Best Slim Fit T-Shirts for Men

best slim fit t shirt for men

When you’re trying to feel good and look good for a night out on the town, you know you’re going straight for that best slim fit t-shirt of yours to be the one.  That’s the lucky one, the one that sends you all the good vibes you need.  For guys, like ladies, we want the best slim fitting shirt that’s going to fit your form just right so that it nicely accents your shape, whether you're looking for a modern fit or a slim fit. Luckily we have the best slim fitting t-shirts for men here. Don't forget to check out our article on best dress shirts for tall skinny guys.

Take your favorite t-shirt, it might have your favorite designer logo, pattern, or color - now imagine that shirt cut to a slimmer fit.  That’s going to change how you look at it, and it’s going to change how everyone else looks at it too. And there is nothing better than a Nimble Made slim-fit t-shirt for the slimmer men out there.

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Different Styles for Best Slim Fitting T-Shirts

Now of course a t-shirt is a t-shirt, but the fit is what’s going to take that normal wear to the next level. Even among t-shirts there are different styles.  There are long shirts, v-necks, henleys, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, among many others. When selecting the best slim fitting t-shirt, it may be worth considering what kind of style you're going for.

If you’re looking for something beyond t-shirts, of course it’s a much wider world out there with button-ups, pullovers, and zip-ups.  Nimble Made has shirts for these looks too, check out their sweet slim-fit dress shirts and flannels too.  You won’t be disappointed one bit, in fact it might just be in your top spot in no time at all.

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Different Fabrics for the Best Slim Fit T-Shirt

Don’t forget, there are many options available as far as fabric goes too when selecting the best slim fit t-shirt.  Obviously, the most common fabric type is 100% cotton, but if that doesn’t suit your preferences, you can opt for polyester, cotton-polyester blend, or some other material types.  These will vary in softness, ease of washing, ability to hold color, practical utility, and overall aesthetic. Our favorite fabric for the best tight fitting t-shirt is 100% cotton or organic cotton as this will feel the softest.

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5 Best Slim Fitting T-Shirts

We did you the solid of compiling a list of the best slim fitting t-shirts out on the market. It’s a crowded market.  You can always go somewhere like Target to get an average, cost-efficient “slim-fit” t-shirt, but that’s not why you came here.  You want some great options that will get you pumped up when you open your closet.  So comb through this list to see if you find something you really like with a variety of styles and colors for selecting the best tight fitting t-shirt for men.

    1. Men's Black T Shirt Crew Neck | Best Slim Fitting T-shirt 

Looking for your next go-to best slim fit t-shirt in a black crew neck style for the party? Nimble Made makes a soft, slim, cost-efficient t-shirt that will get you there in the best style. With a smooth collar, and form fitting cut, these are the best tight fitting t shirts and are great to be worn on their own, or paired with a nice jacket. Versatility and comfort is the name of the game with t-shirts in my opinion.  

Made in the USA, they partner with an ethical factory in DTLA to show they are committed to helping their local community. Promising an actually-slim fit shirt, these tight fitting t shirts for men are medium weighted, and made from 100% cotton. Not only that, but for this quality of a shirt, the price point is there to match. This is the best tight fitting t-shirt that'll feel good on your shoulders and on your wallet.

    1. Men's White T Shirt V-Neck | Best Fitting Shirt 

There is nothing more Americana, or classic vintage as the white t-shirt. It harkens to pop culture icons like James Dean, the Fonz, Dem Franchise Boyz, and many more. Maybe it’s the army standard issue, or the neighborhood clean cut that is the reason it stands the test of time, but the white t-shirt has been and will be here to stay so it's a good idea to have a few of these best slim fit t shirts in your wardrobe ready to go.

Nimble Basics knows not to mess too much with an American classic, so all they did was give you the best slim fit cut that will fit your body so you can feel like James when you put it on. Made in the USA, they partner with an ethical factory in DTLA to show they are committed to helping their local area. Promising an actually-slim fit shirt, these are the best fitting shirts for men and  are medium weighted, made from 100% cotton.

