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How to Look Taller Men | Style Tips for Short Men

We may earn a small commission from product links. Blog posts at Nimble Made are written to provide value and advice for our readers—any product(s) we recommend are items readers use and love.

confident man wearing business clothing

Any guy wants to stand tall and look confident, but your clothing and how you wear it may have the opposite effect. Though we believe in inclusive-sized clothing for all men regardless of their body type, standing tall and looking clean might just get you a few more heads turning. Whether it’s to build confidence for your next date, to impress your family or friends on your next outing, or lead your next business meeting, feeling tall can give you that extra boost of self-assurance to get you through the day. Here are some helpful ways for men to look taller and feel more self-confident. 


Choosing the Right Type of Clothing

Wear Fitted Clothing

confident men wearing fitted dress shirts

Wearing fitted clothing makes you look much taller and cleaner as opposed to baggy clothing. This is probably obvious to you, but super tight is also not a neat look. You want to find the right middle ground and the best way to do that is by taking your body measurements. We won’t have a whole guide here since it’s a lengthy process, but if possible, getting measurements and adjustments through a tailor is recommended. There are a number of things you can look for as well when just buying clothes. 



Different shirts can give you a different effect. For example, a crew neck is better suited for slim men who want to accentuate their necks and have a fuller look. The opposite is true for bigger men who would want to wear v-necks to make their necks look slimmer and taller. As for dress shirts, after getting your proper measurements, there are some details to take into consideration that can drastically change your look. To make sure you are picking a properly fitted dress shirt, you want to take a look at the: seams, collar size, armhole, length, and overall fit. 

Shoulder Seam

slim fit dress shirt

First of all, the seams on your shoulder should rest easily near the end of the shoulder. If it drags too far from your shoulder towards your arm, then the sleeves may be too long or the shirt can look too baggy. If the seam is too close to your neck, then the sleeves may be too short or the shirt will fit too tight. 

The Yoke (Seam in the Back)

mens white dress shirt yoke

The yoke is a seam in the back of your dress shirts that can determine the overall fit of the width. There are two types, the split yoke, and the one piece. A one-piece is made from one fabric where the split yoke is made from two that are then sewn together. If you look at the back of a dress shirt near the collar area and notice a line running down the middle till it reaches the upper to mid-back, then you have a split yoke dress shirt. You may hear arguments over which is better and shirt snobs can argue, but honestly, go with what’s comfortable and what you will wear every day. Ultimately, the focus here is finding a proper fit. You want to make sure that the seam goes just slightly past your shoulder blades to allow for some flexibility and mobility. If it does not extend past your shoulder blades, then you might be looking at a shirt that constricts your upper body movement. If the opposite is true, then you are looking at a shirt that can be too big for the chest.


man wearing professional white dress shirt

Secondly is the collar size. The collar should be able to easily button leaving enough room for you to fit 2 or 3 fingers in there.  A clean cuff will also hinder the visibility of any creases that would form in the backside of the collar. This is more important if you plan to button it all the way for a tie, or just usually dress for a business professional job. If your attire consists of business casual clothing or you are just looking for some quick tips to improve your fashion game, this is not a necessity to keep in mind.


mens blue dress shirt

Next is the armhole. This isn’t an area that most people point out or blame for a wrong-sized shirt. If the sleeve hangs from your armpit, the shirt is probably too big and can give a baggier look. You want a nice tapered look that doesn’t exactly ride up in between your armpits but still is a secure fit. Don’t neglect this detail. You want to show off your arms and portray that confidence!


proper dress shirt length

The length of a dress shirt does matter even if it is tucked in. A shirt that is too long and tucked in could still show creases, folds, and wrinkles. The length should go just over your waistline nearing your crotch area. Careful that it is not too short or you may expose your stomach, which can be inappropriate. A well-fitted shirt can make you look taller without actually changing your height at all. 

Sleeve Length

proper sleeve length

The sleeves, or rather the cuff, should meet right at the base/ root of your thumb when buttoned. There are different types of cuts like: French cuffs, the horseshoe shape cuff, or the barrel cuffs. There are more detailed videos on the difference, but for the sake of simplicity just keep these few things in mind. The sleeve cuffs should meet the root of the thumb, they should feel tapered around your wrist (but not tight), and if you like to wear a watch or wrist accessories, accommodate the size of the cuff to make it large enough that it fits your watch or bracelet. 

