6 Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2024 Reviews | Suitable for Formal or Casual Events

6 Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2024 Reviews | Suitable for Formal or Casual Events

Besides sports shoes, men have other dress shoes and accompanying accessories such as dress socks. It’s exciting to experience a new feeling when sliding into new footwear. It doesn’t matter the age or the size; every man loves a new look. Hence, contemporary men’s dress shoes are everyday footwear for formal and casual events.


Unlike athletic sneakers, men’s dress shoes are ideal daily footwear for formal and smart casual happenings. For example, most people wear it to parties, weddings, offices, dances, and other special functions. To learn the differences between the most classic men's dress shoes, read our article on the derby vs oxford shoe types.

Besides that, they come in various attractive but standard colors like black and brown. But, shoes in cordovan, white, chestnut, and oxblood colors are also available. Also, have unique sizes, widths, and purposes. In addition, all companies and other online stores strive to release shoes that are:

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Fashionable shoes

So, to guide you to settle on the best British, Italian, or American shoes, read on for a solution. Grab this opportunity, discover the ins and outs of men’s dress shoes, and improve your wardrobe today.

To get started, here’s a detailed review to gauge the right shoe to wear when dressing up for a specific occasion. Besides that, picking the best design shouldn’t be a problem for you subsequently. However, there’s still more to learn. Keep reading!

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Men’s Dress Shoes Anatomy

The shoe’s anatomy is tricky but straightforward in a commoner’s world. It comprises various parts, like the quarter, vamp, toe, and facing. Thus, you need to understand these parts to help you gauge a prime piece and if it matches your dress code. Here is a quick look at the shoe structure.

1. Toe

The molded leather rests at the very front tip and forms with the help of a wooden model. Besides being rounded, it can be square or pointed, depending on the shoe design.

2. Quarter

It is the upper part of the shoe surrounding your heel. However, its design depends on the shoe pattern.

3. Vamp

It is along the toe line that moves when you’re in motion, the top of your foot where the shoe ends.

4. Facing

It is home to the shoelace eyelets and keeps the heel in place if locked well to prevent extra friction.

Men’s dress shoes come in different designs, materials, sizes, and brands. Every shoe pattern and brand has its purpose and season, unlike socks which never go out of fashion. Hence, it is vital to know the various styles and match them for specific functions. Although men don’t care much about fashion, it is critical to step out looking presentable.

So, to help you make an excellent choice here is a quick review about different styles favoring different occasions.

Keep reading!

Different Types of Men’s Dress Shoes

1. Derby Dress Shoes

This style has similar features to the popular Oxford shoe, except for its open lace pattern with quarters on the vamp. The two opposite leather strips create flaps; hence, they don’t tighten the shoe when you lace it up.

So, the design widens the vamp area, leaving you comfortable and free all day long. This derby shoe is better for casual wear than the Oxford formal footwear.

2. Oxford Dress Shoes

The Balmorals (Oxford) is a typical shoe type for most men in the US and around the globe. Besides, they’re more formal than the casual type that non-white-collar professionals prefer. This piece is popular with the closed lacing option.

Wear it frequently with any standard suit and professional dress shirt. So, when rushing out for some business meeting, here is a simple but sleek shoe to wear. Also, you can slide it to any formal tuxedo dress code function or the office.

Nevertheless, it is comfortable with a soft feel and warm. The closed lacing style shapes and places it well as you take those calculated steps. Thanks to the facing under the vamp that closes when you pull the laces up.

3. Monk Straps Dress Shoes

This type has straps, décor perforations, or metal buckles, unlike the lace pattern. They are fantastic with a casual suit. So, whatever your outfit, have confidence that the monk shoe will stand out for you.  

Some have a single strap, while others have double straps on the apparent feature. However, both work the same when closed up, but the double is more comprehensive, with a more enhanced fitting.

4. Blucher Dress Shoes

It is like the derby type but unique in the lace section. The blucher has a single uppercut with minor leather strips and eyelets on the sides. Also, on the quarter sides, they have an open lace done there.

Besides using them for formal occasions, you can wear them at casual events. They pair well with official suits and some classic socks during the day or evening events. Therefore, a detailed review is to help you understand the ins and outs of a few fantastic pairs. Shopping for other men's gifts? Check out our ideas for 20 gifts for grandpa, as well as shoes that make you taller.

Six Best Men’s Dress Shoes

The size 7 black leather shoe represents an outgoing and elegant wearer. Besides that, it has pure leather with thermoplastic elastomers as its primary ingredient. This material cools with a dry foot feel all day long.

Apart from that, the shoe is soft from the inside but tough on the outside. Besides not discharging lousy odor, it absorbs all moisture, thanks to the Ortholite footbed. This unique treatment contains any shock caused by walking motions.

