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Men's Slim Fit Dress Shirts

The exclusive men’s slim fit dress shirts in this collection are specially designed to be different. First and foremost, our men’s fitted shirts are designed to fit and feel tailor made. Second, these slim fit shirts are designed to actually provide the slim cut silhouette that many other shirt brands promise but don’t deliver. And lastly, these luxury shirts for men are designed to look and feel lavish without actually costing you the price you’d expect to pay for such a premium shirt. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe and enjoy all the splendors our slim fit dress shirts for men offer, shop our entire collection below—and pair your purchase with our versatile ties and dress socks.


Slim Fit Dress Shirts With a Tailor-Made Look

Why Our Men's Slim Fit Dress Shirts Are Better

You may have purchased slim fit shirts in the past. Perhaps you're wondering what the big deal is. Don't department stores sell men's slim fit dress shirts? What makes Nimble Made shirts superior to all the rest? The answer is that it's all in the details.

The Fabric

Most of our slim fit men's dress shirts are made of 100% quality cotton with a thread count between 80 and 100. Using extra-long cotton fibers, our artisans weave the fabric to create a shirt that's silky to the touch but surprisingly durable. You'll find that our slim fit dress shirts for men are more resistant to pilling and tearing than a typical dress shirt and may become softer after many wearings.

Finally, our fabric has a tighter weave, thanks to its 2-ply consistency. This gives our slim fit dress shirts a modicum of stretch that you won't experience with stiffer, more traditional shirts.

The Craftsmanship

Our artisans use the highest standards in sewing and construction methods. We are exceptionally particular about the way our slim fit shirts are made. We use the best sewing techniques to create business dress shirts that are ultra comfortable as well as durable.

The Fit

We oversee our production process to ensure we get each size just right. Experience has taught us that traditional measurements can be quite misleading. Using a neck size or arm length doesn't account for your body shape. Instead, we have a Fit Guide that uses height and weight to determine the best size of men's fitted shirt for each customer.

The Stitching

All of our slim fit dress shirts for men are sewn with single-needle stitching to create a clean, seamless edge for a professional, modern look. This technique, which increases production costs, is only used on high-quality dress shirts like those found at Nimble Made.

Design Details

We pay meticulous attention to detail in every shirt we sell. From the color of the thread to the buttons to the shirt's trim, every component meets our strict standards. Nimble Made only sells slim fit shirts we'd be proud to wear ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slim Fit Dress Shirts

What Are Men's Slim Fit Dress Shirts?

Men's slim fit dress shirts have been around for a while, but the term "slim fit" has little meaning nowadays. At Nimble Made, "slim fit" means shirts made specifically for men with a smaller frame. Our shirts are slimming and form-fitting, so they look custom-made without the added cost.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Slim Fit Shirts?

You can get men's slim fit shirts (and extra slim) from various sources, but you'll find no better place than Nimble Made. Our shirts are specially designed to be slim and form-fitting.

In What Colors Are Your Slim Fit Dress Shirts Available?

While white and light blue dress shirts are the most popular, we also have slim fit dress shirts in these colors:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Olive Green

Shop Nimble Made for Slim Fit Dress Shirts That Look Like They Were Made for You

Enjoy tailor-made style at an affordable price. Once you've had slim fit dress shirts from Nimble Made, you'll never want to go back. We use quality materials and give you the kind of fit you won't find elsewhere. Find your perfect men's fitted shirt today.