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15 Best Button Down Shirts for Men

We may earn a small commission from product links. Blog posts at Nimble Made are written to provide value and advice for our readers—any product(s) we recommend are items readers use and love.

Button down shirts are a must for men’s wardrobe and are perfect for several occasions. Whether you are interviewing for that new job, attending a wedding, or want to impress your partner on a night out, dress shirts are always the safest bet for dress code attire. Though there are many minuscule details that go into finding the “perfect fit,” there are a number of shirts online that still do the trick. Before we give you a rundown on some of our favorites, we recommend that you know your upper body measurements so you can find a buttoned shirt that fits you appropriately.

  1. Floral Pattern Dress Shirt | The Lotus - Our Most Bold Dress Shirt

    I really love this next dress shirt we sell from Nimble Made called “The Lotus” or plainly, it is just a floral pattern dress shirt. If you are looking for something different, bold, yet elegant, then I think this shirt is for you. Though listed under our casual dress shirts, I see this as having potential in the professional realm. It is a light blue, franklin semi-spread collar shirt with 2 button adjustable rounded cuffs. It is a slim fit shirt that is one of our favorite untucked shirts and that I recommend using for business casual attire at work or for business casual events such as luncheons, training, or workshops. I love that it is not super conventional, yet it is still in line with the work dress code. If you want to try something new yet safe, you should definitely give this new pattern a try.

  2. Black and White Flannel Button Down Shirt | The Script - Our Favorite Flannel

    If you are looking for something a bit more casual and comfortable, we highly recommend you check out one of our newest items, the black and white button down flannel or what we like to call “the script.” It is made of 100 percent medium weight cotton and is suited to create a slim fit. It compliments your stature and is flexible to shape your movement. Though we believe all dress shirts need to be tucked in, flannels are just one exception. We like to specialize in dress shirts for slim men, but we also sell a variety of different style button down shirts. Our website also has a feature where you can find your ideal size just by inputting your height and weight. Not all button down dress shirts need to be for business occasions, and this shirt proves you can still be casual while looking sharp. Looking for a black button UP shirt instead? You'll want to add this black dress shirt to the collection.

  3. Slim Fit Ludlow Premium Fine Cotton Dress Shirt - Best Brand Name Dress Shirt

    This slim fit dress shirt from J Crew is highly rated for its quality and comfortable fit. Made from 100 percent cotton and 2 ply, 100s yarn, you can expect a silky smooth feel that snugs your body and shapes to your contour. J Crew’s website also allows you to find your perfect fit under the “Find your True FIt” section. You just input your weight and height information, information regarding where you bought your last dress shirt and what size that dress shirt was, and viola. It is like a reference guide so they can choose the best size for you in their store. You can choose between their fairweather blue or light pink end-on-end colors. These are highly recommended for business casual or business professional purposes. If you are someone who is cautious about finding quality dress shirts, this particular one from J.Crew is a great example of quality shirts to look into.

  4. Blue & White Flannel Button Down | The Indigo - Our Most Popular Flannel

    Flannels can take on a number of roles in your wardrobe. They are eye-catching, fun, and can be worn for both very casual events and for a night out to the bar. Blue and white is one of the safest colors incorporate in your wardrobe since these colors can go with almost any other colors. All of our shirts are made of high-quality cotton, are 2 ply, and contain a high thread count. You can wear this on your next date, business meeting, or luncheon. It’s fashionable, fun, and professional.

    waterbend blue mens dress shirt

  5. Blue Dress Shirt | The Waterbend - Overall Best Slim Fit Dress Shirt

    One of our most popular professional dress shirts is “the waterbend.” It’s an essential for any closet and is extremely versatile. What I love about this shade of blue is how effortless it is to mix and match with other clothing. They match well with black or khaki pants and you can add in a sweater or blazer on top. Just like our other shirts, we go for a slim fit to accentuate your best features that can make you look taller and confident. It is an English semi-spread collar type that also contributes to making your face look longer and sharper. I really like the subtle pink highlights and the inner, pink lining of the shirt. It adds that extra pop of color that makes it look bolder compared to other light blue dress shirts. It’s the type of shirt that you want to wear in your next business meeting to exude confidence and power. 