In addition, its closure type is the popular lace-up that works best on formal shoes. Also, it has a square cap toe shape that portrays your feet with a catchy form. Hence, the shoe attracts people towards the feet, unlike other shoes with odd toe shapes.

This 1-inch heel shoe should be your next catch for men who don’t do high heels. So, it is great for tall men who love to wear dress shoes with extra-low heels. Thus, it doesn’t increase their height.  

The shoe expert cautions about using a dryer on the piece. This process will destroy, crack, and shrink the leather material. So, if you’re looking for an imported shoe, lightweight with 100% leather, here it is.


The shoes come in Prince-3-brown colors, each bearing 6.5 inches wide. Besides being 100 percent vegan leather, they have faux leather as their outer material. Hence, they are natural footwear.

In addition, their sole primary material is wood. Thus, it is sturdy, durable while still withstanding daily use. Those men who love the 1-inch heel, this is it.

This classy and elegant shoe type fits well as formal shoes worn with any matching suit color. Another feature that fits some serious business appointments is the lace-up pattern. Apart from the lacing, it has an incredible ornamental perforated design around and on the shoe.

Besides comfort and all-year-round flexibility, the formal footwear has a cushioned and comfortable latex footbed. Whether you walk for long hours or wear them overnight during an evening event, your foot is protected. There’re no blisters and friction with this cushioned footwear.

Men who wear such shoes mean business and always carry a professional look. So, if you’re looking for any of the US products with a brogue wingtip style, here is a perfect dress shoe.


It has a coffee brown color representing business and class for the wearer. Besides being a formal color, the shoe can fit well during any casual function. For example, you can wear it during a wedding and a funeral.

The Italian-made dress shoe has an excellent smooth finish, presentable with no rough surface ends. Its lace-up type proves it is a formal shoe with lasting qualities of leather material. Also, it has a leather sole to withstand daily wear besides daily friction and motion.

Be rest assured if you order; the brand offers you standard shipping free. Also, your package comes with a return warranty for all unsatisfied customers. The expert behind this product is designer Zegna with vast experience and sources his materials from around the globe. So, if you need an item made by a renowned shoe guru, the Bally Apron-Toe is one.


Are you searching for an old-school dress shoe with memories of the American tradition? This dress shoe comes in color black of US 9 size.  With pure black shell cordovan leather as its primary material, it is comfortable in all conditions.
Besides that, the double leather shoe sole gives more heel support and comfort. It is durable, flexible, and easy to clean and maintain, unlike the plastic sole. The entire interior has generous leather lining, giving you warmth and relief while walking.

With this kind of dress footwear, you can now attend any formal and casual gathering. The lace-up style helps widen the vamp area and makes you feel free and relaxed while wearing them.

So, if you want a wide piece, such as D and E width, make your order via prepayment, PayPal, or mail. Nevertheless, if you aren’t satisfied, the brand gives a ten-day return formula for all customers.


Here is the slip-on casual dress shoe you have been longing to own. Jitai Men’s leather shoe has attractive colors, and this order arrives in the color red. It is an excellent fit for weddings, office, lunch dates, weekend wear, and other outdoor casual events.

The red leather surface is smooth and waterproof; hence, it is simple to clean and maintain. Besides that, the sole material is water-resistant and straightforward to wash. One grand reason most Americans find this shoe comfy is its pull-on style. You can wear them with or without socks.  
Its leather material makes it superior quality with a removable insole for easy cleanup and storage. Also, it can work as a perfect gift to your loved one or use it for the above events.

Every person has a unique fashion taste. However, there is a need to weigh different options before buying grooming items like shoes. Here are a few rules to look into and prevent buyer’s remorse. Have a look!


    Unlike the standard laced best men’s dress shoes, this monk-type shoe has a single buckle. It is comfortable upon wear, and you can stay in it for hours. Why is it so?

    The buckle design has a more expansive space at the top than the laced type, tightening when you pull together the laces. Using a buckle style is more modern than the old-school lacing. Your package arrives in Cuero color, a classic and unique shade.

    The well-crafted leather sleek shoe fits like a glove; hence, it is perfect for formal events and special casual gatherings. It has leather on the surface and a lining with a rubber sole for easy cleaning and drying. So, if you have an official appointment today, grab a piece and stand out from the crowd.


    Overall, this fantastic online review will help you find the best men’s dress shoes around your location. It highlights the unique features and various styles of men’s shoes. Besides that, you benefit from a durable, robust, and flexible leather piece that you can wear during formal and casual functions with your standard suit. Read our article on 15 best gifts for brother-in-laws for more holiday gift ideas, and don't forget to learn how to dress smart with business casual sneakers.


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