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Best Clothing Brands for Short Guys

We may earn a small commission from product links. Blog posts at Nimble Made are written to provide value and advice for our readers—any product(s) we recommend are items readers use and love.

When it comes to clothing marketed for men, it can be so difficult and time consuming to go shopping just to find that nothing fits! Don’t get me wrong, shopping is fun, but the constant reminder that the “average” sized clothes don’t fit is not something we want to experience every time we shop. It’s probably one of the main reasons we hate shopping to begin with. It’s already a time consuming task, and constantly being on the lookout for what can fit is exhausting. 

Luckily, more and more companies are starting to recognize that “average” isn’t always inclusive and people vary in their shape. For my guys who still haven’t found their go to store, we wanted to share our list of brands that promise diversity and inclusion in fashion. We’ll go over them by category and share some fashion tips along the way.

short man shopping shirts clothing

What We Looked For:

Before we dive into some of our selections, we made sure to choose brands that met a couple of unique needs. Some brands specialize in upper body ware and vice versa. We broke it down based on what the brand specializes in, but also chose to separate them by price. 

With the current fast fashion trend, it is easy to want to buy something that is cheap that will last you, at the most, a year. To find clothes unique to one’s body size, it can be pricey. We wanted to meet somewhere in the middle and provide multiple brands that take quality and price into consideration. 

Lastly, these brands all had to be stylish. We tried to find clothes from casual to formal because people need a mix of both. Whether you want to lounge around in a comfy tee, or need some slacks for that upcoming job interview, you are sure to find what you need at one of these brands.

Best Clothing Brands for Short Guys

two shorter men wearing nimble made shirts for short men

Nimble Made - #1 Choice for Upper Body Wear and Value

Nimble Made is the last brand we want to talk about, and we’ve definitely saved the best for last. If you are in need of t-shirts, dress shirts, or flannels for any occasion, this is definitely the place to look. We chose this as our number one brand as their quality and mission rings promises of value to the consumer. As boasted on their website, it has the best slim fit clothing for an effortless look. 

Many brands vary in their size, but luckily their website has a tool where you input your height and weight and gives you a size options that other customers were satisfied with. As stated by their founder Wesley, he created Nimble Made to create a more inclusive and representative sizing standard for people like you, who were told that American sizes don’t fit you. 

We have to say that their catalog could just be my closet. Sure they don’t sell pants or jeans, but their upper body clothing looks and feels amazing. We found a comfy white tee with a black flannel; add some jogger pants and you would have an outfit that works well for a relaxing day out. What we want to emphasize from this store though, is their business- professional dress shirts. 

They are stylish and comfortable and we’re not the only one to think so - many of them have plenty of reviews with a raving 4-5 stars. If you have a job interview, a dress shirt from here is a must have. Overall an easy site to navigate, a great mission, and some wonderful pieces of clothing. That’s why it is our number one pick.


Levis - Best Quality for Jeans

levi jeans close up

Yes, Levis is a well known brand that has made the list. Now we will say that in person shopping may be difficult, but their online store actually includes a decent amount of sizes. Besides, it is levis. We’ve owned several pairs of jeans that have lasted me year after year. 

There is a simple filter option that makes it easy to browse through the men’s sections based on size. Hopefully you know your measurements! It ranges from a 26 to 66 for the waist, and 28 to 40 for length. They also come with fit numbers so you are not just getting accurate measurements, but you can also find a fit for you. If you are confused as to how it works, they offer a pretty nifty guide to help break down their different size meaning. 

We personally like wearing the 511 slim fit and it provides some comfort room in the crotch area, but the rest feels fitted. You do not need to spend extra on getting your clothes tailored, just a bit of research and experimentation, and you are sure to find the perfect fit. Now besides jeans, you may be wondering what brand has great clothing for both the upper and lower body?


Ash & Erie - Upper and Lower Body Wear

 mens shirts on rack

Let’s talk about outfit shopping for a second. If you are short, or very slim, you probably know the struggle. We grew having to go through Levis website to find something that fits and then looking at other stores for slim fit shirts and jackets. For those looking for a whole outfit, we recommend Ash and Erie, a company founded for short men. 

