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What to Wear With Khaki Pants for Men

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When it comes to styling with khaki pants, the possibilities seem endless. Khaki pants are just extremely versatile and have a place in every man’s wardrobe. Due to their basic range of colors and classic fit, they can be paired into casual outfits into something you can wear to a wedding. 

Even still, there are a wide range of ways you can style your khakis and it might be hard to find a place to start. Down below, we have listed out a few different and reliable ways you can style your khakis. Along with styling tips that you should keep in mind before purchasing any more khakis to add to your wardrobe. Coming up with new outfit combinations should be a fun process and the more knowledge you have on the subject the less stress you’ll have. 


Outfit ideas for your khaki pants

Khakis in cold weather

The colors you should embody usually reflect the season, making it a bit easier to gauge what you should wear and when. Winter time is typically reserved for the darker colors on the spectrum and that goes for the khakis you wear. 

Try some dark tanned khakis closer to a brown color, and pair them with a white T-shirt and a navy V-neck sweater over the top. Then, top it off with a denim jacket and some nice winter boots, to tie up the whole ensemble. There are many different things you can do to achieve a nice and cozy winter look with khakis. Given the warm brown colors they can come in, they can make your winter style much simpler. Just remember to keep the colors and color combinations dark and toasty, to match the winter vibe.     

pair khakis with a beanie and dress shirt in cold weather


Khakis in hot weather

Sometimes wearing pants in the summer is unavoidable for men. Luckily, with a cleaner cut khaki in the style of chinos, it can help keep you cool and stylish. All you need to pair it with is a nice T-shirt and some casual sneakers. Just with some nice color coordination, you can have a crisp look. Opting for a graphic tee or even a flannel can even turn this into a funky, street look.

What’s important when it comes to a summer outfit is remaining comfortable and wearing breathable fabrics. Since khakis are very simple, you can easily change up the vibe of your outfit from yacht ready to skateboarding through the park. There is never one way to do something and that goes for this too. Just remember to keep it simple, that’s the most important thing to an outfit in the summer.  

Tackling the work day

It’s time to break out the Oxfords, button-down shirts like Nimble’s collection of casual yet stylish dress shirts, and maybe some fun, patterned socks. When wearing khakis to work it’s important to make sure you’re wearing something clean-cut and slim fitting. Anything too baggy will give you a sloppy look just like anything that fits too large on your body. You don’t want to look like you’re swimming in your clothes. 

Once you’ve found the right fitting khakis the next step is all about adding your own stylistic touches to your work outfit. If you decide to go with a basic colored button-down then pair it with a compatible colored blazer or unlined jacket. Go with a slightly patterned tie and add some personality with some fun, patterned socks that you can show off with a cuff, but that is more suited to your preference, of course. 

 wear khakis to work with a dress shirt


The everyday outfit

This type of style is all about the utility and versatility it can give you across the week. This is all about combining all of your clothing essentials into one outfit that can fit in anywhere. Whether it’s for work, dinner, or a coffee date, this outfit will definitely help you fit in. 

A darker tanned chino is more able to match with other pieces easily, which is why we suggest this color khaki. Then opt for a slightly lighter colored button down that can convert back and forth between a crisp collar and loose collar. Pair it with a bomber jacket and some chukka boots and you have a classy and yet, casual look that can be utilized in many different situations. Finally, don’t forget the power of a basic t-shirt. A well-fitted one will speak louder than words, and can be dressed up with dress shoes or down with sneakers. Take a look at Nimble’s collection of t-shirts to upgrade your wardrobe basics!  


Styling Tips for Khakis

Get the right fit and style for you 

Before buying any type of khaki, please make sure it fits you perfectly. Only the right size will accentuate your frame and keep you looking fresh and clean. If your khakis are too small they'll not only be uncomfortable, but make you look like you’re trying to compensate for something. Plus, the end of the pants will hang awkwardly over your ankles, giving off “going through puberty and I don’t really know what’s going on with my body” vibes. 

Wearing khakis that are too big for you will make you look like you’re a stick figure wearing MC Hammer pants. Even worse, there’s the possibility that you just might look like a mess and that is not how you want to present yourself, especially in professional settings.    


cuff khakis for casual look

To cuff or not to cuff?

That is the question. Hamlet references aside, cuffing the end of your khakis is trendy and can add a casual vibe to your look, but with most things, do it in moderation. You have to keep in mind the length of your khakis on your legs. To get that perfect fit, your khakis should end by just grazing the top of your shoes, but a little longer is also good with a slight crease where your ankle meets your foot. If you're more on the short side, be sure to keep your khaki length long because a shorter length will only make you seem shorter too.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the khaki length isn’t too long so it doesn’t bunch around your ankles. If the length is a little too long then cuffing it around your ankles will work in your favor. Now, rolling your pants up will work best with tapered and slim fitting pants. Pants legs that are too wide will make your ankles and feet look quite comical. Be sure to pinch at the seam and fold the end over before rolling it up for the cleanest cuffed look. Remember that these are pants not capris, so don’t be over indulgent with the rolling.  


Less pockets, cleaner look

It’s important to keep in mind that these aren’t cargo pants, these are khakis. Sure, they’re cut from the same range of colors, but cargo pants give off “deer hunter” as opposed to the vibes you’re trying to accomplish by wearing khakis. Four pockets is the name of the game when it comes to what you need. 

Pockets that appear on the side are what separate cargo pants from khaki pants. If you aren’t on some outdoor excursion then cargo pockets add unnecessary bulk to your legs. If you have no need for those extra pockets during the day then do yourself a favor and refrain from grabbing the cargo pants and short to opt for a classic and clean look with khakis. 


Keep an eye on the wear and tear

Just like with regular denim, your khakis are going to age with you and eventually they’ll be broken in thoroughly and look only suitable for casual wear. We just want to remind you to keep a varied amount of khakis. Some for work and some for fun and casual situations can help add to the longevity of your professional wardrobe. Until the inevitable fraying of edges that will come with worn clothes, broken in khakis can actually add to the aesthetic of your outfit. Just like wearing jeans, it just looks good.   

 mens khaki with blue shirt

Know your colors

Not every khaki color will go with everything in your closet. Which is why it’s important to know the differences between what goes with what. Also which colors go with each occasion and season. For example, warmer seasons need lighter colors and colder seasons need darker colors. Darker tanned khakis are a little more versatile with the amount of clothing it can match with. This is due to the fact that you can wear lighter color shirts with light colored khakis and dark colored khakis. Just the fact that it opens up your options makes it more worthwhile if you were to invest in only one pair. Anything that veers off the path of the regular shades of brown and tan, prowls into more experimental territory. 


Overall, khakis are great pants to have in your closet that can be utilized in many different situations and occasions. They’re an all around pant that can be used for date night, work days, strolling through the park and so much more. You will be able to match many items with the pants resulting in many outfits out of one pair of pants. Just keep in mind all the tips and outfit ideas that we listed out above, to ensure you end up looking good at all times.