Best Clothing Brands for Skinny Guys

Best Clothing Brands for Skinny Guys

Do you have trouble finding the right clothes in your closet that fits you? Maybe you need a complete wardrobe makeover! But what types of clothes do you really like or feel comfortable in? 

Finding the best brands for skinny guys is harder than it needs to be for most. This isn’t just any problem like whether or not to drink water before or after dinner (but you should definitely drink water!).

The fit has to be slim enough to not be baggy, but also not too tight to where your clothes cut off circulation. Wearing an outfit impacts not just those to witness your gracefulness, but also your own feelings about yourself too!

From casual tank tops and shorts, t-shirts and denim jeans, to dress shirts for tall skinny guys, and suits exude an aura that can range from a more relaxed, stressful, or formal atmosphere. This also affects those who are around you that can either judge you as someone who’s well accustomed to their surroundings, trying to impress your peers, or perhaps just trying to be comfortable.

Being a slim individual myself, finding the best Asian clothing brands for skinny guys can be quite tedious. Some clothes may be too baggy and some are way too skin-tight, making it hard to move around! What’s a good fit if you don’t want something too relaxed or skinny you may ask? Well to answer that is to bring a balance to being presentable and comfortable and the solution is the extra slim fit shirts.

Slim fit allows you to have a tapered look, but it’s not to the point where you’re stiff and your clothes are pulling at you. In my personal opinion, slim fit is sort of the grey area of comfort that’s between skinny and relaxed styles, making you presentable and looking fresh, while feeling fresh too! 

Now if you haven’t ever had trouble shopping, you must be blessed with a simple taste! Nowadays there are plenty of options when it comes to looking for clothes; a variety of styles and designs and numerous brands to look at. Continue reading to learn more about the best brands for slim guys, or check out our article on best t-shirts for skinny guys, how to dress as a skinny guy, and best dress shirts for athletic men.

Best Clothing Brands for Slim Men

Tips To Keep In Mind

Before we dive into what the best clothing brands for slim guys are, there are some things we should address first. Not all of these brands contain the whole package, meaning some of them might have the perfect denim jeans, but not have the best slim-fitting t-shirts or dress shirts. Some of these brands may have a wide array of clothing from casual wear to formal attire, but their slim fit quality is poor. Obviously, this varies from person to person, so it’s definitely best for you to get a hands-on experience of how the material feels for you.

Furthermore, even some of the best brands for skinny men may have slim fits for a couple of styles, but a slim fit size small on a jacket may not feel the same as a slim fit size small on a t-shirt. Their quality may vary depending on the material and style of the clothes.

Also, sometimes these brands might pick up on styles that you love or drop styles that you enjoy, so nothing is ever really forever. It’s best to grab hold and invest in the clothes that best fit you before they’re gone and who knows when they’ll be back. Likewise, definitely keep in mind the pricing and quality of these brands as they affect the longevity of the clothing and whether or not they still stay slim fit.

At the end of the day, clothing is something you invest in so you should try to be as efficient as possible, getting the most comfortable, slim-fit clothing that lasts the longest so you don’t need to shop again for a long period of time.

In addition, during these precarious times of the pandemic, it’s definitely recommended to shop online! Remember to wipe down packages that you receive through the mail and shower after trying on the clothes. These brands have their own procedures that they follow when returning clothes, so there’s no need to fret about returning clothing that you’ve tried on.

Now let’s take a look at the best clothing brands for slim guys!

Best Clothing Brands For Slim Guys

#1 Nimble Made - Overall Best Choice

Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Nimble Made

A crucial part of finding the best clothing brands for skinny guys is getting the perfect fit, especially for dress shirts. Dress shirts are used for several occasions whether it’s formal, semi-formal, or casual, they are your key to a more professional, clean look. Good thing you don’t have to wait around any longer! Our #1 pick for the best brands for slim men is Nimble Made.

They are an Asian American brand specifically tailored for slim individuals who are having difficulty discovering the perfect slim fit for their dress shirts. They strive to avoid the personal tailoring that’s often needed by accommodating their sizes for the slim fit criteria.

