Best Clothing Brands for Men | For Awesome Looks and Stellar Durability

Best Clothing Brands for Men | For Awesome Looks and Stellar Durability

In choosing the best clothing brands for men, I definitely had my work cut out for me. When I took on this task, I (incorrectly) assumed that there would be a few notable brands that stood out from all the rest. Boy, was I wrong. What I found was a tidal wave of clothing companies that I had never even heard of until now.

But the most surprising aspect to all of this is that many of the lesser-known brands turned out to be better than many mainstream clothing brands! Let’s keep reading on so you can see what I mean.

Nimble Made

Admittedly, I wouldn’t classify Nimble Made as a lesser-known brand. On the contrary, this clothing brand has made significant strides to become a highly sought-after option for men. But more importantly, Nimble Made crafts some truly rockin’ threads. 

Whether you want to look casual, formal, or anything in-between, Nimble Made has options for you. Let’s say you’re planning to attend a get-together with friends and colleagues. It’s a casual setting, but you want to make sure you look your best. 

blue and white mens flannel shirt

Blue and White Flannel Button Down Shirt | The Indigo

Nimble Made just recently started offering flannel (finally!), and the wait was well worth it. Take the Blue and White Flannel Button Down Shirt, for example. Here’s a comfortable, well-made shirt that is perfect for casual environments.

You’re getting stellar durability and longevity, thanks to the exceptional workmanship and quality. I like wearing this flannel with jeans. And I can wear just about any style of shoe I want without fear of clashing with Nimble Made’s shirt.

Seriously, it’s that versatile. And even better, Nimble Made offers a variety of flannel shirts to choose from. I’m a blue-and-white guy, myself. But there are many others to ensure you can put together the perfect casual outfit for men. 

But what about the times when you need to look formal? Casual certainly has its place, but it’s not like you can wear a flannel shirt to your next meeting with executives or investors. At least, most professionals don’t have that luxury.

As such, you should check out Nimble Made’s Professional Dress Shirts. There, you’ll find a stunning collection of formal attire in a variety of colors. Although I will freely admit that you have to keep a close eye on Nimble Made’s inventory.

Many clothing options sell out fast, so you need to place your order while the placin’s good. Aside from that one minor caveat, you can trust that you’re finally getting men’s clothing that’s made to the highest standard. 

What’s more, it’s comfortable, long-lasting, attractive, and exudes a timeless yet modern appeal. That’s a hard combination to pull off, but Nimble Made executes it perfectly. Give their clothing a shot, fellas, you’ll be glad that you did.



Bonobos is the perfect example of the adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Indeed, Bonobos was borne from men who were tired of not being able to find a comfortable pair of pants that fit them like they wanted.

As such, the founders of Bonobos made it their mission to craft the perfect pair of pants. And by my estimation, they succeeded in their efforts. What you get a collection of stylish yet timeless pants that look great and complement a variety of occasions. 

Stretch Washed Graphite Chinos

Looking for something casual yet fun? Bonobos Chinos collection is absolutely stellar, with a variety of colors available to meet your every need. There are seriously some good-looking pants. And best of all, they are highly versatile.

You can even find Bonobos pants regularly on sale, letting you save a considerable sum of money in the process. Regardless of what you pay, though, you can look forward to investing in a comfortable pair of pants that fit just right.

And that’s one of the biggest challenges many men face. It’s more difficult than you think, ladies. In some cases, men are just as bad or worse when it comes to being picky about our pants. But Bonobos puts that issue to rest with their comfy Stretch Washed Chinos.

These are truly some well-made and well-designed pants that will serve you will in a variety of settings. Now if only there were jeans that offered the same. Oh, well.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is another one of my personal favorites, as they make clothes for the man’s man. If you embrace your masculinity and want to look good, too, Taylor Stitch is sure to impress. Here, you have clothing line that leans more towards the rugged side.

If Carhartt and Nimble Made had a baby, it would likely be Taylor Stitch. As such, you’re getting thick, durable clothing that looks like a million bucks. And not only does it look good, but it feels good, too. The mark of quality clothing, if there ever was one.

I’m happy to report that Taylor Stitch strikes the perfect balance of both, delivering quality threads that are made to stand the test of time, yet also bear an attractive design.

The Leeward Shirt in Dusk

If you need evidence of this, look no further than to the Leeward Shirt in Dusk. As one of my all-time personal favorites from Taylor Stitch, the Leeward is a work of art that delivers comfort, appeal, and long-lasting quality.

This wool-based blend not only has incredible warmth and insulation, but also has been lightly brushed to give it a pleasant texture. Compared to last year’s iteration, it is lighter and softer to the touch, and for the first time available in a stunning dusk color. So if you like to stay comfortable, the Leeward is right up your alley.

I love the way this tough and rugged shirt feels, as it keeps me warm in chilly weather and doesn’t pull any punches in being a man’s shirt. If you want to look attractive and manly, Taylor Stitch has you covered in more ways than one.

mens best clothing brand


There might be better brands available, but J.Crew deserves a spot for its sheer will and determination to reimagine itself as a formidable clothing competitor. Just in the past few years, J.Crew has successfully delivered the perfect balance of quality and appeal, easily making it one of the best clothing brands for men.

I can’t say I would have included the company a decade ago. But today, it stands tall as being able to hang with the elites while still offering something fresh. 

Stretch Chino Shorts

I don’t know about you, but I have hard time finding shorts that fit comfortably and look good. So I was elated to find J.Crew’s comfy and stylish Stretch Chino Shorts. Granted, these shorts won’t win any awards for originality, but they hit all the marks for what a solid pair of men’s shorts should be.

