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25 Best High School Graduation Gifts for Him

As they say, high school is over in a flash. Those four years just fly by in no time at all before your brother, son, nephew, or friend is pushed into the world of work or higher education. Why not get them a great gift to help send them off right? 

There are tons of gifts out there though, and when you’re online searching around on your laptop, you might feel a little overwhelmed by all of your options. One of these gifts that we’ve found might be just right for you and your graduating high schooler then!

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Best High School Graduation Gifts

1. OneOdio A71 Wired Over Ear Headphones

 OneOdio A71

Any college or newly working adult will want a new pair of headphones to make their leisure time even better. That’s what these OneOdio headphones are for. They’re made with large drivers for superior sound, which includes good bass, clear vocals, and crisp tones. Your graduating high schooler can keep them on all day thanks to the comfort level and the swiveling ear cups—all they have to do is plug them in for them to work with any device in your arsenal.


2. Nimble Made Men’s White Dress Shirt- Slim Fit

mens white dress shirt slim fit

Getting a solid white dress shirt is never a bad option as men need them for a variety of events - interviews, parties, etc. Every guy can use one of these, and one that looks as high-quality as this one by Nimble Made is hard to come by. It includes a broadcloth weave that keeps the shirt looking great without being too ostentatious, meaning that it’s simple with just minimal shine and texture.

The collar gives your guy a classic look, but don’t think that there’s no personality to this shirt. Check out the cute little blue accents in the collar lining and the last button, which are included in any size you buy.


3. Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone Watch

Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone Watch

Everyone could use a great watch, especially when your high schooler is entering the adult world. This one is a great option too, since it looks great and can pair with almost any outfit. Your guy can slip it on in the morning and keep it with him all day if he’d like. This isn’t just any old boring watch either. Take a look at the tiny little blue accents on the dials, and the smaller details too. You can even pick out a few different straps with this watch, since they’re interchangeable.


4. Groove Cuff

silver groove cuff

Guys like to have some style too, whether they’re going out for the day or having a nice night out. Really, it’s great that this stainless-steel cuff will work with any kind of outfit then. Pick out this cuff that looks both minimalist and still has a little shine to it. Choose either black or silver depending on what your guy would prefer, and check out the tiny little grooves set into the metal, which are great for a little style.


5. Silver Hex Necklace

silver hex necklace

It’s all about having a little style without being too over the top. If your soon-to-be former high schooler wants something that looks great on them, this Silver Hex Necklace is a great option. Take a look at the modern geometric design with the minimalist metal cord, both of which will blend in to any outfit and fit any style. You can easily pair this necklace with anything, and can rest assured that it’s made of strong sterling silver too.


6. Nimble Made Leather Card Holder

leather wallet being held

This is something that every guy could use. He might not even think about needing a card holder right away, but he’ll appreciate this leather option when he suddenly thinks about it. It’s made of genuine leather and is in a convenient size for him to carry around wherever he needs it. Don’t let the size fool you though, since it can hold up to 15 cards with ease, especially with that magnetic closure. Thanks to the styling, you can pair it with another gift with ease.


7. Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable

anker cable

Your graduating senior might want something fun the day he graduates, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get him something practical too. That’s what you get when you pick up one of these Anker Powerline cables. It’s proven to last longer than other cables, and can bend with ease, so he doesn’t have to worry about it breaking too quickly when he carries it around with him to class or work. Use it for all of your Apple devices to get them charged up and ready to go in no time.


8. Men’s Wool Runner Mizzles

mizzles wool

Now this is definitely a sleek shoe that your guy can wear anywhere. These running shoes are made to have a classic runner style to them, with some cozy merino wool that will form to his feet effortlessly. The fact that it’s made from wool doesn’t make this a wetter shoe option though. Step in any puddle you have in the way since it has a Puddle Guard that’s made to keep your feet dry even when you’re out running in the rain.


9. ICON Slim Backpack

black bacpack

Backpacks aren’t just for school. Tons of people could use a backpack to help carry their items around even after high school is over. Whether your high schooler is using it for college or carrying their books and lunch with him to work, he’ll appreciate having this slim and sleek-looking backpack on his back. He’ll love the multiple compartments inside, and the pocket that will fit his laptop and keep it safe no matter how long the ride to work is. The padded straps are pretty great too.


10. Mask

grey sleeping mask

We’ve all had that moment in college, sharing a room with the roommate—and they turn on the light while you’re trying to sleep. It’s a little thing, but your high schooler might love this mask to sleep at night then, or just to help him get a better sleep in general. It’s designed with soft merino wool so that it stays comfortable for the entire night, and will not randomly slip off his face when he lays down.


11. Barlow Backpack

tan backpack

There are so many styles of backpacks, so here’s another option that you might want to consider buying for your almost graduated high schooler. This backpack is made with some serious durability in an urban style, with some air mesh panels and internal storage that will keep his stuff safe whether he’s walking out in the rain or the snow. There’s even a custom rain cover with this backpack!