  6. White Patterned Button Down Dress Shirt | The Melati

    Having a white dress shirt is great, but this shirt is for those looking for some extra style points to wear something with a little more character than your classic all-white dress shirt. If you are a slimmer-built guy who is in search of their white dress shirt, then we highly recommend trying ours at Nimble Made called “The Melati.”

    It is silky smooth, and its sheen will surely stand out. White dress shirts are difficult because they can look tacky if not done right, but the patterns of the Melati make it a little easier to wear with more outfits. A common complaint of other dress shirts is that the material is too see-through or that it’s just not comfortable.

    We pride ourselves on quality and excellence and this lightweight, 100 percent cotton material will hug your body like a cloud. Fitting with our theme of shirts, it is also a slim-fit dress shirt made with 100% cotton.

  7. Untucked Standard Fit Cotton Oxford - Best Oxford Shirt

    Though you might hear that wearing untucked dress shirts is a fashion crime, and I can’t say I disagree, there are certain shirts where you can get away with not tucking. These are usually flannels, but you can also do this with oxford shirts. This oxford shirt from Banana Republic comes in light blue and optic white colors. Their sizes range from XXS to XXL and usually fit as expected. Notice that it is a standard fit shirt, so it’s not as snug as a slim fit shirt and better suits a bigger torso body figure. Oxford shirts, if you didn’t know the difference, are different from regular dress shirts because they are made from their signature oxford cloth. They won’t have much of a sheen quality like dress shirts do and they are thicker. This type of button-up is best suited for casual to business casual occasions. Looking specifically for an Oxford shirt? Here's our top picks of the best men's oxford shirt.

  8. Blue and White Striped Non Iron Dress Shirt | The Pearl River - Best Striped Dress Shirt

    I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of striped dress shirts. If you do them, they have to be done right and tastefully. Vertical stripes create an illusion that makes you look taller. If you desire that effect, then you might like our blue and white striped dress shirt aptly named “the pearl river.” You will appreciate how easy it is to care for this dress shirt as it is made from anti-sweat and non-ironing materials. If you want to stand tall and need that extra boost of confidence, try out a vertically striped dress shirt. Be warned, just as vertical stripes make you look taller, horizontal stripes can make you look wider. Our last tip for wearing striped shirts is to not match them with another striped sweater. This dress shirt can be worn for a casual and professional event.

  9. Micro Patterned Slim Fit Shirt with Wrinkle Free Finish - Best Dress Shirt for Fancy Occasions

    Our next dress shirt is from a very popular brand that you may have heard of called Hugo Boss. It’s a classy slim fit, polka dot, professional dress shirt that compliments the shape of a bigger build or wider chest men. It has a kent collar and barrel cuffs for those who like that elegant style or in general have those preferences. It’s definitely a shirt meant for fancier occasions like dinner parties or weddings. It is on the pricier side as Hugo Boss is a more popular brand known for its classy, yet trendy styles. I would not say this is an absolutely essential button down shirt, but if you have the money and want to impress at a dinner party, this is the style of shirt that will definitely get heads turning. The style is great, the quality is there, and the brand is promising.

  10. Navy & Red Flannel | The Showa - Best Button Down Flannel

    Since the last shirt we mentioned was for fancy occasions, we'll contrast it with something that's a little more casual - The Showa, our Navy & Red flannel that is as eye catching as it is bold. It’s another buttoned down flannel from us (Nimble Made). It’s not a dress shirt, but it is still trendy and nice to wear on dates or casual events. Roll up the sleeves for extra style points. This shirt features a light cotton blend - 59% cotton, 29% bamboo, 12% acrylic with 2-button adjustable rounded cuffs.