Plus, they’re perfectly casual while injecting a hint of class, making them a fine addition to any guy’s wardrobe. I have no issues matching these shorts with a variety of tops, and you can get J.Crew’s Stretch Chino Shorts in a bunch of different colors.

As such, it’s easier than ever to mix and match clothing options to complete your look. J.Crew also has a ton of other clothing options for men, from pants to shirts and more. 


Patagonia has quickly risen among the ranks of quality clothing, making them an excellent candidate among the best clothing brands for men. But where Patagonia differs from other entries in this guide is its affinity for outdoor wear.

This is a line of clothing that will keep you warm and comfy, for sure. But it has the rare ability to do so while looking good in the process. Many outdoor clothing options keep you warm but look plain and generic (I’m looking at you, Carhartt). 

Admittedly, Carhartt has its place and isn’t necessarily trying to be stylish. But that’s all the more reason why Patagonia stands out. This is an outdoor clothing brand that takes the variety to new heights. And as such, you can finally look good as you trek along your favorite outdoor destination.

Classic Navy

Patagonia’s Classic Navy is just one of the brand’s many windproof and weather-resistant jackets. The secret to Patagonia’s warmth is the 100% recycled down that lines the inside of the jacket. You’re sure to stay toasty and look just as hot. 

This clothing line is a bit pricey, though. So be prepared to make a sizable investment if you want make Patagonia a part of your wardrobe.

Mack Weldon

In your quest for the best clothing brands for men, you’re sure to come across Mack Weldon. They shine in producing classy undergarments, and you’re sure to be impressed by the sheer quality and appeal of their products.

As essential as it should be, not all underclothing is comfortable. In fact, I’ve had my fair share that left me considering going commando. That’s when you know your undershorts aren’t ideal. Mack Weldon tells a different story, delivering absolutely cozy undies that will make you think twice about investing in any other brand.

18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief

In what is one of my go-to brands for underwear now, Mack Weldon’s 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs are incredibly comfy and allow for extended wear. Just as the name implies, these boxer briefs can be worn all day without missing a beat.

And to top it all off, they come in attractive colors. They are also super soft and provide stellar support where you need it the most. The only downside here is that these are some expensive undies. You could buy three or four multi-packs of a generic brand for what you pay for a single pair of Mack Weldons. 

Oh well, such is the cost of luxury, I suppose. If you can find these garments on sale, I recommend you snatch them up, pronto. 


What started out as a yoga clothing like, Lululemon has grown to be a complete lifestyle brand for all types of occasions. Whether you need comfortable clothing for the gym or just something fresh to wear in your everyday attire, Lululemon has you covered.

Seriously, you can find anything from joggers to polo shirts and everything in-between. I dig the variety that Lululemon offers, as they are no longer limited to a single style of clothing. Instead, you can fill your entire wardrobe with Lululemon clothes without batting an eye. 

Metal Vent Tech Polo Shirt 2.0

What separates Lululemon’s clothing from other brands is that it’s made with activity in mind. As such, you can get hot and sweat without it affecting your comfort. So yes, the company still markets itself to people who run and train, but anyone can enjoy Lululemon’s clothing options.

Their Metal Vent Tech Polo Shirt 2.0, for example, looks like your typical high-end polo. It’s sharp, attractive, and made to the highest standard. But upon closer inspection, you learn that it combats sweat, doesn’t chafe your skin, and offers a lightweight feel for optimal comfort.

But because there are so many “features” that favor the athletic, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for Lululemon clothing. As such, it’s hard to me to recommend this clothing brand if you’re not an active person. 

You can find much more affordable clothing options that look just as good (if not better). But if you do train regularly and tend to sweat due to your ongoing activities, I’d say give Lululemon a shot. Also, you really can find pretty much any type of clothing you need. 

Lululemon carries hats and a bunch of other options to fill out your wardrobe. Just remember that you’re going to be paying more for this brand compared to many others. 

mens quality shirts


If you like ethical fashion, then Everlane is right up your alley. This clothing brand strives for complete transparency in how they make clothing. As such, you can trust that you’re investing in ethical wear. Everlane partners with top producers around the world to ethically source materials for their clothing line. 

What’s even more impressive is that they keep costs relatively low, all things considered. As such, you can do well to fill out your closet by buying from Everlane. And you can do so without breaking the bank. As discussed already, many clothing brands are rather pricey, making it hard for some guys to get all the clothes they need under a certain budget. 

Everlane makes it easy to get what you need, all while remaining ethical in how they go about providing clothing. It’s a nice change of pace and ensures that you’re putting your hard-earned money toward a good cause.

Wrap Up

As you can see, you have a lot of options regarding where you buy your clothes. In my task of narrowing down the best options, I was pleased to find that there are many unique clothing brands that each seem to offer something fresh.

My top pick goes to Nimble Made, as they offer attractive clothing at a great price. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune to look nice. And they offer something for casual and formal wear alike. What’s more, you can combine many of Nimble Made’s clothing options to make for some truly unique styles.

No matter what your tastes are, though, this guide is sure to have something for everyone. Yes, you might spend more or less depending on the brand you go with. But one thing is certain: You will look and feel great in your quest for the best clothing brands for men. For more inspiration, check out our article on things every man should own



1. Is Lacoste a luxury brand?

Lacoste is an approachable premium label. Their price approach is consistent with their positioning as a bridge-to-luxury brand, catering to individuals seeking comfortable and well-appointed lifestyles.

2. What's the most expensive brand?

In 2021, VMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) was the world's most valuable luxury brand, with a brand worth of around 75.7 billion US dollars.

3. Do brands matter in clothing?

Fashion and accessories from well-known brands are meant to appeal to consumers, and they do so admirably. Don't waste your money on something you won't use, so if the brand name item appeals to you, go for it! Brand-name products provide us with high-quality goods, self-confidence, and attractive items.

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