7 Best Men’s Accessories & Brands | Absolute Must Haves for 2024

7 Best Men’s Accessories & Brands | Absolute Must Haves for 2024

Suit accessories are all too often ignored in men’s fashion. Men who want to appear classy and well-dressed put the attention in the details – and those details are the accessories. Tie clips and other fashionable pieces bring your outfit full circle and make all the difference in looking elegant and impressive or average.


We will go over some of the best men’s accessories and their uses as well as specific products that are worth your attention. Be sure to check out our other guide on how to dress more masculine.


Our Favorite Products


1. Nimble Made Tie Clips

nimblemade tie clips collage 

Tie clips are a small accessory that packs a serious punch. These Nimble Made tie clips come in a variety of styles to suit your needs and match your ties. The minimalist in you will love the classic black tie clip with the bit of flash in the silver stripes. If you prefer more extravagant designs, there are three swirl patterns that will add a touch of lavishness to your suit. Lastly, the texturized silver tie clip is simple, yet masculine.


Each of these tie clips comes at an incredible budget-friendly price, so you won’t break the bank trying to jazz up your outfit.  These clips are each 2.2-inches in length with a practical 0.2-inch width, adding to their classic but stylish look.


This area of your suit will frequently get bumped and touched. Tie clips, like these, with a sturdy clasp will stay put even through knocks and bumps. The copper material of these tie clips is tough and won’t snap or bend easily. Bonus: You get a nifty little Harajuku-inspired drawstring pouch with your purchase.



  • Holds your tie in place, no swaying
  • Variety of designs for added touch of personality
  • Durable and budget friendly


2. Collar Stays

golden collar stays

Collar stays may not be a visual accessory you wear out in public, but they are important in keeping the collars of your nice shirts crisp. They are very affordable and a worthy investment for any professional who wears collared shirts into the office.

In addition to keeping the collar shape, collar stays also improve the shelf life of your shirts so that they last longer.


  • Keeps collars firm and crisp
  • Metal stays are extra durable
  • No more curling collar points
Shop 3-Pack Stays


3. Bows-N-Ties Men's Necktie in Festive Silver


Ties are a necessary accessory for most men’s suits, and for good reasons. These attractive pieces of cloth come in all sorts of materials and designs and add the ideal stylish component to top off a suit. This tie by Bows-N-Ties does not disappoint.

bows n ties festive silver on white dress shirt 

With a lustrous silver shine, this tie is flawless in its flashiness without looking tacky. If it is around holiday times, this tinsel-hued tie will have you fitting right in with the festivities. Delicate stripes in two alternating tones of silver repeat in a diagonal pattern down the entire tie.


Depending on your style and needs, this tie is also available in several other styles. Trend followers will enjoy the narrow-styled tie. Diligent workers who cannot be fussed with a tie during their busy days may prefer the clip-on version. Bowties and ties for kids are also available in this joyful design.


The best part is the tie’s affordability and adaptability. Whether you are dressing casual or formal, this tie will match just about any outfit at a great bargain. The stain-resistant microfiber material is just the icing on the cake at this point.




  • Affordable
  • Versatile color
  • Easy to style in different looks


4. Ted Baker London Baile Corner Cufflinks

 ted baker cufflinks in product box

Cufflinks are a versatile fastener that is both ornamental and practical. Fashionable and sleek, these little pieces of jewelry aren’t just for the traditional three-piece tuxedo. Dress up a suit with a striking pair of cufflinks as the perfect statement piece. Look no further than these handsome rectangle cufflinks with a corner crystal by Ted Baker.


Three color options (silver, matte silver, and brass) let you ensure you get the look you are seeking. These are striking, yet simple with the minimalistic crystal square in the top right corner of each cufflink. The raised triangle shape complements the sharpness of your suit.


Stylish and sophisticated, these will quickly become your go-to pair of cufflinks. The tarnished appearance of the matte silver option is great for those who aren’t looking for a bright, shiny accessory but still want the flash of a nice cufflink. Your purchase will include a handy tin for storage when you are not using them.




  • Sharp and stylish
  • Corner crystal is a nice touch
  • Matches with most suits


5. Prospero Comfort Genuine Leather Dress Belt

 5 prospero comfort belt options

Every suit’s appearance can be enhanced with the addition of a nice dress belt. Prospero Comfort brings us their version of the timeless classic dress belt. This belt isn’t just made of high-quality materials, but it looks the part.


