How to Measure Your Belt Size | Quick Tips

How to Measure Your Belt Size | Quick Tips

Do you own belts that are either too long or too short? We’ve all faced this problem at one time or another. The truth is, you’ll be a lot more comfortable, and your pants will fit better when you know how to measure a belt. 

But how can you know what belt length is the best fit for you? We have you covered. In this guide, we’re breaking down the steps you need to take to accurately determine your belt size. 

From measuring existing belts to measuring your waist, we show you different ways to arrive at your true belt size.

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Measuring Your Belt Size

Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to determine your belt size is to measure a belt you already own. With that said, you want to make sure that the belt you choose is one that provides you with a good fit.

If you don’t have such a belt, there is another method you can use to get the right belt length. Follow the steps below to assist you in doing so.

Use an Existing Belt

Find a well-fitting belt that you already own and lay it flat on a table. Then, locate the belt hole that you use most often (it’s the one that looks the most worn). 

Place your tape measure on that hole and follow it to the end of the belt (this is the end with the buckle). Make sure that you don’t go past the belt material. Rather, you want to stop right where the buckle begins. 

Since belts are measured in one-inch increments, you can safely buy a belt that equals the measurement you got from your existing belt. For example, if you measured 32 inches from the hole to the buckle, you should buy a 32-inch belt.

It’s worth noting that some belt manufacturers have slightly different standards for how they measure their belts. Therefore, you might want to double-check it against one of the methods below.

Plus-Two Method

One of the quickest ways to figure out your belt size is to add 2 inches to your waist size. So if you wear pants with a 34-inch waist, you should buy a belt that measures 36 inches in length.

Measuring Your Body

With a pair of pants on, thread your belt loops with your flexible tape measure. Start in the front just above the crotch and feed the tape through until you come back around to the starting point of the tape.

The tape measure needs to be nice and taut to ensure an accurate measurement. When using this method to determine your belt length, it’s important to stand up straight while keeping your body in a relaxed position.

Be sure not to suck in your belly or push it out. Whatever your natural state, keep it in that position for the duration of the measuring process.

Keep in mind that belts are measured in inches. As such, whatever your tape measure reads is the belt size you want to choose. As a brief aside, you should always round up when measuring your belt length. 

For instance, if you loop your tape measure through your belt loops and arrive at a length of 37 ½ inches, it’s best to buy a belt that measures 38 inches in total length.

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If you are tired of wrestling with your belts or can’t seem to find one that fits, use the methods above to ensure that you get an accurate fit every time. Not only will your belt look better on you, but you won’t have to fight with too much or too little material.

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