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Written by Ben Chuang

As a man with flat feet, I've often struggled with shoe shopping, and this is especially the case when it comes to leather dress shoes. Shoes such as Oxfords often have a narrow fit that pinches my toes, and a lack of arch support which doesn't lend well to all-day wear.

The unfortunate fact is that most of the time, wearing a suit requires matching formal footwear, but during those rare times when it's possible to wear sneakers with a suit, I'll jump on the opportunity to walk in comfort all day with business casual sneakers.

As an enthusiast and proponent of this outfit, I'd like to walk you through how to wear suits with sneakers and still pull off the look.

Why Wear a Suit with Sneakers

sneakers with suit outfit example

The world of men's fashion is constantly evolving, embracing new trends that blend classic elements with contemporary styles. One such trend that has gained significant popularity is wearing sneakers with a suit. Traditionally, a suit jacket is associated with formal wear, typically complemented by polished leather shoes.

However, fashion-forward individuals and style influencers are now breaking the conventional rules, showcasing how sneakers can add a touch of modernity and comfort to an otherwise formal outfit.

Choosing the Right Suit

Selecting the right suit is crucial when pairing it with sneakers. The fabric and fit of the suit play a pivotal role in achieving a harmonious balance between formal and casual elements.

Lightweight materials like cotton or linen are ideal for a more relaxed look, while wool suits offer a classic appeal that can still work well with the right sneakers.

The fit of the suit should be modern and tailored, avoiding overly baggy or bulky styles like double-breasted suits that can disrupt the sleek silhouette.

black sneakers with brown suit outfit

Additionally, consider the color of the suit; neutral tones like navy, grey, and black are versatile and can be easily paired with various sneaker styles. Remember to use different but complementary shades to your advantage.

Ultimately, the goal is to choose a suit that maintains its formal essence while being adaptable enough to pair with casual footwear.

Selecting the Perfect Sneakers

Choosing the right sneakers to wear with a suit is just as important as selecting the suit itself. The key is to find sneakers that complement the suit without overpowering it.

Classic white sneakers are a popular choice due to their clean and minimalistic appearance, making them versatile enough to pair with almost any suit color.

For a more daring look, high-tops can add a touch of street style, while low-tops maintain a more streamlined and sophisticated appearance. Designer sneakers, often featuring premium materials and unique designs, can elevate the overall outfit.

black suit with white sneakers

It's also essential to consider the material of the sneakers; leather options tend to look more polished and are suitable for semi-formal settings, while canvas low-top sneakers can offer a more casual vibe.

The perfect tonal sneakers should strike a balance between comfort and style, enhancing the suit without detracting from its elegance.

How to Wear a Suit with White Sneakers

Wearing a suit with white sneakers is a stylish way to blend formality with a touch of modern casual flair. To pull off this look, start by selecting a staple suit that fits well and is tailored to your body.

Slim or modern cuts work best, as they provide a sleek silhouette that complements the clean lines of white sneakers.

Stick to neutral suit colors such as navy, grey, or black, which pair effortlessly with white sneakers.

classic white sneakers with white shirt example

The simplicity of the white sneakers enhances the suit's overall appearance without overpowering it, making it a versatile combination for various occasions.

When styling your outfit, pay attention to the details. Opt for a crisp, slim-fit shirt in a classic color like white or light blue to maintain a polished look that's appropriate for the dress code.

light blue dress shirt for men in slim fit by nimble made

Accessories should be minimal but thoughtful; a skinny tie or a pocket square can add a touch of sophistication.

If you choose to wear socks, ensure they are no-show or match the color of your suit trousers to keep the focus on the seamless transition from the suit to the sneakers.

This combination works well for dressing in casual office environments and social events, offering a comfortable yet refined look that stands out for its effortless style.

How to Style Your Look

Styling a suit with sneakers requires a keen eye for detail to ensure a cohesive and polished look. One of the primary considerations is balancing the formal and casual elements.

Opt for a well-fitted suit that retains its formal structure while allowing the sneaker combination to introduce a relaxed touch.

green suit with blue sneakers outfit inspiration

When it comes to socks, no-show socks can create a clean and uninterrupted line from the suit trousers to the sneakers, while bold, patterned socks can add a playful element if done tastefully.

