Blue Suit Brown Shoes | Match Your Tie Color & Shirt Color

navy blue suit with brown leather dress shoes color combination

Written by Tanya Zhang

Why Blue Suit with Brown Shoes?

The pursuit of refined elegance has become an essential part of a man's fashion journey, as you seek to distinguish themselves in a world brimming with trends and possibilities.

Thus, the allure of the navy blue suit and brown shoes combo, among other dress color combinations for men, arises from the desire to create an ensemble that exudes confidence and sophistication, while effortlessly capturing attention.

Whether a semi-formal or formal affair or black tie dress codes wearing navy suits, with their timeless appeal and versatility, serves as a canvas for personal expression and stylish excellence. It sets the stage for the true showstopper—the brown shoes.

If you think you got this color combo down, check out our other guides like wearing grey pants brown shoes, or black suit brown shoes to further your options.

Whether you're attending a semi-formal occasion or simply looking to elevate your everyday attire with a power suit, get ready to embrace the art of elegance as we delve into the world of wearing suits. Prepare to leave an impression wherever you go, for the sophisticated gentleman knows that mastering this combination is truly a statement of refined taste.

 blue suit brown shoes business professional attire at the office

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid with This Combo

When it comes to pairing navy blue suits with dark brown shoes, there are a few fashion faux pas to steer clear of to ensure you achieve a polished and cohesive look. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Wearing overly casual brown shoes: While brown shoes offer versatility, it's important to choose the right style to maintain a balanced aesthetic. Avoid extremely casual shoe styles like flip-flops, sneakers, or heavily distressed footwear. Opt for dress shoes, such as Oxfords, brogues, or loafers, which exude a more formal and refined vibe.

  2. Mismatched shades of brown: Brown comes in various shades and tones, and not all browns will complement a blue suit equally. Be mindful of selecting shoes that harmonize with your suit's shade. For darker blue suits, opt for richer, darker shades of brown, such as chocolate or mahogany. A light blue suit pair well with tan or light brown shoes.

  3. Neglecting belt and accessory coordination: When wearing a navy blue suit with brown shoes, it's essential to coordinate your belt and other accessories accordingly. Ensure that your belt matches the shade of your shoes, creating a cohesive and well-coordinated ensemble. Similarly, consider your choice of a watch strap or other accessories to maintain a harmonious color scheme.

  4. Pairing with black socks: To maintain a cohesive look, avoid pairing brown shoes with black socks when wearing a navy blue suit. Opt for socks that complement the overall color palette, such as shades of blue or coordinating earth tones. This attention to detail helps create a cohesive and put-together appearance.

  5. Ignoring the formality of the occasion: While the navy blue suit and brown shoe combination are versatile, it's crucial to consider the formality of the event or setting you'll be attending. For formal occasions, choose polished leather dress shoes. Here's our list of 6 best dress shoes to consider.

By being mindful of these fashion faux pas, you can confidently rock the navy blue suit and dark brown shoe combination, exuding sophistication and style with every step you take.


What to Look for in a Blue Suit

When deciding on a blue suit to pair with brown shoes, there are a few key factors to consider. Here's what guys should look for:

Pick the Right Suit Shade

While the royal blue suit and brown shoe combination is quite versatile, certain shades work better together. For a classic and foolproof look, navy blue is a safe bet. It pairs well with various shades of brown. Here's a guide on royal blue vs navy blue.

light blue suit jacket color with light color tie to match

However, lighter shades of blue, such as powder blue or sky blue, can also create a striking contrast with brown shoes and blue socks, offering a more unique and contemporary look.

Consider Occasion and Dress Code

Consider the occasion or dress code you'll be dressing for. For formal events or business professional settings, opt for a darker blue suit for a more traditional and sophisticated appearance.

Light blue suits can work well for daytime events or more relaxed dress codes like smart casual. Matching the formality of the suit to the event is crucial for a cohesive and appropriate outfit.

business casual navy suit with brown loafers

Prioritize Suit Fit

The fit of the suit is paramount to achieve a sharp and polished look. Ensure the suit fits well, with shoulders that align properly and a tailored silhouette.

A well-fitted suit not only enhances your overall appearance but also complements the combination of blue suit and brown shoes. Here's a separate guide if you're debating whether you should get your suit tailored.

Consider Fabric and Texture

For a more formal look, choose fabrics like wool or a wool blend. These materials lend a refined and structured appearance.

For a more relaxed or seasonal vibe, options like linen or cotton can add texture and depth to the ensemble. The fabric choice can influence the overall feel and versatility of the blue suit and brown shoe combination.

different shades of blue hues for navy suit jacket colors

Tailor to Your Personal Style

Consider the colors that complement your skin tone and the hues that resonate with your individual style. Experiment with different shades and patterns, such as pinstripes or checks, to infuse your personality into the ensemble. For example, try wearing a blue suit with a black shirt for a cool and edgy look.

By considering these factors, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect royal blue suit, to complement your choice of brown footwear, ensuring a stylish and confident appearance.


