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5 Best Athletic-Fit Dress Shirts of 2023 for Men

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The best male physiques require the best athletic-fit dress shirts, which are shirts that fit you properly in all the right areas. You work hard in the gym to build muscles and sculpt your physique. But once you get to a certain point, it can be difficult to find proper fitting shirts, especially dress shirts. You probably need some extra space for your muscular arms and shoulders, but you don’t need all the extra space in the waist area. Poorly-fitting dress shirts can be uncomfortably tight and have too much extra fabric leaving you looking sloppy, or even both at the same time

You’re likely a man who wants to find the best dress shirts for muscular guys so you can look your best. And when you look your best, you feel your best. If you’re a bodybuilder or have a more muscular build and you struggle to find comfortable dress shirts, this guide is for you. Check out the 5 best athletic fit dress shirts of 2023 and learn more about what to look for when shopping for your perfect men's dress shirt for athletic builds.

3 Best Dress Shirts for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders have a lot of muscle definition and specific proportions. Finding comfortable, flattering shirts can be difficult, especially if you have a really muscular back, shoulders, arms and neck. Here are some of the best athletic dress shirts for bodybuilders that will be perfect for your muscular figure.

1. Nimble Made - The Crescent Dress Shirt


Approved by fitness trainers & slim athletic guys like Jeremy Sry

Nimble Made - The Crescent Dress Shirt
(Fitness Trainer Jeremy Sry • Height: 5'8" • Weight: 160 lb • Wears Size N3)


This white dress shirt is ultra flexible and has a stylish, flattering cut. It’s made from sturdy, breathable 100% cotton, that holds up even after countless washes and is easy to iron so you can keep it looking crisp. The fabric itself features a Broadcloth Weave pattern that is both subtle and classy. It also has soft blue accents on the last button and in the collar lining to give it just the right amount of edge, while still keeping it professional.

This men's dress shirt is great for those with a slim waist and is one of the best-fitting dress shirts for athletic-build men in 2023.



  • Sized by height and weight (BMI)
  • Tapered waist
  • No tailoring needed
  • Free shipping, exchanges, returns
  • Favored by fitness trainers like Jeremy Sry

2. Rhone - Commuter Dress Shirt

rhone commuter dress shirt

Made from luxurious Italian fabric, the Commuter Dress Shirt is the perfect mix of style and function, sealing its spot as one of the best muscle-fit dress shirts. It’s lightweight and features moisture wicking technology that makes it great for layering or wearing alone. Four-way stretch means that it’s comfortable and maintains a flattering shape, while giving you extra room where you might need it. Don’t stress about taking this dress shirt to the dry cleaner because it is machine washable and quick drying. It also naturally releases and resists wrinkles so you stay looking sharp.


  • Hidden button collar keeps the collar flat and tidy
  • Breathable material keeps you cool
  • A variety of color and pattern choices

3. AlfaTech by Alfani

 AlfaTech Dress Shirt

The AlfaTech Dress Shirt by Alfani gives you both style and comfort and is one of the best men’s dress shirts for athletic-build guys. Two-way stretch fabric and athletic cut allow for extra room in the chest and arms and moisture wicking keeps you cool and dry. The lightweight material is flexible and breezy while still looking formal and professional. It’s machine washable and made with wrinkle resistant fabric making this shirt easy to care for and requires very little effort on your part to keep it looking sharp. 


  • Narrow waist profile and tapered arm holes for flattering fit
  • Spread stretch collar
  • Five different color options

2 Best Dress Shirts for Muscular Guys

Just because you aren’t a bodybuilder, doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems finding well-fitting dress shirt. If you like to work on your upper body, you know that a lot of shirts can be pretty ill-fitting, and finding the best dress shirts for muscular guys can be a hassle. Check out these athletic fit dress shirts that are perfect for muscular builds. 

1. Nick Graham Men's Modern Fitted Multi-Gingham Dress Shirt

Nick Graham Athletic with Dark Blue Solid Tie and White Background

This dress shirt is one of the best dress shirts for athletic-build men because it features a slim-cut waist with broad shoulders and tapered sleeves to provide a flattering and comfortable fit for muscular guys. The cotton/polyester blend material is machine washable for low maintenance care. As a part of a two-piece set, this dress shirt also comes with a solid color tie to make the perfect pair. 


