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11 Best Untucked Shirts for Men

We may earn a small commission from product links. Blog posts at Nimble Made are written to provide value and advice for our readers—any product(s) we recommend are items readers use and love.

Untucked dress shirts are becoming more popular in men’s style and you may be keen on trying out this new trend. Before you hop on the bandwagon though, there are certain requirements that need to be met to pull off an untucked dress shirt. Too long, and you can end up looking like you're wearing someone else’s shirt. Too short, and it can come off as unflattering and inappropriate. 

Both of these options can make you appear more awkward and confused than stylish. When you factor in a slim fit dress shirt, the length becomes even more important. To prevent any fashion faux pas, choose a dress shirt that is designed to work both tucked and untucked to get the most for your money and your wardrobe. Below are our favorite shirts that look good untucked.

Slim, Untucked Dress Shirts Comparison Table

Brand Rating Comments

1. [Overall Favorite] Nimble Made

top white slim fit dress shirt

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4.8 / 5

  • Many unique styles
  • Actually Slim Fit
  • Essential for Every Occasion
  • Free shipping, exchanges & returns, no minimums

2. Smartcare Trim Fit Solid Dress Shirt




4.2 / 5

  • Unique pattern
  • Wrinkle-Free

3. Traveler Collection Wrinkle Free Tailored Fit Dress Shirt

great white dress shirt


3.9 / 5

  • 100% cotton



Best Slim Dress Shirts that can be Untucked

1. Nimble Made White Patterned Button-Down Dress Shirt

white patterned button down dress shirt

Nimble Made is one of the top brands for finding versatile button-down shirts for men that fit comfortably and arguably the best untucked shirt brands with many shirts designed to be untucked - including being a great brand for untucked shirts. Every shirt is designed with style and function in mind, and the website helps you find your perfect fit with a size finder tool. With its classic white patterns, contrast collars, and angled cuffs, this button-down dress shirt will help you look just as polished and fashionable when it’s untucked. 



  • Great for being worn untucked AND tucked
  • 100% cotton broadcloth with minimal shine and texture
  • Semi-spread collar and metal collar stays
  • Machine washable
  • Easy-iron or steam for best results
  • Free shipping, exchanges, and returns on U.S. orders

Real Customer Reviews:

Took me almost a decade

"These shirts fit perfectly and have a killer cut through the torso. I bought a blue one for work, wore it just once and bought the same shirt in white for my wedding - and didn’t even think twice. It took me ten years (and a lot of wasted money) to find a shirt that fits me this well." – Tommy K


The fit is SPOT ON

"I’m 5’10” 160lbs originally ordered N2 and exchanged for the N3. the fit is SPOT ON! I couldn’t be more excited to have finally found a brand that makes a shirt that fits my body type. My wife will be really happy about it as well in that she won’t have to hear me complain about dress shirts not fitting 😜. Again, thank you and Nimble Made for making the process a breeze!!" – Stephen H

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Banana Republic Slim-Fit Untucked Non-Iron Shirt

banana republic dress shirt

Available in ten different patterns and colors, there is something to fit almost any occasion. If you're looking to wear dress shirts to wear untucked then this is a decent choice. Banana Republic Factory’s slim-fit untucked button down comes in options perfect for welcoming in spring and summer, but can also be pulled off all year long. The 100% cotton material allows for breathability, while still featuring a wrinkle free technology that will let you say goodbye to ironing.



UNTUCKit Russian River Untucked Sleeve



white dress shirt untucked

UnTUCKit is a brand designed specifically to be worn untucked. Their shirts come with a money back guarantee and their signature red loop on the bottom left hem. This classic white button down is perfect for dressing up or down, but will always look great untucked. The material is 100% cotton and ranges in size from medium to three extra-large. 



Cutter Buck Sleeve Gingham

blue gingham shirt worn by man

Ranging from small to three extra-large, the Epic Easy Care shirt from Cutter & Buck has something for every man. The material is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, and has a wrinkle resistant finish for no more ironing. You can choose between three different colors in the gingham print, and a double back pleat makes for a crisper finish. The pattern is easy to dress up or down, and can work for almost any occasion.


Our #1 Recommendation


5. Lee Uniforms Sleeve Oxford Shirt

light blue oxford

Lee Uniforms offers office ready attire for both men and women. The long sleeve Oxford shirt is available in a light blue, yellow or white color, and is 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester. These shirts are by far one of the most affordable options on the list, making them a great addition to your wardrobe on any budget.


