5 Best Tuxedo Shirts Reviews in 2024 | To Look Good on Any Formal Occasion

5 Best Tuxedo Shirts Reviews in 2024 | To Look Good on Any Formal Occasion

Anytime is party time; hence, searching for the best tuxedo shirt online is common for most men.  What about you? What’s your favorite dinner outfit? Hence, the time is now to try out what will upgrade your wardrobe besides other accessories available online today. 


At Nimble Made, we believe that besides looking formal and intelligent, there’s a need to improve your evening wardrobe. 

Our shop caters to everybody and all sizes. What sets us apart? Our shirts are based on both weight and height, making them a better fit. 

We strive to ensure you get the right fit without needing any adjustments. Our products are all of good quality and reasonably priced. 

When shopping, consider working within your preferred dress code and budget. In order to help you shop for that perfect outlook, this review highlights some of the best tuxes wears. 

Apart from that, you will learn more about various tuxedo shirt styles and their unique features. Keep reading! Also, check out our list of 20 best gifts for grandpa for more men's gift inspiration.


What is a Tuxedo Shirt?

Tuxedo is formal wear that enhances your look during a wedding, opera nights, evening launches, dinner date, and dance, among other evening events. It makes you stand out in a professional look and style. 

So, if you plan to step out for an evening event, the tuxedo shirt is the appropriate wear. Armed with your invitation card, grab your formal black tux trousers and tux jacket. In addition, shop online from some reputable stores like Nimble accompanying attires.

At Nimble, we offer affordable, high-quality, fresh, and durable garments for all occasions. We advise that the formal shirt with a black bowtie should not be left behind. 

Unlike your standard suit professional shirt, the tuxedo gear is outstanding, and it outshines the rest. Also, it has fantastic features, as mentioned below.

The highly formal shirt has buttons, cuffs, and other accessories to match any evening occasion. You can’t wear it with your usual standard suit no matter the event. Its fabric is strong, woven with dimples and a subtle effect. The French front part has buttonholes on both sides but with removable buttons. 

Nevertheless, the online market has fantastic brands and designs at your disposal. Here are a few style samples of such gears.

Tuxedo Shirt Styles

 1. Pleated Front Style

This design needs a bow tie and formal tuxedo trousers to complete the match. It has eye-catching and neat front pleats on both sides about ½ and ¼ inches wide. The pleats blend in well because they have similar shirt material. To outshine other brands, it goes well with a notch lapel or shawl collar jacket.

 2. Pique Bib Style

To look perfect and confident, wear this tux shirt with a peak collar jacket and some formal tuxedo trousers. Because of the bib style, it suits a white tie to position the shirt well around the neck.

In addition, it has a double-sided rectangular panel bib at the front on the stuffing material with a dimple pattern. The style hides anything under your jacket, leaving a plain white fabric.

Hence, you feel comfortable and smooth under the jacket throughout the function. So, to wear a classier look, ensure the color and fabric match other accessories like the shoe, tux trouser, and some professional socks.

 3. Wing Tip Collar Style

This design is formal besides folding up your collar like a wing. Hence, the matchless ‘wing tip’ name. Now, you know why most guests wear it at formal events. Its official dress code is with a tuxedo trouser or cutaway suit, a black or white bow tie.
 Here'a guide on tying bowties.

Apart from that, the designer cautions against wearing it with a necktie or your standard suit. Although this design is old school, it is still popular despite having fresh, modern turndown collar shirts. 

 4. Plain Front Style

If you wonder what tuxedo shirt fits your French jacket, here is one. The good news is that you can wear it without or with a particular coat. With matching French cuffs, the style will blend with a slim lapel. Some fashion-conscious men may wear a straight tie, unlike the bow tie norm gear.

Another fantastic feature is the removable four top buttons to allow you to place your studs. So, next time you wear it, surprise other guests with another set of studs after a short sitting.

