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18 Best Birthday Gifts for Him 2020 | Nimble Made

Sometimes, it’s just difficult to choose the best birthday gift for that guy in your life. You know him inside and out, but then you get to shopping and you might be struggling to find just the right thing. 

Struggle no further with these birthday gift options for him ranging from a great mug for his coffee to something comfortable for him to wear around the house. The most difficult choice you have is picking only one!

Best Birthday Gifts for Him

1. Nimble Made Tan Floral Slim Wallet

man putting wallet in pocker

Pick up this Nimble Made slim wallet in more colors than just tan; you can choose a color to match your guy’s style. Either way, your wallet will be made from high-quality, genuine leather, and is so minimalist that it’s easy to just slip cards and cash in without it being cumbersome. The five slots and central pocket are made to make life easier.


2. Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt li Sneaker

brown shoes white bottoms

Thankfully, these shoes by Cole Haan generally fit as expected, so as long as you know your guy’s shoe size, you can pick him up in any color. They’re made of 100 percent leather, with rubber soles that are made to support the feet. The style is made to be classic while the fit is comfortable and feels great.


3. Mr. Ceramic Mug

mr ceramic mug white

Talk about a cute yet simple mug. This Mr. mug is made to be as sturdy as all the other mugs you have out there, but with a simplistic design that will stand out just enough to make him smile every time he sees it. It’s a great gift too since you only have to stick it in the dishwasher to clean it up.


4. Men’s Five-Star Plush Robe

very soft dark blue robe

Make your man feel special every morning when he wakes up in this plush robe—which you can get personalized by the way. It’s made from the same kind of materials that you find at those nice hotels, which makes it perfect for wearing even if you live somewhere with cold mornings.


5.Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie Sweatshirt

blue hoodie champion

There’s no such thing as having too many sweatshirts. Pick out this Champion option from Urban Outfitters in any color and size, and since it fits so well, he’ll be able to wear it without a problem when he opens it. Of course, it’s so soft and comfortable that you might want to steal it for yourself a few times.


6. Nimble Made Men’s White Dress Shirt—Slim Fit

white dress shirt

Here’s something simple that you can buy for your guy: a white dress shirt. Maybe it seems a little boring, but this gift is perfect for when your man wants to wear something comfortable yet fashionable. When he wears it to work, he’ll be able to look great, but will also be able to slip that tie off for a comfortable feel too.


7. Men’s Denver Broncos Nike Running Shoes

blue nike shoes

If you’re looking for a quick gift, know that these shoes ship quickly, but are definitely not a cheap gift. They’re made with comfort on the bottom so that you can walk along easily, with waffle pistons on the outsole to absorb all the impact when they walk. They’re sleek, comfortable, and with cushioning that will keep your guy comfortable all day.


8. Men’s Denver Broncos NFL Pro Line

black broncos short

This popular option is made to be comfortable, since it’s made completely of ring-spun cotton. Feel that collar, which won’t irritate his neck, and check out the graphics that shouldn’t fade over time. Give it to him so that he can wear it on any hot day—or during game day too.


9. Sonos One SL—Microphone-Free Smart Speaker

black speakers

Now this is a snazzy little gift that literally any guy can make use of. It’s small, so it can fit anywhere, and it produces a brilliant sound that will fill your room well. Use it in any room, and transport it along with you when you’d like to bring that music. It’s even humidity resistant, which makes it perfect for your guy if he likes to sing in the shower!


10. Men’s Denver Broncos New Era Black Logo Flex Hat

black broncos hat

Get this cap quickly and see how strong and structured the fit it on your guy’s head. It’s made to stretch just a little bit to be comfortable with all head sizes, and includes a classic curved bill. Any guy would love to see those embroidered graphics running along the top, and will appreciate that you can easily wash the surface to keep it clean.


11. Nimble Made Classic Gray Dress Socks

gray socks

Nimble Made socks are interesting and well made; you can also pair them with another gift. They work with all outfits, and are perfect for both formal and informal clothing. Your guy will definitely get a lot of use out of them.


12. Nordstrom Atlin Moccasin

brown moccasins

Sadly, slippers are not an acceptable shoe to leave the house in. Who says that your guy still can’t have comfort on his feet though? Pick out a pair of these Atlin Moccasins for him, which you can customize completely to his taste. 

