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best t shirts for tall skinny guys: best t shirts for men

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Introduction to T-Shirt Fit for Slim Men

The “average” American size t-shirt is not as average as we think, and most models flaunting outfits from big companies like American Tall aren’t exactly “standard” sized men. We hear so much about body acceptance, but not all brands or companies have made the steps to truly be as inclusive as their marketing makes them out to be.

Embarking on the quest for the best t-shirts that marry style with the nuances of a slender physique can be a journey of discovery and refinement. For our fellow fashion enthusiasts with a slim and lean build, this article unfolds as a guide to the best T-shirts tailored to complement the unique proportions of tall skinny guys.

From impeccable fits to the subtle artistry of color choices and fabric selection, we delve into the essential t-shirts that not only embrace your slender frame but also elevate your style game. Join us as we navigate through the world of fashion, unraveling the secrets to finding the best t-shirts that not only look good but make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin – because great style knows no size, only impeccable choices in t-shirt selection.

One of the more difficult body types to shop for is for those who tend to be on the slimmer side. We wanted to take the time to give you our choices for the best t-shirts for tall skinny guys, so you don’t have to do so much digging and worry about your clothes wearing you, rather than you wearing the clothes.

We will give you some styling tips, the best t-shirt brands to wear, dress shirts for tall skinny guys, and more inclusive and diverse t-shirts for tall skinny guys than American Tall. For further reading, check out our guide on how to dress as a skinny guy.


How to Style Your Wardrobe with Shirts for Skinny Tall Guys

khaki pants and dress shrit model

First, let’s talk about how to style your wardrobe so you can look and feel your best as a tall skinny man. We want to accentuate the best features that a skinny guy has to offer.

We like going on forums and learning about different tips and tricks for better styling with just a simple t-shirt. You would be surprised how much a sleeve can change your appearance. Here's a separate guide to our recommended list of best dress shirts for tall skinny guys, and best dress shirts for athletic men.

Some basics that you would want to incorporate into your clothing include a crewneck tee, graphic t-shirts, dress shirts, slim fit flannel shirts, and some slim fitted jeans.

When you have each piece of clothing, you can mix and match your outfits so it looks like you are wearing something new every day. There are some things to consider when finding clothes for men with a long torso, such as getting the right t-shirt with extra length.


Buy Crewneck T-Shirts for Skinny Tall Guys with Correct Seaming

If you are a skinny guy with a longer torso, crewneck t-shirts the best t-shirts for your body type. V-necks make your neck look thinner, longer, and show off a bit more chest.

You typically want to make your neck look stronger and thicker, but you will get the opposite effect if you wear a v-neck. A crewneck tee won't expose your neck and chest, so instead of showing your small chest, you get to accentuate your strong neck, shoulder width, and long torso.


On that note, you also want to buy a t-shirt that has seams well on the shoulder. This little detail is important for your shoulder and arms. A t-shirt with seams that are closer to the neck and not parallel to the shoulders make the sleeves look short as if you are wearing a shirt that is too small. On the other hand, a t-shirt with seams that pass the shoulder makes it look like you are wearing an oversized tee. Go through your closet and check some of the seams on your t-shirts. Do they fit well, or do you need to make some adjustments to your wardrobe to get the right shoulder width with your longer torso?


Buy Neutral Colored Clothes

3 shirts neutral colors on rack

If you like wearing crazy colors, then go for it, but it is hard to match a bright yellow sweater with the rest of your wardrobe. If you want the fullest value when it comes to buying new clothing, then color is a pretty important aspect.

We would go for neutral and cooler t-shirt colors such as: blue (shades varying from light to navy), black, white, gray, tan, etc. For flannels that blend various colors, it is also important to get a color that matches the rest of your wardrobe.

For example, a white crewneck t-shirt with a black and white flannel and some khaki chino pants would be a casual, yet fashionable look for a nice date.


Mix and Match Your Wardrobe 

Creating a layered look is quite simple when you have all the components and you can wear them at different times of the year. We gave you some helpful links, an example of how to wear an outfit, and stressed the importance of having neutral-colored clothing.

It is just easier to mix and match when you have colors that work together. Now we will teach you how to layer up for different types of weather and for different types of occasions.

Warmer Weather - Casual and Business Attire

If you are going for a casual outfit, then a t-shirt, cardigan, and slim pants will do the trick. This model is wearing an affordable cardigan from the popular known retailer H&M, but we know not everyone is comfortable with this type of look.

It is heavily inspired by European fashion trends and is best for Spring weather. If you don’t like cardigans, then a flannel or thin sweater with horizontal stripes will do, especially for those hot summer days.