Their mission statement started with the difficulty the founders experienced when searching for slim-fit dress shirts for their slim body shapes, so they had to find a solution that shouldn’t be so hard when finding comfort in clothes fit just right. Nimble Made’s specialty is their dress shirts, so you can expect top tier quality and comfort from that product.

nimble made best clothing for slim guys

Nimble Made shirts have trimmed shoulders and back, reinforced collars, trimmed chest, fitted sleeves, and proper sleeve and shirt lengths. They have their own original sizes and measurements which can be found online via their fit guide.

Though they may not be as cheap as your fast fashion shirts that may come from Uniqlo or H&M, their unique sizing and quality are well worth the price, sealing them a spot as one of the best clothing brands for skinny men to purchase shirts from. They wrote a whole article on why Asian sizes differ from US sizes. If having broad shoulders has been your issue, Nimble Made makes sure that won’t be a problem anymore and you’ll have that slim fit desire fulfilled. Check out our guide on brands like Uniqlo.

Their style doesn’t stray off from your usual and simple designs, so they will match any sort of outfit that you may already have and easily replace any of your usual dress shirts with their exceptional products.

In addition, Nimble Made has casual dress shirts, flannels, and t-shirts that are slim-fit attire as well so you won’t just be stuck with dress shirts that may look way too formal for a casual lunch, but have some variety in your closet for any occasion. They also have slim ties, tie clips, compact wallets, and more.

Nimble Made’s objective isn’t just to have the perfect shirts for slim guys, but also the perfect one-stop shopping experience so you don’t have to look anywhere else for shirts.

They are definitely the go-to brand for the best brands for skinny guys to get dress shirts from.  

American Eagle Outfitters

Best Brands for Skinny Guys - American Eagle Outfitters

Photo credits: American Eagle website

For your everyday outfits, American Eagle Outfitters has been one of the best brands for skinny guys and everyone’s go-to brand sometime in their lifetime. This is a brand that’s present everywhere with almost 900 stores worldwide! They have an enormous library for casual wear, almost anything you can think of: shirts, pants, shorts, tanks, jackets, etc. For slim gentlemen, they have great polos and their selection of pants offers a great variety. Denim jeans and chinos have an amazingly slim fit with different levels: flex, extreme flex, and next-level flex. Depending on your preference, these pants offer flexibility for a more relaxed, slim fit to skin tight!

The catch to this brand is that there are times when quality control isn’t on point. You might get two of the same pair of jeans, but perhaps their flexibility is actually off, they might be too stretched out and stay loose and you’ll need to frequently wash and dry them to retain that slim fit. Also, they may actually be stiffer like denim. However, these are the expected results when you’re not paying for premium quality slim fit wear.



Best Brands for Skinny Guys - ASOS

Photo credits: ASOS website

If you want to further expand on offers from some of the best clothing brands for slim guys, ASOS would be your next stop. They are an online marketplace that has a global presence. Not only does ASOS have your casual everyday outfits, but they have everything else that includes sneakers, outerwear jackets, athletic wear, and your usual outlet brands such as Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, and more. You can say they are a more broadened American Eagle with a wide assortment of styles.

One of their products to highlight for our slim-fit users are their jeans. They have extreme super skinny sizes, but it may be too tight for your preference or it might just be what you’re looking for! Also, their jeans sit higher on your waistline, so you don’t have to worry about it drooping slightly for unwanted exposure.

With its array of sizes and trendy styles, ASOS also accommodates slim and tall individuals. This goes for any sort of upper or top wear like shirts, jackets, collars, etc. Wide shoulders, long torso, big arms? Not an issue with the ASOS brand.

Banana Republic


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Banana Republic

Photo credits: Banana Republic website

Now we’ve come into the best clothing brands for slim men known for good quality that comes with a moderate price. Banana Republic is your brand for business casual attire with its range of dress shirts, blazers, coats, and pants. They are essentially the premium version of GAP, Old Navy, or H&M. WIth their additional cost, you know their quality will be more comfortable and representative of their styles, meaning their slim fits will definitely be slim! Whether it’s their chinos, dress pants, or denim, they will have their tapered fit with the stretch to make the wear much more comfortable. Style-wise, Banana Republic caters to the standard design while prioritizing the quality of its material, so nothing is too extravagantly detailed or artsy.



Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Buckle

Photo credits: Buckle website

Buckle is one of the best brands for skinny men interested in a collection of casual attire, similar to American Eagle with over 400 stores nationwide. However, their highlight of slim fit would be only their jeans. Their denim fits well and lasts a bit longer compared to your cheaper options. They are a bit more expensive, but it’s worth the investment if the fit is your preference.

Otherwise, their other clothing choices don’t necessarily offer slim fit criteria, so it’ll be up to your discretion for what is comfy or may actually be slim fit. You can almost describe Buckle for their slim fit by saying if you want a true slim fit denim, then Buckle would have it. 


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Express

Photo credits: Express website

Touching upon another of the best brands for slim men, Express has high-quality clothing for all sorts of attire from casual streetwear to formal suits. They are definitely more on the upscale side of the price range, but they are for sure your supplier for slim-fit clothing. Express is available for in-store and online purchases as well. Tapered and snug for your chest or pants and their lengths for their sleeves, shirts, jackets, or coats are just perfect without a need for special tailoring. They’re quite well known for their off-the-rack blazers and suits!

Overall. Express has exceptional slim fit performance for their clothing, especially their denim and formal attire which includes their dress shirts, pants, blazers, and tuxedos. They have a classic style with a touch of modernity, but their dress shirts may be on the thicker end of the material, so they might be heavier or preserve more heat. They are definitely on the higher tier brand for slim fit clothing, some even may say Express is slim fit heaven, however, be sure to use any sort of sales or BOGO coupons because they are on a moderate price scale! It’s good to note that if you’re a smaller size like an XS, Express may have very limited options for you since they generally only run the small to XL.


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - H&M

Photo credits: H&M website

If you have a tight budget, H&M is an excellent choice. They are one of the best clothing brands for slim men that store a warehouse amount of clothing from casual, street, night outs, and formal attires! They are definitely the whole package with a nice price tag and can be found in most shopping malls and outlets. Almost all of their styles have a slim fit option: from their tank tops, shorts, sweats, and other casual clothing to their t-shirts, dress shirts, pants, and blazers.

Their shirts also accommodate broad shoulders with an additional 5% spandex for comfort. Personally, they are my go-to for casual t-shirts and dress shirts for that slim fit feel and they are not too thick in terms of their material and cloth, so it’s great for summer wear.

However, with such a low price it does come with a catch. Sometimes the fit can vary depending on the material and quality of the clothing, so a certain style of a t-shirt might actually be smaller or loose compared to similar styles.


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - J.Crew

Photo credits: J. Crew's website

Another of the best brands for skinny guys similar to Banana Republic is J.Crew, but they offer a bigger selection in terms of style, not just your business casual clothing. There are swim trunks, normal t-shirts, dress shirts, denim jeans, coats, etc. One of the main issues though is that J.Crew’s quality isn’t consistent. Sometimes their slim fits are too tight on your shoulders, or they’re not even slim fit at all! They’ve evolved to straight or relaxed fits or even stiff. Some sizes are sometimes inaccurate too and their chinos aren’t really chinos at all, just regular pants.


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Levi’s

We all know the poster picture of denim is Levi’s. If you don’t correlate denim with Levi’s, then I’m not entirely confident about your shopping expertise! Levi’s has been the front runner for denim jeans since 1873. In regards to slim-fit jeans, however, Levi’s isn’t exactly the best suitor in this aspect. Their slim fit jeans are normally the 511 jeans but they’ve been coming in a bit loose on the rear side, so now the 510, which are normally the skinny jeans, are now becoming the new slim fits, but this isn’t the criteria for everyone.

Also with Levi’s, there’s more denim than spandex or elasticity for their denim, so it’s definitely on the stiff side unless there’s more wear and less wash! They are priced fairly normally as well, but unless you want that denim feel, Levi’s isn’t what you’re looking for.

Scotch & Soda

Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Scotch & Soda

Photo credits: Scotch and Soda website

Looking for one of the best brands for slim guys that’s out of the ordinary? Scotch & Soda might be your clothing brand. They incorporate the whole closet of casual and formal wear. Their styles are up to present trends, but only some offer slim fit options. You’ll need to focus on pants such as dress pants, denim jeans, and chinos for that slim comfort.


Furthermore, Scotch & Soda leans towards the pricey end of the market, especially if you’re ordering outside of the United Kingdom and some of their print and design in general for certain products are only limited. Also, some slim fit labeled products may not be as slim as others, so definitely try these on before investing in them!

