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4 Best Ties for Navy Suits | Black, Charcoal, and Dark Gray Options

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When you step into a room, what’s the first thing people see? Your face, maybe your clothes, but front and center is your tie. People definitely notice if you’re wearing a tie that doesn’t match your navy suit and might judge you a little for it. It’s important to look your best, and that means grabbing one of the best ties for navy suits to complete your look.

If you're looking for ties that'll work well with other colors look at our list of the best overall ties.

Before, we move forward with the ties, check out our recommended dress shirts for navy suits:

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  • Extremely High Quality
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Banana Republic



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Best Ties for Navy Suits

1. American Wool Tie Charcoal

charcoal silk tie

As the name suggests, this tie is made completely from American wool, meaning that it’s woven to be strong, soft, and durable. Take a look at the seamless stitching in this tie and the mix of dark coloring running throughout the tie. It’s made to be thick and comfortable when you tie it around your neck, but don’t think that you have to only wear it with formal suits. It will match with your navy suits when you’re trying to be formal and when you just want a casual night out, so you can use it almost anywhere. The charcoal also goes well with a pink shirt if you're willing to stand out a little more.


  • The fabric and design are well-made
  • Great color for any colored shirt
  • Solid build and construction
  • Can be worn with a pink shirt


nimble made ties for men

Nimble Made ties have a variety of different patterns, colors, and are some of our favorite ties. They offer FREE SHIPPING without any minimums and easy returns and exchanges.


  • Affordable $20 ties
  • High quality fabric
  • Unique patterns
  • 5 star reviews from customers
  • Free shipping, exchanges, and returns 


2. Eggplant Glimmer Tie

eggplant color tie with gray diagonal stripes rolled up

You can definitely buy an expensive tie to complement your navy suit, but if you’re looking for something a little easier on your wallet, this Eggplant Glimmer Tie is a fine option. Take a look at the glimmer design, so there’s a little shine in this tie when you slip it on. A stripe of darker purple runs through the thick material, while tiny white flecks break up some of the otherwise solid pattern. It’s made completely of woven silk, which means that it’s high-quality and will always look great too. It can be worn with a variety of colors and looks particularly good with a light blue shirt.


  • Can match with many outfits
  • Adds a little color to your look
  • Well-made and durable enough to use for a while

3. Gucci Silk Tie

Gucci Dark Gray Tie with blue and red stripes at end

You don’t need to have ties with all kinds of colors or designs to look great. Nor do you need to have a completely solid colored tie to match with your navy suit. Check out this Gucci tie which includes just a tiny bit of color on the edge and a little golden bee. It’s a small detail, but it adds some personality to any outfit. You can wear it easily with a navy suit while breaking up some of the color. It’s great that it’s durable too, which means that you can wear it for a while to come. Keep in mind that this design may be a bit casual for some settings.


  • Made with high-quality material
  • Durable and with lasting colors
  • The silk is soft and strong

4. Boss Medallion Tie

red medallion recycled tie from boss

Save the planet and your outfit with this Medallion tie, which is cut from recycled fibers. It’s in a deep red color that will add some contrast to your outfit, with a little geometric design that is made to break up some of the solid coloring of your outfit. Unlike our other tie options, it’s a slim cut, so you can wear it anywhere with ease. It’s great for both casual and formal wear, and with the unique design, is perfect for more than just your navy suit.


  • The material is soft and flexible
  • It’s made to be durable and long-lasting
  • The color is made not to fade over time

Various Ways to Wear a Navy Suit

You have that navy suit in your closet that you wear for that one formal event and then you never look at again. We all have that article of clothing that we don’t think about. But if your navy suit is one of those items, there’s no need to worry: you can wear that navy suit in any number of ways as long as you pay attention to your shirt and tie.

It helps that navy has always been respected in the business environment, so let’s take a look.


Navy suits are great for business, and they look great too. You don’t need to do too much to make it wearable either. Slip on a simple crisp white shirt. It can have a little pattern to it or it can be plain. Then choose one of our neckties in a darker color, which will contrast nicely against the white shirt and navy suit. Don’t choose anything too bold.

Like this, your navy suit is a little more conservative—meaning that it’s perfect for a casual professional environment. You don’t have to abandon your personality though. That’s where your tie choice makes a big difference, and where you can add in a little color in a pocket square too.

