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9 Best Black Dress Shirts in 2023 | Top Classic Models for Special Occasions

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When it comes to any special occasion, you want to look your best. There is perhaps no more classic outfit than a black dress shirt. A finely crafted men's shirt in this color will not only look sharp on you but also can be paired with many different bottom pieces for different looks.

A black shirt has a way of edging up an outfit without taking over, making it the perfect backdrop for almost any other accessory or garment. However, the king of all men's shirts is not created equal. 

If you are looking to buy a men's shirt in this color, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the best black dress shirt for your needs.

  • Material

You should always consider a shirt's material before buying it. For example, cotton shirts are very comfortable, but they wrinkle easily and may not be as durable as other materials. On the other hand, ultra-fine merino wool shirts can be more expensive than cotton and may be less breathable and warmer during the winter. The best fabric for you is one that will keep you cool and wrinkle-free while maintaining a clean, professional look.

  • Fit

You want to find a shirt that fits well on your body without being too snug or too loose. For example, a men's slim-fit shirt should have a slightly tapered waist so that it will show off your build while being comfortable to wear all day. By contrast, a classic men's button-down shirt is more relaxed and can be worn tucked in and untucked with ease.

  • Longevity

The longevity of a shirt is essential when shopping for black dress shirts. Because you likely plan to wear it often, this factor could be the most important in your decision. If you are looking for a cheap dress shirt that fits well but won't last long, choose one made of cotton or polyester blended with cotton. On the other hand, if you want a dress shirt that will last for years to come, choose one made of finer materials such as silk or ultra-fine merino wool.

  • Style

There are many different styles to choose from. If you want to look professional and smart for work and special occasions, choose a men's slim-fit or formal dress shirt with French cuffs.

  • Price

Finally, it is crucial to consider your budget when shopping for black dress shirts. While some luxury materials such as silk may be more expensive than cotton or polyester blends, they will last longer and feel nicer against the skin. If you are shopping on a budget, choose a cotton or polyester blend with an appropriate fit that won't wear out after many washes.


What are the Best Black Dress Shirts?

We have reviewed 10 of the best black dress shirts available today. To compile this list, we looked at expert recommendations and thousands of customer reviews from across the web. Below is our top choice, followed by details on each product. Let's get into it, shall we?

  1. Black Non-Iron Dress Shirt | The Yin

    The Black Non-Iron Dress Shirt|The Yin is just what you need for your professional wardrobe. The English semi-spread collar is designed for comfort, while the lightweight performance fabric will not wrinkle easily. The men's slim-fit shirt has a center box pleat and French cuffs to give you an extra touch of style. This solid pattern dress shirt is machine washable and needs only a five-minute touch-up with an iron or steamer. The 2-button adjustable rounded cuffs and removable collar stays add to the convenience and comfort of this black dress shirt.

  2. Non-Iron Slim Fit Dress Shirt | Charles Tyrwhitt

    The Non-Iron Poplin Shirt - Black from Charles Tyrwhitt is an excellent addition to your business wardrobe. The English spread collar looks smart while still comfortable, thanks partly to the folding collar stays. The specialty fabric used to make this shirt protects it from wrinkles, even after repeated wearing or washing. This men's dress shirt comes in several different colors for easy coordination with your business outfits. The adjustable tabs on the cuffs give you a personalized fit while adding another professional touch to this black dress shirt.

  3. Boss Slim-Fit Jason Dress Shirt

    The slim-fit men's dress shirt from Boss is an essential part of any business wardrobe. The classic formal dress shirt has French cuffs, removable collar stays, and a tab closure for personalized comfort. It is made of the highest-quality cotton in Italy to provide exceptional softness with each wear.

    The buttoned barrel cuffs and formal cut make this men's dress shirt perfect for business casual events and trips to the office. This black dress shirt has wrinkle-resistant technology to keep you looking professional for any occasion.

  4. Metro - Black Performance Stretch Dress Shirt

    One of the best things about the Black Performance Stretch Dress Shirt from Metro Apparel is that it comes in several different colors and patterns. The polyester and nylon blend fabric stretches to fit you comfortably, while the men's slim-fit dress shirt gives you a clean-cut look for business or other formal occasions. This black dress shirt is 96.6% Cotton / 3.4% Elastine, so it is durable to last wash after wash. This two-ply 100 thread count men's dress shirt will not wrinkle easily like many cotton shirts.

  5. Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt

    The 100 percent cotton slim-fit dress shirt from Calvin Klein is an excellent addition to your business wardrobe. It has a spread collar and double cuffs, with removable collar, stays for added convenience. This men's dress shirt comes in multiple colors to coordinate with all of your outfits. It is machine washable and can be worn without ironing.

  6. Alex Vando Dress Shirt

    The Alex Vando Mens Dress Shirts come in several different colors to easily match your outfits. This men's dress shirt is made of 100 percent cotton and promises to be comfortable. Thanks to the high-cut collar, front pocket, and long button cuffs, it has a unique look. The men's slim-fit dress shirt is machine washable and needs only a five-minute touch-up with an iron.

  7. FLY HAWK Men's Dress Shirts

    The men's FLY HAWK Men's Dress Shirts is a great addition to your business wardrobe. The men's slim-fit dress shirts are traditional thanks to the spread collar and double cuffs with adjustable button closures. This black dress shirt is an all-purpose formal piece; it can be worn with any business or formal attire. This black dress shirt is made of a cotton blend, so you won't have to worry about wrinkles. It is made of 20% Bamboo Fiber, 75% Tencel, and 5% Spandex. This fabric blend is designed to protect against wrinkles, even if the shirt is machine washed.

  8. Lightweight Flannel Shirt

    This lightweight flannel shirt from Bonobos is perfect for layering in colder weather and wearing on its own when the temperature drops. The men's dress shirt is made of cotton and polyester so that you can expect long-lasting comfort and durability. This black dress shirt also features a chest pocket with a flap to add an extra element of style.

  9. Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirts

    The Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirts from Van Heusen is an excellent addition to your business wardrobe. It has removable collar stays, adjustable cuffs, and a tab closure for personalized comfort and is made of 55% Cotton, 44% Polyester, 1% Spandex for a soft touch. It also has a wrinkle-resistant finish to keep you looking professional for any occasion.


Wrap Up

Black dress shirts are a popular choice for men who want an elegant outfit without being too flashy. A black dress shirt can be worn for almost any occasion, from casual Friday at the office to a formal wedding reception. These are the best black dress shirts based on their quality, design, and price.


  • What black dress shirt brands are available?
  • There are many different brands of black dress shirts available. The list above includes some of the most popular names for this type of formal shirt, but there are other options.
  • What are the benefits of owning a black dress shirt?
  • Black is one of the most versatile colors for clothing, so almost any man could benefit from having this formal staple in his closet. A black dress shirt can be worn to weddings or funerals because it is appropriate for either ceremony without being distracting.
  • What other formal shirts are black?
  • While the term 'black shirt' typically refers to a dress shirt that matches with most types of suits and slacks, there are other black options as well. Some men choose a white dress shirt for a fun twist on this upscale look, while others opt for a blue dress shirt instead. An all-black outfit is always a safe option, but the shirt itself doesn't have to be black.