 5. Spread Collar Style

If you’re looking for a famous, versatile tux shirt, here it is. It gives a free leeway to wear with a necktie or bowtie. Besides that, you can bring out your standard suit or a tuxedo. One unique feature about this shirt, it has several other angles and styles.

For example, the semi-spread collar, the Jeff Goldblum of collar spreads. Other styles are the point and cutaway collar.

So, if you want to arrive at your invited event in style and with confidence, grab one piece from the list below. This detailed article has all the reviews you need in a tuxedo shirt. Read on for more!


Five Best Tuxedo Shirts

 1. Neil Allyn 1/4" Pintuck (Pleat) Laydown Collar Convertible Front and Cuff Shirt

Do you desire to look professional and elegant tonight? Slide into this awesome Neil Allyn tuxedo shirt. With over 200 worldwide ratings, this outfit fits any formal occasion.

The US Tuxedo shirt comes in various centimeter sizes. They range from brand sizes extra small to 5 times extra-large. In addition, the neck, chest, and waist have suitable sizes to fit any body size and shape. So, if you’re a tailored, classic, or slim-fit type of person, don’t worry about missing this fantastic product.

Besides having removable plastic studs, you can replace them with your regular preference. The cuffs have a similar design to the French style; hence, giving a unique look. However, you can add cuff links to complete your outfit.

This US-made extra-large piece is white with neatly ¼ inch pleats on the front. The convertible collar will blend in well with your bow tie. Its material keeps your body comfortable, smooth, and warm throughout the evening event. Hence, the combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. So, if you plan to kill the night away from the comfort of your bed, here is your catch.


  • It can be part of a formal wedding dress code.
  • It is made from high-quality cotton fabric to last long.
  • Its pleats are neatly tucked into the shirt, giving it a neat look.
  • It has a button cuff that works well with formal tuxedo trousers.


  • The sleeve length is not appropriate for tall men.

 2. ZEROYAA Men’s Slim Tuxedo Dress Shirts

Irrespective of the event, shirts suit any man. However, with the ZEROYAA white tux shirt, it is unique as not all occasions will fit it. Nevertheless, it comes in various sizes, for instance, small to extra-large. Hence, any standard size person gets their fitting.

Apart from that, it’s a US import, but the designer is Korean. That proves it's of superior quality and design. Amazingly, this shirt has two primary fabrics, namely, cotton and polyester. The combination with premium quality threads helps keep the body cool and comfortable. So, this makes the tux shirt breathable, allowing the body to be free from sweat and heat.

On the other hand, the twin material is light in weight. Wearing this proper gear during the spring season will work wonders, unlike other usual shirts.

So, if you prefer a long-sleeved tux shirt, here is an excellent option for a date or party. In addition, surprising a loved one or colleague during this coming holiday won’t be a horrible idea.


  • It has two primary fabrics.
  • It has an adjustable button that helps it fit better since the shirt is unisex. 
  • This shirt goes well with many jackets, allowing you to match it with your outfit choice.


  • It’s not ideal for big bodied people.

 3. Milani Men’s Tuxedo Shirt

Suppose your invite card insists on a bow tie as one of the dress codes. There is no cause for alarm because here is the simple solution to your worry. To stand out from the crowd, adding French cuffs compliments your date.

This piece is available in white beside a perfect neck size of 14.5 inches and 33 inches sleeve. It has a drawstring closure type that is simple to use with a wingtip collar. Don’t forget to wear your favorite tuxedo trouser and a matching tux jacket.

Also, if you want to remain calm, fresh, and free, consider checking its material type. The cotton tux shirt bears 40% and 60% polyester making it a breathable fabric. Also, it has lightweight material, making it easy to wash and maintain. Hence, it proves the tuxedo shirt is high quality and needs a single needle tailoring. 

The traditional fashion gives it a fantastic finish with a ¼ inch pleat on both front sides. This design hides anything revealing under the jacket yet displays color white.