Chest and Waist

proper fit dress shirt

Many men have different chest and waist measurements. With that said, a properly-fitting dress shirt tapers and follows the contours of both your chest and waist. If you find that your measurement shows several inch differences (this can be due to having a strong/ large upper body and small waist or vice versa) then you may need to get it fitted or look for another shirt. Most dress shirts don’t account for the vast difference between the measurements.


Now, this last one is up to your liking in terms of how you want your dress shirt to fit. Since we are talking about looking taller, we recommend going for a slim fit. We highly recommend checking out our fit guide on our website. There is a great visual of what a slim-fit dress shirt looks like and you can even find our own recommended fit based on your weight and height. If you scroll down, you can see some of our models and customers and their height and weight for comparison. Our blue weave dress shirt is one of our more popular selections and it’s a great example of what a slim-fit dress shirt should look like. Slim fit is the great in-between that everyone can find comfort in. Other types of fits are: classic, modern, and skinny. The classic and modern fit can make you look shorter just because the top is a bit baggier, but not distasteful. 

If you find yourself to be on the shorter side and need some recommendations for dress shirts we lists out some great dress shirts and helpful suggestions when buying your next shirt. Take a look at the bottom section as we go over more styling tips in finding the best dress shirt for men with smaller torsos. 


There was so much to say about dress shirts, but finding the right fit pants are also a neglected part of clothing when it comes to styling. We recommend 3 different styles of pants: khakis, chinos, and dress pants. They are versatile and can be easily paired for casual and business attire. They also are slim enough that they can make your legs look longer. There are some key differences between the three.


You may be confused if you have seen product names like “khaki chino” pants. Yes, there is a difference between the two. Khaki is a color, but it is also a form of pants made from a heavier cotton material that makes them thicker than chinos. They can also be pleated.


Chinos are made from lighter materials than khakis, therefore, they feel thinner. Chinos are usually flat front.

Dress Pants or Slacks

Lastly are dress pants, or sometimes referred to as slacks. These are best for business formal occasions and fit a bit looser than the other two. They are usually made of wool or some type of wool blend, which gives them a softer touch than the other two. 

Now that we went over the three safe choices for choosing pants, here are some tips in finding the best pants to make you look taller.

Pleated vs. Flat Front

Pleated pants have these elegant-looking creases in the front that are intentional. It makes it look a little looser and is best suited for men with bigger or athletic builds. If you are on the slimmer side and want to look taller, a flat front is recommended. As mentioned in the name, the front is flat, or is it made without creases in the front. This gives it a tighter look in the crotch area and also creates an illusion that the legs are taller. Flat fronts are trendy at the moment, but we advise you to find the right waist size with flat front pants. If you have a bigger belly, they may not do you justice.

In Seam Length or Length

The seam length or just the length will help determine whether your pants are too big or too small. When it comes to the waist, your pants should snug at your natural waist, or just slightly above your hips. As for the bottom of the pants, they should cut off right above the shoe length. This cut-off is more formally referred to as the break.

Right fit

Pants, like shirts, need to fit well all around. The circumference should feel good around the waist, seat, thighs, knees, and ankles. They should not be too tight that it creates wrinkles, and they should especially not be too loose and that can make you look wider and shorter. They should be close to your knees and thighs, but can still pass the inch test where you can grab one inch of the fabric. Trying bending over and moving around. If it feels like the seam is about to rip, then your pants are probably too tight. Remember, we want slim, not tight.

Ultimately, you know if you have proper fitting pants if there are no wrinkles and clean lines all around. Again, in keeping with the theme, you want fitted pants that make you slimmer and taller. Depending on the occasion, you may be limited to what type of pants you can wear, but the three types of pants we listed are certainly stylish pants to choose from. Front the three recommend Chinos are the number one choice simply because they make your silhouette look slimmer, and ultimately, taller.


What to Avoid

We told you what to find, but there are some tempting items and wardrobe combinations that won’t do your silhouette justice and make you look shorter.