  • No dry cleaning required - 100% machine washable
  • Stylish point collar design
  • Trendy, bold multi-gingham print

2. Express Athletic Solid Wrinkle-Resistant Performance Dress Shirt

Express - Athletic Solid Wrinkle-Resistant Performance Dress ShirtThis is one of the best athletic-fit dress shirts with a bold print for a contemporary look. It’s made from lightweight, breathable material with two-way stretch that keeps you cool and comfortable all day long. Moisture wicking fabric ensures that you stay fresh and dry, so you can avoid embarrassing sweat stains. You’ll be looking sharp and professional with the stretch spread collar and classy button cuffs that accompanies the performance dress shirt.


  • 100% machine washable
  • Stretchy material retains shape and provides extra flexibility
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking

What Does Athletic Fit Mean?

If you have trouble finding clothes that aren’t baggy in some spots and/or very tight in others, you might need to look for pieces labeled “athletic cut”. If this cut is right for you, it could save you from constant discomfort, restricted movements, and looking sloppy from having too much extra fabric in places.

To better understand what exactly an athletic fit is, it helps to understand what an athletic build is. Just because you work out regularly doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll fit into the category of athletic build or need athletic fit. Most often an athletic build is considered to be someone with a slim (though you don't need a 6-pack), narrow waist and broad, muscular shoulders - much like Channing Tatum:

Channing Tatum

To accommodate the proportions of the athletic build, the athletic fit shirts are going to make room for well developed muscles while keeping a slim profile in the waist area. Some will also feature tapered sleeves that make room for muscular arms while staying fitted around the wrist. This creates a flattering silhouette. It also makes sure that there aren’t any areas that are tight and uncomfortable or loose and baggy. 

What to Look For in Athletic-Fit Dress Shirts


You might have considered getting custom tailored shirts, but those can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you want to do that for every dress shirt. There are plenty of options for you out there when it comes to dress shirts - you just have to know what to look for. 


Before making any decisions, there are a few different things that you should really look for in a shirt to ensure that you’re picking one that will be both comfortable and functional for all day wear.


Room in the Chest

You want the shirt to be fitted and flattering but not too tight on your chest. If you don’t have enough room in the chest area of your dress shirt you won’t be able to use your full range of motion and you’ll end up feeling very restricted and possibly even claustrophobic.

You might even accidentally rip a seam if you’re not careful. The average chest measurements for muscular/athletic guys is about 40in, so if you’re of average height and weight, that might be a good starting place as far as sizing.

Try on the shirt and test it out. If there’s any pulling in the buttons when your arms are down to your sides, it’s tight. You can also be sure there’s enough room by moving arms in every direction: side to side, up and down, out in front, etc. 

If you can comfortably do this without feeling any major resistance, you’re in the clear. Be sure to check that the armpits aren’t too tight either. 


Proper Length

Whether you like to tuck in your dress shirts or not, you should get one that will give you both options. You want it long enough to tuck smoothly into your pants, but not too long that it will look baggy if you decide to leave it untucked. Not to mention, a shirt that’s too long can end up making your look disproportional and even a bit short.  

Whenever your shirt is buttoned up and untucked, ideally the tail will hit just below your back pants pockets. To make sure the shirt isn’t too big, you should be able to easily raise your arms up all the way above your head without it pulling too much or coming untucked. 


Enough Room in the Collar and Neck

Depending on what areas of your upper body you focus on, you might carry a lot of muscle around your neck area. You should be able to comfortably close the collar of your dress shirt typically between 15 to 17 inches is a good range to start with.

Dress Shirt with Sufficient Room in the Collar & Neck

Check to see if you can fit two fingers in the collar comfortably without too much resistance or extra room, this will let you know if the collar is a perfect fit. 


It’s also important to keep in mind whether you’ll be wearing a tie or if you like to button your shirt all the way up to the top you don’t need to be as precise with the neck/collar measurements.



A bit of stretchiness in your dress shirt will provide you with extra room to move around. It’s also very helpful if your muscle mass tends to fluctuate. Some dress shirts will have two-way stretch and some will have a four-way stretch. The more stretch, the more flexibility and movement you’ll have in all directions. 


When deciding how important stretch is to you in a dress shirt, also consider how much you’ll be moving around in your dress shirt. For instance, if you mostly work stationary at a desk, it might not be as important to you as it would be for someone who has a more active job. However, don’t rely completely on your shirt’s ability to stretch. It’s still essential to select the right size and measurements when picking a shirt. 


Slim, Fitted Waist

Being an athletic body type, if you got a regular cut shirt that comfortably fits your upper body, you’d more than likely have a lot of excess fabric hanging around your waist area. This can leave you looking sloppy, bulky, and wrinkly. The shirt is supposed to have a clean smooth line that contours your body shade and doesn’t billow out when you tuck in the shirt. 


