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Best Slim-Fit T-Shirts | Top Brands for Men

We may earn a small commission from product links. Blog posts at Nimble Made are written to provide value and advice for our readers—any product(s) we recommend are items readers use and love.

When you’re trying to feel good and look good for a night out on the town, you know you’re going straight for that favorite t-shirt of yours to be the one.  That’s the lucky one, the one that sends you all the good vibes you need.  For guys, like ladies, we want a shirt that’s going to fit your form just right so that it nicely accents your shape. 

Take your favorite t-shirt, it might have your favorite designer logo, pattern, or color - now imagine that shirt cut to a slimmer fit.  That’s going to change how you look at it, and it’s going to change how everyone else looks at it too. And there is nothing better than a Nimble Made slim-fit t-shirt for the slimmer men out there.

mens white shirt tee

Different Styles

Now of course a t-shirt is a t-shirt, but the fit is what’s going to take that normal wear to the next level. Even among t-shirts there are different styles.  There are long shirts, v-necks, henleys, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, among many others.

If you’re looking for something beyond t-shirts, of course it’s a much wider world out there with button-ups, pullovers, and zip-ups.  Nimble Made has shirts for these looks too, check out their sweet slim-fit dress shirts and flannels too.  You won’t be disappointed one bit, in fact it might just be in your top spot in no time at all.

two models wearing dress shirts

Different Fabrics

Don’t forget, there are many options available as far as fabric goes too.  Obviously, the most common fabric type is 100% cotton, but if that doesn’t suit your preferences, you can opt for polyester, cotton-polyester blend, or some other material types.  These will vary in softness, ease of washing, ability to hold color, practical utility, and overall aesthetic.

100% cotton shirt


Best Slim-Fit T-Shirts

We did you the solid of compiling a list of the best slim-fit t-shirts out on the market.  It’s a crowded market.  You can always go somewhere like Target to get an average, cost-efficient “slim-fit” t-shirt, but that’s not why you came here.  You want some great options that will get you pumped up when you open your closet.  So comb through this list to see if you find something you really like.

Men's Black T Shirt Crew Neck | Nimble Basics Slim Fit

Looking for your next go-to black crew neck for the party?  Nimble Made makes a soft, slim, cost-efficient t-shirt that will get you there in the best style.  With a smooth collar, and form fitting cut, these shirts are great to be worn on their own, or paired with a nice jacket.  Versatility and comfort is the name of the game with t-shirts in my opinion.  

Made in the USA, they partner with an ethical factory in DTLA to show they are committed to helping their locale.  Promising an actually-slim fit shirt, they are medium weighted, and made from 100% cotton.  Not only that, but for this quality of a shirt, the price point is there to match.  It’ll feel good on your shoulders and on your wallet.


Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Uniqlo is a widely known brand world wide at this point and for good reason.  The Japan-based company makes clothing at an affordable price point, with soft materials, making their products easily likeable.  If stocking up on tees is your thing, they have a variety of colors to choose from at all the same price. Even though they are not technically advertising their shirts as slim fit, the default trim is essentially slim.  Their cotton blend fabric plus the many colors of the U Collection T-shirts give you a good option for ease and simplicity in your closet.


J. Crew Slim Broken-In Pocket Crewneck T-Shirt

Are you into a more vintage, yet fresh looking shirt? The Broken-In T-Shirt from J. Crew is a standard in the game for its slightly faded coloring and style. It’s been a fan favorite for a long time, and continues to stand the test of time.  One of its secrets is that it’s dyed twice and washed for silky softness, which combined with the coloring, gives the aesthetic of this shirt a uniquely vintage style. 


Men's White T Shirt V Neck | Nimble Basics Slim Fit

There is nothing more Americana, or classic vintage as the white t-shirt.  It harkens to pop culture icons like James Dean, the Fonz, Dem Franchise Boyz, and many more.  Maybe it’s the army standard issue, or the neighborhood clean cut that is the reason it stands the test of time, but the white tee has been and will be here to stay.  

Nimble Basics knows not to mess too much with an American classic, so all they did was give you a slim cut that will fit your body so you can feel like James when you put it on.  Made in the USA, they partner with an ethical factory in DTLA to show they are committed to helping their locale.  Promising an actually-slim fit shirt, they are medium weighted, and made from 100% cotton.


Mack Weldon Silver V-Neck T-Shirt

Like We mentioned earlier in the article, there are a variety of different fabric styles available in the t-shirt world.  This one from Mack Weldon is a very special kind of shirt for those who don’t always have the time for doing laundry.  Or maybe you are very water-conscious.  Either way, this slim-fit v-neck (also available in crew neck) is for you.  