6. Coofandy Casual Button Shirts

black dress shirt

If you want to spice up your wardrobe with something a little different, this is a great place to start. The denim exterior adds some interesting texture to your look, and an inner print is shown when sleeves are rolled up. Available in several different washes, you can experiment with what you like best, all without spending a lot of money.


7. Cubavera Essential Sleeve Contrast Panels

tan dress bowling shirt

For a short sleeve option, you should consider Cubavera. These shirts feature an L-shaped embroidery for just a hint of design, without them becoming too bold. Available in three different color options, you can enjoy looking good in the hotter weather, while also staying cool.


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8. Backpacker Wrinkle-Free Chambray

solid blue dress shirt untucked white backdrop

Another option for adding some texture to your shirt without being too bold is the Backpacker’s Chambray. This blue looks similar to denim, while also appealing softer and more professional. This shirt is wrinkle free, and will repel soil and stains. You can also machine wash it and a double needle stitch provides greater durability.


9. Cutter & Buck Twill Shirt

black twill dress shirt

Cutter & Buck have some  solid non tuck in dress shirts so it only makes sense that they make another appearance on this list with their twill shirt. Available in eight different colors, you can stay muted or make a splash. 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, this shirt is part of their Epic Easy Care line. That means machine washable and no ironing required. You can also choose from small to three extra-large to get the perfect fit.


10. FLY HAWK Mens Slim Fit Long Sleeves Elastic Bamboo Fiber Dress Shirts

silver bamboo twill shirt

Made of bamboo fibers, Flay Hawk provides you a soft and glossy shirt that is also good for the environment. This shirt also includes Tencel and Spandex to provide you with a more comfortable overall fit. 13 different colors are available to choose from and they are all incredibly affordable.


11. Van Heusen Men's Slim Fit Never Tuck Long Sleeve Button Down Solid Shirt

blue red black checkered dress shirt

Rounding out the list, Van Heusen offers a never tuck option with polyester included to help prevent wrinkles. You can machine wash these shirts, they come in four different colors, and there Is some hidden print on the interior for added flare.


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Tips on Wearing Your Dress Shirt Untucked

Get the Right Fit

Your shirt needs to flatter your frame, rather than hiding it or accentuating flaws. If your shirt is too baggy, you can look like a little boy wearing their father’s shirt, or having to borrow one from a friend. Too tight, and your body can appear squished into the shirt, making you appear to have grown out of your clothing. Aim for a slightly loose fit to allow for movement, while also following your frame.


Length Is Important

The length of your dress shirt can completely ruin the overall look and fit, making it important to pay attention to just where it will land on your frame. A tucked shirt isn’t going to be as closely scrutinized. But when worn untucked, the length is obvious, meaning you should aim for the ideal length.

A dress shirt should come down to the middle of your pants zipper, while also showing some of the pockets of your pants.


Don’t Rock Wrinkles

Wrinkles never enhance your look. Even slight wrinkles can make you appear  lazy and like you aren’t putting your best foot forward. Keeping your dress shirts hung up, provide it space to not get squished by other items, and avoid letting it lay around after being cleaned. 

You can also iron or steam your shirts for a crisper look. If you don’t want to go through the process of ironing or steaming, you can also go with a dress shirt made of wrinkle free materials.


Make It Personal

You can add a more personal touch to the untucked shirt with colors, patterns, pocket squares, ties, pins, or just simply rolling up your sleeves. You can also finish the look with interesting socks, the right color pants and some great shoes to make the look more reflective of your personal style.



Don’t be caught looking awkward or unprofessional. By going with a dress shirt designed to be worn tucked or untucked, you get the best of both worlds and avoid any length issues. Especially with slim fit dress shirts, you can feel free to go from business to casual, without even needing to switch your shirt. Enjoy the versatility and style that comes close to the equivalent of a woman’s little black dress.



1. Which dress shirts can be untucked?

Dress shirts with untucked collars made of more casual and soft materials, such as Oxford dress shirts, flannel shirts, and chambray shirts, are best. Untucked shirts often have a straight hem, making them ideal for wearing untucked. Dress shirts made of linen are also suitable if you prefer not to tuck them in.

2. Can you wear a dress shirt untucked?

As a general rule, dress shirts should not be tucked in. It means you must be sure that the length of your shirt is appropriate. If it is too long, you will look like you are wearing a dress, which I am guessing you do not like.

3. What is a slim untucked shirt?

As described by J Crew, the untucked shape is based on their slim cut, but with a shorter hemline for wearing without tucking in. Could this mean anything specific? Additionally, these Untucked fit shirts are nearly an inch shorter than the standard Slim fit casual shirts.



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