5 Best Blazers Reviews In 2023 | For a Stylish & Attractive Appearance

5 Best Blazers Reviews In 2023 | For a Stylish & Attractive Appearance

Are you looking for the best blazer to help you stand out from the rest? 

Picking the right blazer that doesn't look oversized, has the right amount of structure, is comfortable, and looks high quality irrespective of the price can be difficult. 

A blazer is a worthy addition to any stylish man’s wardrobe. It is a versatile item that sits between casual and professional attire. It is not to be confused with a sports coat that is more casual. A blazer has a tighter fit, makes a man look broader on the shoulders, and looks more slender. 

It also has a unique material construction that includes wool, cotton, and linen. 

But how do you ensure you get the best blazer for a timeless fit? 

How Do You Buy the Most Timeless Blazer?

As mentioned earlier, a blazer is a must-have piece of clothing for any stylish man. The classic blazer features a cashmere or wool construction and has high-contrast buttons, including gold and silver. 

A blazer is not the same as a sport coat as the latter is less formal. Plus, sport coats are cut more loosely, while blazers are cut closer to the body to offer a perfect fit. 

So, what tips can you use to ensure you get the best blazer when you go shopping?


  • If you have any doubt, going classic will put you on the safe side. Classic means navy blue in terms of colors, the notch in the lapel, and two-button in terms of cut.
  • Ensure that your choice of a blazer is a perfect fit. The shoulders are essential in ensuring a perfect fit. The seam shouldn’t go beyond the end of your shoulder. If you are to pick between two sizes, go for the smaller one. The fabric will loosen when you start wearing the blazer, and the garment will grow to conform to your body.
  • Remember, the blazer is a stylish outfit worn by men. As such, it won’t make a complete fashion statement if your shirt cuffs are not visible. Ensure the shirt cuffs extend a ¼ inch or ½ inch from the cuff of your blazer.
  • If the blazer looks loose, you can request your tailor to shape the body. If the blazer is a perfect fit, you shouldn’t fit anything bigger than a baseball around your chest area when you have buttoned the blazer.
  • The shoulder pads of the blazer should not be too big. If you lean on a surface and the jacket shoulder pads hit the surface first and scrunch up, then it’s not your size.
  • You can go for single or double-breasted vest choices. However, the double vest is a better fit for more types of bodies.
  • Additionally, you should ensure that the bottom of your blazer is the same length as your cuffs if you are standing with your arms resting on the sides. If you are tall, you can go for a blazer that covers more of your backside. On the other hand, it will be better to go for a shorter blazer if you are short to help enhance your form. The length of the blazer balances your upper and lower body proportions.
  • You should also ensure that the width of the label has a moderate size. Too tight or too loose won’t give a true reflection of when you bought it. Also, ensure that the notch of the blazer is not placed too high. It should be in line with your shoulders or slightly below.

Is There a Difference Between a Suit Jacket and a Blazer?

A suit jacket is an outerwear part of a whole look that comprises trousers and a suit jacket. You are supposed to wear a suit jacket with matching trousers to maintain a formal look. You should also go for a pair of elegant official shoes. However, this rule has changed with time, and it is not unusual to wear a suit jacket with chinos, jeans, or other elegant trousers of a different color. If you're concerned about the fit, read our article on how should a suit jacket fit to get more details.


Contrary to a suit jacket, a blazer comes with its identity, and you are supposed to pair it with mismatched trousers. Blazers come in varying types. However, the most common is the Navy Blazer that is blue, double-breasted, with flap pockets and six golden buttons. 

Additionally, blazers come with shirt shoulders. They are referred to as shirt shoulders as it uses the same tailoring technique for shirts with the excess fabric pushed under the shoulders. A blazer is less formal, and you can wear it at casual events or in casual business meetings. On the other hand, a suit jacket is for formal wear.  

navy blazer

As mentioned earlier, getting the perfect blazer in terms of color, perfect fit, style, etc., can be a challenge. While off-the-rack options might seem like an easy choice, a more thought-out buy will give you better results in the long run.