  1. Do not wear oversized or undersized shirts that can give the appearance of a muffin top. Muffin tops are just not flattering and are a big mistake to avoid. When you tuck your shirt in and the extra fabric poofs out, this is a sign that your shirt is not tailored nor fits properly. 
  2. Avoid wearing vests. Vests are not essential even in business formal events. They are an added accessory that adds texture and attention to your stomach area. This can make you look wider than taller.
  3. Avoid prominent horizontal stripes. If you didn’t know, horizontal stripes can also make you look wider. Most dress shirts have vertical stripes that make you look taller anyways. If you want an example of a tasteful vertical striped shirt, check out our blue and white striped dress shirt. 
  4. Do not wear your dress shirt outside your pants. You want to tuck them in for a formal look, or otherwise, you aren’t really wearing a dress shirt. In the case where you do not want to tuck anything in for a causal event, flannels, sweaters, or long sleeves are recommended. The reason for this is that the extra length on your shirt can give the illusion of shorter legs. Typically shorter legs give the look of being shorter overall.
  5. Avoid poofy sleeves. This is also another sign that you are not wearing a properly tailored shirt. They also can make you look wider and ruins the chance of you getting to flex your muscles.


Where to Find Clothing that Makes You Look Taller

The main point we are trying to get at is that slim-fit clothing guarantees you the best results for making you taller. Now it is just a matter of where to look for these types of clothing and luckily, slim fit is the trend in men’s fashion. We have you covered. Here are a couple of stores that keep up with the latest trends, and help you achieve a clean look.

Nimble Made - Best Selection for Dress Shirts

We at Nimble Made strive to create clothing that is high quality and inclusive to our slimmer men, which has helped us become recognized as one of the top clothing brands for short guys. We catered a number of our selection to fit any man who doesn’t feel they can easily find their size in regular department stores. All of our professional dress shirts are designed to have a slim fit, perfect for anyone trying to look taller. We also have a sizing system so you can find which dress shirt size best caters to your needs. Every shirt is made with long-staple cotton and with a high thread count so that its quality endures over time and maintains its shape. Though the selection isn’t as large, you can count on a quality shirt that lasts and fits well. From the smallest of detail in our design, you are sure to impress even the dress shirts snobs.


  • High-quality shirts and dress shirts
  • Sells casual (t-shirts, flannels) and formal upper body ware
  • Trendy accessories that add more dimension to your style
  • Tips on our website to care for your dress shirts


  • Does not sell pants
  • Catered for slim men

We come in all types of different shapes and sizes, so finding the right fit can be a tedious task for those who don’t identify as “average.” There are many different options and varieties out there, but you may need some direction in where to look. Bottom line, if you want to look taller, the slim fit look is your best bet. Try your best to avoid baggy clothing, but also wear something that is comfortable and allows you to breathe. A slim fit does not always have to be uncomfortable, and the right fit is essential for this. What we really want out of our readers is to wear something comfortable and stylish, that brings them confidence and joy of looking taller.

J.Crew - 

J.Crew has an easy-to-understand sizing system that essentially narrows down the trendiest styles or types of fits that you would find at Levis. You no longer have to dig through their complicated sizing system since Levis does sell many loose-fitting and boot cut style pants. J.Crew offers the following: 250 skinny pants, 484 slim pants, 770 straight, and 1040 athletic pants. Levi’s are great for fitted jeans that accommodate to most body shapes and styles, but J.Crew does exceptionally well in narrowing down your choices for fitted pants that make you look taller. On top of that, they have a wide selection of both upper body and lower body clothing to choose from. When it comes to their dress shirts, they also have a neat system where you can find the most appropriate fit. Check out this link to one of their dress shirts. If you click where it says “Find your True FIt,” they will ask you a couple of personal questions regarding: your weight and height, previous stores where you bought a dress shirt, and the size you bought it in. It then generates the best fit based on your answers. Try it out and see how it works for you. 


  • Large selection of clothing for both upper body and lower body clothes
  • Pants selection is limited to find just what you would need
  • Cool “Find your Fit” feature for the dress shirts


  • Clothing sizes may be limited for just “average” sized men
  • You might not find the most top-notch quality