All real genuine leather gives this belt a classic smooth finish in each color option. Finding an outfit to match these belts is not difficult since they come in complementary colors: Dark cognac brown, tan, or black. The beautiful design of this belt allows you to wear it with casual clothes or a fancy suit.


Each part of this belt is made with high-quality materials, including the inside filler. Elegant double stitching lines the belt on the top and bottom, giving it a real ageless appearance. Simple double loops to hold the end of your belt in place are elegant and look sleek. A classic single prong buckle adds just that little bit of shine to the belt for an amazing finishing touch.


The manufacturer recommends ordering the belt one size up from your normal pants size to ensure an accurate fit.




  • Double stitching is elegant
  • Tough belt
  • Real leather


6. Mako USA II Watch

Mako USA II Watch

In a world of smartwatches that illuminate brightly on our wrists, a classic wristwatch with dials and hands is a statement piece that shows you mean business. While a wristwatch won’t measure your heart rate, or track a workout, they are luxurious and stand out in today’s world. This Mako watch is a robust watch with an eye-catching design.


The band is made of solid stainless-steel with classic end links. Not too large or small, the watch’s lug width is 22-mm and the width without the crown is 41.5-mm. Watch thickness can also be a common issue since a thick watch can prevent you from getting into pockets or other openings easily. Mako USA II is only 13-mm thick which is thin enough that it should not cause you problems.


This watch has more than impressive specs and water-resistance, it also has style. Diver-style watches like this are known for their brilliant designs. The navy-blue faceplate sits deep within the watch with highlights of silver marking the time. As the silver hands tick away with that all too enchanting sound, the small calendar gleams modestly on the right-hand side.



  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 200m
  • Beautiful display

7. Nimble Made Slim Wallet

slim wallets from nimblemade

Slim wallets are not only convenient but fashionable. Ours are genuine leather that are designed to be elegant and sophisticated without breaking the bank.


  • Slim size for easy carry and travel
  • Fits standard cards for easy access
  • Made of genuine leather and in stylish designs


    What Can Suit Accessories Do?

     mens tie clips close up

    By nature, suits are fundamentally similar to one another. Suit accessories take your attire from average to extraordinary. You will be a cut above the rest by simply adding a few key accessories. High-class wardrobes always feature the ideal accessories that add an air of completion and class to each outfit.


    Pizzazz and Spark


    Often, men only wear suits and shoes leaving out key accessories like tie clips or cufflinks. This oversight can leave your appearance looking lackluster and incomplete. It is truly amazing how a small cufflink can take an otherwise boring outfit and add an impeccable spark.


    The same can be said for even a basic tie clip. This simple addition is an effortless way to add some pizzazz to your suit. The tie clip is especially beneficial since it has practical uses too.


    Practical and Stylish


    Many suit accessories, while dashing and sophisticated, have the added benefit of being practical. The wristwatch is the most blaring example since it assists you in getting to places on time and keeps you on top things.


    If your pants are a little loose fitting around the waist by the end of the day, that stylish belt can save you from awkwardly adjusting your clothing in the middle of the day. Meanwhile, a tie clip is an easy way to keep your tie in place.


    If you can look dapper and chic with accessories that all have additional uses, who can say that you aren’t winning the fashion game?


    Formal vs Casual


    Some formal events express a dress code that limits the personal flair that you can add to your outfit. You can quiet the flair and shine of your accessories and still set yourself apart from the average man who won’t be wearing any accessory outside of a standard tie. It is all about dressing smart for the occasion, and an eternal piece like a luxury wristwatch will never be inappropriate in a formal or casual setting.


    Casual settings can allow for funky designs in your ties or bowties. Many fashion-forward men are specifically buying pants that ride up a bit when they sit down to show off their trendy and exciting socks.


    Accessories open up the door for men to experiment with their fashion options to boost up their overall style.


    Classic Watches

     classic leather watch with blue dial

    classic metal band watch

    While it might be hard to let go of the technology of smartwatches, you can’t deny the sophistication that a classic wristwatch adds to an ensemble. A watch reflects your personality, so choose wisely.


    Avoid watches that are overly thick or wide as these can appear tacky and overbearing. A classic, minimalist watch with a simple leather band or linked metal band can pull together the lines and angles of your suit.


