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Slim Fit Men's White Dress Shirts

Men's white dress shirts are a year-round wardrobe essential. No matter the occasion, smart, form-fitting white dress shirts for men are always a reliable choice. At Nimble Made, our men's slim fit white dress shirts are designed with the best fit and feel for men with slim and skinny builds so they can wear this timeless classic when needed. Whether you're looking for a solid white style or one with a dash of flair, Nimble Made has the men's slim fit white dress shirt for you. If you like the look and feel of our slim fit men's white dress shirts, check out our selection of professional and smart-casual dress shirts for more color and design options.


A Quick Primer on White Dress Shirts

The white dress shirt. It’s the original, the classic, dress shirt. It's hard to go wrong with the most essential and popular dress shirt in the world. A white dress shirt is a must-have for any formal occasion or professional environment. White dress shirts are perfectly balanced, they are the go-to fashion choice for any business or formal setting. The simplicity and pure white are complementary to any accessory item and color scheme. However, it’s not always ideal for casual social settings where it may give off the appearance of being too stiff and formal.

Long sleeves, short sleeves, point collars, and spread collars, white dress shirts come in all variations. The classic archetype has long sleeves and a point, or spread, collar. It can be worn with slacks of all colors or even jeans. On the other hand, the short sleeve variations can be suitable for casual settings during the day and pair well with some pastel shorts.


Should you wear a white shirt under a white dress shirt?

Depending on how see-through the dress shirt is, it may be hard to find a white undershirt that won't show through your dress shirt. It varies across brands but there are also thinner shirts or tanks that serve better as an undershirt and that can be worn with white dress shirts. White t-shirts or undershirts might be easier to wear with darker colored dress shirts.

When can I wear a white dress shirt?
You can wear a white dress shirt for any time and occasssion where dress shirts are appropriate. They are the most versatile dress shirt and work for both casual and formal events, though best for more formal occasions. If you're looking to showcase more personality though, wearing different colors like pink, purple, or gray and patterns like striped dress shirts can be better a better options.