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A premium shirt without the premium price tag

Fabric of 100% Quality

Quality fabrics are just as important as fit. Aside from our non-iron shirts, almost all of our shirts are 100% cotton.

Long Staple Cotton

All our fabrics are weaved with extra-long cotton fibers that add to our shirts’ durability and silkiness. Similar to shirts containing Egyptian and Pima cotton, ours are much more resilient to pilling and tearing than the standard dress shirt, and can even become softer overtime

High Thread Count

Fabrics with a higher thread count are finer, lighter, and more expensive to produce. Our fabrics start at an 80-thread count, with many others containing over a 100-thread count, contributing to a silkier and softer feel.


‘Ply’ refers to the number of yarns that are twisted together to make a single thread. Our 2-ply fabrics have a tighter weave, which adds a bit of stretch to our products and distinguishes them from the stiffer, more traditional dress shirts.

Modern & Classic Collars

Each of our collar styles communicates subtle differences in your fashion style. All collars, with the exception of the button-downs, come with engraved metal collar stays.

Long Spread Collar

Our most classic collar, sporting a clean and elegant look

Short Spread Collar

A go-to collar you can rely on for professional and casual settings

Cutaway Collar

A collar with a modern edge that you can still pair with a tie

Button-down Collar

A popular collar type for casual settings

Stiff interlining

Our collars –and cuffs– have an additional piece of lining that gives extra firmness and stiffness. No more flimsy, thin collars.

Metal Collar Stays

To keep collars even sharper, our shirts come with a pair of metal collar stays for reinforcement to avoid curled points.

Detailed Craftsmanship

Our team employs the highest standard in sewing and construction techniques. We were extremely picky with how we wanted our shirts built. That means the best sewing techniques for the best comfort and durability.

Fit is Priority

Our team pays a great deal of attention to getting each size right. The difference is a slim fitting torso and smaller arm holes to avoid excess fabric in the arms and waist. More on our fit

Single-needle Stitching

Our shirts are constructed with a single row of stitches for a clean, seamless edge that looks modern and professional. This technique increases production costs and is used in top quality shirts.

Design Details

From the buttons to thread color to the trims, we're meticulous about designing a shirt that we're proud of and want to wear.

Our Responsibility

High quality materials and construction create long-lasting shirts that reduce environmental waste. Our suppliers are certified onsite by independent, world-leading inspection companies. Our products pass the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for consumer safety.