 You can also try out either navy or khaki chino shorts and a nice white t-shirt for hot weather. If you are going for a business casual look, then one of my favorite looks includes light blue dress shirts with slim fit black pants. It looks a lot more comfortable and laid back for the warm weather.

models wearing light dress shirt and dark pants

Colder Weather - Casual and Business Attire

For those chilly Fall and Winter days, that is when you get to be more experimental with your outfits. We love layering up with a buttoned long-sleeve sweater over a slim fit shirt, either a slim cardigan or jacket over, then a heavier sweater to top it off.

We like this example from H&M which can look either casual or can even work in a business casual setting. For a more business look, we would swap the sweater with dress shirts or a flannel with a black cardigan. Either way, warm nice clothes can look both casual and fashionable.

Clothing Texture

The last thing we want to talk about is the clothing texture. Of course, this depends on the weather, but if you can, “heavier” looking clothing with patterns and textures is great for skinny men.

Knit sweaters and bomber jackets and a different dimension and creates a hefty look. An awesome example that works well for cold weather is this wool sweater that makes this model naturally look bigger.

This is ideally meant for the cold weather where someone would want to wear wool, levis jackets, and windbreakers.

If you are adventurous, a turtleneck sweater can be really nice. We tried one for the first time this year, and though it took some getting used to, we loved it.

Best Brands of Shirts for Skinny Men

We talked about some simple suggestions like how wearing a crewneck tee is more fitting for a slimmer guy, or buying neutral-colored clothing makes it easier to layer up, but let’s get more specific.

Here is our choice of brands for you to shop for the best t-shirts for tall skinny guys.


2 models skinny wear nimble made

Nimble Made - The #1 Brand for Skinny Guys

Nimble Made is your number one choice when it comes to clothing and shirts for skinny men. Founded by Wesley Kang and Tanya Zhang, they continuously strive to make fashion representative of all body types that are often ignored in mainstream media. It was created with the intention to create inclusive pieces that founder Wesley Kang noticed he couldn’t find himself. We love the mission and we love the clothes.

They have a handy tool that lets you input your height and weight measurement and gives you an idea of what is the best t-shirt would fit you based on what other shoppers liked. This is great since their store is online and offers you an idea of what makes a good fit.

Their clothes are also high quality and feel comfortable for everyday use. Though some clothes may be on the pricier side, they are sure to last. It is made from long-staple cotton, has a high thread count, and is “2-ply” layered meaning that they have tighter weaves and stretchier shirts.

Nimble Basics White T Shirt V Neck

For the tall and slim gentlemen in pursuit of the best white t-shirt, the Men's White V-Neck T-Shirt from Nimble Made stands out as the epitome of style and sophistication.

Specifically designed for tall skinny guys, this American tall white t-shirt offers an impeccable fit that accentuates a lean physique without compromising on comfort. The V-neck adds a touch of modernity to the classic white t-shirt as opposed to the basic crew neck, creating a versatile garment suitable for various occasions.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the white t-shirt with a proper slim-fit design caters to the unique proportions of tall men, ensuring a flattering silhouette that effortlessly enhances their style. Elevate your wardrobe with this essential white t-shirt, as it seamlessly combines quality craftsmanship and tailored design for the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.

Nimble Basics Blue T Shirt Crew Neck

Tailored for the tall and slender physique, Nimble Made presents the Men's Blue Crewneck Tee, a pinnacle of contemporary style designed for tall skinny guys.

Perfectly catering to the proportions of tall men, this American tall t-shirt offers an impeccable fit that complements a slim frame effortlessly. The crewneck tee design provides a sleek alternative to the classic tee, giving it a modern edge while maintaining versatility.

Meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, this shirt in a serene blue hue serves as a refreshing addition to the wardrobe of the fashion-forward tall gentleman. Experience the fusion of quality craftsmanship and tailored design, making this the best t-shirt and an indispensable element in the repertoire of the tall and slim discerning dresser.

Nimble Basics Olive T Shirt V Neck

Catering to the style needs of tall and slender individuals, Nimble Made introduces the Men's Olive V-Neck T-Shirt, a refined essential designed for slim men.

Tailored to perfection for tall men, this American tall t-shirt ensures a slim fit that enhances the skin tight natural silhouette of slim guys. The V-neck detail adds a touch of sophistication to the classic tee, offering versatility for various fashion statements.

The distinctive olive shade brings a contemporary twist to this wardrobe staple, making it a standout choice for those who seek a unique yet timeless skinny fit addition to their collection. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, this skinny fit t-shirt embodies the perfect balance of comfort and style, making it a must-have for the fashion-conscious tall individual with a slim waist.

