5 Best Dress Shirts for Short Men

dress shirts for short men: where can i buy dress shirts for short stocky men
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Dress shirts are an important part of your appearance. Even if you don’t have to wear one every day, you still need some to turn to when the occasion calls for it. However, finding the best dress shirts for short guys can be difficult. Often, the most important parts of the fit simply don't match up with regular men's shirts.

The good news is that more and more companies are expanding their lines to include plenty of shirts for short men. So if you’re getting sick of the dress shirt struggle, we get it. That’s why we’ve created this guide so you know how to find the absolute best shirts for short men in 2024. And don't forget to check out our guides to the best clothing for short men, as well as jeans for short men and best button down shirts for men.


Top Dress Shirts for Short Men in 2024

1. Nimble Made - Men's Slim-Fit Dress Shirts

Nimble Made - Men’s Slim-Fit Dress Shirts

This is one of our best shirts for shorter men. Nimble Made shirts are sized by height and weight for a proportional slim fit for vertically challenged men.

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When you’re a shorter guy, sometimes it can feel like finding a decent shirt means you have to choose between style and fit. First, you don’t have to worry about the fit with this shirt.

The shirt length is trimmed to avoid all that extra, hanging fabric that regularly sized shirts can create. Likewise, the sleeves are trimmed to avoid the cuffs slipping over your wrists and looking sloppy. Here's how Nimble Made's slim fit is broken down for short men:

They’re also more fitted than most other shirts, which helps maintain that tailored fit all along your arms, without baggy fabric. 

Many shirts for short men keep the shoulders slimmer, but this shirt also has a more trimmed, streamlined back. It does wonders for the overall fit and appearance of this shirt.

This navy blue dress shirt for short men has a nice, subtle checked pattern of white against the navy. The pattern is actually inspired by an ancient Asian board game. It gives you just enough flash, without being overdone or distracting from the rest of your appearance making it the perfect shirt for short men. This shirt would look great at social events such as weddings.

Pros of the No. 10 Dark Blue Dress Shirt:

  • Sized by height and weight for a more proportional fit
  • Proper sleeve and shirt lengths
  • Founded by a fellow short man

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"N0 size fits perfectly. 5 out of 5. I’m a smaller guy at 5’2" and 125 lbs. It’s hard to find a shirt that fits well. I tried the N0 size from the free service calculator recommendation and it fit perfectly on the first try."
- Harry Z


2. The Waterbend | Blue Button Up Short Men Dress Shirts 

This is one of the more classic best dress shirts for shorter guys for upscale, more formal occasions. Every guy needs a good go-to light blue shirt for the occasion, and this one is an absolute staple.

However, unlike the classic dress shirts, you may be used to, this light blue shirt has a shortened length and overall better slim fit than most, with proportions that flatter your stature. It hangs shorter, so you don’t have to worry about that extra length that adds to a perception of less height. Shop Nimble Made's extra slim fit dress shirts.

The midsection of this shirt is more streamlined and fitted to your torso length, which helps to create an elongating effect when short guys wear it. It’s also designed with less broad shoulders, to help even out your proportions and create a ‘taller’ look by shedding excess fabric.

It’s great quality, which you can feel immediately; if you’re going to dress it up, you will definitely want the construction to match. This comes in both a classic blue and lighter blue, both of which you can seamlessly pull off for any setting.

Pros of The Waterbend Blue Button Up Dress Shirt: 

  • Unique slim fit in 6 sizes
  • Shorter in length and slimmer than other dress shirt brands
  • Classic, sleek colors work for dressy and more casual occasions

3. Classic White Collared Dress Shirt - Slim Fit

Just because you want to look good doesn’t mean you always have time to give your shirt a fresh press before you get going. With this button up shirt for short guys, you get it all.

We all know the white button up dress shirt is an absolute classic. In the past though, you’ve probably noticed these shirts can require a fair bit of maintenance to keep them looking as smart as they should.

Unfortunately, white dress shirts can look a mess if they aren’t fresh and pressed. That’s where this one comes in. 

You’ll never have to worry about ironing this shirt. Here’s the bonus: it’s easy steam and machine washable. If you’re looking for the most low maintenance way to stay looking sharp, you’ve found it in this shirt.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s made for slim men (it even lists this as a feature on the product page) so it fits perfectly off-the-rack.