Types of Brown Shoes to Consider

The next most important thing to consider is your brown dress shoes. When it comes to selecting brown shoes to complement a navy suit, there are various styles and types of formal dress shoes to consider. Here are some options that work particularly well with this combination:

  1. Classic Brown Oxfords: Timeless and versatile, classic brown Oxford shoes are a staple in every gentleman's wardrobe. With their closed lacing system and polished leather finish, they exude elegance and pair impeccably with a blue suit. They are a safe and sophisticated choice for formal occasions and business settings.

  2. Brown Brogues: Brogues, characterized by their decorative perforations or "broguing," add a touch of character and texture to a navy suit ensemble. Whether in a full brogue, semi-brogue, or quarter brogue style, these shoes strike a balance between formal and casual. Brown brogues bring a refined yet slightly more relaxed vibe to your outfit.dark brown leather brogues dress shoes for men

  3. Brown Derby Shoes: Derby shoes, featuring an open-lacing system, offer a slightly more casual alternative to Oxfords. With their comfortable fit and versatile style, brown Derby shoes can effortlessly complement navy suits, especially in more relaxed or business-casual settings. Look for sleek, polished leather options for a dressier appearance.light tan derby shoes for men to wear as brown shoes

  4. Brown Monk Strap Shoes: For those seeking a touch of sophistication and uniqueness, brown monk strap shoes make an excellent choice. With their distinctive buckle closures, they add a modern and stylish flair to a navy suit ensemble. They work well for both formal and semi-formal occasions, making a statement without being overly flashy.

  5. Brown Loafers: Loafers are a versatile shoe style that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. For a more relaxed and contemporary take on the blue suit and brown shoe combination, consider brown loafers. Whether in suede or leather, they bring a touch of effortless elegance to your outfit, particularly in less formal settings.brown leather loafers for mens shoes

Whether you opt for classic Oxfords, textured brogues, or contemporary loafers, make sure to select high-quality footwear that fits well and complements the color palette of your suit. If it's not a formal occasion, you might even try wearing boots with your suit.


Pair with these Shirt Colors

When it comes to selecting tops or shirts to match a blue suit and brown shoes, there are several options that can enhance the overall look. (Make sure your shirt fits well too.) Here are some suggestions:

  1. Crisp White Shirt: A classic white shirt is a foolproof choice that pairs effortlessly with a blue suit and brown shoes. It creates a clean and timeless aesthetic while allowing the suit and shoes to take center stage.

  2. Light Blue or Pale Pink Shirt: For a subtle touch of color, light blue or pale pink shirts can complement the blue suit and brown shoe combination quite nicely. These soft hues provide a gentle contrast while maintaining a sophisticated and refined look. Choose shades that flatter your skin tone for a flattering and stylish ensemble.

  3. Patterned Dress Shirts: To add some visual interest and personality to your outfit, consider incorporating patterned shirts. Stripes, checks, or subtle patterns like microdots can work well when balanced with the solid colors of the suit and shoes. Opt for patterned dress shirts in complementary colors or in shades that harmonize with the blue suit and brown shoes.

  4. Textured Dress Shirts: Another way to elevate your look is by incorporating textured shirts. Fabrics like Oxford cloth, herringbone, or linen can add depth and visual appeal to your ensemble. These textured dress shirts bring a touch of sophistication and can complement the classic charm of a blue suit and brown shoes.

  5. Colorful Accents: If you're feeling bold and want to inject some color into your outfit, consider adding colorful accents through your accessories. A vibrant pocket square, a slim tie in a complementary shade, or even colorful dress socks can add a playful and stylish element to the overall look.

Opt for well-tailored shirts that fit you properly and complement the color palette of the suit and shoes. Our favorite slim fit dress shirts are from Nimble Made and we highly recommend them! These are also our favorite t-shirts to wear underneath.


What Color Tie with Blue Suit Brown Shoes?

When pairing a blue suit with brown shoes, there are several tie colors that can complement the brown shoe combo and enhance the overall look. Here are some options to consider:

Navy Blue

A classic and timeless choice, a navy blue tie pairs exceptionally well with a blue suit and brown shoes. It creates a harmonious and sophisticated look while adding depth and richness to the ensemble. Opt for a silk or textured blue tie with polka dots for an extra touch of elegance.

navy tie on navy suit



Burgundy or deep red ties can bring warmth and contrast to a blue suit and brown shoes outfit. This color combination creates a visually striking and refined look. Consider a solid burgundy tie or one with subtle patterns like stripes or dots to add interest without overpowering the outfit.

Olive Green

A muted olive green tie can be a unique and stylish choice to pair with a blue suit and brown shoes. This earthy tone adds a touch of sophistication and complements the warm tones of the brown shoes. It works particularly well for outdoor or autumnal events.


Rust or Burnt Orange

For a more vibrant and statement-making option, consider a rust or burnt orange tie. This bold color choice can create a striking contrast with the blue suit and adds a touch of personality to your ensemble. Pair it with a subtle pattern or texture for added visual interest.

Light Gray

If you prefer a more subdued and versatile option, a light gray tie can be an excellent choice. It provides a neutral backdrop that complements both the blue suit and brown shoes. A light gray tie adds a touch of sophistication and can work well for both a formal event and semi-formal occasions.

