Men's Dress Shirts

Off-the-rack dress shirts for men (even the slim fit ones) seem only to fit a specific build, leaving the rest of us to compromise and spend our days in discomfort. That's why at Nimble Made, the best dress shirts for men are designed to actually fit slim builds – it's like having a tailor-made dress shirt, without the tailor. When the dress code calls for professional wear, don't settle for men's dress shirts with too-tight collars and blousy midsections. Choose Nimble Made for a perfect fit and quality dress shirt every time. From white dress shirts for men that fit your style needs to colors and patterns that fit any occasion, Nimble Made has the best slim fit men's dress shirts that feel and fit the way you want.


Best Dress Shirts for Men

Men's dress shirts are a must-have for anyone. Fortunately, you can do a lot more with these slim-fit dress shirts than you're used to. They're key for any formal event, add a nice touch for a casual occasion, and provide flexibility. With either long sleeves or short sleeves, you can wear dress shirts without having to tuck them in – there have never been more options for men. We've designed our men’s button-up dress shirts to be ideal for the working, stylish man who has trouble finding form-fitting shirts. Explore our carefully crafted collection of men's dress shirts from Nimble Made. We have everything from blue dress shirts to purple dress shirts to classic white dress shirts.

"Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have". Adding to your arsenal of dress shirts will only help your confidence and ability to reach your goals. If you're looking for a professional look, then go with a men’s button-down dress shirt with some well-fitted slacks. Play with different color schemes - instead of the boring black, blue, and white try one of our pink shirts or other designs if you are in a more casual environment, such as working for a technology company or going out on a date.

Frequently asked questions about the best men's dress shirts

Should you wear a white shirt under a dress shirt?

Undershirts can make your dress shirt look neater and hide your chest hair. Long sleeves can also keep you warmer during the winter months. Ultimately it’s up to you whether you wear a white shirt or not.

How many dress shirts does a man need?

It is generally suggested that men have around 8 to 12 dress shirts, but it can vary depending on how often you need to wear them. If you need to wear them for work every day then you should have plenty on hand.

How long should a men's dress shirt last?

Look for signs of wear such as color fading, stains, or rips. The rule of thumb is to inspect them every three to four wears. Some shirts can last 6 months while others last one to two years.

Where to buy the best online dress shirts?

For the best online dress shirts that combine quality, style, and the perfect fit, look no further than Nimble Made, your go-to destination for premium, tailored dress shirts for men.