8 Best Men's Ties to Look Fashionable

Best men's ties

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Ties are a classic accessory that can make or break a man’s suit. From length to width, material, and print, there are plenty of options with lots of duds in the mix.

To avoid a fashion faux pas and uncomfortable fits, it is important to make sure you are not only wearing a tie that matches your outfit but is also comfortable.

We know there are a lot of tie brands out there, from Brooks Brothers to Ralph Lauren. So figuring out which tie brands work best for you may be a challenge. Look no further—among all the tie brands, check out cotton, knit, and silk ties from Nimble Made.

Their men's ties are slimmer than traditional ties, giving it a more modern look and can work for any occasion. Here are our picks:

Best Men's Ties

1. Classic Solid Navy Blue Tie

navy blue tie with white background

Everyone needs a classic navy blue tie. They go well with any outfit for any event, which means they belong in every. single. wardrobe.

Nimble Made's Solid Navy Blue Tie has a captivating color with some extra texture that makes it stand out as one of the best men's ties. The quality is amazing as well—it is extremely durable and soft making it a must-buy, especially if you consider its price tag.

Pair with tie clips to add some distinction in your outfit. A tie clip may also be referred to as a tie bar. Whether you prefer to call it tie clip or tie bar, this accessory helps to keep ties in place with style.

2. Classic Solid Black Tie

Whether or not you already have a black tie, check out this classic black tie from Nimble Made. This tie will match with anything, and is perfect for both formal and informal looks. You can feel the soft silk surface when you’re tying it on, and will be sure to notice the attractive texturing when you take a look. Wear it to your next occasion, although maybe avoid some of the lighter suits that the colors will clash with.


    3. Blue and Red Striped Tie

    Made with premium quality materials, this necktie boasts a blend of deep blue and vibrant red stripes, adding a touch of elegance with any dress shirt. Check out our guide on shirt and tie combinations.

    This versatile blue red tie complements both formal and casual attire effortlessly. The classic striped pattern makes it a must-have for those seeking a refined yet contemporary look. Its slim design and sleek silhouette make it a perfect choice for those who prefer skinny ties or slim ties.

    Whether you're attending a business meeting, a wedding, or a special event, this blue striped tie ensures you stand out with confidence and charm. Check out our guide on business professional attire for men.


      4. Purple Floral Dazi Pattern Tie

      Floral ties are extremely popular! Dazi ties feature a unique blend of florals, with this floral tie boasting vibrant pink blooms against a deep, luxurious dark purple backdrop. Made with precision and style, this silk tie effortlessly exudes charm and sophistication and looks great with a white dress shirt.

      The mesmerizing floral design renders a contemporary yet timeless appeal, making it an ideal choice for various occasions, especially as a men's tie for weddings. Its rich color palette and intricate floral pattern evoke a sense of elegance and refinement, ensuring you stand out with subtle panache.


        5. Burgundy Knit Tie

        The perfect casual tie in an exciting color—Nimble Made's burgundy knitted necktie is sure to make you stand out in casual settings. Different from classic ties, the knitting adds to the tie's texture for a distinct look.


          6. Solid Sage Green Tie

          This solid green tie is a perfect choice that exudes a sense of sophistication and pairs well with any outfit. Its subtle tones strike the perfect balance between the subtlety of a olive green tie and the depth of a hunter green tie, offering a unique and captivating shade that stands out among green ties.

          This sleek green tie exudes modernity and trendiness, catering to those who appreciate a contemporary edge to their attire. Its solid color design adds a touch of understated charm, perfect for both formal events and everyday wear.

          Embrace the versatility of Nimble Made's light green tie, a statement piece that complements various suits and occasions.


            7. Light Sky Solid Blue Tie

            This versatile light blue tie features a serene light blue hue reminiscent of a clear sky on a summer day and is a must-have in any wardrobe!

            This silk tie is suitable for various occasions from formal events to casual gatherings. Its solid color exudes an air of confidence and refinement, making this blue tie a go-to choice for those seeking a classic yet modern look.

            Designed as a skinny tie, this blue necktie boasts a sleek and slender profile, ensuring a contemporary touch to your ensemble. The premium quality material ensures durability and a smooth, luxurious feel.


            8. Gray Denim Cotton Tie

            This casual tie features a unique denim cotton fabric, adding a slight texture to the traditional formal tie with minimal shine. The charcoal gray color will match any outfit and is perfect for dressed up casual occasions.


              What are the benefits of wearing a tie?

              While ties may be a hassle for some men to put on, there are many benefits that make them worth the extra effort.


              Brings Focus to Your Face

              man in green blazer and floral tieTies draw the eye, making people look in that general area that they are in. This allows people looking at you to easily bring their eyes up to your face and focus on your facial expressions. This will help keep people focusing on your face and what you are conveying, rather than letting their eyes wander around.


              Make Yourself Look Leaner

              When you wear a tie, it naturally draws the eyes there. Because eyes are focusing on the tie, they are looking at the center of your frame. This means that the eyes take in a slimmer appearance, compared to when someone takes in the entire frame of your physique.


              Adds Some Color and Contrast

              If your clothing is dark or dull, ties are a great way to add some color for minimal effort. This makes you look brighter and prevents you from looking gloomy.