Pros of The Bai White Button Up Dress Shirt: 

  • No ironing or dry cleaning needed; easy steam or machine washable 
  • Easy to keep clean and stain resistant- a must have for best white dress shirts
  • Tailored to fit short men and provides 6 unique sizes to choose from

4. Non Iron Black Dress Shirt for Short Guys - Nimble Made

If you’ve been looking for the best non-iron dress shirts for short men, this is one to consider.

Nimble Made has non-iron dress shirts that are wrinkle resistant and made for slim guys. That’s right, you can get a shirt that fits without a trip to the tailor. This is a great dress shirt to wear for everyday business casual situations and has a more spread collar size to match.

It also omits the front pocket, which gives it a nice, streamlined look. It’s made of wrinkle-free materials, so you’ll always look clean pressed, even without ironing. The black color works well to dress up or down with, which makes it a staple for your wardrobe. 

Pros of The Yin Black Non Iron Dress Shirt:

  • Non-iron and wrinkle-resistant
  • Perfect for short men
  • Soft, cotton-blend fabric 
  • Looks refined and everyday business casual


5. Navy Blue Button Up Dress Shirt | The Irena 

The Nimble Made Blue Dress Shirt is the ideal choice for short men in search of dress shirts that provide a perfect fit and impeccable style. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this shirt addresses the common struggles short men face when trying to find a well-fitting dress shirt.

One of its key features is the thoughtfully crafted sizing, tailored to suit the proportions of shorter individuals, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit.

Shorter men often encounter issues with dress shirts that are excessively long in the arms and torso, leading to a messy and unrefined appearance. However, the Nimble Made Blue Collar Shirt is carefully constructed with shorter sleeve lengths and a well-proportioned body length, offering a polished look without the need for expensive alterations.

This attention to sizing and fit allows short men to effortlessly exude confidence and sophistication in any professional or formal setting. They also have a great selection of the best men's Oxford shirts.

Not only does the Nimble Made Blue Collar Shirt cater to the specific physical needs of shorter individuals, but it also excels in quality and style. Crafted from premium materials, this shirt boasts exceptional durability, ensuring it maintains its pristine appearance even after repeated wear and laundering.

Pros of the Irena Navy Blue Dress Shirt:

  • Tailored sizing for short men
  • Superior 100% cotton fabric quality
  • Complements the style and stature of shorter individuals 

Considerations in Buying the Best Dress Shirts for Short Men 

Measuring Sleeve Length

Sleeve Length

One of the biggest concerns for shorter men looking for dress shirts is the measuring the proper sleeve length. Sure, you can roll them up if they’re too long, but that comes with other issues. Not every situation is appropriate for shorter sleeves, and if the sleeves are significantly longer than they should be, there are only so many times you can roll them up.

Luckily, there are also a couple of solutions. First, you can get a shirt designed for short men, and that allows you to choose a sleeve length based on your measurements. However, you can also try a pair of sleeve garters, and while they may be more old school, that can be an accent too, if you’re going sans jacket. 



Proper Trim Length

Longer dress shirts aren’t always a problem. Since you’ll likely be tucking it in, you won’t see the extra length in most cases. However, if it’s nearing drama with the extra length, tucking it in can make you uncomfortable, or leave too much extra fabric out. 

untucked shirt trim example

You can look for shirts that are shorter, or get them tailored to trim some length off. If you the ‘shorter shirt’ route, make sure it isn’t too short. To test it out try this: put the shirt on, and button it up. Tuck it into your slacks as you usually would. Then raise your arms above your head. If it stays tucked, it’s perfect. If it comes untucked, you need a longer shirt. We also recommend checking out  these best untucked button down shirts for men.

untucked shirt outfit example


The Right Shoulder Fit

The fit of the shoulders is another place to pay attention to: you want the seams to lay as near as possible to the highest part of your shoulder blades. This prevents a crumpled look, and it’s also something you can’t have a tailor fix after buying the shirt. This is often a problem but can be solved with slim dress shirts. 

 measuring shoulder fit guide

Back and Chest Measurements 

Shorter men typically look better with a slimmer, more tailored fit especially in the chest width. Not every guy is comfortable with a slim fit however. You can keep your comfort level though, but still look more put together. Just opt for a shirt with a slightly slimmer fit than you might usually choose: a slight change can make a big difference here. It takes bulk off your midsection and looks more streamlined. As a result, it gives the illusion of elongating your torso. 

 measuring chest and back size guide

Hints on How to Dress Taller

In a nutshell, slimmer tailored clothes make a big difference. Too much extra fabric adds bulk to your silhouette, which can actually make you look shorter. 

