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6 Best Work Shirts For Hot Weather in 2023 | To Keep You Dry and Comfy

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6 Best Work Shirts For Hot Weather in 2023 | To Stay Cool, Comfortable, and Dry While Working

Whether you work in an office or in an open area, dressing for work on a hot day can be disastrous if you don’t have the right clothes. Having the proper shirt for the hot weather enables you to remain comfortable while also ensuring you remain cool. 

However, many people make mistakes when choosing the right shirt for hot weather. Many people think that any shirt is ideal to wear in any environment. The proper working apparel keeps your body airy and allows you to breathe, helping you to relax. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling tired. 

As you choose the best work shirt, put into consideration the density and weight of the fabric. It is best if the work shirt is made using a lightweight and breathable material such as rayon, bamboo, or polyester. Cotton can also be a great choice but as a fabric blend as it is heavy and may not be the best at wicking moisture. However, it is the softest fabric, making it a viable option. 

So, what are the best work shirts for hot weather?

best work shirts variety closet example

Best Work Shirts   

  1. Dickies 1574 Men’s Short Sleeve Work Shirt

    The Dickies 1574 short sleeve work shirt is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best shirt for fieldwork during hot weather.

    The work shirt is by Dickies, a trusted workwear brand that has been in operation since 1922. The company makes workwear and apparel that helps you stay cool, comfortable, and dry as you work. 

    The shirt stays true to the company’s heritage as it helps to keep you comfortable as you work. Additionally, the shirt comes with a traditional fit that allows ease of movement at the workplace. 

    The performance work shirt by Dickies is designed with Temp-IQ that offers enhanced body temperature control. The short-sleeved work shirt understands your body temperature and perspiration level and responds to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. 

    Dickies’ short sleeve work shirts come with incredible cooling and moisture management technology. The technology starts to work when your body temperature and perspiration. The short sleeve work shirt is not only suitable for fieldwork, but it can also be an excellent choice for the office. 

    The short sleeve work shirt also offers you outstanding durability and breathability. It features 65% polyester and 35% cotton, allowing for aeration and breathability. Also, the fabric is soft. The fabric is also moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant, allowing you to comfortably wear it.

    Plus, the Dickies’ comes with two front pockets with a flap and a button closure. It also features a square tail design at the bottom. 

    You can find the Dickies short sleeve work shirt in various colors, including khaki, charcoal, English Red Heather, dark brown, navy, black and dark navy. This allows you to get your favorite color and match it with other outfits. 

  2. Red Kap SP24 Men’s Industrial Work Shirt

    When looking for a work shirt, it is essential that you consider its weight. If it is heavy, it will protect you from the sun, but it’s also weighty, hence uncomfortable. A heavyweight fabric also makes you sweaty quickly. When a heavy fabric absorbs your sweat, it becomes heavier, and it will require more time to dry.

    The Red Kap SP24 men’s industrial work shirt is lightweight, ensuring you enjoy all-day comfort.

    The short sleeve shirt features 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The soft material allows you to breathe inside, making sure you remain cool and comfortable so that the heat does not interfere with the quality of your work. 

    Additionally, the lightweight, durable fabric also wicks away sweat, keeping you cool all through the day. It helps to keep you cool as you work under a shade in hot weather or when you are working under direct sunlight. 

    Besides keeping you cool and comfortable while working outside, the short sleeve shirt is also stylish, making it suitable for office use. The stylish look includes a lined 2-piece collar with a sew-in button closure. It also features two button-through hex-style pockets and a pen on the left pocket. 

    What’s more?

    The Red Kap SP24 men’s industrial work shirt is made using Touchtex Technology. The technology ensures the work shirt offers enough breathability, moisture-wicking, stain resistance, and strong color retention. It also makes sure it releases grease and dirt quickly when you wash it.

    With the Red Kap SP24 short sleeve working shirt, you remain fresh and cool through your working day, ensuring you work perfectly. 

  3. Carhartt Men's Fort Lightweight Chambray Button Front Relaxed Fit LS Shirt S202

    Every hardworking man requires a working gear that works as hard as he does. The Carhartt brand offers high-quality and reliable working gear for all seasons, including hot weather. 

    If you do any kind of work that involves a lot of wear and tear or if you work outdoors, the Carhatt Men’s Fort Lightweight Chambray Button-Front is a perfect choice. The summer work shirt features a sturdy, tear-resistant weave that is meant to withstand the tough conditions of outdoor labor. 