    1. Men's Blue T Shirt V-Neck | Best Slim Fit T-shirt 

We love a blue slim fitting t-shirt as much as the next guy. And why not? Blue is an extremely versatile color and we love this shade of light blue for our best slim fitting t-shirts. This blue v-neck slim fit t-shirt can be paired casually with jeans or khakis and in a business casual dress code with a blazer or nicer jacket over it. This blue v-neck t-shirt is one of the best slim fit t-shirts because of how tapered it is at the waist. We love this shirt as one of the best fitting shirts we've ever had due to this unique slim fit t-shirt style. It'll be hard to come across another best fitting shirt like this. 

    1. Men's Navy T Shirt Crew Neck | Best Tight Fitting T-shirt 

Similar to a blue t-shirt, this navy slim fit t-shirt is a darker shade and looks almost black which is nice for guys who don't want to venture too bright in color or shade. This navy t-shirt is one of the best slim fit t-shirts on the market and showcases a crewneck collar for a basic t-shirt that is more fitted than the rest. 

A navy t-shirt is one of the best fitted t-shirts for men to have in your closet. In fact, it might be wise to have a few of these tight fitting t-shirts to rotate out as others are in the wash. You may be surprised how often you'll want to pull out your best slim fitting t-shirts. These fitted shirts are great to have because they show off your figure and often times make you look younger because you're dressing more intentionally by selecting a best slim fitting t-shirt to pair your outfit. 

    1. Men's Olive T Shirt Crew Neck | Best Fitted T-shirt for Men

We’ve shown you a couple other styles and colors from Nimble Made, but we just can’t get enough of their best slim fitting t-shirts. They are so comfortable and soft, yet this Olive color has to be my favorite of the bunch.  It’s hard to find this color, so when we saw that they had it, we were all in in making this one of our favorite tight fitting t shirts for men.  

This olive or dark green slim fit t-shirt goes really well with the muted color palettes already present in my wardrobe. Easily worn with blue jeans or khakis, you won’t have any problems pairing this best slim fit t-shirt with anything you may have.  

Recapping the Best Slim Fitting Shirts for Men

You have so many great options of t-shirts at your choosing.  It really all depends on your aesthetic, use, and budget.  Your preferences will likely already have you leaning towards one of these shirts.  This writer’s intersection of look, utility, and price point have me leaning towards the Nimble Made products.  We think they can’t be beat within these choices.  But hey, you may have another specific idea in mind where some other t-shirt is perfect for you, and that’s great too!  


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Fitted Tshirts for Men

Which t-shirt is best for slim guys?

The best slim fitting t-shirt for men is Nimble Made’s slim fit basic shirts. These are the best slim fit shirts because they are tapered at the waist and are catered specifically for slim guys who are looking for a tight fitting t-shirt that compliments their figure. 

Who should wear slim fit shirts?

You should wear a slim fit t shirt if you find your existing clothes are too baggy or you don’t feel confident in them. Looking for the best slim fit t-shirt that enhances your body shape will do wonders for your self esteem. If you’re looking to find better fitting shirts, you should browse Nimble Made’s tight fitting t-shirts.

Which t-shirt brand is the best quality?

The best slim fitting t-shirt brand with the best quality is Nimble Made. They have the bes tight fitting t-shirts that are tapered to a slimmer figure and are made of 100% cotton. Nimble Made slim fit t-shirts are made in Los Angeles and also offer free exchanges or returns. 

How should a slim fit t-shirt fit?

A slim fit t-shirt should feel like a hug without being too constricting. Finding the best slim fit t shirt can take a few trials but once you find the brand you like, those shirts will be the best fitting shirts you’ve ever had. Look for a slim fit t-shirt that makes you feel confident and you’ll know when you’ve found it.


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