Breathable & Moisture Wicking Material

You already sweat enough in the gym, you don’t want to be sweating all day in the office too. Unsightly sweat stains can be embarrassing, so try to find dress shirts that are made from lightweight, breathable material. This will allow air to flow freely through the fabric and cool you down. 


Moisture-wicking technology is helpful in case you do start to break a sweat so that the sweat doesn’t stick to you and it is able to dry before soaking through the shirt. If the shirt is machine washable, moisture wicking technology will also help promote quick drying to save you some time in the dryer. 


Sleeve Length & Arm Holes

You want to fill out the sleeves without bulging out or having too much extra fabric hanging down. Look for a shirt with a higher armhole, which will likely have a more tapered sleeve to allow room for muscles at the top and stay fitted down to your wrists. Ideally the cuff will hit you at the base of your thumb. Although when it comes to sleeve length, you do have a bit more freedom depending on your own preferences. 


Athletic Fit vs Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Just like with women’s clothing, there are different styles and fits available in men’s clothing. This makes it so much easier for men to know exactly what they're looking for in order to find the best fitting clothes for their specific body types. Two popular fits when it comes to dress shirts are slim fit and athletic fit. But what’s the difference between the two?


Athletic Fit

With men becoming increasingly interested in building muscle, the athletic fit style has become more common in most clothing retailers. It is designed to be form-fitting, but still allows for extra room in the upper part of the shirt around the chest, shoulders, and arms. They typically have darts sewn into the back to help bring in the fabric to prevent a baggy waist. 


Slim Fit

Slim fit dress shirts are designed to be fitted close to the body. They can be very slimming and flattering on the right body type, but on more muscular frames, the slim fit can be very tight and restricting. This is because the cut tapers down the midsection to the waist. They are also more fitted through the arms. 


Another thing to note about slim fit shirts is that they often have little to no stretch in their material. This is another thing that makes them not ideal for muscular, athletic builds, especially if you primarily focus on working out the muscles in your upper body.


Choosing The Best Dress Shirts for Muscular Guys

Not all muscular/athletic builds are the same. There are a few different common shapes that muscular people tend to be. It’s important to know your specific body type when choosing the best dress shirts for athletic-build guys because knowing your specific body type is going to help you better identify which type of clothing is going to be the most flattering and comfortable for you.


Here are some of the common types of athletic body shapes:



triangle fit

A triangular athletic body type is one that is larger and more muscular on their lower body. Depending on their preferred type of exercise or sport they likely mostly use the muscles in the lower body, so their top half will be average size. This type of body shape might not have as much trouble finding proper fitting dress shirts, but will likely have a harder time when shopping for pants and trousers. 


Inverted Triangle

inverted triangle fitThis is the body type that will most benefit from the athletic fit dress shirts. They are the type that focuses their workouts mostly on their top half. They will have a larger upper body, such as a broad chest and arms, and a slimmer waist. This body type is also commonly referred to as a mesomorph. 




square/rectangle fit

Someone who is muscular all over their body won’t have as much of a contrast in size on different areas of their body, creating a more square/rectangle shape. If this is you, finding clothes, in general, might be tougher, Although depending on your size, you might be able to comfortably wear a slim fit dress shirt.



You work hard to stay in shape and deserve to look your best in all of your clothes, especially your professional ones. Once you start to become more muscular you’ll realize how important a properly fitting dress shirt is when it comes to looking stylish and professional. If you have a broader upper body, a lot of traditional style shirts might be too constricting and not have the right cut to fit your body shape. 

As more and more people begin focusing on their health and bodies, brands are realizing the need for more size and shape options to accommodate everyone. This guide will help you know what to look for while shopping so you can find the perfect dress shirt and feel confident.

Dressing for your body type can be tricky. But these tips and suggestions should help make it easier so you can save your energy for the gym. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about the 5 best athletic-fit dress shirts of 2023!


Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Athletic-Fit Dress Shirts

1. What is an athletic fit shirt?

The shirt is cut closer to the body when it has an athletic fit. They are made of stretchy fabric that allows for easy movement. Despite its stretch, this fabric is breathable and drapes across your upper body. It is however possible that these shirts are a little too narrow for people with a lot of muscle mass.

2. What's the difference between slim fit and athletic fit?

A Slim fit shirt has a trimmed stomach and waist, but little to no room in the upper body. This athletic fit dress shirt provides a better fit around the waist, slightly smaller armholes, and additional upper body space.

3. What type of fit is athletic fit?

Jeans in the athletic shape feature a looser, more relaxed fit above the knee and a more fitted fit below. The result is a pair of jeans that emphasizes your natural form while allowing your thighs to breathe. People with athletic thighs should wear this kind of denim.

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