How to Appear and Feel More Confident

How to Appear and Feel More Confident

Confidence is something that is valued by most, if not all, individuals. However, not everybody possesses this highly sought-after characteristic. Social confidence is particularly important for men because it entails having a high level of self-assuredness, which relates to capability and likability. Some of the most admired business leaders embrace this type of thinking. For instance, Jeff Bezos is not afraid to express uncertainty and carries himself with ease – it's part of what makes him such an enigmatic character. This gives him just the right amount of self-awareness and credence, making him appear more confident, even if he may not always know all the facts. Knowing how to appear and feel more confident is half the battle. With enough practice, dedication, and time, any man can look and feel more attractive. Heres how to do just that:


Dress the part

Transforming yourself into a more confident man does not mean that you have to put on a suit every day. But as we discuss in our blog post 'How to Dress Like a Man', it does include styling and dressing with intent. Start by taking the time for proper grooming and prepping. Investing in pieces that look good on you will allow you to face the day with more meaning, purpose, and confidence. Try on an accent piece like a bandana


Psychologist Sheva Assar explains that the act of getting dressed can significantly affect our moods, behaviors, and confidence levels. This applies to any setting, whether youre simply working from home, heading out for an impromptu meeting or looksmaxing. Go for the right balance of casual and formal if youre heading out; our well-fitting Nimble Made dress shirts, some tailored pants, and a casual jacket will usually do the trick. If youre staying at home, then youll feel more confident in a clean t-shirt and bottoms that help you look more put together than a pair of pajamas. Check out our list of best t-shirts for slim guys.


Behave like a confident person

Dressing well is just one way to boost your confidence. Acting the part, even if you dont really feel confident, can help you practice behaviors that lead to being confident. Groundbreaking advice from Unf*ckologyby Amy Alkon suggests that you target your fears with behavior instead of just positive thinking. This way, you make changes in your brain that reshape your habitual ways of behaving and the emotions that go with them.


It is a common misconception that you can think your way into changing when a more effective way of changing behavior is by doing the action first to gradually alter your mindset. Start with what your body and behavior are capable of doing. If you want to feel more confident with your physique, then start by taking a walk instead of willing yourself to go to the gym daily. These little actions compound and the behavior will change how you think, including improving your confidence.


Take care of yourself

Self-care is not just pampering; it's a way of treating yourself with respect and value. Confident men know that taking care of themselves is important because they regard themselves highly. This encourages growth and self-confidence. While it may seem daunting to get started, there are some practical steps you can take:


Ensuring you have good personal hygiene is a must. This includes brushing your teeth, taking regular showers, clipping your fingernails, making sure your clothes are pressed, and getting a neat haircut. Eating healthy food is also important to feel and look your best. Aside from that, place yourself in an environment where you can pursue your passions and work while avoiding toxicity. All of these are great steps to take in jumpstarting your journey in self-care. Remember that consistency for these efforts is key. After a while, you'll find even better ways to take care of yourself and build your confidence.


Learn a new skill

New skills are required for any man to advance and achieve what he wants in life. We often feel incapable because there is a gap between what we want and where we currently are. By consistently building your skillset and learning new ones along the way, you can become more capable. This is vital to the success of your career, and it also contributes to the success of your personal endeavors.


New skills don't just help you succeed. They also keep you healthy because continuous learning keeps your mind and body engaged. Learning a new skill also allows you to be more adaptable, which in turn opens more doors. The new opportunities will also contribute to your learning, allowing you to become even more skilled in various ways. In this changing world, the only way to stay relevant is to keep up with the skills required to do what's important. Lastly, being skilled will increase your likability. People can depend on you for various things, whether that's helping with car troubles or entertaining guests at a party. Your confidence will build as you become more capable of handling different challenges you may encounter.


Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Confident men know their strengths and capabilities, but more importantly, they understand how to mitigate weaknesses and work through them. This takes a great deal of self-reflection, putting in the work required, and taking constructive feedback from people who matter. A column published on Medium suggests taking some time to reflect on your strengths to become more acutely aware of your skills, talents, and good qualities. Examine your weaknesses to evaluate your improvement areas. Next, ask your friends, family, and even colleagues what they view as your strengths. This will put your personal reflection into perspective and allow you to recognize patterns.


After reflecting and getting feedback, its time to put in the work. Repeatedly practice your strengths but ensure that you are working on your weaknesses, too. Understand what obstacles are holding you back and develop techniques to overcome them. The more you know yourself, what youre good at, and how you can improve, the more confident you will feel in your capabilities and who you are as a person.

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