The Best Black Dress Shirt to Add to Your Closet

top 8 best black dress shirt for men

Introduction to the Black Dress Shirt

When it comes to any special occasion, you want to look your best. There is perhaps no more classic outfit than a black dress shirt. A finely crafted men's shirt in this color will not only look sharp on you but also can be paired with many different bottom pieces for different looks.

A black shirt has a way of edging up an outfit without taking over, making it the perfect backdrop for almost any other accessory or garment. However, the king of all men's shirts is not created equal. 

If you are looking to buy a men's shirt in this color, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the best black dress shirt for your needs.

Consider Shirt Material

You should always consider the dress shirt material before buying it. For example, cotton shirts are very comfortable, but they wrinkle easily and may not be as durable as other materials.

On the other hand, ultra-fine merino wool shirts can be more expensive than cotton and may be less breathable and warmer during the winter. The best fabric for you is one that will keep you cool and wrinkle-free while maintaining a clean, professional look.

Find the Best Fit

You want to find a shirt that fits well on your body without being too snug or too loose. For example, a men's slim-fit shirt should have a slightly tapered waist and proper sleeve length so that it will show off your build while being comfortable to wear all day.

Our favorite slim fit dress shirts are these casual button up shirts by Nimble Made.

Quality & Longevity

The longevity of a shirt is essential when shopping for black dress shirts. Because you likely plan to wear it often, this factor could be the most important in your decision. If you are looking for a cheap dress shirt that fits well but won't last long, choose one made of cotton or polyester blended with cotton.

On the other hand, if you want a dress shirt that will last for years to come, choose one made of finer materials such as 100% cotton.

Button Up Shirt Style

There are many different styles to choose from. If you want to look professional and smart for work and special occasions, choose a men's slim-fit or business professional shirt.

Dress Shirt Price

Finally, it is crucial to consider your budget when shopping for black shirts. While some luxury materials such as silk may be more expensive than cotton or polyester blends, they will last longer and feel nicer against the skin.

If you are shopping on a budget, choose a cotton or polyester blend with an appropriate fit that won't wear out after many washes.


What are the Best Black Dress Shirts?

We have reviewed 8 of the best black shirts available today. To compile this list, we looked at expert recommendations and thousands of customer reviews from across the web. Below is our top choice, followed by details on each product. Let's get into it, shall we?

  1. [Overall Best Black Dress Shirt] The Yin - Non-Iron Button Up Dress Shirt

    Nimble Made's Black Non-Iron Dress Shirt stands out as an exceptional choice for a black dress shirt due to its remarkable blend of style, comfort, and convenience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this formal dress shirt offers a host of features that make it the ultimate addition to any wardrobe.

    One of the most notable features of the Nimble Made Black Dress Shirt is its non-iron technology. This innovative design ensures that you maintain a crisp and polished appearance throughout the day, without the hassle of constantly smoothing out wrinkles.

    This is particularly advantageous for individuals with busy schedules, as it saves valuable time while preserving a sophisticated look.

    The choice of fabric is equally significant in the quality of the Nimble Made Black Dress Shirt. Constructed from high-quality materials, it offers both comfort and breathability, making it suitable for extended wear even in different climates. The fabric's softness against the skin adds to the overall comfort, allowing you to confidently wear it from morning to night.

    This is the best black dress shirt and stands as an outstanding choice for anyone seeking black shirts that encompasses style, comfort, and convenience.

    With its non-iron technology, tailored fit, premium fabric, and versatile design, this shirt not only elevates your attire but also simplifies your daily routine, making it a must-have essential for a modern and sophisticated wardrobe. This shirt looks great when paired with a blue suit!

  2. Dark Gray Solid Dress Shirt - The Boro

    Almost a solid black color, this is a dark gray charcoal color dress shirt. The shirt's versatility is further enhanced by its neutral color, which pairs effortlessly with a wide range of bottoms and accessories.

    Whether you're dressing for a business meeting, a casual dinner, or a social event, this near black shirt proves to be a versatile canvas that adapts to various settings and styling preferences.

    Meticulously tailored, the shirt boasts a fit that strikes the perfect balance between modern elegance and timeless sophistication. This tailored fit not only flatters various body types but also ensures a clean and polished appearance, whether worn on its own or under a blazer.

  3. Dark Checked Gingham Black and White Collared Shirt - The Abacus

    At the core of this black shirt's allure is its distinctive checked pattern, rendered in a deep navy hue that looks almost black. This bold yet versatile pattern adds a touch of modernity to the classic dress shirt, making it an excellent choice for those who seek a balance between tradition and contemporary style.

