Men's Summer Fashion | Latest Trends for 2024

Men's Summer Fashion | Latest Trends for 2024

We all envision summer to be the season to meet that perfect girl and take her to the perfect date at the beach. With global warming becoming a real problem and warm weather becoming increasingly popular, most of the times we just revert back to our favorite tank top and shorts and throw on a pair of slouchy sandals and call it  day. When we think mens’ fashion, we think of layering flannels, pants, or even a suit, but even as the temperatures rise and summer heat intensifies, you can look and feel good about your outfit. 


Off the top of your head, when you think summer, you probably think tank tops, flip flops, and Mai Tais on the beach. You can keep this aspect of comfortability while also keeping your summer style with these helpful tips. There are options whether you are looking for a laid-back, athletic, preppy, or edgy look this year. Start early and you can feel confident in your outfits this summer. 

Mens’ Summer Fashion Essentials


mens summer white tshirt trend

Summer shirts can be a difficult find. It is hot and the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable and sweaty. Having the wrong shirts can make you switch your shirt five times a day so you do not smell. Don’t worry we have all been there. When looking for a summer shirt, make sure it is light and thin so you can air out. T-shirts are great because you can dress up a simple look with a plain tee. You can also wear something with a statement pattern to turn heads. With t-shirts just be sure to look for a breathable material. Check out Nimble’s collection of basic t-shirts to find a streamlined look that’s perfect for summer weather. 

If you need something that has a little more class, there are also thin polos or button ups. With these you can easily dress up any outfit. Polos are a great summer outfit that can be dressed up or down. The collar adds a nice touch of formality that can work for a wide variety of events. You can even wear this to your mother-in-law’s barbecue without having to worry about any judging stares. A polo gives off that nautical vibe that sticks to the trends of 2023. Polos can range from neutral colors to summery designs that can give a pop of color. Some polos can be made from thicker material, so be sure to find one that you will feel comfortable and cool in. 

two men wearing dress shirts summer fashion

Contrary to what you may think, button-ups are also great for the summer, like the ones in Nimble’s collection of dress shirts. They bring a classy, yet casual look. A great material for button ups is lightweight linen. This material is super lightweight and can give you that beachy look, making linen shirts so popular. Skip the plaid for summer, since it is more of a winter look. For summer, we suggest going for a plain long-sleeve button up for those breezy summer nights. We found that light blue, or simply patterned shirts bring a laid-back beachy look, great for summer dates. Short sleeve button ups are also a great choice for summer. You can wear them unbuttoned or buttoned up. They also come in a variety of summery patterns that can make it seem like you are on vacation. Dubbed the hawaiian shirt, they can also be worn anywhere to spruce up your look. We suggest styling a bolder short sleeve button up with a plain white tee for a clean, but eye-catching look. 

Tank tops are more for a casual look, but finding the right one can still make you look put together. They are also great for showing off that summer physique you have working all year for. For tank tops we suggest a bolder print to make it seem like you put some thought into your outfit. Make sure they are not too baggy or too revealing for the occasion. 


mens blue summer short pants

Shorts are a summer essential, but can also seem sloppy if not paired right. The perfect fit for summer shorts is a length that lays slightly above the kneecap. This allows for breathability, without showing too much. We suggest black or navy for a more neutral option. Pastels can be a great addition to your wardrobe, but be wary of the college frat boy look. If you want to make a statement, we suggest pairing a bolder short with a simple pattern with a plain colored tee. This way you won’t have too much going on, but still make a statement. Summer is definitely the chance to wear bolder colors - we recommend having a few pairs of colorful shorts.

Athletic shorts can also be stylish. Though it won’t be acceptable for every occasion, you can still put an outfit together that looks modern and smart. Athlesiure is a common trend, so do not feel like you can only wear athletic shorts in the gym or at home. We can all agree that these are the most comfortable type of shorts. You can pair these with a nice button down or simple patterned t-shirt. With these types of shorts, make sure they are not too baggy or long to keep a more put together look. Though, they can be styled for a more formal look, you probably won’t get away with wearing these to a work event. Though we have a separate guide here where we recommend the best work shirts for summer.

This year Bermuda shorts are making a comeback. Light colored shorts in more pastel colors are all the hype for summer. This may not be a normal look for you, but do not be afraid to try new things out. Especially if they are trending this summer. Rock these shorts with a statement shoe for a modern trendy look. 


mens summer pants

You may be wondering why we are bringing up pants in a summer fashion guide, but they are essential to a more formal look. Pants can be worn later at night, when temperatures start to cool, and even in the cooler months of summer. You can put away those thick sweatpants, but jeans, chinos and even joggers can still be part of your summer outfit. 

For jeans, we recommend trying out lighter shades. This helps to keep you cooler, and also matches the bright ambiance of summer. Don’t be scared to try out some lighter colors, but if anything black is always a solid choice. If you do choose to go with black jeans, we suggest pairing it with a light colored button up t-shirt.