With their empowering mission to create confident men and fostering a supportive online community, you can’t help but feel at home. The quality is amazing, but you pay for what you get. It is a little on the pricier side and there is not a wide variety of selection, but the clothing is well worth the money spent. Whether you are looking for something casual or for work, their outfits meet the look and quality test.

You can check out their latest arrivals to get a feel for what they sell. We think their newest long sleeves would look great with some chino pants, perfect for a date night with your significant other.  Again, it is on the pricier side, but with quality and fashion taste, we say it is well worth it. We want to emphasize that this company recognizes the unrealistic standard placed on men and have an awesome mission.

H&M and UNIQLO - Affordable Upper and Lower Body Wear

storefront men clothing

That’s right! We have two well known stores that made the list. Being there myself and going through forums of short men fashion advice, we agree that these stores do a great job of proportioning their clothing well. 

They offer basic clothing like long sleeves and t-shirts at an affordable price, and they are extremely comfy. For long sleeves, we appreciate that we do not have to roll them up everytime. Same goes for my jeans and folding the bottoms so they don’t drag. Now we want to talk about each of them individually starting with H&M.

H&M has some pretty great finds and deals. This is one of those stores where we would definitely shop in person. It is very captivating when you first enter, but we know that we don’t always love the fit. Hence, why we go in person. 

As we mentioned earlier, we like the portion sizes of the clothing, just because it is a size small doesn’t mean the sleeves need to fit as if it's a size large. So we do recommend the v-necks, flannels, and sweater. We are a little cautious of the heavy jackets and pants. we would not cheap out. 

They have a wide selection that varies in price, but when it comes to pants, we would trust in buying something that feels right. What we love is that if you find one article of clothing you like, you can find it in many different colors. These chino pants are just one example. When you shop here, the selection may be overwhelming, but once you find what you love, you can buy more and more of them.

We must say that UNIQLO is the place we are referring to my friends who are looking for a good deal. Many of their size, small and extra small, already fit short men. They, just like H&M, have a wide selection of clothing and is another store where we would rather go in person. This is one of the few clothing places where we will say that we love the feel of many of their pieces and for the price, it definitely surprises me how quality it is. 

Their website pieces together their clothing very well, making it easy to get inspiration. They also put the height and size worn by the model, so you can get an idea of how a clothing article will look. we could ask for one thing, it would be for a diverse pool of models who are not all 6’1. 

two men wearing short mens clothing

Other Tips:

Now that we went over some awesome brands, here are some tips to make sure your clothes continuously fit well and last.

  1. Make sure you wash and dry your clothes accordingly with what is written in the label. There are oftentimes instructions in the tag of the shirt that tells you how to care for the garment.
  2. Do not wash often. For example, jeans are not meant to be washed after every wear, especially if you are just lounging in them. Wash when your clothes get dirty or start to smell.
  3. Invest in a delicate bag. we rarely see holes in my clothes now.
  4. Teach yourself how to sew. No, you don’t need a sewing machine, but just a needle, some thread, and a quick online video will help.
  5. Pick appropriate detergent. Some are meant for stains, others are meant to retain color. Make sure you are using them for the right use.
  6. Know the fabric. For example, if you want to wash your white, cotton clothing, you should put it through hot water and can use a detergent with bleach to remove stains.

Final thoughts

Hopefully you fell in love with some of our selections and see yourself wearing clothes from these select stores/brands. Don’t let impossible standards or the word “average” fool you. Sometimes we just want to find clothes that fit without digging through dozens of online forums or through the internet in general for a nice dress shirt. 

We gave you some of our picks, with our number one brand being Nimble Made. Whether you just want some casual tops, or are getting ready for a job interview, Nimble Made has the most fashionable, comfortable, and of value clothing. For a quick recap, our favorite brand for jeans was Levis for their longevity and value. 

We like Ash & Erie for quality upper and lower body wear. As for more affordable, yet still fashionable clothing, we were at a toss between H&M and UNIQLO. Don't forget to check out the links provided to get a better idea of these brands. Once you have your perfect outfit, it's also super helpful to know how to market yourself well. After all, picking the right outfit is only half the battle. This website has a tool to help you learn everything about video marketing, so you can show off your fashion. Happy shopping!