    The work shirt features a 100% cotton material, and it may not be as moisture-wicking as other work shirts in the market. It also comes with a thin and lightweight design that ensures you remain comfortable all day as you work under hot weather. Plus, the cotton material also ensures the work shirt’s softness for enhanced comfort and coolness all day long. 

    It is also machine washable and comes with two chest pockets that make it stylish. Additionally, the center box pleat in the back ensures free movement as you carry out your outdoor work. 


  4. Wrangler ATG Long Sleeve Work Shirt 

    Wrangler ATG offers a line of the all-terrain gear ideal for various purposes. The Wrangler ATG long-sleeved work shirt is part of the clothing line, and it is ideal for working in hot weather. 

    The work shirt comes with several features that make it outstanding and guarantee your comfort. For instance, the work shirt comes with a vented back that helps to keep you cool. 

    Some of the outstanding features of the Wrangler ATG include the glass cleaner. The long sleeve work shirt features a piece of soft fabric inside the work shirt that you can use to clean your sunglasses as you do your job. The fabric also offers breathable comfort. The fabric wicks your sweat and moisture to help you stay relaxed and comfortable. 

    Additionally, you don’t have to worry if you are working in direct sunlight. The working shirt features UPF 30 sun protection that helps to protect you from UV rays. 

    Sometimes, you may need to pull your sleeves up as you work for enhanced convenience. The Wrangler ATG comes with a sleeve converter which is a loop that helps keep your sleeves up if you wear them close to your elbow. 

    What’s more?

    The work shirt also comes with under-arm panels that enhance your ease of movement. Its stretch material also enhances its flexibility. If you want to store some essentials as you work, the shirt makes it possible as it comes with a chest zip pocket. It also features two chest flap pockets. 


  5. FLY HAWK Mens Dress Shirts

    The FLYHAWK men’s dress shirt is made of bamboo fiber which is a soft and comfortable material. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for working during summer or in hot weather. 

    The bamboo short sleeve dress is available in multiple colors, including dark purple, rose red, pink, white, violet, dark blue, burgundy, and black. 

    The work shirt also features a stylish design which makes it ideal for office work. It features short sleeves and a button-down collar. The collar fabric is also thick, making it sharp-looking. It embraces both modern and traditional styles, which embodies the coolness of fashion. 

    The bamboo fabric is also antimicrobial, which helps minimize odor. It also comes with UV protection to safeguard you from UV rays, especially when working in direct sunlight. 

    It is ideal for both formal and casual occasions. If you want to wear it for a formal occasion, go for classic colors such as black and white. For a casual occasion, you can let the collar open and go for the brighter colors of the shirt. 

    Additionally, the shirt features a bottom-up closure. When it’s time to wash your shirt, you can either hand wash it, or wash it using a machine with water below 30 degrees. It would be best if you washed it with the same colors. Later on, you can iron your short sleeve shirt. 

    It is also available in various sizes so you can choose your perfect fit. If you want your shirt to be more relaxed, you should go one size up. 


  6. Van Heusen Men's Big and Tall Air Short Sleeve Button-Down Grid Shirt

    You’ll find the Van Heusen men's work shirt in multiple colors, including the blue sapphire texture, black iris texture, aquarelle texture, Kashmir, silver birch, true navy, etc.  

    The work shirt is woven with specialized and cool yarns. It also comes with a patch on the upper side of the short sleeve shirt that enables your back to breathe without overheating. Plus, the moisture-wicking properties of the Van Heusen men’s work shirt helps to keep your body feeling dry and cool. 

    After washing the shirt, you don’t have to iron it before wearing it. You can take it straight from the dryer and wear it. The short sleeve work shirt is made of 75% rayon and 25% polyester. The poplin fabric material using polyester offers an extra smooth surface and a subtle luster. 

    The Van Heusen men’s shirt offers you versatility in how you can wear it. For instance, you can pull a classic casual look by wearing a short sleeve shirt with a pair of shorts. 

Moisture-wicking Vs. Cooling Effect

While looking for work shirts for hot weather, you’ll come across shirts advertised with moisture-wicking and cooling effect features. 