Now that you know the tips you can use to ensure you get the ideal blazers let’s look at some of the best blazers in the market. 

1. Atlanta Haberdasher’s Signature Kincaid Blazer 

If you want to purchase the best blazer in the market, go for the Atlanta Haberdasher’s Signature Kincaid Blazer. The blazer is less structured, which makes it a perfect choice for mixing and matching. 

You can pair it with a striped Oxford-cloth shirt and a red tie, or you can layer it over a sweater. It comes with a timeless design, meaning it will look fashionable ten years to come as it is today. The high-quality material construction also ensures that it is long-lasting. 

The blazer’s price tag seems like a bargain with high-quality material, timeless design, perfect stitching, breathability, and comfort. 

2. Rustin Sport Coat

If you want a blazer that is perfect for making a fashion statement in all types of weather, the ‘Rustin’ Sport Coat is an excellent option. It features a woven, slate gray construction that makes it an ideal choice for winter. However, the blend of linen and light cotton also makes it an excellent choice for summer, as it helps you stand out in the sunshine. 

The blazer has a unique design ideal for pulling a post-modern or even a vintage look. The slim-fit design accentuates your body build while giving you that fashionable look fit for a casual business meeting or any other casual event. You can pair the blazer with jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of elegant loafers, or you can dress it in a button-up shirt and a tie. 

The Nordstrom company has been in the business of making fashionable and high-quality outfits for a long time. As such, you can trust it to offer you durable, high-quality, and stylish pieces, including the Billy Reid blazer. 

3. Veilance LT Blazer 

Would you want a blazer that comes with the capabilities of a practical rain jacket? 

The Veilance LT Blazer is a functional blazer that is an example of modern textile engineering. It comes with incredible features that make it a worthy investment for any stylish gentleman. 

For instance, the blazer features a wind and water-resistant construction, giving it the high power capabilities of a rain jacket. The micro-seam allowance tucked beneath the blazer’s nylon exterior also enhances the rain protection capabilities.     

Besides the rain protection feature, the blazer also boasts a modern construction. Thus, you will make a fashion statement when you attend an event or a business meeting. It is also breathable, ensuring it keeps you cool and comfortable even with extended use.  

4. Hackett Blue Plaid Blazer 

The Hackett Blue Plaid Blazer is an all-season blazer. It is partially lined, making it ideal for keeping you warm during cold weather. It is also breathable, which makes it an excellent choice for summer as it helps you look sharp and elegant while also being comfortable in the hot air. 

The blazer is an exciting mixture of various pieces and bits of its long past to offer you a unique product. 

It also features a classy plaid that bears tight fabric slashes around the midsection. 

5. Regent Fit Two-Button 1818 Blazer

Are you in search of the perfect blazer for a dress-down Friday? Look no further than the Regent Fit 1818 Blazer. The navy blue blazer is ideal for pairing with jeans or a button-down and a tie. Therefore, you can wear the blazer to an evening dinner or another casual event. 

The blazer has a 100% wool construction that makes it warm and comfortable on your skin. Additionally, the classic two-button blazer features gold logo buttons that enhance its style and class. 

The blazer is by the Brooks Brothers company that is renowned for its classic Oxford shirting and chinos. The brand has also gained a reputation for offering high-quality and stylish blazers, fit for various occasions.   



Finding the perfect blazer in terms of color, style, and size can be a tricky affair. Plus, there are tons of blazers in the market that makes it challenging to choose one. If you feel comfortable and look stylish in your blazer, then you’re on the right track. You also have the option of consulting a tailor or a shop attendant on the choices available. Blazers are statement pieces that can make or break your outfit so give it a little thought before purchase.


Here, we’ve provided you with the tips you can use to find the perfect blazer and some of the best blazers in the market that you can consider.

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