By choosing a tie that complements the blue suit and brown shoes, you can achieve a cohesive and stylish look. We also have a more comprehensive guide for best ties with navy suit here.


What Color Socks with Blue Suit with Brown Shoes?

When it comes to selecting socks to wear with a navy suit with brown shoes, there are a few options that can complement the ensemble while adding a stylish touch. Here are some color choices to consider:

Dark Brown Socks

Dark brown socks are a safe and classic option that harmonizes well with both the navy suit and brown shoes.

They create a cohesive and sophisticated look, seamlessly blending with the color palette formal brown shoes. Opt for socks that are a shade or two lighter or darker than your brown shoes for a subtle contrast.

Navy Blue Dress Socks

Matching your socks to the color of your suit can create a streamlined and polished appearance.

Navy blue socks with a navy suit and brown shoes provide a cohesive and monochromatic look. It's a sophisticated choice that works particularly well for formal occasions.

Charcoal Gray Socks

Charcoal gray socks offer a neutral yet stylish option to pair with a navy suit and brown shoes. This versatile color adds depth to the ensemble while maintaining a sleek and refined appearance. It complements both the dark suit and the shoes without overpowering the overall look.

Patterned or Textured Socks

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, consider adding some patterned or textured socks to inject personality into your outfit. Subtle patterns like dots, stripes, or small motifs can add visual interest without overpowering the ensemble. Opt for patterns that incorporate shades of blue, brown, or gray to tie the look together.


Accessories for a Business Casual Dress Code

business casual dress codeAccessorizing for a business casual or professional dress code while matching a blue suit and brown shoes allows you to add personal style and elevate your outfit. Here are some tips to help you accessorize:

  1. Belt: Choose a brown belt that matches the shade of your brown shoes. This creates a coordinated and polished look. Opt for a leather belt with a simple and classic buckle design. Ensure that the belt is the appropriate width for the belt loops on your pants.

  2. Watch: A sophisticated watch is a timeless accessory that can enhance your business casual attire. Consider a brown leather or metal strap watch with a clean and minimalistic design.

  3. Pocket Square: Adding a light pocket square to the breast pocket of your suit jacket can elevate your look and show attention to detail. Opt for a pocket square in a complementary color or pattern that complements the blue suit and brown shoes.

  4. Tie Bar (optional): In a business casual setting, you may have the option to wear a tie. If you choose to do so, you can also adorn it with a tie bar or tie clip that matches the color palette of your suit and shoes. Try these gold and black tie bars from Nimble Made. 

Remember, the key to accessorizing a business casual dress code is to strike a balance between style and professionalism.


Do's and Don'ts of Blue Suit with Brown Shoes

We covered a lot in this article about how to match colors, adorn with accessories, and pick the best types of brown dress shoes and navy blue suits for your outfit.

Don't worry, the more you experiment, the more you'll know what you gravitate towards and before you know it, you're a pro. Here's a quick summary of do's and don'ts when it comes to wearing a dark blue suit with brown shoes.

white dress shirt and blue navy suit with brown leather shoes outfit


  • Choose a shade of brown that complements the blue suit, such as dark brown, cognac, or tan.

  • Ensure your brown shoes are well-polished and in good condition.

  • Opt for classic shoe styles like Oxfords, brogues, Derby shoes, monk straps, or loafers.

  • Select shirts in neutral colors like white or light blue, or consider patterns that coordinate well with the suit and shoes.

  • Experiment with different tie colors, such as navy blue, burgundy, or complementary shades, to add depth and style to your outfit.

  • Pay attention to proper fit for both your suit and shoes, as well as the overall proportions of your accessories.



  • Avoid pairing blue suits with overly casual or worn-out brown shoes, such as sneakers or scuffed loafers.

  • Steer clear of clashing colors or loud patterns when choosing shirts or ties that can detract from the overall look.

  • Avoid shoes in colors that are too close to the shade of your suit, as it can create an uninspiring and monochromatic effect.

  • Don't overlook the importance of proper grooming and maintaining well-pressed clothing to enhance the overall appearance.

  • Avoid mismatched or contrasting sock colors that distract from the cohesiveness of the blue suit and brown shoes combination.

  • Remember to adhere to the dress code guidelines of the occasion, ensuring that your outfit strikes the right balance between professionalism and personal style.

By keeping these do's and don'ts in mind, you'll be able to confidently pull off a stylish and harmonious look with a blue suit and brown shoes.

example of blue suit brown shoes for wedding attire

Frequently asked questions about blue suit with brown shoes

Can you wear brown shoes with blue suit?

Yes, you can wear brown shoes with a blue suit.

Should you wear black shoes or brown shoes with a blue suit?

Both black shoes and brown shoes can be worn with a blue suit, but brown shoes often create a more versatile and stylish look.

What shoes go well with blue suit?

Brown shoes, in various shades such as dark brown, cognac, or tan, generally pair well with a blue suit.

Why do men wear brown shoes with navy suits?

Men wear brown shoes with navy blue suits to add depth, contrast, and a touch of sophistication to their outfit, creating a stylish and versatile combination.