love neutral colors like tan, gray or olive. If you are feeling brave, pastels can also be incorporated for a nice subtle pop of color. 

Athletic shorts can also be great for casual occasions where you still want to look put together. The athleisure trend is here to stay, and we are here for it. Athletic shorts are comfortable and breathable which is perfect for warm weather. We suggest a slightly more fitted piece, it a more neutral color. They are a great option, but be sure it fits the occasion.


Pants are essential, especially for a more formal look. You probably can’t show up to work in shorts, so it is important to look for pants that you do not feel miserable in. Slacks, jeans, chinos and even joggers can be suitable for warmer weather. 

summer gray pants mens fashion

Even though we tend to gravitate towards our favorite black pants, we urge you to try out some lighter colors. They are more playful and help to keep you cooler. If white pants aren’t your thing, try out some other neutral colors like tan, navy or grey. These neutral colors fit in better with summer, and keep you from overheating. 

Jeans and chinos are also a great option for everyday. Chinos are usually made from a lighter material, so do not be afraid to experiment with some brighter colors. We would stay away from neon or pastel pants, but other lighter colors are a great addition to your outfit. Jeans can also be worn. Even though they are associated with a heavier material, there are also lightweight denims. We suggest choosing a lighter wash. 

humid weather wear joggers

For a more athleisure outfit, joggers can be a great comfortable option. Paired with a nice button up or plain t-shirt, you can stay looking good while staying comfortable. We suggest joggers that have a tighter fit so you can accentuate those legs and keep a neat look. 


You have a wide range of options when it comes to footwear. One main rule about shoes is to always keep them in a good condition. Even the most expensive shoe can ruin an outfit if it is dirty and tattered. 

pair of vans men shoes

Some of our top picks for summer shoes are low top sneakers, boat shoes or even more athletic shoes can work. Low top sneakers are a great option that work with almost any outfit. We recommend a light-colored shoe such as white or a light neutral color. This can add a pop even with a darker outfit. If you want something more casual, Vans are a great choice. If you want a shoe that can work in even more formal settings, sneakers come in leather options as well. 

Boat shoes can work for casual and formal events. We love these shoes because they are versatile and come in a variety of different colors. They also fit in with the nautical trend of summer. You can try a classic pair in brown, or go with a bolder choice as well. One top we have with boat shoes is to wear no show socks, or no socks at all. The no-show sock look fets in really well with summer and gives off a more care-free aesthetic perfect for summer. 

Athletic shoes are also a great option for more casual outfits. A nice pair of Jordans can be the star of your outfit. Usually these types of shoes come with a nice pop of color that can be really fitting for summer. Especially with the athleisure trend growing, your athletic shoes are a great finishing touch to your outfit. 

mens sockless fashion

When it comes to socks, we always recommend no-show socks for summer. It is less about the “letting your ankles breathe” and more about the summer ambiance. People tend to be more carefree, and the no-show socks give that effortless look. If you are hesitant about going sockless we recommend shoe inserts or no-show socks. They help to absorb some of the moisture from your feet. This is a small detail, but can really add to your summer look. 


Outerwear is great for throwing on when it starts to cool off at night, or even in the office if the AC is blasting. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to outerwear. Some of our top picks are long-sleeve button ups, bomber jackets, or sports coats.

Long-sleeve button ups can be a great lightweight cover-up that can be easily incorporated with your outfit. We recommend a more neutral color that can work with a variety of outfits. If you choose a patterned one, we recommend a simpler pattern, so it does not clash with another pattern you are wearing. We recommend a lightweight linen button up that gives off the vacation aesthetic. 

summer style guide mens blue bomber jacket outerwear

Bomber jackets are a timeless piece that are also extremely versatile. Nowadays they come in all different colors and materials. If you choose a more neutral color, we recommend experimenting with different materials for a more modern look. There are many options to choose from like silk or knitted materials.  

Sport Coats can be great for more formal events. We love these for weddings and work events. We recommend one with a thin lining and one made from a summer material. Sports coats are a fun way to experiment with different patterns and textures as well. If you have a more neutral colored outfit, try pairing it with a bolder sports coat.

Formal Wear

Many people still have to wear a suit to work, despite the weather. Do not worry, we got your back. There is not really a way around it, so we give you some of our best tips and options to help you stay cool. In case, god forbid, the office AC breaks down. The suit’s cloth and color can greatly reduce your uncomfortability. 

For your summer suit, we recommend finding one made from the best summer materials: lightweight cotton, wool or linen. Be careful with linen since it could wrinkle easily, and make you look less put together. 