Ditch the things that make you look shorter. Just like baggy clothes put emphasis on width, so do waistcoats, vests, and belts. They draw the eye away from your vertical length and make you appear wider, not taller. We have a separate guide on how to look taller as shorter men. Hint: vertical stripes help accentuate your height.

A lot of slacks tend to have a sort of fold or bunch where they hit your shoes. Stay away from that at all costs. It makes your legs look shorter, and breaks up the attention to your vertical appearance. Pair pants without a break with a slightly shorter suit jacket to create the appearance of longer legs.

As with the rest of our tips, the key is creating a style that draws people’s eyes up and adds vertical interest. Placing embellishments and accessories higher up (think upper chest level and above), does just that. Whatever your personal aesthetic, there’s an accessory to match. Just be cautious to avoid overdoing it, which will negate the benefits.

For example, a well coordinated pocket square is great; so is a nice lapel pin or a unique tie pin. Combine them all together, and your look is getting into ‘eclectic’ territory. 


Proper Styles for Short Men

When it comes to pants, there are things to avoid. As we mentioned, you should avoid leg breaks. Avoid pleated pants while you’re at it; these also make you look wider, not taller. Also avoid cuffs.

So how should you wear pants? Look for slimmer fits, darker colors, and a high or medium crotch drop that instantly elongates your legs. And while you're at it, don't forget to find a pair of shoes that make you look taller

What about your suit jacket or blazer? To elongate your look, go for slimmer lapels and keep the sleeves slim too. While the suit jackets you’re used to probably cover your rear, it isn’t ideal for short men. Go for a shorter jacket; it may feel strange at first, but it adds a lot of length to your legs. Rather than lower buttons like many jackets have, try and find a jacket that buttons above your navel. The same principle applies for t-shirt length. 

Keep the fit nice and slim, especially through the sleeves and torso for a streamlined silhouette. Watch your sleeve length, you want just enough length for your sleeves to stick out a quarter inch from your jacket. Look for sleeves with higher armholes too, since it creates a slimmer look. Don't forget to wear vertical stripes whenever possible as it helps elongate your profile. 

vertical stripe shirt


Short Men’s Usual Fit Problems

Short men are just like anyone else, and that means short men have body lengths that run the gambit. 

One of the most common problems that a short guy has to deal with is pants. It can be hard to find pants that fit all around and don’t leave you with super tight areas in one spot, and super baggy spots in another. Then you also have to bargain with pants that might be a perfect fit around your waist, and pool around your ankles because of their length. 

When it comes to shirts, you have another set of factors to try and work with. If you have a broader chest, chances are that when you find a perfect fit for your chest, the sleeves are baggy and bunch up, or the collar size is wrong. Or, if you’ve got a bit of a paunch, most shirts that would otherwise fit are just way too long. Most sizes differ across countries with Asian sizes being smaller overall.

Another common problem is that sleeves are often too long, and that applies no matter what your body type is. Of course, a short guy has to deal with baggy sleeves more often than not too, and it's hard to avoid shirts that otherwise fit well apart from the sleeves.

Oftentimes it’s difficult to find clothes that are well proportioned. Details can be too large, create more issues with proportion, and make short guys look shorter as a result. Here is a helpful guide on how to measure pant length.

 how dress pants should fit

Conclusion on the Best Dress Shirts for Short Men

Hopefully, these tips on the short men dress shirts has helped! As a short man, you might have to make some style choices that really accentuate your body length and create a better vertical effect for your unique body proportions, such as choosing to wear more vertical stripes. Luckily, it’s much easier to do that these days than it was decades ago. 

While you may not always need to get a brand designed for short men, there are more than enough things you can do to add to your height. Remember, fit is one of the most important things. Don’t be afraid of a slim fit! 

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