12. Nimble Made Classic Solid Burgundy Tie

burgandy tie

Every guy needs a good tie, and there’s no better option than a sleek and solid burgundy option like this one. This tie is in a color that you can wear with about anything to add just a bit of personality to your guy’s outfit. It’s easy to pair with that white dress shirt from Nimble Made too, since it will stand out without being too much. It’s also great that it’s made from some durable polyester, so he won’t need to worry about ruining it.


13. Nimble Made Black Silver Tie Clip

black silver tie clip

You’ve got your high schooler a white dress shirt and a tie to help him look his best—take it one step further to get him this high-quality midnight tie clip. Not only does it look great, but it also adds just a little personality to any outfit. People’s eyes will go right to this clip, and it will be sure to keep that tie secured in place. Gift it so that it can be used with any outfit, and rest assured that even if he happens to run it through the washing machine accidentally, the clasp is sturdy and the whole thing is durable.


14. Mosby Curve Cap

black baseball hat

Baseball caps are a classic. They keep the sun out of your eyes and usually just look great too. This Mosby Curve Cap certainly looks great. This is a snapback cap, with a pre-curved brim for just the right touch of style. It’s made of 100 percent cotton, so you can be sure that it’s soft yet durable, and has a great yet simple design to it that can be paired with any outfit.


15. SentrySafe 0.08 Cubic Foot Electronic Compact Safe

compact safe

Practical gifts can be genuinely great gifts, and there’s nothing more practical than a tiny safe for your former high schooler’s items. This is a great gift if they’re moving in with a roommate or if you just want to rest assured that they have all of their items safely stored away. The electronic lock is programmable with two user codes, and it even includes a steel tethering cable to keep the box itself from being stolen. The construction itself is durable too, which makes it even better when you travel with this tiny safe.


16 Trino Quarters Socks

grey socks

Okay, we know that socks are potentially not the most exciting gift. Perhaps pair these socks with a nice pair of shoes, but know that these Trino Quarters Socks are made to be soft, breezy, and durable, so there shouldn’t be any holes in them even if your guy happens to wear them every day. The yarn they’re made from is made to be comfortable, so he can keep these on all day without getting sweaty and uncomfortable feet. He’ll definitely appreciate these socks when he’s got them on!


17. YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

yeti blue cooler

You can get this tumbler in any color so that he can carry his coffee around without any problems at all. He’ll love having an option that’s completely made from stainless steel, so if he does happen to drop it, it will stay strong. The lid itself includes magnets that keeps all beverages contained and at the right temperature. It won’t prevent all spills, but at least the stainless steel is easy to clean up and can be thrown in the dishwasher when you’re done.


18. Voyage Anorak Jacket

blue and pink plaid jacket

Everyone could use a jacket, and your graduating senior will love this timeless design in any color you choose for him. There’s a hood on this jacket that makes it perfect for those rainy days, and thanks to the oversized torso pocket, he’ll be able to store larger items like his phone without getting them wet. There are even hand warmer pockets right inside the coat! All he needs to do is snap open the coat to take it on and off.


19. Ritual Sunglasses

ritual black sunglasses being worn

Just take a look at these great sunglasses. You’ll notice right away the design of the plastic and the square shape of the lens. The lenses are in a sleek dark blue to keep the sun away, and they’ll be something stylish that he can wear during all those sunny days. Gift him these glasses to keep the sun out of his eyes without compromising his style either.


20. Dickies 100% Leather Jeans Belt with Stitch Design and Prong Buckle

tan leather belt

There is nothing worse than having to constantly pull up your pants all day. It won’t help when it comes to working or going on job interviews either, which is why you might want to give your guy this 100 percent leather belt, which is made to be strong, sturdy, and look great too. The stitching is made to last, while the silver toned buckle is made to look great and stay robust. Choose any size and color to match his style and make him look even better.


21. Men’s Slim Fit Sweatpants

burgandy sweatpants

Everyone needs their own pair of sweatpants when they’re sitting around at home after a long day at work or at school. That’s exactly what these pants are for. They cinch at the waist, and have a little cinch on easy leg to keep them comfortable and keep them from falling down. You can pick up these pants in any color, and know that they will feel great wearing them all day.


22. YETI Rambler 14oz Mug, Stainless Steel

yeti stainless steel mug silver

Maybe your high schooler doesn’t drink a whole bunch of coffee, or doesn’t need something as large as a 20oz. That’s perfectly fine if you buy him this 14oz mug. This mug is great if he’d like to travel around with it, but is also perfect for just having coffee at home and keeping it warm. 

The handle ensures that even someone with wider hands can use it comfortably, while the stainless steel will remain strong no matter how many times he might end up dropping it accidentally.


23. Cruz Crossbody Backpack

black and grey backpack

Sometimes you just need something to carry your items around in. Even guys need something for their stuff, and there’s nothing better than this clean and versatile crossbody backpack. It’s small and easy to carry around, with a timeless style that you can easily keep wearing for years to come. 