              Makes You Look More Professional

              Ties naturally bring an aura of authority, making you look more professional than you would without. If you want to put your best foot forward and make yourself look more professional, a sleek tie will instantly do that.


              Brings the Outfit Together

              Whether you are going with an open jacket, closed jacket or vest, you will inevitably have some open space around your neckline. A tie can help fill this blank area with some color or with a muted tone to make sure there isn’t any awkward unused space. Check out our guides on how to tie a necktie and how long a tie should be.


              What are the considerations in choosing a tie? 

              To make sure you are buying a tie that will work for you, it is important to make sure it meets certain factors before buying.



              Length of your tie may not seem like a big deal if you’re wearing a vest or closed jacket, but it is important to make sure that you aren’t going to be left looking awkward if the jacket comes off. The tie should not be too long or too short, so shoot for between 50 and 60 inches untied. This will allow you some wiggle room and avoid it being an odd length.

              slightly long tie on man

              Tie is just slightly too long



              There are skinny ties, wide ties and standard ties that you need to choose from. Different thicknesses of ties have different effects on the outfit and your overall appearance, so it is beneficial to try them out with the actual outfit. When in doubt, you should just choose the standard tie width.



              Color is one of the most obvious features of a tie, making it an important feature to consider. You need to think about the outfit you plan to wear it with and the colors in that clothing. Look for complementary colors, contrasting colors and different shades of the same color to complete your outfit.

              For example, here are the best ties to match with a navy suit.



              You don’t want to choose an obnoxious or ugly pattern for your tie. If your outfit is more muted, you can get away with a bolder print. But outfits that already have a lot of colors or patterns need to have a more muted pattern, such as this Dark Purple and Blue Checkered Tie or this Maroon Plaid Tie. Try to keep it simple and avoid novelty ties or anything that looks childish.



              Some ties come with texture because of the material it is made of. For example, wool ties are very thick and have visible bumps in it from the material. If you are going to wear a wool tie, you need to avoid wool in your dress shirts, jacket or pants. Otherwise, you can look awkward and uncomfortable with others.


              Personal Style

              It is important to also consider your own personal preferences when choosing a tie. It must meet the requirements listed above first, but then you are free to make a decision based on what you like.


              How to match a tie with the suit?

              To guarantee that you will be adding to your outfit in a positive way, it is important to understand how ties match to certain suits and what will work together.


              Choosing the right knot with your suit/shirt is important. For example, when wearing wide spread collar shirts, you'll want a full or half windsor knot. 

              Color Scheme man in olive suit

              It is important to familiarize yourself with color schemes and understand what colors do and do not go together. There are plenty of different color schemes that you can utilize to create the perfect ensemble, including complementary, contrasting and monochromatic. Pick something that matches your style and personality to bring some of yourself into your outfit and avoid feeling out of place.  



              Ties are notorious for coming in a wide variety of prints and patterns, making it easy to find some very ugly and unflattering ties. Try to stay simple if your suit is loud, but it is okay to go a little bolder with a tie that has just the right amount of pattern with a duller suit. When in doubt, consider classic brands like Ralph Lauren, and if there is any question in your mind whether or not it is too obnoxious, the tie is probably too obnoxious. This Navy Blue Tie with Red Polka Dots from Nimble Made is also a great choice.



              Scale relates to the proportions of the different prints in your outfit. This is important because you don’t want your tie to blend in and look too much like the rest of your suit. If the patterns are large on the suit, you should go with a smaller pattern for the tie. 

              For small patterns on the suit, go with a larger pattern on the tie. Make sure that the difference is big enough to notice so it doesn’t appear too similar.



              As a good rule of thumb, you should wear a tie that is totally opposite to the suit. Tones are either low or high, with low tones being very muted and appearing as one color, and higher tones show different colors and patterns, even from afar. If your suit is a low tone, use a high tone tie, and high tone suits should be worn with low tone ties.



              Ties come in many different fabric options, with different materials having different benefits. During the warmer, brighter months like spring and summer, it is recommended that you go with ties made of linen, cotton or printed silk. They will not be overly hot to wear and will handle the humidity better than other materials. These materials are also much brighter and will fit with the brighter weather. In the winter and fall months, you should go with wool or silk ties because of their weight and subdued appearance.



              Ties don’t need to be uncomfortable and annoying. Choosing the right tie means looking good and feeling good while in it. Before you settle for that novelty tie you got as a gift once, give yourself a present of a high- quality tie that you will never want to be without.



              1. Are expensive ties worth it?

              Yes, without a doubt. The main component of a tie is an attractive fabric, usually silk. As a cheap tie, this silk is of low quality—it is less appealing, prone to tearing, lightweight, and poorly printed. Silk in the best tie brands is richer, thicker, and more appealing.

              2. How much should I spend on a tie?

              It is common for ties to cost between $40 and $60, but you should not feel compelled to spend more than $40 on anything decent. The best tie brands to consider include Nimble Made, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and Dries Van Noten.

              3. What is a good quality tie?

              It is only as good as the components that go into it, and there are five components that contribute to its quality that the best tie brands consider. A single material is used for the shell, the interlining, the stitching, the thread, and the tip lining.

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