    This checked gingham dress shirt adds some variety to your closet since it can transition seamlessly from professional settings to after-hours events.

    Beyond its striking pattern, this gingham black and white shirt is a testament to expert craftsmanship. Tailored to perfection, the fit is designed to flatter a range of body types, offering a streamlined silhouette that accentuates your form.

    The shirt's versatility is further heightened by its ability to be worn both with or without a tie, making it suitable for a wide array of occasions.

  4. Button Down Casual Flannel Shirt - The Script

    While technically this is not a dress shirt, we know there are often confusion around button up vs button down shirts. This is a casual button down flannel shirt we wanted to throw into the mix.

    The standout feature of this shirt lies in its versatile black and white flannel pattern. This timeless combination of colors adds a touch of sophistication to the shirt, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions.

    The classic checkered design creates a visual interest that is both refined and eye-catching, enhancing your overall ensemble with a sense of modernity.

    Adding to its appeal is the convenience of the button-down collar style. This black shirt is perfect for those smart casual or business casual events.

  5. Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt Slim Fit Non-iron Herringbone

    This shirt combines timeless elegance with a subtle herringbone pattern, enhancing its visual appeal and versatility. Crafted by Calvin Klein, a renowned name in fashion, the shirt is constructed with quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring a comfortable fit and a polished appearance. With its classic black color and refined texture, this dress shirt offers a stylish option for formal occasions, business settings, and more, making it a dependable and fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

  6. Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Slim Fit Traveler Stretch

    The incorporation of stretch fabric ensures a flexible and comfortable fit, allowing for easy movement throughout the day. The shirt's sleek black color and classic design make it versatile for a variety of formal and semi-formal occasions, from business meetings to social events. Van Heusen brings its expertise to the construction of this shirt, resulting in a piece that combines quality and affordability. With its emphasis on both comfort and style, this shirt becomes a dependable option for those seeking a sleek and polished look without compromising on comfort.

  7. Kenneth Cole Men's Dress Shirt Regular Fit Solid

    The Kenneth Cole Unlisted Regular Fit Black Dress Shirt, available on Amazon, presents a compelling option for those seeking a refined and accessible black dress shirt. Its regular fit offers a comfortable and timeless silhouette, suitable for various occasions. The shirt's sleek black color and classic design make it versatile for both formal and semi-formal settings, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

  8. Dockers Men's Classic Fit Short Sleeve

    Throwing in this short sleeve black dress shirt, the Dockers black dress shirt is a good one to have in your closet if you're looking for an essential short sleeve shirt to wear for those summer days and warmer weather. 


When to Wear a Black Dress Shirt?

Wearing a black dress shirt can create a stylish and contemporary look, but it's important to choose the right occasions and dress codes to ensure you're appropriately dressed. Here are some situations and dress codes where wearing a black dress shirt can be suitable:

  1. Cocktail Attire: Black dress shirts can be a great choice for cocktail parties or semi-formal events. Pair it with well-fitted dress pants and stylish shoes for a sophisticated yet slightly relaxed ensemble.

  2. Evening Events: For evening occasions like dinners, receptions, or theater outings, a black dress shirt can be a sleek option when paired with a gray suit. Consider combining it with dark trousers or chinos and polished shoes. gray suit with pocket square and tie

  3. Night Out: When you're going for a night out with friends or to a trendy restaurant or club, a black dress shirt can help you achieve a stylish, modern look that stands out.

  4. Creative Settings: If you work in a creative industry with a more relaxed dress code, you might be able to incorporate black shirts into your work attire. Just be sure to pair it with well-tailored pants and appropriate footwear to maintain a professional appearance.

  5. Casual Business Events: Some business events, like casual networking gatherings or creative workshops, might allow for a black dress shirt paired with dress slacks. However, always gauge the tone of the event before choosing your outfit to know if you should dress business casual or business professional.

It's important to note that black dress shirts are generally considered less formal than white or light-colored dress shirts. For formal business settings, conservative corporate environments, or events with strict dress codes, it's advisable to opt for a traditional white or light-colored shirt to maintain a professional appearance like this light blue professional dress shirt.

When in doubt, carefully consider the context and dress code of the event to ensure you're dressed appropriately and confidently.


The Best Color Dress Shirt for Black Suit

When it comes to creating a polished and sophisticated look with a black suit, choosing the right dress shirt is essential. The dress shirt you pair with your black suit can greatly influence the overall aesthetic, from formal events to business meetings.

The harmonious interplay of color, fabric, and style can elevate your outfit to new levels of elegance. Among the plethora of options, a crisp white dress shirt stands out as one of the best choices to complement a black suit. Here's how to wear your black suit with brown shoes.