The straps are removable too, if he ever would like to carry around the bag himself. This bag may be smaller, but rest assured that it’s made to fit everything your high schooler might need when he’s going out for a night with his friends.


24. Mgaolo Fitness Tracker

black fitness tracker

You’re going to be worried about your high schooler’s health as they go out into the world, but he’ll like this fitness tracker watch too when he slips it on. It has 10 sports modes, so he can use it to track his own fitness if he happens to work out or participate in a sport. 

It’s also completely waterproof as well, meaning that he doesn’t need to worry about it struggling when he’s swimming or running out in the rain. Check out all the settings in this little tracker that can do everything from monitor blood pressure to count steps and calories. It can even take phone calls!


25. Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

black garment steamer

This little steamer is something that most people probably wouldn’t even think about until they’re standing there in front of their wrinkled dress shirt and wondering how it will look when they go out for their job interview or to work that day. 

But this steamer is both small and easy to transport with a new nozzle design that’s made to distribute the steam effectively across all wrinkles. It’s made to be a safe option too, since it has an automatic shut off option to ensure that nothing goes wrong. 


Ways to Congratulate a High School Graduate

There’s a lot in store for your high school graduate. Whether they’re heading out to go to college or if they’re trying to enter the working world, you want to find the right way to give him a great congratulations with a few well wishes too—and you don’t want it to sound like a cliché either!


General Messages

If you’re looking for a way to congratulate your graduate, you’ll want to think about perhaps a general message that anyone will want to read. Even something as simple as telling him how important his accomplishments are will mean a lot to him.

Let him know that while high school might mean certain things are coming to an end, this is just the start of a new beginning. He has a lot of options in his life, and he has the smarts and the ability to get to where he needs to be. Just tell him that you’ll always be there for him, and let him know how proud you are.


For a Son

It might feel strange to think about your baby boy graduating and moving off to even greater things in his life. Think about putting some of that sentimentality in your message. Tell him how you remember sending him for his first day of school, or remind him of how proud you are with all that he’s done.

Any message that shows him how much he means to you and how much he’s grown will be the perfect message on his graduation card. Even if he tries to act tough, he’ll appreciate how much you care about him.


Adding More

With your gift, you’ll need that card, but maybe all of that sentimentality isn’t really something you’re known for. If you have a difficult time putting those feelings into your own words, there’s nothing wrong with adding a quote to help you say all the words you’re having trouble saying.

Still, know that your high school graduate will appreciate anything you put your time into writing. Even if you have a hard time writing something, your words will mean a lot.


Social Media

Don’t forget to congratulate him on social media too! Here’s where you write that simple catchy message—something as simple as “congratulations.” Add a picture of the two of you together and you’ll have the perfect way to tell him how important he is to you.


Other Gift Options

You have your message written out and a few little gifts to give your high school graduate. They’ll appreciate anything you give them, but with them going out into the real world now, there are a few other things that you can give them that will make their life that much easier. You might think these gifts lack the same sentimentality, but they’re definitely really useful.

For instance: you can buy them something like a pre-loaded card for them to use on gas or food. It can feel tacky giving someone a card with money in it, but he’ll appreciate the card when it comes time to check out at the grocery store or when he’s trying to fill up his car. It’s easy to forget that your graduate will be entering the real world now, so a gift like this will make everything much easier.

There are also more expensive gift options, like a laptop. A laptop is actually one of the best gifts, if only because, well—think about if your high schooler is going to college. They’ll be in a dorm, usually without TV, and will have lots of schoolwork they need to get done. A laptop will certainly help them along.

That being said, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your graduate for them to know how much you care about them. Giving the right gift is all about the meaning behind it.


Choosing Your Gift

Now, you have all these options for gifts. Let’s face it: it’s a little overwhelming. You might not know how to pick just one or a few, but when it comes to choosing, start small.

First, think about your high schooler. You can even take a seat and make a list of the things that you know he likes, or the things that he needs or will need in the future. You know him pretty well, so think about his hobbies and what makes him happy too. If he’s opening the gift at a graduation party, maybe you’ll want to find something that really makes his face light up too!

But once you’ve thought about your gift, narrow down your options. Perhaps there’s something on there that you’d love to buy him, but it’s way too expensive. Cross it off the list. Or maybe you’re looking at that pair of socks—which are a great gift—but perhaps it would be better to buy those for him when he’s moving out rather than when he’s celebrating his graduation. Narrow down your choices to the gifts he’ll love the most and that are the most affordable to you.

Maybe only a few things on your list really seem like feasible gifts. In that case, you don’t need to go overboard. You can do simple things for him like going somewhere with him to have a day out together, or a day out with the family before he moves out. Sometimes having a good time together or having an experience is just as important as any one of these gifts. 



A high school graduation is a big moment in anyone’s life. Most people have fond memories of their own, and even if you can’t quite remember some of the words your parents told you, you remember how nice it felt to have everyone’s support during this time of your life. Your high school graduate will feel the same when you pick out one of these amazing gifts that will get him started in the next phase of his life.