Choose a color and even a width. They might start a little tight, but they do relax, not to mention that they have great support and don’t make feet sweat when you wear them.


13. Monogram Wooden Watch

3 wooden watches

There’s something amazing about the kind of classic style that you get from this Monogrammed Wooden Watch, especially since the wood is completely hypoallergenic. It looks elegant and is made to complement his style. It helps that it’s well-made too and will look great regardless of the outfit he wears it with.


14. SoundBot Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Smart Beanie

beanie with speakers

If you live somewhere chilly, your guy will appreciate just an ordinary beanie, but a beanie that is made to help him listen to music? He’ll love it. This option is soft and comfortable, made for one size to fit every head. 

It includes universal wireless technology that keeps your music sounding great without you having to try to fit big bulky headphones over your winter hat. It’s even fully washable once you remove the headset speaker inside.


15. Nimble Made Classic Solid Navy Blue Tie

mens slim navy blue tie

There’s a reason why the navy tie is a classic. Nimble Made makes a great solid navy tie for your man too, which is made to be slim and easy to wear both formally and more casually. Give it to him so he’ll look great for a date, or maybe he’ll appreciate the long-lasting polyester for work in the morning.


16. Nimble Made Metallic Tie Clip

silver tie clip

If you’re getting your guy a tie, why not pair that with a tie clip too? This little clip will make sure that the tie is secured in place, and is so sleek that it’s easy to pair with any outfit. The design will add just a little personality too. Don’t worry if he drops it either, since it’s quite sturdy and durable.


17. Nordstrom Diego Rubberized Waterproof Jacket

black rain proof jacket

There is never a bad time to have a waterproof jacket, and this specific jacket is great because it doesn’t look bulky either. This Diego Rubberized jacket is made to fit your guy’s form well, and comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. It even has a hood to look as casual as a hoodie.


18. Joseph Abboud Cologne Perfume for Men

perfume on hand

It is always a little bit of a gamble to pick out a fragrance online that you can’t smell, but this one has some great notes of fresh citrus and bamboo. It has a nice woodsy base to it, with some lavender, geranium, and sage. The bottle is a good size too, making it worth the money.


The Essence of Giving Him a Gift

You want to get your guy the perfect gift. Not only will he love it, but you’ll love seeing the look on his face when he opens it. You don’t want any awkward moments though where suddenly it feels like you don’t know him at all when the gift doesn’t quite feel right.

Poor gifts can reflect relationships—there have actually been scientific studies on it. Gift-giving is something that gains a lot of emotional attachment over time, and which can strengthen the relationship when you hand out a good gift and when you receive one in return. 

They’re a great way to show your emotions as you progress through your relationship, but you don’t need to get something incredibly expensive or large for his birthday.

To give your guy a great gift, you just need to consider something thoughtful that he will love. Don’t go over the top, but buy something that will show him how much he means to you. It can be a little tricky to try and choose between something large and small or something with more or less of an emotional connection but try to relax. 

It’s all about finding something that your guy will enjoy for his birthday, whether it’s something very simple like a tie clip or something that you can see him wearing around the house, like a pair of moccasins.

Avoid poor gifts at all costs though, since poor gift-giving can affect relationships negatively. Giving a poor gift seems to make it clear that you don’t know your partner as well as you thought you did, which can put a strain on your relationship. 

People want to be with someone who they think is similar to them, after all, and a good gift will make it clear that you both envision a future with one another.

Take this with a grain of salt though. Yes, people indeed want to give and receive a gift that they will really feel happy with, and you might relate your relationship to how well the other person knows you in terms of gift-giving. But it is still about the thought you put into your gift, and about how much you care for him. 

If you’re really confused too, you don’t even need to get him something over-the-top; just go for a simple yet practical gift that he’ll still love no matter what it is.


How to Choose The Perfect Gift for Him

You might feel like there’s a lot of pressure to get your guy just the right gift. In some ways, there is some pressure, but it doesn’t have to be incredibly stressful to choose something that he’ll like—especially not if you take a look here. Everyone like gifts, so now you just have to pick out one that any guy in your life will like.