Moisture-wicking work shirts for hot weather helps to cool your body by pulling sweat away from your body. It then disperses the sweat across the fabrics, which enables it to dry quickly. Pulling the sweat away from your body helps to regulate your body temperature. 

However, different work shirts are made using different fabrics. The different fabrics can affect how they wick sweat and spread it across to regulate temperature. 

On the other hand, manufacturers can design their shirts to trap cooled air close to the skin. 

Which one should you consider?

Although you can get some relief and comfort using moisture-wicking, a product with a cooling effect feature can offer better relief.   

How Do You Choose the Best Work Shirt for Hot Weather

A work shirt should have a lightweight fabric that allows the body to breathe and remain cool. Some work shirts feature a pure cotton material, while others are made using synthetic fabrics such as spandex, nylon, and polyester.

But how do you ensure you get the best work shirt for hot weather? Here are a few considerations:

UV Protection  

You can wear a work shirt indoors in an office setting, or you can use it while working outdoors. If you are working outdoors, it means you are exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays.

As you seek to purchase a work shirt, you should consider if it offers UV protection. The direct sunlight on your skin can even cause cancer. Ensure you wear protective gear that will protect your body from the UV rays. 

Cooling Features 

Other features that you should look for while purchasing a work shirt are the cooling features it offers. The cooling features help to keep your body dry and calm. 

Manufacturers are coming up with new features to help keep you cool. Such features include mesh panels on the back, shoulder, front, and other venting materials under your arm that cool you down. 

Quick-drying and moisture-wicking features help to keep you protected and comfortable under the hot water. 

hot summer shirt cooling


Breathability is a vital factor to consider while looking for a work shirt. If the work shirt doesn’t allow your body to breathe, you’ll feel very uncomfortable and tired, affecting the quality of work you are doing. Breathable work shirts also allow you to sweat. 

As you seek to buy a work shirt, ensure it comes with a lightweight fabric that ensures there is enough space to allow airflow. 


When you want to buy a work shirt, you can either opt for a long sleeve or a short sleeve work shirt. The choice between the two depends on your preferences and style. 

If you go for a short sleeve work shirt for hot weather, you are required to wear additional sleeves to protect your body from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, long sleeve work shirts will help protect your body from heat without the need for extra sleeves. 

So, which one should you choose between a short sleeve and a long sleeve work shirt?

When you are working under the sun, you require more coverage on your body than less coverage. As such, a long sleeve work shirt may be more preferable, although some people face issues with long sleeves and opt for short sleeves. If you go for a short sleeve work shirt, you’ll require sun protection sleeves. 

Stain and Odor Fighting  

Are stain or odor-fighting features essential as you look for a work shirt? Some work shirts can feature an odor-fighting fabric which comes in handy in ensuring you are fresh even after working for an extended time.  

Final Thoughts  

best mens work shirt blue white color

A work shirt for hot weather is supposed to make you comfortable and cool during hot temperatures. If you remain cool, you are also able to improve the quality of your work. A work shirt should be lightweight and have a fabric that allows you to cool off. Other features of work shirts for hot weather include UV protection, breathability, etc. 



1. What type of shirt keeps you the coolest?

You will feel cooler if you wear a cloth that allows perspiration to drain more readily. As a general rule, loose clothing that allows for adequate circulation is preferred." These textiles include cotton, linen, rayon, chambray, bamboo, as well as those that wick moisture.

2. What is the best long sleeve shirt to wear in hot weather?

The Cooling Long Sleeve Tee is the finest long sleeve work shirt for hot weather. This is a popular brand at the office and this shirt is designed to trap cool air close to the skin while wicking away sweat.

3. Is DRI FIT good for hot weather?

Dri-Fit was created for optimum comfort in all weather conditions, so it is perfect to wear during blistering summer days. Dri-Fit keeps you cool. During the summer, many people prefer to wear light materials such as cotton or linen, but I still recommend giving Dri-Fit a shot.

4. Are cotton T shirts good for hot weather?

I found that cotton performs rather well in hot and dry conditions. Cotton absorbs perspiration and allows it to drain slowly, which dissipates a portion of your body heat. They will not work, so opt for a simple cotton T-shirt.

5. What should you not wear in hot weather?

Colors such as emerald, purple, or blue should be avoided. In hot weather, avoid wearing dark clothing since it absorbs light and makes you feel hotter. Wearing white clothing should be sufficiently opaque.