Try to get a suit jacket that is unlined or partially lined. They come in a variety of different options. This is important because the lining adds an additional layer that can trap the heat in. The last thing you want is to be sweating in front of an important client. We also recommend a jacket that is unstructured. This takes away the front panels, or shoulder pads that can also trap heat and make you uncomfortable. We recommend a looser fitted jacket to allow your skin to breathe. 

light blue colored suit

In terms of color, black, navy and gray are the most common suit colors. This summer try to experiment with lighter colors that can help you stand out (in a good way). Of course a pink or purple suit won’t fly in an office setting, but other light neutral colors are a great way to spruce up your suit. The pop of color doesn’t just have to come from your tie. Light grey, tan, cream or lighter blues can be a great option. Darker colors tend to be more somber, but if your work requires more formal colors, try to find one made from a thin material. 

striped pattern dress shirt

In terms of shirts for work or semi-formal or formal attire, this is a great way to add a subtle pop of color or even a subtle pattern. For patterns we recommend stripes or small dots. This can add a fun element to your suit, if you are going for more plain colors. Check out Nimble’s collection of dress shirts for some fun and stylish options that won’t wear you down the way the heat would. Just remember to stay away from fabric such as flannel or wool. 

For your ties, all lightweight options are great. We would stay away from ones made of thicker wool materials. Ties are always a great way to add a subtle pop of color to your outfit. We suggest a thinner width tie, since it fits better for summer and also is lighter than thicker ties.


Accessories are a great way to complete your outfit and also add a pop of color. We recommend accessories that add to your style, but are also functional. Our favorite accessories include sunglasses, hats, watches, and belts. These subtle details can help you look like you put more thought into what you are wearing.

 sunglasses accessories for men


This is a great functional accessory, since the sun is probably beaming down on you. It also gives you a certain mysteriousness. We suggest ones that can match most of your outfits, since you don’t want to have to constantly get a new pair. Some glasses have unique details that can add a pop off personality to your outfits. If you want a good go-to pair, Ray-Ban aviators are a timeless style. 


Since athleisure is becoming more widely accepted, a hat can definitely pull your outfit together. It can also hide the fact that you couldn’t be bothered to do your hair this morning. A baseball hat can match any outfit and even add a nice touch of color as well as shade your eyes from the sun. If you love sports, your favorite sports hat can strike up a conversation with someone with similar interests. 


mens black watch accessory

There is not much use for a watch these days, but they can do a lot to make your outfit look more thought out. We suggest staying away from the heavier-banded ones, and opt for something like a canvas strap. Even if you are wearing a simple outfit, a watch can serve as the focal point of your look. We found that getting a watch with removable bands can be helpful to better match your outfits. 


Belts can serve as a tool to help hold up your pants while also adding something a little extra. Try to find one with a cool buckle, if you feel that your outfit that day is a bit lacking. We love a good classic belt, but one that is a bit different can definitely change up your look. 

Example Outfits

Casual Formal- We would pair a light blue or grey linen shirt with some khaki or tan chinos. A woven belt and sports coat can help to dress it up a bit. We would pair these with a classic brown boat shoe. You can dress this outfit down or up by changing up the shoe.

casual formal example out fit


Poolside- For a laid-back vacation look we would pair a white cotton or linen shirt with a pastel pant. If you stay away from colored pants, wear a brighter shirt to add a pop of color. A pair of sunglasses can help complete the look. We would wear this with a boat shoe with a neutral color, but with a unique accent or detailing. 


men linen white shirt vacation

Sharp- For this look we would pair a white button-up with grey or darker-colored chinos or even shorts. Yes, even shorts can look put together. We would pair this look with a quality pair of leather sneakers and either a stand-out pair of sunglasses or a fedora. Since the look is more simple, it needs a strong focal point.

black and white sharp outfit

Simple- For a simple everyday look, we would pair a neutral color polo with darker colored chinos. Add a belt and a pair of sunglasses for a more complete look. You can pair these with an athletic shoe for an athleisure look, or go dressier with a pair of boat shoes. 

everyday outfit polo and dark chinos


Dinner- For dinner we would go with a subtle patterned button down that shows a bit of your personality. We would go with neutral-colored pants. If you choose to go with a plain shirt, try a more bold pant. Sports coats or bomber jackets can be great to throw over a girl’s shoulder as the night gets cooler. We would pair these with a nice classic belt and a more formal shoe. 

dinner outfit patterned shirt and dress shoes

Final Thoughts

I know we went over a lot of things, but now hopefully you feel more confident going into the summer season. Looking sharp does not have to be difficult, and we hope that these tips help you stay cool and look cool. You can take some of our outfit ideas to use as a base and switch pieces out to your liking. Do not be scared to try new things! With these tips, you’ll be sure to feel and look confident with your summer outfits.