Slim Fit Men's White Dress Shirts

Men's white dress shirts are a year-round wardrobe essential. No matter the occasion, smart, form-fitting white dress shirts for men are always a reliable choice. At Nimble Made, our men's slim fit white dress shirts are designed with the best fit and feel for men with slim and skinny builds so they can wear this timeless classic when needed. Whether you're looking for a solid white style or one with a dash of flair, Nimble Made has the men's slim fit white dress shirt for you. If you like the look and feel of our slim fit men's white dress shirts, check out our selection of professional dress shirts and smart-casual dress shirts for more color and design options.

Men's White Dress Shirts: A True Classic Form-Fit for You

White dress shirts aren't meant to billow or bunch – these original, classic wardrobe essentials are designed to provide a crisp, tailored, professional look.It was the absence of slim fit men's white dress shirts that inspired the founders of Nimble Made. We wanted to create dress shirts for those of us with a slim build who find it difficult to get shirts that fit properly. We began with the one shirt every guy needs – the white dress shirt. It's hard to go wrong with the most essential and popular dress shirt in the world. Men's white dress shirts are must-haves and perfectly balanced for any formal occasion or professional environment. The simplicity and pure white tone complement any accessory and color scheme. Once you've acquired the white dress shirts you need, you can always add a little color to the mix. Our collection of slim fit business dress shirts offers the variety you need without sacrificing style.Fashion Tip: You can wear long sleeve white dress shirts to casual social gatherings with a few minor adjustments. Skip the tie, leave the top two shirt buttons open and roll up the sleeves just below the elbow. You can wear a white dress shirt with your best jeans, chinos or khakis. Complete the look with a pair of loafers. Short sleeve white dress shirts for men can be worn with pastel shorts for a festive, casual look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slim Fit Men's White Dress Shirts

We have the answers you're looking for when it comes to commonly asked questions about slim fit men's white dress shirts. Reach out with any other questions regarding our fit, fabrics, and quality of our white dress shirts.

Is it Necessary to Wear White Undershirts Under White Dress Shirts?

Some men like to wear a white t-shirt under their white dress shirt to cover chest hair and prevent sweat circles from appearing under their arms. Assuming your white dress shirt isn't too see-through, you should be able to wear a t-shirt underneath. Crew neck undershirts are fine if you're wearing a tie, but if you're going to unbutton your dress shirt, go for a v-neck t-shirt. Ultimately, it's best to see how the t-shirt and dress shirt pair up before heading out the door.

What Other Colors of Slim Fit Dress Shirts Do You Have?

You can showcase more personality by wearing different colors. Along with slim fit white dress shirts, we offer equally professional light blue dress shirts, plus these fashionable alternatives:

  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Black

We also have patterned shirts that feature checks or stripes. If you're going full-casual, check out our selection of flannel shirts.

How Do I Care for My White Dress Shirts?

We recommend that you wash our men's white dress shirts in cold water and allow them to air dry. See the Nimble Made Care Guide for more information.