Chinos are also great for summer because they feature a lightweight material. Chinos come in a wide variety of different colors, so you can experiment with bolder looks. The only thing we suggest staying away from is neon-colored pants. Though they might be appropriate for a music festival, for an everyday summer look, they are a bit much. Khaki is always a safe color, but you should try out colors like gray, blue, or even olive. Chinos are great to wear to a more formal event while keeping with the summer trends. 

Joggers can also be worn to complete an athleisure outfit. Although they are similar to sweatpants, joggers have a more slim look that seems more composed. We recommend lighter colors like gray, to help you keep cooler and fit with the summer theme. Worn with a nice button up or plain t-shirt makes you look super athletic. 


There are countless options when it comes to shoes. There are shoes that can match any outfit, but since it is summer do not be afraid to branch out a bit. Low top sneakers and boat shoes can match any outfit. We suggest lighter colors, such as white to give your outfit a pop. Sneakers that have a pop of color work really well for more simple outfits. Even with a plain colored t-shirt and shorts, a bold shoe can make it seem like you put a lot of thought into your outfit. 

mens boat shoes for summer trends

Boat shoes are also a great option that work with any outfit. They fit nicely in that category between formal and casual. They also fit nicely with the nautical summer trend. Most boat shoes come in more muted colors that can be paired with any outfit. If you choose to wear socks with your boat shoes, be sure that they are no show socks. We found that no show socks add to the summer vibe of your outfit. 

Sandals can also be appropriate for summer. For a more put together outfit, we recommend skipping the flip flops. It can seem too “I just came from the pool” look. We recommend a neutral tone sandal. Leather ones work great and can last a long time. 

mens sneakers for summer fashion tips

If you are going for a more athletic look, sneakers can be a great addition. As long as they do not look beat up, even a pair of UltraBoosts can complete an outfit. If you are a sneakerhead you are in luck, because a nice pair of shoes ties together any outfit. Even a plain t-shirt and pants can be spruced up with a pop of color from a pair of Jordans. Make sure to keep your shoes in a good condition because a dirty shoe can bring down any outfit. 



Since you probably won’t be wearing your jacket all day, it is important to find simple pieces that work with any outfit. Flannels can work great as  lightweight outerwear, but be sure to find one that looks more summer appropriate. Like the color scheme for the rest of your clothing, we recommend a lighter color. We found that striped flannels work really well for summer and can give that vacation look. Plaid could work in some cases as well, mostly on the lighter color scale. 

mens bomber jacket summer styles

Bomber jackets are a great versatile piece as well. They are still in style, and come in lightweight options for warm weather. Bomber jackets fit in with the utility trend that is popular right now. Bomber jackets also come in a wide variety of different materials. Even if you choose a more neutral-toned jacket, the type of material can help it stand out. 

Jean jackets are a great timeless piece that will always have a place. As with jeans, try to find one that is a lighter wash. Some can also be quite heavy, so try to find a lightweight option. Wear it with an athletic short for a complete athleisure outfit. 


Accessories can bring any outfit to life. Unlike in the winter where you can spruce up your outfit with a cool beanie or sweater, summer has its own set of accessories. You can wear a statement piece with a simple outfit, to bring attention to you. Make sure your accessories are practical and can work with all your outfits. 

mens sunglasses fashion summer trend

The most common summer accessory is sunglasses. Invest in a good pair, and rock them for a long time. Sunglasses can give an ominous vibe, while also protecting your eyes. We recommend a neutral-colored quality pair. You can go bold with your glasses if that is your look, but a classy pair of sunglasses can actually dress up a look. We recommend thin-rimmed Ray-Ban aviators that can be worn with even a suit at your cousin’s summer wedding. 

Other accessories include watches and hats. Watches can get quite heavy and sweaty. We recommend finding one that has a canvas strap for a more relaxed look. You can also get a watch with different straps to change up your look. Even though there isn’t much use for a watch in this day and age, a watch can help bring together your outfit. 

A simple baseball cap can also complete an athleisure look while also hiding your bed hair. Rock one with your favorite sports team to even help shrink up a conversation. Hats are becoming more acceptable, and can be a great addition to any summer outfit. They are also functional in keeping the sun out of your eyes. 

Keeping Up with the Trends

Say bye to the tie-dye and all-white trends of 2020 and bring back some timeless pieces for 2023. A lot of things are coming back in trend this summer such as neo-neon and utility streetwear. It may have to do with reminiscing the old days as this year has really been rough for us. With everything going on right now, consider even your mask as an accessory to your outfit. 