  • Its high-quality cotton fabric looks stylish and formal.
  • Its balanced design style fits well with any jacket you wear, including the notched lapel.
  • It comes with a button cuff that works well with formal tuxedo trousers .


  • The top buttons of this shirt are stiff and small.

4. Gentlemen’s Collection Tuxedo Shirt

The button closure type is a long-sleeved tuxedo shirt in white color. Besides that, it arrives with a 16-inch neck and a 37-inch sleeve size. Notwithstanding, the 35% polyester fabric is easy to clean and maintain.

Besides that, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods at any night event. Such occurrences include weddings, concerts, cruises, the Oscars, and theater performances. So, to ensure you look presentable with a classic look, wear it with a tuxedo jacket, pants, dress socks, and vests.

This material is non-wrinkle, easy to dry, withstands the machine wash process and dry cleaning. Hence, the 65% cotton and 35% polyester combi are durable, breathable, and easy to maintain. Also, you can replace the removable studs with your standard buttons. Hence, you have the option to use either the studs or buttons.

The tux shirt comes with two regular cuffs with a lay-down collar design. So, in the end, there is the freedom that makes the shirt a versatile piece to suit your preference.


  • Its design is formal and stylish.
  • It can be worn with any jacket, thanks to its flexible front buttons system.


  • It is not 100% cotton.

 5. White Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt

Do you need to upgrade your eveningwear tonight? This white tuxedo shirt comes with a pique bib that makes any innerwear under the jacket invisible. The entire shirt has delicate macro stitches that complement the heat-sealed buttons on the front side. Hence, it can fit a slim size person.

Here is why?

It is semi-tailored to have a bit of a tapered waist. So, if you match that posture, today is your lucky day. However, a typical size person can still slide in without difficulties should you want to gift your loved one. You can pick from a variety of sizes. Thus, there is no need to worry about getting the wrong size.

Besides that, you can remove the four studs and insert your own to match the double cuff collar. The 100% pure Egyptian cotton keeps you warm and comfortable in all seasons of the year. Use machine wash to clean it correctly and fast while maintaining its quality for easy care.

Before settling on a particular piece, you need to calculate your moves to avoid disappointments. Hence, there’s a need for a buying guide like this below.  


  • Its fabric is soft and comfortable.
  • It has a classic design that works well at formal functions.
  • It has several angles and styles.


  • It might be expensive for some people.

Buying Guide

There are various aspects to think about before buying the best tuxedo shirt. Here are a few vital features to help you make the right choice.

 1. Material Type

Like other garments, tuxedos come in various materials. However, you need to know its combination to fish out quality and class. For example, tuxedos made from wool are comfortable with breathable features and soft. They keep you warm, non-sweating, and relaxed all evening throughout your event.

Besides that, wool is locally available, affordable, and popular; hence, it is economical and accessible. So, pick a woolen piece for all the necessary comfort.

 2. Buttons

Most tuxedo jackets have two or more buttons; some are removable while others are not. To unearth a more traditional and simple look, consider picking one with one or two buttons. But, if you prefer the modern look, unbutton the bottom while buttoning the top and middle buttons.

 3. Color

Ensure your outfit, footwear, and other accessories match the event. For example, an evening launch can’t be as colorful as a wedding or dinner dance. Black is the universal color for most tuxedos’ events.

Black makes you gain confidence and leaves you looking like the professional you are! However, there are other colors like maroon, beige, white, and navy, besides others.

 4. The Style

This feature goes in hand with the occasion. Grab a standard wear tuxedo that will blend in with most evening activities. For example, you can pick the plain front style which you can wear with or without a jacket.


Final Thoughts

If you plan to skip an invite during this coming holiday, you have no excuse. Grab the best tuxedo shirt listed above or surprise a family member and friend. However, ensure you match your wear with the right accessories like a tux jacket, dress socks, and bow tie. The tuxedo shirt is formal gear; hence, skip wearing it with your usual suit.


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