Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him | Awesome Presents For Your Man

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him | Awesome Presents For Your Man


When Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you’re probably feeling the crunch of finding a good gift for your favorite guy. The fact is, it isn’t always easy to find the perfect gift. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the top Valentine gifts for him.

Best Valentine Day Gifts For Your Man

1. Nimble Made Purple Pattern Dress Shirt

purple dress shirt being worn outside of a yellow cab

It’s always nice to give him something he’ll love, and be able to use for Valentine's day. This dress shirt has that perfect fit that so many other shirts lack, so he’ll feel great wearing it, especially if you two are going out somewhere nice for dinner. The other nice thing about this gift is that it’s versatile enough to wear to the office, or to wear out with the guys. With just enough subtle detailing, and a unique color you won’t see anyone else wearing, it’s a way to help him expand his style, and find a flattering fit. He’ll love the feel of it too; the textured fabric is soft and brings out the detail in the color.


  • Provides a great fit and feel
  • It’s practical yet thoughtful
  • Unique color that has more detail in the texture

Of course, the specific design and color is important for a shirt so if you don't think this is right for the man in your life look at these classic striped shirts.

2. Yoda Graphic T

light blue yoda graphic t-shirt

Everybody loves a good graphic t shirt, and chances are your special guy is no different. If you’ve got a Star Wars nerd in your heart, let him know, “Yoda One For Me!” It’s fun and a nice way to give him something a little bit sentimental as a special Valentine's Day gift. While it’s a great Valentine’s Day gift, it’s also something he can enjoy any time of year (and it’ll bring a smile to his face whenever he’s wearing it). The graphic is instantly recognizable, but still has a cool, toned down look to it. Bonus: it’s available in a ton of different sizes and colors.


  • Classically cool graphic design 
  • An awesome choice for fans of Star Wars
  • Fun and stylish but still sweet

3. Scratch Map

world scratch map

If your guy loves to travel, why not get a gift that indulges his love of new places? At first glance, this might look light a regular (though attractive) world map. It’s a lot more than that though. It’s the map that lets you two track your adventures and plan more travels together. How? It’s a scratch off map! There’s something irresistible about anything that’s scratch off, so you’ll be eager to get exploring and scratch off your latest visit as soon as you get home. Once you scratch off the tan layer for a place you’ve visited, cool new colors emerge as proof of where you’ve been. It doesn't have to be this exact product - there are plenty on


  • Inspires travel and memories of trips together
  • Very fun to scratch off after visiting a new place
  • Ideal for guys that love to travel 

4. Indoor Skydiving

indoor skydiving group

Some guys are just plain tough to buy for. Whether it’s hard to find a color they like, you can’t remember the name of their favorite game, or they’re just not very into material goods. Sometimes, the best solution is to give them an experience, rather than another item. 

If you want it to be memorable, then the more unique the better, right? Why not let him get some air? Indoor skydiving is a thrill, and it’s a gift he’ll never forget! Of course, he won’t have to actually jump out of a plane, since he can get the same adrenaline rush at Cloud9 Living. 


  • Gives him an unforgettable experience
  • A unique, and completely unexpected gift
  • Convenient: several locations and no plane jumping required

5. Nintendo Entertainment System Classic 

NES Classic System Product Box - Nintendo

You’ve probably heard all the stories about his first Nintendo when he was growing up, so surprise him with your superior listening skills! Yes, we know that old system always mysteriously got lost, so make his year with a brand new system. Don’t worry, it’s still the Classic Edition, so he’s getting all his favorite things from the original system. 

Of course, it’s still a pretty big upgrade, since it comes with 30 games preloaded on the console, including Super Mario Bros., of course. No matter what his go-to game was back in the day, with 30 selections, you can bet it’s on the console. 


  • Classic Edition, includes 30 games loaded on the console
  • Includes classic games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong
  • Ideal for guys that grew up playing Nintendo

6. World’s Largest Hershey Kiss

Large Hershey Kiss in Silver Box

Have a sweetheart with a sweet tooth? Then think about getting him the ultimate indulgence with a huge kiss. It’s literally the biggest Hershey Kiss available anywhere. How big is it? It weighs over a whopping two pounds! It’s almost a challenge to his chocolate addiction, and he’ll have to work to get through it. Once he does get through the thick chocolate, there’s another surprise: the inside is filled with smaller Hershey Kisses too! It’s an unmissable and likely unforgettable gift for the special day. Bonus: if you’re doing Valentine’s day on a budget, this is a really affordable gift too.


  • It’s a sweet treat for guys with a sweet tooth
  • Impressive size, it’s the biggest Kiss in the world
  • Thoughtful and budget friendly

7. Beef Jerky Bouquet

Beef Jerky Bouquet in glass

We live in a day and age where it’s not uncommon to get your guy some flowers. That being said, this bouquet is one that takes it up a notch. We’re pretty sure it’s a bouquet he’ll enjoy infinitely more too! Take the idea of a bouquet, substitute the flowers with beef jerky, and Voila! You have a uniquely delicious arrangement. 

You can choose between a flower or rose design, and they’ll create a snacktastic faux floral arrangement. Instead of a regular vase, you can choose a pint glass (either black steel or glass) or a beer mug, and they all bear the ‘Manly Man’ company logo.