Accessories such as a sleek watch, a pocket square, or minimalist jewelry can enhance the overall outfit without overwhelming it.

The key is to maintain a balance, ensuring that each element complements the others to create a harmonious and stylish ensemble.

Situations to Wear Suits with Sneakers

The versatility of the suit and sneakers combination makes it suitable for various occasions. On casual office days, this pairing can offer a comfortable yet professional look, striking the right balance between formality and ease.

For night-out events, such as dinner parties or casual gatherings, the combination exudes a modern and trendy vibe. Semi-formal gatherings, like cocktail parties or art gallery openings, are perfect opportunities to showcase this stylish blend, where the relaxed feel of neutral footwear meets the sophistication of a suit.

Additionally, for travel and leisure, wearing a suit with sneakers can provide the comfort needed for long days while still maintaining a polished appearance. The adaptability of this trend allows it to fit seamlessly into numerous settings, making it a valuable addition to any modern man's wardrobe.

Wearing a Wedding Suit with Sneakers

Incorporating sneakers into a wedding suit can create a unique and stylish look while ensuring comfort throughout the day. Here are some key points to consider when opting for sneakers on your special day:

Choose the Right Suit:

Opt for a well-fitted suit in a classic color such as navy, grey, or black. Consider a modern cut or tailored fit with a white shirt to maintain a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Fabrics like wool, linen, or a blend can provide both comfort and elegance.

baby blue suit with sneakers at wedding

Selecting the Perfect Sneakers:

Classic white leather sneakers are a versatile and stylish choice that can complement most suit colors. For a more personalized look, consider designer sneakers or those with subtle, elegant details. Ensure the sneakers are clean and in excellent condition, as they will be a focal point of your outfit.

Coordinating the Look:

Pair your sneakers with no-show socks to keep the look clean and polished. Make sure you've selected the appropriate wedding dress shirt. Match the accessories to the overall theme; a sleek watch, cufflinks, and a tie or bow tie can add a touch of sophistication. If the wedding has a specific color scheme, incorporate those colors subtly through your pocket square or tie.

mens blue button up collared dress shirts slim fit

Consider the Wedding Theme:

Ensure that the sneaker and suit combination aligns with the overall wedding theme and formality level. For a casual or rustic-themed wedding, sneakers can enhance the relaxed atmosphere. In black-tie events, opt for high-end sneakers that blend seamlessly with the sophisticated ambiance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Suit with Sneakers

Is it okay to wear sneakers with a suit?

Yes, wearing sneakers with a suit can be acceptable depending on the context and the type of sneakers chosen. It's a modern and casual twist on traditional formal attire, suitable for more relaxed or creative environments.

When pairing sneakers with a suit, consider the occasion and aim for a balance between sophistication and comfort. Opt for well-maintained sneakers and double-breasted jackets that are clean and in good condition to ensure they complement rather than detract from the overall look of the suit.

Which sneakers are best for suits?

The best sneakers to wear with suits are minimalist and clean in design, such as classic white leather sneakers or low-profile canvas sneakers. These styles complement the formality of a suit without overpowering it.

Look for sneakers with subtle branding and a streamlined silhouette to maintain a polished appearance. Choosing neutral colors like white, gray, or navy can also help integrate the sneakers seamlessly with different suit colors and patterns.

Can sneakers be worn with formal?

Sneakers can be worn with formal attire such as black suits, but it's crucial to select sneakers that are sleek and understated. Avoid overly sporty or brightly colored sneakers, and opt for neutral tones and simple designs that blend well with formal clothing.

This approach ensures that while you embrace a more relaxed footwear option, the overall look remains tasteful and appropriate for formal settings like business casual events or creative industries.

Do sports shoes go with suits?

While traditionally unconventional, sports shoes can indeed be paired with suits for a contemporary and sporty look. Choose athletic-inspired sneakers that are sleek and low-key, ensuring they don't detract from the overall formal appearance of the suit by matching with the same color.

This combination can be particularly suitable for events where a modern or fashion-forward approach is welcomed, offering a blend of comfort and style that stands out in a subtle yet confident manner.

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