The fabric combination is a blend of premium Supima cotton and Silver XT2 antimicrobial fabric.  It’s meant to ward off harmful bacteria from forming on the shirt so that it will stay fresher over days of repeated wear.  That way you don’t have to throw it in the laundry after a day or two, it’ll keep it’s color longer as a result too.


Alex Mill Slim-Fit Slub Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

We’re very fabric conscious when we choose our own shirts.  We like them to be soft, but also have patterning and texture to help make it more appealing, to me at least.  This Alex Mill shirt is unique in that it’s made from slub cotton. 


Slub cotton you say? We get it, we didn’t know the name of this type of fabric until we came across it.  It’s where cotton is manufactured with many tiny lumps ingrained so that the finished product has a subtle texture that feels peculiar to the touch yet soft against the skin. As a result, it has a handmade appearance to the eye.  Also, when dyed, the slub cotton shows a lightly heathered look that lends it a textured, vintage appeal.

Orlebar Brown OB-T Slim-Fit Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Some people really prefer a shirt to have a looser neck, so that it doesn’t feel like it’s choking them.  Truly, it comes down to preference and styling.  A looser collar gives off a more laid-back, unconstricted feeling.  Think summer time breeze.  

This popular t-shirt from Orlebar Brown combines that loose collar with a slim fit torso.  It’s a unique fit, where comfort and form-fitting mesh to create a whole new look and feel.  It is an all cotton fabric, so it will require the maintenance that comes with it, but there’s no doubting the novelty of this product.


Men's Olive T Shirt Crew Neck | Nimble Basics Slim Fit

We’ve shown you a couple other styles and colors from Nimble Made, but we just can’t get enough of their t-shirts.  They are so comfortable and soft, yet this Olive color has to be my favorite of the bunch.  It’s hard to find this color, so when we saw that they had it, we were all in.  

It goes really well with the muted color palettes already present in my wardrobe.  Easily worn with blue jeans or khakis, you won’t have any problems pairing this awesome shirt with anything you may have.  

Like their other products, it is made in the USA, where they partner with an ethical factory in DTLA to show they are committed to helping their locale.  Promising an actually-slim fit shirt, they are medium weighted, and made from 100% cotton.

ASKET White T-Shirt

Asket creates year-round fashion meant for the masses.  By not opting for seasonal collections, they spurn the larger fashion industry in favor of the quality over quantity approach.  It is similar to other brands like Everlane and J. Crew where the emphasis style-wise is on minimalism across their whole brand.

Their White T-shirt is made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, which gives it a heavier feel, but with unbeaten softness.  They also offer a lightweight (35% lighter) version.  In addition, they are a unique company that offers their t-shirts in 15 different sizes, with variance in both length (short, regular & long) and overall size (Extra Small to Extra Large).

The overall look is very high fashion, where you wouldn’t be remiss to wear this t-shirt with a blazer and feel out of place anywhere.  

Everlane Tailored Crew Neck T-Shirt

With a solid offering of color variety, minimalist styling, and affordability, Everlane is another good option for your closet.  They offer slimmer fitting, though not technically labeled as slim-fit.  

Additionally, they have two main lines for their t-shirts, the Tailored Crew Neck, and the Organic Cotton Crew.  This will appeal to anyone looking to upgrade their ethical footprint.

The Tailored Crew Neck is made with 100% Pima cotton from Peru.  This cotton gives the shirts a soft, smooth, and wrinkle resistant finish - softer and thicker feeling compared to the Organic tees. The Tailored t-shirts are slightly slimmer in general, and have a mildly longer length. 

Everlane offers the Tailored Crew in a V-neck version as well.  With the refined collar, the Tailored series shows that they have the potential to be paired with more form fitting clothing.  Also, it comes in traditional suit colors like white, navy, and black.

The Everlane Organic Cotton t-shirt is the alternative to the Tailored option.  You can probably figure out most of the differences in the words above, but just to review here are a few of them.

They drape a bit more straight, rather than slimmer.  The sleeves stop right around mid-bicep for a proportional sized arm.  They have a slightly more worn, washed look - perfect for a more natural vibe.  And they have a pocket tee that you can choose from too.

In Conclusion

You have so many great options of t-shirts at your choosing.  It really all depends on your aesthetic, use, and budget.  Your preferences will likely already have you leaning towards one of these shirts.  This writer’s intersection of look, utility, and price point have me leaning towards the Nimble Made products.  We think they can’t be beat within these choices.  But hey, you may have another specific idea in mind where some other t-shirt is perfect for you, and that’s great too!