Ted Baker

Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Ted Baker

Photo credits: Ted Baker website

Another one of the top-tier best clothing brands for skinny guys is Ted Baker. They are notorious for their suits and formal wear and have great slim fit options. You’re more than likely guaranteed slim-fit comfort because not only are they expensive, but their dress shirts and pants will fit as if they’ve been tailored for you. Ted Baker also has unexpected styles and colors outside of the basic essentials.

You can typically find Ted Baker products in Nordstrom Rack as well, so take advantage of opportunities for sales and coupons since these are expensive! You can say Ted Baker is a step up from Express with their superior quality when it comes to the suits, dress shirts, and pants, which for me can be their specialty.


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Topman

Topman is a higher quality H&M that has similar, if not the same types of attire from casual wear to formal attire, and definitely holds a spot as one of the best brands for slim men. They definitely have great fits for slim fit and lots of variety of styles as well. However, they are more on the expensive side of things, so it’s best to check out their clearance section and sales. Topman also has a great selection of skinny fit clothing, in particular, their pants and jeans with a skinny spray-on section that fits as if they’re a part of your skin!


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Uniqlo

Photo credits: Uniqlo website

One of my personal favorites is Uniqlo. They are a Japanese clothing brand that has taken charge of everyday clothing sales for pretty much everyone and anyone, and they’ve become one of the best clothing brands for skinny guys. Typically Japanese or Asians in general are slimmer than the general American, so their clothing, in general, is automatically slim!

The majority of their clothing and styles are slim fit so you’ll just need to find the right design for you. Uniqlo has the library from casual to formal attire too with a variety of designs such as their Airism brand for thin airflow for the summer weather.

One of the downsides about Uniqlo is that they’re known to discontinue styles from time to time, so definitely hop on their market once you find a design that you love. We have several of their t-shirts as well and they tend to be a bit thicker in material compared to those from H&M, but their lengths are perfect. 

Also, their pricing is quite fair, perhaps just a little bit higher than that of H&M prices, which is why they are one of the most popular clothing brands. They also do offer tailor and tapering services for their pants if you need an adjustment.

Seriously any sort of clothing, Uniqlo will have it for you. T-shirts, jeans, pants, chinos, dress shirts, blazers, winter overcoats, jackets; Uniqlo has the whole package!


Best Brands for Skinny Guys - Zara

Zara is another one of the best brands for slim men which is a great medium tier brand that carries plenty of slim fit attire. They consist of a diverse wardrobe from casual to formal clothing: jeans, t-shirts, jackets, denim, dress shirts, you name it! Also they have acceptable prices, meaning some can go for around Banana Republic’s price range, but with sales or discounts it can reach to H&M affordable pricing.

They’re a great brand since they offer a variety of styles with good quality, so they won’t wear out as fast. In a way, you can describe Zara as the non-Japanese equivalent of Uniqlo. They tend to stray towards the styles that are trending, but have the basic essentials too.  

Conclusion on the Best Clothing Brands for Slim Guys

Discovering the best clothing brands for skinny men is definitely not an easy nor simple task. It requires depth and finesse to find the right clothing for your fit. As people, we shouldn’t be left to just an “okay” type of feeling when it comes to our outfits. We should strive to achieve the highest level of comfort so that we can focus on the other aspects of life that we cannot control. 

Finding that slim fit isn’t a small matter, but a rather important one because if we fail to find comfort in the clothes that we wear everyday, how will we expect ourselves to find comfort in the other critical duties in life, such as work, food, or even relationships with other people like like our families or loved ones? 

This list may not be your perfect resource of finding the best brands for skinny guys, but hopefully this will give you a great start to your search and a huge insight to not only what brands have slim fit clothing, but also what your preference is the clothing you want to wear and what’s your desired outfit and shopping method. Slim fit may be not your preferred comfort zone, but it’s something worth looking into if you’re trying to identify with a certain feel. Maybe you’ll decide that perhaps slim fit isn’t what you’re looking for and you’re thinking about looking into more relaxed clothing or skinny fit. At the end of the day, finding what truly matters to you and yourself is most important. Don’t let go of that!

Browse our website for men’s slim fit flannel shirts, men’s basic t-shirts, men’s dress shirts and much more. 

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