    If you are feeling particularly snazzy, try out a pocket watch. This is absolutely a statement piece, especially with the addition of a dangling fob.


    Must-Have Accessories


    Some accessories are more vital than others. A classic example of that is the tie. Many employers or events require the addition of a tie to complete the typical suit appearance. But other accessories are essential for those who are trying to up their wardrobe game. Check out this article for winter fashion accessories.



     nimblemade slim ties

    We will start with ties due to their obvious importance. Conservative dress codes often require the addition of a tie. These simple pieces of cloth are more than meets the eye in terms of design and construction. You cannot deny that it is difficult to complete a suit without adding a tie.


    Go wild or go classy. Ties come in such a large variety of colors, materials, and patterns that it is easy to match them to just about every occasion. Holiday ties or cartoon prints are popular for those who want a little bit of fun. Ties with tiny embroidered sharks look like classy polka dots from afar. Or, go with the classic satin tie in a solid color to sharpen up an otherwise drab suit.


    Tie Clips


    Now we are dabbling in the world of lesser-known suit accessories. A tie clip enhances your suit with a simple clasp. Who knew that something so unassuming could add so much to an outfit?


    These clips can be elaborate or plain, but their simplistic usefulness is hard to beat. Fasten your tie to your shirt by placing the tie clip between two buttons on your shirt. This keeps your tie in place and prevents it from creasing.


    Tie clip fashion rules are easy: Make sure it is never wider than your tie and match it to your pen, watch, and belt buckle.



     mens leather brief case close up shot

    A briefcase is another example of an accessory that is extremely practical. High-quality briefcases give an air of sophistication. A cheap briefcase tends to look cheap, and that will drag down your overall appearance. Smaller accessories or even ties can get away with a lower quality. View a briefcase as an extension of your suit. It is large and will be seen, and you want it to look nice.


    The main rule here is to avoid shoulder straps as they can wrinkle and distort your suit jacket. A sharp leather briefcase with a short handle will do the trick just fine.



    Much like a briefcase, your shoes are an extension of your suit that people will see from a distance and be able to tell if something is amiss. Shoe color and style will largely depend on your suit color and cut, but you can never go wrong with a nice pair of black oxfords. Slim cut boots and wingtips are popular and look nice with most suits.


    Your shoes should match your belt and socks. The exception to this is if you are following the current trend of having fashionable socks.


    Proper Ways to Wear a Necktie


    Neckties are a quintessential component of a suit, and, as such, should match your suit appropriately.


    Pattern and Color


    Ties can be one of the most fun parts of your suit to put together. Your tie should be one shade darker than the shirt that you are pairing it with, and the hue should complement your suit and skin tone.




    Ties are not as simple as many people seem to think, and you should certainly pay attention to the cut of the tie and its proportions to your suit and body. Your tie should hit the waistband of your trousers to ensure a well-put-together look. A short tie will look ill-fitting and cheap while a tie that is too long appears tacky and will get in the way.


    Tie the Necktie


    While clip-on ties do exist, they are not the preferred method if one wants to appear sharp and well-dressed. Practice tying your necktie until you find the right knot for you and your body shape. Some knots, like the Windsor or Pratt knot, are more complex and you may want to avoid those until you get the hang of something easier.


    Wearing Tie Clip Procedures


    A tie clip is a small decorative piece that stands out on your suit. Since it attracts attention at the forefront of your suit, it is crucial to learn the proper way to wear a tie clip.


    Clip it On


    A tie clip that is placed incorrectly can appear ill-fitting and ruin the whole effect. You will want to fasten the tie clip in the middle of your sternum between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. Fasten it from left to right, and be sure that has a firm grip on your tie and shirt.


    When to Avoid a Tie Clip


    If you are wearing a three-piece tuxedo or have a vest or cardigan above your dress shirt, you should not wear a tie clip. Remember, the purpose of the tie clip is to fasten your tie to your shirt; so, if your outfit is already serving this function, you can forgo the clip.




    A well-dressed man will require more than a suit and a dark pair of shoes to truly move from regular Joe to remarkable and fashionable. A properly fitted suit paired with a nice tie and a fancy tie clip take your outfit to a whole new level. Whatever the occasion, these fashion fix-ups will help ensure that you look classy and put together.

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