Nimble Basics Navy T Shirt Crew Neck


Tailored with precision for the tall and slim aesthetic, Nimble Made introduces the Men's Navy Crewneck Tee, an essential t-shirt designed to elevate the wardrobe of slender gentlemen.

Crafted with the proportions of slim guys in mind, this American tall t-shirt ensures a flawless fit that complements the lean physique effortlessly. The classic design adds a timeless touch to this wardrobe staple, providing versatility for a range of stylish ensembles.

The deep navy hue brings a sense of sophistication to casual wear, making this the best t-shirt for various occasions. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, this perfect t-shirt embodies the perfect fusion of comfort and style, making it an indispensable addition for those with discerning fashion tastes among the tall and slim community.

Nimble Basics Black T Shirt V Neck

Elevate your wardrobe with the Men's Black V-Neck T-Shirt from Nimble Made, a perfect t-shirt tailored to meet the style needs of tall and slender individuals.

Specially designed for the proportions of tall men, this American tall t-shirt guarantees a sleek and impeccable fit that enhances the natural silhouette of slim guys. The V-neck detail adds a touch of modernity to the classic black tee, offering a versatile option for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

The deep black hue exudes timeless elegance, making this t-shirt a staple for a refined and versatile wardrobe. With a commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Nimble Made delivers the perfect fusion of comfort and style, making this black V-neck tee a must-have for the discerning fashion-forward gentleman with a tall and slim stature.

H&M and UNIQLO - Affordable T-Shirts for Skinny Guys

storefront of mens clothing

We showed off some links from H&M and noticed just how affordable their clothes are. They range from streetwear to business casual, which in turn also makes them a very diverse choice.

We have personally shopped here in person and were impressed with their selection. With good care, these clothes could last you several years and they also offer some simple pieces that make it easy to mix and match with your regular wardrobe at home. They are widely accessible and have many stores open worldwide. It makes a fine choice for anyone shopping on a budget.

We could not forget about UNIQLO as they are starting to pop up everywhere we go. We went shopping here for the first time recently and were also impressed with their selection.

They have a very different vibe than H&M where we find H&M to be more influenced by European styles and UNIQLO to be more inspired by east Asian fashion. We like navigating UNIQLO’s website because they show you the measurements of their models.

Most of the models are fairly tall, so for tall guys, you will probably have an easier time finding your ideal size. Though we wish for more diversity in the models, you can expect a small to be a standard fit if you are short.

We must advise that we have never shopped at either store online, but we can guarantee that you will find something you like when you go in person. Both these stores are affordable, fashionable, and diverse. Check out our guide on brands like Uniqlo.

Shop Best Shirts for Skinny Guys

Go ahead and check out some of these stores and find the best t-shirts for tall skinny guys! Hopefully, you feel more included and proud of your body. Everyone is different and it is important to accentuate the best features your body has to offer.

Remember to keep some of these tips in mind and change up your wardrobe if you want to experiment with new looks. If you are on a budget, go for some basics at H&M or UNIQLO.

If you want something long-lasting and of value, check out Nimble Made. We carry basics, flannels, amazing men’s slim fit dress shirts, and the best t-shirts. Tall guys, embrace your slimness and happy shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes a T-shirt suitable for skinny men? 

Best t-shirts ideal for tall skinny guys strike a balance between fit and comfort. Look for styles with a slim or tailored cut that complements the body's contours without being overly tight.

Fabrics with a hint of stretch provide flexibility while maintaining shape, ensuring a flattering silhouette. Additionally, opting for crew necks or V-necks can add visual interest and draw attention to the upper body, creating a more proportional look for tall guys with slimmer frames.

Are there specific colors that work best for skinny men's T-shirts?

While personal style plays a role, certain colors in t shirts can enhance the appearance of a slimmer physique for tall skinny guys. Darker shade t shirts like navy, charcoal, or black tend to have a slimming effect and create a polished look.

However, tall guys should know not to shy away from lighter tones or neutrals; they can also work well when paired with the right fit. Ultimately, the key is to choose t shirt colors that resonate with your personal style while keeping in mind that darker colors generally contribute to a more streamlined and tailored appearance.

How can I ensure the longevity of T-shirts for skinny men?

Proper care is crucial for extending the lifespan of your T-shirts for skinny guys. Always follow care instructions on the t shirt's label, washing them in cold water and avoiding excessive heat in the dryer to prevent shrinkage. Investing in higher-quality fabrics can also contribute to durability.

Rotate your best T-shirts regularly to avoid overuse, and consider hanging them instead of folding to maintain their shape. With proper care, your best T-shirts for tall skinny guys can withstand the test of time and keep you looking sharp.

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