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Striped Dress Shirts

A striped dress shirt is a classic pattern and usually refers to vertical stripes as an aesthetic on a button-up or button-down collar shirt. This style has been around for ages and is likely to be commonplace for some time. It's simple, sophisticated, and great in a variety of situations and events. In fashion, it’s known that thin vertical stripes draw the eye upwards, giving a slimming visual effect. While solid styles are more common, striped shirts are an alternative style choice that allows individuals to differentiate their own style from others. In stripes, we see a large spectrum of different styles. From wide gaps to narrow gaps, single colored stripes to alternating colors, this simple pattern allows for a lot of flexibility. Traditionally, striped shirts are more common in long sleeve dress shirts and the stripes are usually thin. It is sometimes available as a pattern in short sleeve shirts as well, more commonly with thicker stripes with bigger gaps.