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Men's Fall Fashion Trends & Ideas 2023

We may earn a small commission from product links. Blog posts at Nimble Made are written to provide value and advice for our readers—any product(s) we recommend are items readers use and love.

It’s that time of the year again--the fall season is one of the best times of the year. No need to wear shorts and tank tops anymore, or worry about sweating, but it’s also well before you need to break out your fur coats, parkas, and snow boots. Fall weather comes with clear skies, brisk breezes, and the occasional showers. It’s the perfect balance of all the seasons.

But the perfect balance of the seasons also comes along with its own challenges. What should you wear during the fall?

Fall fashion contains a diverse array of clothing with unique styles that can only be worn during this season. Not only should the clothes fit comfortably, but also withstand the slight complications from the weather.  

Below we have a list of clothing that we recommend to add to your fall season library if you haven’t already. It’s not going to have every single type of clothing that’s best for the fall, but it will contain the essentials that you would need.


Men’s Coats

Fall weather starts to scream for coats. Coats are a great tool for your outerwear during the fall season when it gets a bit too windy or starts to rain. You can rock the lighter coats that are warm enough for fall, but not warm enough for winter. There are plenty of different types and kinds of coats out there, so here’s some that we’ve listed.


Wool Blend Coats

Wool blend coats offer a finesse fashion that can go well with casual outings and night activities, or with more formal occasions as well. They’re quite flexible to match with your outfits and they can come in a variety of designs and colors. There is a varying amount of thickness to these coats, so be sure not to bring out the intensely warm wool blend coats that may overheat you.

Wool blend coats are typically warm enough in fall where you wouldn’t need to wear another layer besides your t-shirt or dress shirt. They are also long so they can protect your legs, especially if you’re sitting. You can check Uniqlo to see if they have any in stock at their stores. Their fit is usually slimmer so you won’t look too baggy.



Do you need some variety for your coats in the fall? Parkas may be your solution. They can be lightweight for a layer of rain protection or thicker for warmth. Their raincoat parkas can be also sportswear since it’s light and breathable; perfect for running. They can also be easily folded and stored away for an emergency and sudden rains.

While the heavier parkas are more outerwear coats that may be more useful during the winter, here are some that can still be worn during the fall season. Some run down to your waist, but others may have similar lengths to the wool blend coats. You can expect great quality from the parkas found through Patagonia, but they may take a bit more out of your wallet.



mens denim fall jacket

Denim jeans you most likely have, but do you have a denim jacket? Denim jackets are a great addition to your wardrobe. They will fit into your casual attire for the fall season and can almost pair with any style. 

Denim jackets are warm enough to survive through the fall season. If it’s not enough for you, you can layer with the denim jacket too. They are a bit on the heavier side on the scale, but they’re built to last a long time.

You can probably guess where might be a great place to get a decent denim jacket. Levi’s. Of course, their denim jeans are great, so you can expect great quality denim jackets too.


Men’s Dress Shirts

You may think why are dress shirts under this category? Well, dress shirts are a fashion for every season. You need to have them available for any occasion that you may run into. Whether it’s for the most formal occasions such as weddings or balls, or business casual or dinners, dress shirts are essential for your outfit.

The brand we recommend for the best dress shirts is our own - Nimble Made. Our fit is perfect for men, especially if you’re on the slim side of the scale. Nimble Made dress shirts are specially catered to a slim fit and have their own sizing chart with descriptions that will guide you to your fit. Our great customer service will do any exchanges when the sizes aren’t correct when you try them on.

mens dress shirrts for fall trends

Nimble Made also has all of your essential styles and colors for you to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about them not having the basics stocked. This way, you can replace all of your dress shirts in your closet too. They’re a must-have for your fall outfits and for the other seasons too. You can check them out here.


Men’s Flannels

Flannels are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Not only do they still carry a formal atmosphere similar to a dress shirt’s appearance with their buttons, collars, and sleeves, but flannels also provide a more casual look with their colorful patterns and choice of material. You can have options to make them thin like t-shirts or thick and warm with wool. 

Nimble Made also has a great selection of flannels you can choose from. They’re super comfortable with their foundation on improving slim fit clothing, which is optimal for those who deem skinny fit as too skin tight, but regular as too relaxed. As mentioned before, their custom-fit chart will help individuals find their personalized sizing.

mens flannel shirts for fall fashion

In addition, Nimble Made’s flannels come with classic designs and patterns, so you won’t be weirded out by strange graphics on your flannels. We do plan to release more variety in the future, but for now, you can check out their collection here.

Men’s Pants

Fall season pants can offer a bit of variety for your closet. Your pants will need to be a bit warmer to deflect the winds and the slight showers of your city. However, they can’t be too warm since it’s not winter yet.



Chinos are the new jeans that are versatile for any occasion. They blend right in for casual meetings or formal events. They’re great for fall fashion since they can come in a big range of colors with a great fit that’s not too heavy, but a bit flexible with their spandex material so you can move around freely. Make sure they fit your waistline well.