The timeless combination of a white dress shirt and a black suit exudes a classic and refined aura. The stark contrast between the two colors creates a visually striking effect that is both tasteful and authoritative. This pairing is especially fitting for formal occasions like weddings, black-tie events, and high-stakes business gatherings.

The simplicity of a white dress shirt allows the focus to remain on the suit, highlighting its deep black hue while showcasing a clean and sharp contrast at the same time. Whether you opt for a traditional spread collar or a more contemporary cutaway collar, the white dress shirt provides a neutral backdrop that allows you to play with various tie colors and patterns.

white dress shirt with black suit on business professional man

In conclusion, the best dress shirt for a black suit is undoubtedly the classic white dress shirt. Its timeless appeal, versatility, and ability to create a striking contrast make it an ideal choice for formal events and business settings.

By focusing on quality fabric, proper fit, and attention to detail, you can effortlessly create a sophisticated and harmonious ensemble that leaves a lasting impression.



How to Pair Your Black Dress Shirt

Matching or pairing with a black dress shirt requires a careful selection of colors, patterns, and accessories to create a balanced and stylish ensemble. Here are some tips to help you achieve a well-coordinated look:

  1. Contrasting Bottoms: Opt for light-colored or neutral bottoms to create a striking contrast with the black dress shirt. Gray, khaki, beige, or even light-colored jeans can complement the black shirt well and create a balanced outfit. Here's how to wear your black dress shirt with jeans.

  2. Accessories: Use accessories to add pops of color and texture. A colorful tie, pocket square (fold your pocket square in these styles), or cufflinks can inject personality into your outfit. Consider shades like red, burgundy, deep blue, or silver for accessories that stand out against the black shirt.

  3. Patterns: Choose patterns that complement the simplicity of the black shirt. A subtly patterned tie or pocket square can add visual interest without overwhelming the look. Avoid busy patterns that might clash with the shirt.

  4. Monochromatic Look: For a sleek and modern appearance, consider a monochromatic approach by pairing the black dress shirt with black dress pants. Add dimension by incorporating different textures, like a velvet blazer or a silk tie. 
    black dress shirt with gray pants and brown belt for monochromatic look

  5. Neutral Jackets: If you're layering with a jacket or blazer, opt for neutral tones like gray, charcoal, or navy. These colors can create a polished and sophisticated contrast against the black shirt.

  6. Footwear: Your shoes should complement the overall aesthetic. Classic black shoes are a safe choice, but you can also experiment with dark brown, deep burgundy, or oxblood for a touch of uniqueness. black dress shoe

  7. Belt and Watch: Ensure that your belt and watch strap harmonize with the rest of the outfit. Match leather colors and styles for a cohesive look.

  8. Casual Styles: For a more relaxed look, you can pair a black dress shirt with dark jeans or chinos. Roll up the sleeves slightly for a casual touch. 

  9. Layering: Layering with a vest, cardigan, or sweater can add depth to your outfit. Opt for complementary colors and avoid overwhelming patterns.

  10. Hair and Grooming: Your hairstyle and grooming play a role in the overall presentation. Ensure your hair is well-groomed and aligns with the formality of your outfit.

Remember, achieving a cohesive look is about finding a balance between contrast and coordination. Experiment with different combinations and trust your instincts. Ultimately, the goal is to feel confident and comfortable in your chosen ensemble while showcasing your personal style.


Wrap Up

Black dress shirts are a popular choice for men who want an elegant outfit without being too flashy. A black dress shirt can be worn for almost any occasion, from casual Friday at the office to a formal wedding reception. These are the best black dress shirts based on their quality, design, and price.

Frequently asked questions about a black dress shirt

Which black shirt brand is best?

The choice of the best black shirt brand can be subjective, as it depends on factors like personal preference, budget, and desired style. We recommend Nimble Made's black dress shirts.

Is it OK to wear a black dress shirt?

Yes, wearing a black dress shirt can be stylish and suitable for certain occasions. However, it's important to consider the event and context. Black dress shirts are often seen as more casual compared to white dress shirts, so they might be better suited for evenings out, parties, or even at a wake rather than formal business events.

Is a black dress shirt professional?

In many traditional corporate environments, a black dress shirt might be perceived as less formal than a white or light-colored shirt. If you're aiming for a professional appearance, it's generally safer to opt for classic colors like white or light blue.

What color goes well with a black dress shirt?

A black dress shirt is quite versatile and can be paired with several colors to create different looks. For a classic contrast, a black dress shirt pairs well with silver or gray accessories. To add a pop of color, consider wearing a red or burgundy tie.

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