  • A delicious take on traditional bouquets
  • Choose between flowers or roses made of beef jerky
  • Comes in a reusable beer mug or pint

8. Sega Genesis Wireless Classic Game Console

Sega Classic System Box

It’s always a good thing when you can get your special guy a way to have fun and blow off some steam. That’s one reason this Sega Genesis game console is such a great gift. You can give him a techy update on one of his favorite classic game systems, not to mention no fumbling with cords or wires is required. 

When it comes to actual play, you don’t need to worry about searching for his favorite games; they’re already included on the console (and there’s 80 of them!). Of course, sometimes there’s nothing like taking out the game cartridges he used to play with, so those work on the console too. 


  • One of the most affordable game console gifts
  • Includes 80 games preloaded, works with original cartridges too
  • Wireless and convenient

9. Monthly Snacks Subscription

Snack Box Subscription

Subscription boxes are one of the next big things in gift-giving, and it’s no wonder why. You can celebrate a special day, and keep the gift going for months. Guys love having munchies on hand, and with these monthly boxes ensure he won’t run out for long. The nice thing is that there’s plenty of variety with each new delivery, and there’s something for all kinds of tastes. 

Every month, he’ll get something to please his sweet tooth, salty and savory snacks, as well as different crunchy and chewy snacks. The snacks aren’t your typical quick stop offerings either; they’re all specialty treats!


  • Choose between a year, six months, or three months for deliveries
  • Includes a wide variety (salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy)
  • Unique take on his typical snacks

10. STATE Nevin’s Backpack

STATE white and black backpack

Guys still have plenty to carry around throughout their day, even if they’re not a briefcase or satchel type of guy. Make it super simple for him to carry his gear in style with this STATE Nevin’s backpack. It’s not like any backpack he’s used before, and with a high quality leather and wool construction, it’s a next level bag. 

It has all the functional space he needs, and plenty of compartments to keep his kit organized. There’s even a padded sleeve inside so he can carry his laptop and keep it protected. Bonus: there’s a key clip inside, so he’ll never have to dig through his bag to find them.


  • Modern design with wool and leather panels
  • Includes iPad pocket, key clip, padded laptop sleeve and plenty or organizing space
  • Ideal for guys that don’t like carrying satchels or briefcases

11. A Unique Old School Shaving Set

shaving set

Whether or not your guy sports a beard, an old school shave set is the ultimate level of cool. One of the neat things about this set is that it includes plenty of beard grooming products and accessories. If you’re guy is the type that likes to go clean shaven, this is the set to up his game. It even includes a razor, and the iconic badger brush that old school barbers used to whip up shaving foam. The set is good looking too, with a modern yet vintage design, and sleek black carrying case. 


  • Includes shaving products from Art of Shaving, plus razor and badger brush
  • A cool grooming upgrade for bearded and clean shaven guys
  • Comes in its own carrying case

12. A Unique Decanter

vance decanter

We’re big fans of giving gifts that are unique, as well as useful. While he may have a decanter, it’s got nothing on this one. Let him really enjoy his favorite drink with an incredibly effective decanter that isn’t an eyesore left over from his college days! Who would’ve thought a decanter can instantly upgrade your cocktail game as well as your counter? With a distinct mid-century design, it instantly impresses, and it’s a bold look too. If you want bonus points, grab a bottle of his favorite and have it ready for home to fill!


  • Bold mid century design is a huge upgrade
  • Allows favorite drinks to be enjoyed even more
  • Creates a focal point and conversation piece

Gifts for Other Ocassions

Tips to Surprise Him

Set up a Special Night

Why not take the reins this time and plan a special night? You can even use the gift you choose for him to build the night around. If you’re getting him a spiffy new shirt, consider a date night at one of your favorite restaurants to go to together. Is he more of a gamer type? You can always make an invitation for a couple’s ‘game night’ and surprise him with snacks and a new game console.

Let Him Find a Surprise

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything; you can let a well-placed surprise do the talking for you. If you really want to give him a boost, put your special gift in a spot where he’ll see it at the beginning of his day. He’ll get off to a great start, and think about it all day.

Do the Unexpected

Remember those little things you always used to do when you started dating? Bring them back for the day, and do something thoughtful. You can bring him lunch from his favorite place, or set up a special dinner to surprise him. Or, leave special notes for him to find throughout the day. 


Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs to be thoughtful! With all these top gift ideas, go ahead and pick the one that’s a perfect fit and make his day. There’s something for every type of guy, which they’ll love. 

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1. Is Valentine's Day for guys?

Valentine's Day is a time for exchanging cards and other symbols of affection. Despite the fact that this holiday is intended for both partners in a relationship, it is often seen that the male provides the majority of gifts for the female. Thus, the festival is geared more toward females than toward males.

2. How can I surprise my man on Valentine's Day?

Here are some ideas for surprising your boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

- Give Unexpected Gifts. Men also enjoy surprises.
- Plan a thrilling adventure.
- Join Him While He Is Performing His Favorite Activity.
- Prepare a romantic candlelight dinner at your home.
- He will be astounded by your flirtatious activities.
- Financing An Expensive Date.
- Wear whatever he likes.

3. Are you supposed to get your boyfriend something for Valentine's Day?

You may be over Valentine's Day, but if your partner wants to do something special on February 14, let him. He wishes to share his feelings with you, and this holiday offers him the opportunity to do so.

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