Start with Ideas

You might be looking online and desperately trying to find just the right gift, but there are so many things online. You might end up falling down a rabbit hole of “will he like this?” as you scroll through gift after gift aimlessly.

That’s why you should start with ideas. Take a second to think about what your guy likes or enjoys. Write down hobbies and sports that he partakes in. Maybe he likes sports, or perhaps there’s a show that you both love to watch together. 

You might have even noticed him complaining about his feet being cold or him not having the right equipment or tools for something.

Remember: not every gift has to be super sentimental. Your guy might just appreciate something a little more practical. That doesn’t mean that you have to get him something expensive like new cleats for soccer, but maybe get him something like a new ball that he needs to play, or if he likes art and music, buy him some songs, or find just the right art supplies. 

There’s always an option that’s simpler than you think. You just need to think about what your guy likes and enjoys doing and it will be much easier to sift through the tons of possible gift ideas that are absolutely everywhere online.


Ask Him

Okay, you don’t need to ask him specifically what gift he wants. That’s usually tacky, but you can talk to him about his interests. Just bring it up in casual conversation. Think about likes and dislikes and how to bring up the topic organically so that he doesn’t know that you plan on buying something for him as a gift.

It might be difficult to slip this into the conversation though. If you’re having a little trouble, try bringing up something that you saw that you think he might like—see his reaction to it. When you’re talking casually too, you can keep in mind whatever he says he needs or that is missing. Most people mention gift ideas at some point when they’re talking.


Read Up

Check out blogs or magazines online to read up on any gifts you plan on getting. Lots of people write reviews of items, after all, so checking out someone’s blog online is a great way to see how great the gift is and if it will really match his interests like you want it to.

You can also find items organically, but you don’t want ten tabs open on your desktop all with different gift ideas. Try to save items that you’ve seen in the past and keep them around to check out later. 

Do try to narrow your options down quickly though depending on price, what he’d like most, and even your relationship with the guy. You don’t want to get him something incredibly expensive super early into your relationship, so think about what would match your relationship.



You don’t need to get your guy something huge. Or maybe you’ve noticed that you can’t think of anything that he needs. But everyone needs something, and if you’re struggling with what that item is, think about accessories. Accessories are something that a lot of people don’t really think to buy for themselves, but we tend to enjoy them nonetheless.

For instance, your guy might have a crappy pair of slippers now, but you can get him a pair of really great moccasins. He would have probably just gotten the same pair of old slippers when he replaced them, but now you’ve gotten him something that he can use. 

It’s as simple as that. Think about items like tie clips for instance that he likely already has, but that can add in a little personality to his life.


The Occasion

You might not think that this matters, but the occasion is important. You need to think about why you’re giving your guy the gift and how far into the relationship you are. Many people feel a bit trapped or manipulated if they receive a huge gift when you haven’t been dating for a long enough time.

Your guy also might be a little weirded out if you give him something incredibly impressive or overpriced for no reason, or unhappy if you give him something expensive for a small holiday. Think about what you’re giving the gift for and whether you’re going overboard or not.


Type of Gift

Weigh whether the occasion means getting him a romantic or a practical gift. For example, you might want to go with chocolates or something more romantic on Valentine’s Day, but Christmas or a birthday is the perfect time for something more practical.

What you want to avoid though is a novelty gift. It might be funny to give your guy something goofy, but a goofy gift doesn’t necessarily extend beyond that. 

There’s no emotional or practical connection to the gift, and it generally just ends up sitting on a shelf or in a drawer or closet where you both forget about it. This is in contrast to a gift that’s a little more practical that he’ll use every day and really get a lot out of.



We’ve given you lots of physical gift options, all of which are great choices to get your guy. But if you would like to pick out something to unwrap, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick out something else for the two of you to do together too. 

Activities are a great way for the both of you to do something fun together and to learn more about each other. They don’t need to be something expensive like a concert or zip-lining either; sometimes watching a show or going out somewhere in town together is a great idea.



It’s not always easy to think of the right gift option for your guy when there are so many options available to you. Take a look here to see a few options that you might like, and think about what your guy likes to choose just the right gift that will make him smile when he sees it.