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How to Cuff Jeans - The 5 Best Ways to Cuff Your Jeans in 2023

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Introduction to Cuffing Jeans

Jeans have come a long way from its controversial beginnings in the South, as now it can be used in both a professional and casual setting. But as it developed different styles, we also needed to learn a new way to improve the fit of our jeans, besides tailoring, and so people turned to cuffing. Why do we need to learn how to cuff jeans? Because it not only adds multiple new styles for the same pair of pants, but it also cleans up the hem line for everything ranging from wide leg jeans to the tightest skinny jeans. It’s not only something for women with sneakers or women with boots to consider and learn, but something both men and women need to know. It’s an easy way to style a casual outfit for men, and a great way to clean up pant lines for women. How to cuff jeans is a simple question with many answers, all fulfilling the same purpose of cleaning up your style and increasing the versatility of your jeans. In this article, we’ll show you the five best ways to cuff jeans for all sorts of styles. 


Which Style to Choose?

Fortunately, there’s many many ways to cuff jeans for women and for men. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. For example, how to cuff jeans for women with sneakers will be very different from how to cuff jeans for boots. Because the difference in footwear determines the style of the whole outfit, you’ll need a different cuff to ensure that the jeans match. It also depends on if you’re trying to show off a little bit of skin or just to shorten the jeans a bit for a cleaner hem. The best thing is, it’s easy to learn all the styles once you’ve mastered one and it’s simple enough to try all different cuffs to see which works best for which pair of jeans. Naturally, a pair of cuffed jeans goes well with not only the casual t-shirt, but also pairs perfectly with a white dress shirt to add a bit of professionalism in a business casual setting. 


Dress shirt with jeans

Top 5 Best Ways to Cuff Jeans

If you’re still wondering how to cuff jeans, it’s both simple and easy to learn. We’ve identified the 5 best and most versatile ways to cuff jeans below. Naturally, all the styles listed below can be used for multiple outfits, as how to cuff jeans for women will be the same as how to cuff jeans for men. The only difference would come through personal preference and different jean styles.


1. Single Cuff

Single Cuff

This is the most basic and the most versatile of all the cuffs out there. If you’re looking for the easiest and most simple way on how to cuff jeans, this will resolve most if not all of your questions. 

Step 1 

Take the hem of your pants and fold upwards around one to two inches, showing the underside of the pants. 

Step 2 

Flatten the new edge of the cuff and make sure it’s an even and sharp cuff all around.

2. Double Cuff

Double Cuff

The double cuff is very similar to the single cuff, but cleans up the hemline a bit more and can take a bit more length out of the pants. Once you learn how to cuff jeans with the single cuff, it only takes another step to easily achieve the double cuff. 

Step 1

Single Cuff

Take the hem of your pants and fold upwards around one to two inches, showing the underside of the pants, or perform the single cuff.

Step 2

Flatten the new edge of the cuff and make sure it’s an even and sharp cuff all around. 

Step 3

Double Cuff Jean Tuck

Take the hem that’s now pointing upwards and fold it back down towards the pants, tucking it into the cuff that has already been created.

3. Skinny Roll

Skinny Cuff

The skinny roll is a great way to work with thinner denims and works great with tighter jeans. It’s a great cuff to learn if you’re wondering how to cuff skinny jeans. 

Step 1

Thin Cuff

Take the hemmed seam and fold it up a tiny bit at a time to create a thin cuff. 

Step 2

Smooth out the thin cuff and fold it up again. 

Step 3

Skinny Cuff

Repeat step 2 until you’ve reached the desired length. Just don’t roll up too much to avoid bunching of the fabric at the ankles. 


4. Pinwheel

Pinwheel Cuff

The pinwheel is a more complicated style than the previous cuffs, but it’s still a great style to add to your repertoire on how to cuff jeans. 

Step 1

Pinwheel Cuff Step 1

Take around an inch of the hemline between your thumb and forefinger where the seams meet on your jeans and pull it tight against your ankle.

Step 2

Pinwheel Cuff Step 2

Fold the material tight against your leg, creating a diagonal line of extra material.

Step 3

Pinwheel Cuff Step 3

Fold the now tight hemline up, making sure to even out and clean the cuff line between each fold. 

Step 4

Pinwheel Cuff

Repeat the cuff once more until you have a clean tucked pinwheel cuff. 

5. Wide/High Cuff

Wide Cuff

The wide or high cuff is also one of the easier cuffs to learn. It’s similar to the single cuff, but works for wide leg jeans. 

Step 1

Take the hem of your pants and fold upwards up to four inches, showing the underside of the pants. 

Step 2

That’s it! You can choose to smooth out the cuff line for a clean look or keep it rough and uneven for a rockabilly style. 

How to Cuff Jeans, Women’s Style 

While there’s multiple ways to cuff jeans out there, some cuffs work best for tight jeans and some work best for wide leg jeans. Naturally, it’s important to distinguish both to avoid creating a faux pas. 


How to Cuff Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are usually not cuffed especially if it’s a fit and flair, but if you have mom jeans or boyfriend jeans, it’s important to know how to cuff wide leg jeans. The best way to cuff them would be to use the single cuff or the wide cuff. This showcases an easy going style without seeming too messy. Just be sure to not cuff too much or it will make your legs look small. 


How to Cuff Skinny Jeans

If you’re unsure on how to cuff jeans, many people choose to simply let the material bunch at the ankles. While that’s certainly one solution, it doesn’t look clean. The best way to figure out how to cuff skinny jeans is to know how much skin you want to show and how heavy the material is. Naturally, both the simple and double cuff works well, but the skinny roll and the pinwheel roll are made for tight jeans. This creates a clean tapered look on the legs while taking care of all the extra fabric. 


How to Cuff Jeans for Boots

Learning how to cuff jeans for boots is important for both men and women. It’s common to wear jeans with ankle boots, but it’s also easy to bunch the jeans at the ankles if it's not a perfect fit. The wide cuff is perfect for boots. You should also stay away from tapered cuffs such as the pinwheel roll  or the skinny roll. 


How to Cuff Jeans for Sneakers 

It’s easy to cuff jeans with sneakers, as it’s often so versatile that it looks great with most cuffs. The skinny roll and the pinwheel roll are perfect, as it compliments the slim and narrow profile of sneakers.



It’s important for both women and men to learn how to cuff jeans. There’s just so many styles out there and once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s easy to move on and improve your style with more complicated cuffs. This avoids the expenses of tailoring pants but also creates a great clean fit for all jeans. Not only does it pair well with a casual shirt and sneakers, but a properly cuffed jean shows a lot of professionalism paired with oxfords and a slim fit white dress shirt



  • How do you cuff jeans in 2023?

    Roll up the hem of your jeans evenly by 1 - 2 inches. Smooth out the cuff edge and that’s all you need for the simple cuff. You can also tuck the hem back into the cuff to create a cleaner look.

  • How do you make cuff jeans?

    Roll up the hem evenly by a couple of inches, depending on how much material you have and how much you want to shorten the jeans.

  • How do you cuff jeans without them showing?

    Roll up the hem of your jeans by a couple of inches. Make sure it’s even. Fold the hem inwards towards the leg and tuck it into the cuff you’ve just created.