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Introduction to the Club Collar

The club collar is a style thats been around since the 1920s and derives from a similar collar style called the Eton collar. Hailing from Eton, the club collar style became common as a uniform trend for Eton students, making the club collar a distinguished look during that time. 

Nowadays, club collars are very popular across the world and seen on many shirt types like club collar dress shirts, which we’ll go further into in this article. With a rounded collar, the club collar remains the standard and English look for many elite English school uniforms. Read further learn more about club collar dress shirts and when to wear a club collar shirt.

Club Collar Dress Shirts

The club collar is a common collar type often seen on formal dress shirts and adorned with a tie. Club collar dress shirts became a hit in the business casual, semi-formal, and formal attire events for its unique collar shape. (Here's a separate guide on semi-formal vs formal dress codes.) Most dress shirts feature a pointed collar – a full guide to dress shirt collar styles here – so a club collar really stands out with its unique rounded shape. Club collars may even show up in a different form, known as the peter pan collar, on many women’s blouses. The club collar has trickled into many different tops throughout fashion but, without a doubt, club collar dress shirts are a great addition to your closet. 

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When to Wear a Club Collar Shirt

Club collar shirts nowadays are very versatile and can be worn to a variety of events or occasions. Club collar dress shirts show up more at dressier events, often with dress codes like business casual or semi casual. A club collar shirt can always be dressed up or down however and is just one part of a complete outfit. Having a club collar shirt in your closet is a good option to have and definitely introduces some variety to your wardrobe selection. Among the club collar shirt, a nice white professional dress shirt is also a good essential and staple to have in any man’s wardrobe. We go into depth here about all the different types of men’s dress shirts that are good to keep in mind for a truly versatile closet. Because of the history of the club collar, they are often seen at more bespoke events where attendees may be expected to show up in a fashion-forward manner. 

Club collars are great when paired with a straight tie or a bowtie and dark pants for a sleek and classic look. Club collar shirts work perfect for events like weddings, company celebrations, family reunions, and corporate networking events. The club collar style is an eccentric choice when compared to other collar styles and, so, are typically seen as more unique or fun than the traditional options. Be sure to check dress codes to see whether this cheeky collar style is the best choice for your evening as club collars work well cocktail parties and semi-formal events.   

The Club Collar Summarized

With roots go back to posh English school uniforms, the club collar has modernized and is seen across today’s clothing. From club collar dress shirts to women’s peter pan collar blouses, the club collar are a fun and eccentric collar style to spruce up an outfit. Club collar dress shirts are best worn for semi formal events or cocktail parties and work great for corporate gatherings. Because of its unique shape, the club collar dress shirt is a great option to have in your closet.


Frequently asked questions about the club collar

    1. Is club collar formal?

Once considered formal, the club collar today can be dressed up or down. More often, the club collar is worn during semi formal or cocktail attire events. Since the club collar can be worn with a tie or opened for a more casual look, the club collar shirt is a versatile option in a man’s closet. 

    1. Can you wear a tie with a club collar?

Yes, you can wear tie with a club collar. Since the club collar has a rounded and shorter collar length than most collared shirts, a collar pin may be helpful to keep a tie under a club collar. 

    1. How to wear a club collar shirt?

A club collar shirt is a versatile shirt and can be worn dressed up for more formal events or dressed down for a casual occasion. A club collar shirt can be worn with dark colored pants and light shoes. Depending on the event attire, a club collar shirt can be worn with a tie.

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