How to Look More Polished and Put Together | A Brief Guide for Men

How to Look More Polished and Put Together | A Brief Guide for Men


Just like any other industry, fashion has changed as a result of the pandemic. The rise of streetwear became more apparent as people opted for comfort over sleek styles, even though tailored looks are still very much on-trend. While some anticipated the fashion industry to drop, it has actually seen plenty of growth over the past year, with men’s apparel expected to grow by 7.29% in the next five years.

With trends coming and going, investing in timeless pieces that don’t go out of style is a must to look more polished and put together. Here are a few wardrobe staples and tips that men can depend on to look their best:

Ensure Clothes are Wrinkle-Free

iron and shirt on board

IMAGE CREDIT: Men’s Journal

Looking more put together starts with having clean, pressed, and presentable clothes. Even the best-fitting shirts and pants will make you look sloppy if they are wrinkled, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. Learning how to iron and steam your clothes is necessary to look more polished.

Start by choosing the right iron and a sturdy board to ensure that it does not snag on any garments or accidentally burn your clothes. When ironing a shirt, work your way down, starting with ironing the collar on both sides. Next, iron the cuffs by unbuttoning them and laying them out flat. Then, smooth the front of your shirt with even strokes before ironing the back. Last but not least, lay the sleeves completely flat on the board before laying the iron on your shirt.


Choose a Chic Protective Mask


herschel pink mask


Since mask-wearing has become part of daily life, choosing the right design can make or break your outfit. There are a variety of masks on the market today, so choosing a chic design that fits into your personal style while offering ample protection from infection should be a priority.

The Herschel Classic Fitted Mask is a great option for those who are particular with their style since it comes in several designs. This mask also has adjustable earloops for a better fit while ensuring you stay protected with its three layers.


Upgrade Your Uniform


gq mens tshirt jeans pair of shoes


Having a uniform is one of the easiest ways to streamline your wardrobe while looking more polished and put together at all times. By deciding on your go-to look for any occasion and having a signature look, you’re sure to be well-dressed even on the worst days. However, it’s important not to mistake having a uniform for boring looks. You should still experiment with variations of tried and tested styles to find what works best for your personal taste and body proportions.

Every man needs several uniforms in his closet. The first is a standard t-shirt, jeans, and running shoe combination. V-neck fitted shirts paired with straight cut jeans tend to be the most flattering. You should also have a well-tailored dress shirt and khakis or chinos for a more smart-casual look. Don’t limit yourself to traditional neutrals; try mixing it up with a patterned shirt and navy or charcoal grey pants.



Have a Good Pair of Shoes


mens dress shoe black

IMAGE CREDIT: Esquire Magazine

While it’s fun to experiment extensively with footwear, it’s best to start with a few dependable pairs that will look great with any outfit. A pair of black Oxfords is always a good shoe to own as it can be dressed up or down depending on your other wardrobe choices.

Be selective when it comes to footwear and invest in a high-quality pair. One thing to consider is whether the shoe is comfortable in addition to looking good. It should provide enough support, comfort, and traction so that you’re comfortable on your feet for most of the day. Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel confident too, which is a huge part of what contributes to looking more put together!

Trends may come and go, but looking polished and put together never goes out of style. There are some Things Every Man Should Own, and a good wardrobe is one of them.