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Slim Fit Dress Shirts


Men’s slim fit shirts…designed for smaller frames

If you want to look sharp and professional with the right fit, we’ve got you covered. We designed our shirts specifically for those with a smaller frame who may have trouble finding the right fit. Our shirts strike the perfect balance between quality and variety—from formal to casual, to different styles of colors and patterns. With our unique and diverse options, you’ll be sure to stick out from the rest of the crowd.


What are men's slim fit dress shirts?

Men’s slim fit dress shirts have been around for a while, and the term ‘slim fit’ has little meaning nowadays. At Nimble Made, slim fit means shirts that were made specifically for men who have a smaller frame. Our shirts are slimming and form-fitting, so it looks custom-made without the added cost.


Where to buy men’s slim fit dress shirts?

You can get slim dress shirts for men (and extra slim) from various places, but you’ll find no better place than Nimble Made. Our shirts are SPECIFICALLY designed to be slim and form fitting.