Boxers vs. Briefs | Function, Comfort Appearance and Health

Boxers vs. Briefs | Function, Comfort Appearance and Health

Should men wear boxers or briefs, and what are the repercussions of choosing either of the options? 

There is an eternal debate of whether men should wear boxers or briefs. As you choose between the two, you have several factors to consider, including durability and comfort. Additionally, you need to decide whether you need the essential piece of clothing loose or fitted. Each type of underwear comes with its pros and cons. 

If you are stuck and can’t seem to decide, here is our detailed comparison to help you decide on the best option. Keep reading to find out more. 

Boxers vs. Briefs: A Detailed Comparison

There are several ways that the two types of underwear differ. But first, here’s a summarized look at the two types of underwear.


Boxers are the first type of underwear that comes into many men’s minds when they think about underwear. The clothing is popular among men because of how well they fit, like comfortable shorts. 

Boxers are an excellent choice for men who like feeling fancy-free and loose. You may not get a lot of support from your boxers. However, they act as adequate protection between your manhood and the pants. 

Boxers differ from briefs because of their short-like design. The shorts get their name from those worn by fighters during boxing matches. They are perfect when running some errands around and doing other daily tasks, such as walking the dog around. 

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Briefs are popular among men who prefer a tighter fit and high-cut sides. Briefs are an excellent choice for men who don’t like loose styles. If you want underwear that will leave you fully supported and offer optimum protection, briefs are your choice. 

They are also an excellent choice if you don’t like the extra fabrics on boxers. Unlike boxers that have a short-like design, briefs cut high to the thighs and offer a more uniform fit such that you don’t have to worry about visible underwear lines or bunching fabric. 

So, what are some of the differences between boxers and briefs?

  • Function

Function refers to how well your choice of underwear keeps things in place and protects your clothes and legs. 

Boxers perform poorly when it comes to function. They put you at risk of lack of privacy due to their baggy nature. There is a likelihood of your manhood peeping out at your most unexpected moment. 

If you want better functionality, briefs are a better option than boxers as they are tighter and provide better protection than boxers. However, briefs leave your inner thighs exposed. They can also cause chafing, especially if you choose the wrong fabric and wear the underwear for an extended period. 

  • Comfort 

Which one between boxers and briefs offers the best comfort?

The right type of underwear should not just hold your manhood in place and protect it. It should also help keep you comfortable for as long as you are wearing it.

If you find yourself adjusting the innerwear through your pockets, it is a sign you are not wearing the right type of underwear, and you need to shift. 

Briefs do the best job when it comes to holding your manhood in place and offering support at all times. However, they can become uncomfortable, especially when it is hot. Some basic tasks like running errands can make you sweaty and sticky down there. 

On the other hand, boxers leave your manhood loose and dangling which can make you feel vulnerable. However, they are free and comfy, ensuring you remain cool and have some fresh air down there.

  • Appearance 

When you wish to purchase comfortable and well-fitting underwear, you need to consider the material. It would help if you also considered whether it is functional and able to hold your member in place and protect it from your pants.

Besides considering the two factors, you also need to ensure that your choice of underwear looks good. This should ensure you won’t be embarrassed when you remove your pants. According to a survey of 200 women, only 5% of women prefer men who wear briefs over other types of underwear. 

It will be best to avoid briefs when it comes to appearance unless you have an incredible physique. In this regard, briefs are the best picks for high school kids and men who have bid goodbye to intimacy. 

If you have a beer belly or you are heavy, boxers can make you add some weight to your thighs due to the padding they offer. This will make your lower body seem bigger than it usually is. However, the boxers’ baggy design doesn’t look appealing. It makes your legs seem like some noodles sticking from baggy underwear. 


Should You Wear Boxers?

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The question of whether you should wear boxers or not depends on the task you are performing. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

Boxers with Clothes

Boxers are an excellent choice when you are wearing specific types of clothes. For instance, if you are chilling around the house in your sweat pants, you might go for boxers to make you feel more free and comfortable. 

This type of underwear is best for wearing loose-fitting trousers complete with a snug-fit dress shirt.  You can also wear boxers with a pair of jeans for room around the thighs.

Boxers while Sleeping

Should you go for boxers while sleeping? Yes, you should. 

The last thing you want while sleeping is any clothing that restricts you or makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Boxers are loose-fitting types of underwear that allow free fresh air flow, ensuring you remain cool and don’t wake up sweaty down there. 

Does Wearing Boxers Affect Your Fertility?  

The reason your testicles are hanging outside your body is to ensure you maintain the appropriate body temperature suitable for the healthy production of sperms. When you wear briefs, they maintain a tight grip on your testicles which may not offer the best environment for the production and performance of sperms. 

However, wearing boxers ensures airflow with no restrictions ensuring you remain cool at all times. 

Should You Wear Briefs? 

Similar to boxers, the decision to wear briefs or not depends on what you are doing and the risks involved. Some of the considerations you can use include:

Briefs when Sleeping 

Wearing briefs as you sleep can be uncomfortable. While they help to maintain everything in place, briefs can be restrictive and maintain heat down there. The heat will make you sweaty and sticky as you sleep. 

This underwear causes restrictions and prevents airflow. As such, if you want to be free as you sleep, briefs may not be the best choice. 

Briefs with Clothes  

One outstanding advantage of briefs is that you can wear them with any clothing, including jeans. If you are a fan of skinny and fitted jeans, briefs are your best type of underwear. 

This type of underwear also holds everything in place and ensures there is no bunching of fabric. 

Briefs while Exercising  

Briefs are an excellent choice when you are working out. For instance, they help to hold everything in place as you exercise. Plus, most of them have a moisture-wicking material construction that helps absorb the sweat and prevent chafing. 

Additionally, they ensure you are not at risk of showing anything down there as you wear them below your workout shorts. 

Please Note: Briefs are tight, which can reduce the production and performance of your sperms. Additionally, tight underwear exposes you to other risks such as blood flow issues and urinary tract infections. 


Should you go for boxers or briefs? If you like feeling free, boxers will be your best option. They allow free flow of air, ensuring you remain calm and prevent crafting. On the other hand, briefs are a perfect choice if you want to maintain everything in place. However, they can be tight, which retains heat.

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