Uniqlo has superb options for chinos and is moderately priced too. Their sizing is catered toward a more slim fit, so if that’s your preference of comfort, they’re a great store to shop at. Chinos are a great option to give a sense of fashion to your adventures.


Denim Jeans

The classic denim jeans are a must-have for your fall wardrobe. They will definitely keep you warm and in style. There are plenty of fits for denim that can range from relaxed, slim, and skinny fits. Denim jeans can pair with any outfits too and you can wear them out for lunches, night activities, and just about anything. 

Levi’s is your heaven equivalent for denim jeans. They’ve been widely known for their affordable, popular jeans and you’ll find all the fits here. As mentioned earlier, they also have jackets too. Denim is a crucial material for the fall season.


Men’s Sweaters

mens fall fashion sweater red

Growing up, you’ve probably had a couple of sweaters that your parents made you put on when it’s fall. Sweaters are a great composition to your outfits as they can go on top of pretty much whatever you wear. They offer a great variety in terms of design as well, from your basic standard colors to business logos, school names, frequently used phrases, brand names, or just about anything since there’s customization now.

With that being said, plenty of stores stock sweaters, so it depends on your preference of the material or the design of the sweater. They can be thicker or longer for more of a comfortable fit, or more snug and thin to be layered with other clothing. Most major retailers like Kohls, Macy’s, Old Navy, etc. will have a wide selection.

Sweater Vests

With sweaters, a good majority of them are best for the casual atmosphere. However, there are some more formal options for you as well, such as the sweater vests. Their designs go from your standard colors to simple designs that match formal dress shirts or tie patterns. They also give you warmth that’s more snug than a blazer, so it’s great for the fall season.

Similar to the general sweaters, sweater vests are available at most clothing retailers. You can definitely find some at Men’s Warehouse. You might have more luck finding better quality at higher-end brands such as Gucci or Ralph Lauren.


Sweaters with a hood are one of the most comfortable options for leisure. Not only will you be warm with a soft touch, but your head will also be protected as well. They’re perfect for fall weather, indoors or outdoors.

Much like your generic sweater, hoodies can come in various styles and materials. A very popular option is school hoodies, especially from universities to show off your alma mater while also staying comfortable throughout the day. Our recommendation is to go for a bigger fit when purchasing hoodies so you’re more relaxed while moving around or so it’ll feel like a blanket.


Men’s T-Shirts

An essential that everyone already has in their possession is t-shirts. T-shirts are part of your foundation for your closet where you’d wear them casually every day. They can be undershirts as well, especially during the fall season where temperatures start to get a bit cooler and you start to put on layers.

Nimble Made strikes again as our recommended brand for an awesome quality t-shirt. Their shirts follow the quality of their other products: dress shirts and flannels. They adhere to their specialized sizing options that are customized for a slim fit, so you’ll have more details on the right size for your comfort.

mens white tshirt nimble made fall

Their shirts have neutral colors, so you’ll find your essential supply of t-shirts, such as the standard white or black shirt from Nimble Made. You can start shopping for better t-shirts here.

Men’s Shoes

For the Fall season, there are a few more available options that you may choose from. Especially since there’s a chance of rain and some high winds, you’ll need shoes that are adaptable to the ever-changing weather.


mens sneaker for fall black white vans

On a good, crisp fall day, you can essentially wear any type of sneaker. However, once there’s rain or wind, you need sneakers that are a bit more wind and water-resistant. These may not be the most breathable type of shoes, but they will keep you warm and dry. As a bonus, sneakers made for fall tend to have more grip so you won’t slip and fall in puddles.  



Boots may sound like a more feminine option, but in recent years men’s fashion has re-embraced these utilitarian shoes. While the term might suggest Uggs or other big fashion statements, boots are sleek options that can be dressed up or down. The fall season is great for rain boots or those casual, lighter boots that are water-resistant and have great traction to prevent slipping. 

During those fall months, you can look for low-top or low-cut boots so that you get the functionality of a boot without the bulk. 


Men’s Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing, it is important to remember that less is more. These are not too crucial in terms of utility, but some people may prefer to have them for their specific needs.


Beanies are a great accent to your outfits. It provides a great source of warmth and it’s easy to put away if you don’t need to use it. It’s also a great way to hide that bed hair if you had to rush out of your bed.



Sometimes the wind can get icy cold, so gloves are a great accessory to have to keep your hands warm. Especially when you have groceries or you’re carrying something, gloves will give you some grip and won’t burn from the cold. However, there is no need to get super thick gloves. Keeping the extremities warm and enclosed is enough to keep all of you warm. 


Face mask

Finally, you certainly cannot forget your face mask. Even before the pandemic, face masks could keep your face warm and protected from the cold winds. Now you can use them for multiple functions. You can get thicker ones and remember to wash after using them.