Athleisure wear is growing in popularity and we are here for it. Even though you won’t be wearing your gym clothes all day. Wearing comfortable clothes around all day is something I won’t complain about. Since summer is about vacation and comfort, rock your joggers or athletic shorts in summer style. Add a nice button down or even patterned t-shirt to bring together your look. For athleisure outfits, we recommend keeping it clean and simple with a nice accessory to bring more summer style. Make sure to find a good balance between athletic wear and more formal pieces. A statement shoe can help complete any athleisure outfit. Keep an eye out for the new releases of 2023.  


mens summer streetwear fashion

This may seem silly, but since masks are a part of our everyday lives, we recommend putting in some thought to it. Have a couple on hand in case those medical masks do run short in supply. A good quality fabric mask can actually match really well with your outfit. We would stay away from matching patterns on your mask and shirt, since it can seem tacky. A mask that matches your overall color scheme, can really bring together your look. You can really impress people with the small details from our outfit. Turn the negative aspects of having to wear a mask to an addition to your fashion statement. 


The nautical look is coming back for summer, and can make you feel like you are on vacation. Stripes and anchors are back, but in a more subtle way. A blue-toned theme is great for summer and you can rock those both shoes with your outfit. Stay on trend with a smart looking polo shirt or khaki colored shorts. Be sure not to overdo it because it can seem too tacky or frat boy-like, especially if your polo shirt is is a pastel color. We recommend wearing a striped tee with a neutral-colored short and a nice pair of sneakers that is a great balance between simple yet sophisticated. 



This is a trend that you can rock that can really make you stand out. This is definitely not your everyday look, but worn right, this can add something extra to your style. For a less over-the-top look we recommend experimenting with a simple safari jacket or light utility jacket as a statement outerwear piece. Utility jackets come in a wide variety of colors, but we recommend more muted colors to match other things in your closet. The added pockets on these jackets make you seem ready for any occasion. This is a more trendy look that you can try out this summer. Summertime is a great way to try new things and expand your sumer style. 


Bomber jackets are here to stay this summer. If it is lightweight, it can be a great outerwear layer for those breezy nights on the beach. Unlike past years, this year's bomber trends seem more neat and simple. I guess we are trying to go back to simpler times. A nice, light simple jacket can be a great addition to an athleisure outfit. Throw on your sleek bomber jacket over some joggers and feel comfortable, while still looking good. 


mens summer fashion neon colors

We definitely need something bright to look forward to this summer. Make an entrance this season with a bright pop of color to any simple outfit. Whether it be a neon swoosh on your shoe, or a neon shirt, this pop of color is a hit this year. Neon is not an easy color to pull off, but if done right, can add some style to a plain outfit. Neon works great with muted colors.If you are hesitant to go out with a highlighter colored shirt, we suggest starting with something with a neon trim, to dip your toe in the water first. We found even small details like neon stitching can do a lot to add to your outfit. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Do add some color to your wardrobe. You do not have to go out in neon-colored shirts everyday, but a nice pop of color can be perfect for summer. Pastels and even lighter neutral tones can be great for casual and more formal outfits. Some great summer hues are pastels, tan, grey and blue. Go-to colors are usually black and white, since they are easy to pair, but try to experiment with some bolder colors this season. We have been cooped up for too long for you to be going out in black every day.

Do hide your socks or go sockless. Not being able to see your socks oddly enough, gives you a laid-back, yet put together look. We all try hard to look like we did not try too hard, and this is the perfect solution to that. 

Do experiment with new styles. It can be hard to get out of the rut of neutral color tones, or simple outfits, but summertime is a great way to step out of your comfort zone. Maybe you should stay away from experimenting on your friend’s wedding day, but on any other normal day, try to incorporate something new. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you really like and integrate it into your style. 

Don’t stick to dark colors. We love our basic colors, but wearing dark colors doesn’t fit in right with summer. This goes for heavier materials as well. They will make you feel miserable and stick out like a sore thumb. 

Don’t stay too casual. If you want to stay stylish in the summer try not to wear your flip flops and basketball shorts everyday. They can be great for more relaxed days, but try not to stick to those every day of the week.

Final Thoughts

There really is no right or wrong way to dress, but we hope these tips can help you feel more confident this summer. Summer fashion can be tricky, but if you do it right, you can stand out this season. Find that balance between comfortability and style, and do not be afraid to try new things. Also check out our guide to 
men's spring fashion for more inspiration.


1. What should guys wear in the summer?

During summer, guys should wear tops with collars, polos, and tees. Chambray. Chinos, shorts, and jeans. Summer Suits and Sports Coats.

2. Can guys wear jeans in the summer?

No man should suffer for his looks in this heat. A good pair of jeans is hard to hate. In the summer, regular jeans are difficult to wear. Fortunately, there are several ways to wear jeans in the summer.

3. How should a man dress in hot weather?

Start with breathable materials like cotton (for chinos, t-shirts, and polos) or linen or linen mixes (for suits, shirting, and shorts). However, most linen pants are too thin and sheer to be recommended.

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