Think about details

No matter how you’re wearing your suit, the details really make a difference. That’s where your tie comes in. With your blue suit, it will help you stand out a little in the crowd, but think beyond the tie too. Your shirt color and accessories will matter too.

When you pick out your shirt, think about how you’ll wear it. White shirts tend to look great with the collar popped open, since they look a little more casual. You can also pair that with some white sneakers and use your tie to give your outfit a little more color.

More Creative Looks

Navy blue is never boring. In fact, it’s the perfect solid color to experiment with brighter patterns. You can try out a floral or polka-dotted shirt, and can add in details like a creative watch too. You don’t need to go over the top with your style, but adding in a few little creative details can add a lot to your look. As a little tip too, make sure that whatever belt you choose matches your watch rather than the rest of your suit.

This type of look might not require you to wear a tie, since you already have a lot of coloring and patterns going on. If you do choose a tie, you can try to choose something simple. Save the patterned ties for when your shirt is a little more boring.

In Hot Weather

When it’s warmer outside, you can still wear your navy blazer. You can pair it with some breathable clothes like a short-sleeved polo or a plain v neck. You don’t necessarily need a tie with this type of casual wear, but you’ll be able to add in some personality with a pocket square and good pair of loafers too.

Ties to Wear with a Navy Suit

To be honest, you can wear just about any tie with a blue suit so no matter what color you wear (even a green tie) you can't go wrong. Any color or size will work, but really, what tie you pick will depend on what message you want to get across and what the occasion is.

Grey Ties

dark gray tie

Shop Gray Tie

Choose a grey color for something a little more somber or serious. These are perfect neutral options since they can be worn pretty much anywhere. If you pick out one with a few stripes on it, you can add a modern look to this classic color. Pairs really well with a pink shirt.



red burgundy tie

Shop Burgundy Tie


This is a perfect option for the navy suit. Burgundy will add some sophistication to your clothes while offsetting against the navy color well. You can even have a little pattern or coloring in your red tie, which is the perfect way to have a little coloring without it looking garish or over the top.

Burgundy is also a great color to pair with one of these Nimble Made tie clips, which have a sleek little design to them that will give you a little more personality. Of course, you can pair these tie clips with ties of any color, and since they’re made to last, can use them for any occasion too.


Blue and Navy

 blue navy tie for men

Shop Blue Tie

The blue tie is a classic, but be careful with the blue coloring. It will look fresh, but too much blue on top of blue can be a little too much. Consider choosing a blue that’s a different shade than your suit, and that has a little bit of design to it. Blue looks classy and serious, but can also look both elegant and modern. It’s a perfect pairing for your suit.


Purple Ties

purple blue checkered mens tie

Shop Purple Tie

Dark purple is a perfect color to pair with a navy suit. It’s different enough to add in a good contrast against your navy suit, but is also similar enough to blend well. You can pair a purple tie easily with your darker suit while adding some of your personality into it.



Brown doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually look quite good when paired with the contrasting color of navy. Pick out one with stripes to contrast your suit, or choose one with a little pattern to it.



Slipping on your suit is easy, especially when its as stylish as the navy one you have in your closet. It’s much harder to choose what tie you’d like to pair with that suit. There are so many options for ties out there, and even more ways to wear your suit so that you look great and complete the look.

Check out our tips here to figure out what you’d like to pair with your navy suit. No matter how you wear it, you’ll be looking great. 



1. What tie goes best with a navy suit?

Another popular choice is a navy suit and pink tie, as well as a navy suit and black tie, navy suit and green tie, and navy suit and blue tie. Business meetings call for navy suits paired with gray ties, while spring weddings call for navy suits paired with dark blue ties.

2. Can you wear black tie with navy suit?

It is mandatory to wear a black tie. While it may seem counterintuitive, you can wear your blue suit to black-tie events as well. Combine it with a white dinner shirt and a traditional black bow tie for a sophisticated look. In addition to formal attire for business and weddings, you can also wear a black tie with a blue suit and white shirt.

3. What color ties go with navy blazer?

The colors red, orange, and yellow pair well with navy blue or charcoal suits, making them a great choice for presenting or leading a meeting.