  11. Navy Geometric Slim Fit Dress Shirt - Most Affordable Dress Shirts

    Though this shirt is from the brand Calvin Klein, it is actually sold through another popular store called Men’s Wearhouse. Men’s Wearhouse always has different deals happening and this dress shirt is no exception. It is part of their buy 3 for $69, essentially bringing down the price from each dress shirt to $23. Men’s Wearhouse tends to sell popular brands like Clavin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Kenneth Cole. They are carriers of good quality shirts at an extremely reasonable price, and I would recommend this for anyone who needs to shop in bulk. It is the type of store for that college student who landed a new internship to quickly shop at for some affordable, yet impressive name brand clothing. Though they do have a website, it is best recommended to visit the store and try on a number of dress shirts since Men’s Wearhouse does not have a set size since their inventory comes from different brands.

  12. Slim Fit Easy Iron Shirt - Most Accessible Dress Shirts

    You can find H&M stores basically at any mall or shopping center and they do sell stylish clothing. Though the quality may not be the best in terms of their formal wear, it is still a great place to do some last-minute shopping. If you have an unexpected interview coming up and need a dress shirt, our pick from H&M should do the trick. This slim fit style dress shirt comes in 7 different colors and in 7 different designs, totaling to 14 different types to choose from. The light blue is a very safe option since they are easier to pair other articles of clothing with. They are mostly made of polyester with a cotton blend. Other style attributes include a turn-down collar, visible yoke at the back, narrow and adjustable button cuffs, and narrow shoulders, and tapered waist. Overall, it is an easy-to-find and decent dress shirt for the price you pay.

  13. Madison Classic Fit Dress Shirt - High Quality Classic Fit Dress Shirt

    We are going to change things up a bit from price range and fit size. This classic fit dress shirt from Brooks Brother is perfect for someone who doesn’t mind digging a little deeper into their pockets and spending it on a long-lasting and high-quality shirt. Most of our mentioned dress shirts were slim fit, which seems to be the trend, but a bigger built guy might not find these very fitting. Comfort is just as important as style, and a classic fit may help you out with the range of motion. It is made from lightweight twill and woven from 120s yarn. It is wrinkle-resistant with a non-iron touch, making for a polished finish. It is pleated and has barrel cuffs. Ultimately, you are definitely paying for quality with dress shirts from Brooks Brother.

  14. Class Fit Denim Shirt - Best Denim Button Down Shirt

    This next shirt is for our denim lovers. The classic fit denim shirt from Ralph Lauren is the type of denim shirt where casual and formal styles mix. This is by no means a business formal shirt, but it is quite versatile. It can be worn alone with some nice khakis or used as an outer layer button down with a t-shirt underneath. Here's our guide to the best t-shirts for skinny men.

    For not being a business shirt, you may be impressed to hear that it is a split back yoke with a box pleat in the back for added comfort, range of motion, and pizzazz. These features make sense when you think of the fact that it comes from Ralph Lauren. Though on the pricier side, it is a high-quality button down that can be worn on a number of occasions.

  15. Stretch Big & Tall Dress Shirt, Non-Iron Pinpoint Ainsley Collar - Best Dress Shirts for Larger Men

    Though we like to focus on shirts for slim men, we also know that there are many guys out there who are rather tall, short, slim, and big. If you are on the larger side, then you probably know the struggle of having to ask for that magical shirt you found at the store in your size. The Brooks Brothers create high-quality dress shirts and think of their bigger guys when creating these shirts. They are fairly pricey and though you can find a number of stores that do take their bigger audience into account, this is definitely a top-notch brand. It comes in blue, lavender, and pink so you have some variety in your color. They do have a limited quality, so if you love it, then you should definitely give it a buy.



A quality button down shirt can give you the confidence to get through your day. Ideally, you want one that feels comfortable, looks good and comes at an affordable price. With all the options on the market, you are sure to find the one that works for you.